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The Goat on Parliament House — Is it Munching Our Politicians?


goat-and-baphometA goat, and Eliphas Levi’s drawing of Baphomet, the alleged god of the Knights Templar

The goat has allegedly been a powerful symbol for the occult.

Well again, Kevin Woodman’s “google-eye” spotted a goat on the top of the parliament buildings in Canberra. 

Below, is the aerial view of Australia’s Parliament House.


Zooming in closer.


Do you see the “goat”? (Maybe Kevin’s doing too much Googling.)

Kevin maps it out for us.


The “eyes” are concrete pipes.


According to occultic/Satanic doctrine, the upper four points of the goat’s head represent the four elements of the world — Fire, Water, Earth, and Air.

The bottom fifth point represents the spirit of Lucifer. As conspiracists say, in the street layout of Washington D.C., the fifth point is the White House.

Below — I superimposed half a goat’s face (R) over the bird’s eye view of parliament house. Eye over eye, nose over nose, ear, mouth and chin all aligning.


The building was designed by Mitchell/Giurgola & Thorp Architects, a Philadelphia-based architectural firm. I wonder what the purpose of the design really was? 

And what will Kevin come up with next?




  1. Considering what happens in the entrails of Parliament house, they are insulting a poor innocent goat by associating the house with a goat. Goats have a greater intellect.

  2. The Secret Plan of Canberra By Peter Proudfoot – Masonic Architecture of Australia’s Capital – 1994 – 118 x A4 Page PDF
    Mon, 10/18/2010 – 00:26 — Arthur Cristian
    The Secret Plan of Canberra
    Masonic Architecture of Australia’s Capital
    By Peter Proudfoot – 1994

    Satire !! Indeed

    • Quoting from the above reference, thank you Diane:

      “His new building, with its two huge ramped hemicycles, its relationship to water areas and the surrounding mountain forms, produces an effect similar to a feng shui landscape,

      “in which a building should ideally be sited in relation to embracing and protective mountain forms (the White Tiger and the Azure Dragon) with a slow-moving body of water in the distance (Lake Burley Griffin).”

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