Fracking the Frack Out of the Land

frackingMidlands, Texas

Kevin Woodman, a regular “Gumshoer,” is an aerial snoop. He pointed us to Midlands in Texas — and from the air, the land is a grid of endless fracking sites and jackpumps.


And the pumps don’t stop. On and on. Even a place called “Pleasant Farms” is surrounded by pumps (on the map below, off the 385, near the top).


And this is only a tiny section.

One has to wonder what we doing to the planet.



  1. Within three days of this article comes news that the notorious Linc Energy has polluted land far beyond just their patch.

  2. Kev,
    A few weeks ago, I met a cattle farmer (about 50ish) whilst catching a train over the Harbour Bridge. He asked me if we were “on the Bridge” in a broad,Aussie accent. He’d never been to the “smoke” before. I asked him where he came from and he told me the name (so small I’d never heard of it) somewhere north west of Sydney, maybe 8 hrs drive.
    He was in town to lobby/beg our state politicians to please not let the frackers frack the fuck out of his 4th generation farm, like they did to many of the farms in his district.

    Needless to say, he got told to piss off.

    I hope he didn’t go home and blow himself away.

  3. Yo, Kevin, thanks for the google-earth information.

    The 2.14 minute video of the fracking is powerful. She shows the trucks forcing chemicals down the shaft into the earth.

    We need to stop that stuff immediately. Thank you again.

  4. Fair Dinkum says:

    “One has to wonder what we doing to the planet.”

    Im pretty sure we are killing it. because some people are able to make a load of money in the process. I wonder what their plan B is… when we no longer have a habitable environment?

    they think they can eat their money?

    we need to form a posse, and have ourselves some lynchings!

    • Maybe they are working on the “Interstellar PLAN B”
      Find another planet.

      The plot for this well made movie is that the human species can no longer survive Earth and is destined for extinction.
      Twelve volunteers travel space to assess other planet’s suitability for a new home.
      They send 5,000 frozen embryos along as “Plan B” — to colonize a habitable planet to ensure humanity’s survival.
      Only a movie… but it is CHILLING viewing.
      (Great music track)

      One line is eerie – considering how the Powers That Be behave:
      The head honcho says:
      “We’re not meant to save the world… we are meant to leave it”

      Is this Plan B?

      • 50,000 frozen convicts?

        • I shouldn’t have joked.

          When reading Daniel Estulin’s wonderful book “Tavistock Institute: Social Engineering the Masses,” I was relieved to hear him denounce the extraterrestrial nonsense. I quote:

          “Science fiction is not a literary form. It originated as, and remains to this day, a sophisticated tool designed to entrap, disorient, and destroy the promising creative minds of the younger generation who have ‘dangerous’ illusions [about] innovation.

          “Once the belief in the power of human reason is gone, all potential for future scientific work is destroyed. The current explosion in the visual media has played a decisive role in modern science fiction films….

          “Today, more than half of Americans believe in the existence of UFOs and an entire movement has been built on the basis of replacing science and technology with futuristic scenarios.”

          Says me: Like why care about fracking — those issues will just disappear — poof! — as soon as we go where destiny intends us to go – somewhere outside this parochial little planet of ours.


          • You are so right.
            I think our brains are NOT wired to believe that extinction is a real possibility. But as Carl Sagan warned (who murdered him?) Extinction for a species is the norm, survival is the exception”

            Is species survival something that “evolves” — rather than is in our DNA?
            If survival of the species at that time is an instinctive consideration, then this may be counter to that species evolving. So evolving for a species may be more important than survival… The human race seems to be following that pattern.

      • Fair Dinkum says:

        chilling indeed.. if we ( humans ) cant survive on this planet, that has everything we need right here, I dont really fancy our chances anywhere else. and when i say we, i know we’re not included in any other such plan anyway..

        if i may put foward a slice of personal philosophy..

      • John Van Ruth says:

        Makes me wonder if this has not already been done to Mars and Venus?


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