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Anybody for a Pizzagate Truth Commission?



Me get ’em

by Mary W Maxwell, LLB

There is no question in my mind that the persons who have been doing terrible things to the human race need to be stopped. I myself would not care how that gets accomplished – by punishment, by pensioning them off, by welcoming them back into the fold — whatever.

The urgent thing is to make it all stop. By “it all” I mean anything that’s been done by persons involved in a weird concentration of power, which I call the cabal. They are arrogant, selfish, sick individuals. Did I say stupid? They are stupid beyond belief.

Did You Ever Expect To Be a Serf?

At the moment we have little control over our lives. It is a flashback to the days of the serfs and the lords of the manor – but today a tiny minority of wealthy people actually speak of ‘population reduction’ as if we’re vermin.

And there’s an extra twist. Namely, the “lords” are not only kicking the serfs around, they are wrecking the habitat of all creatures great and small. It is species-suicide – something new under the sun!

They are thus killing the future for those they love! (I’m  assuming that they love their progeny). Even for the remainder of their lifetimes — which some of them have been deluded into believing will last 200 years — their quality of life is bound to be in steep descent.

I say Get ’em. You’d even be doing them a favor, to rescue them from themselves.

The Law of Retaliaton – Lex Talionis

First let’s look at the role of anger and revenge, two utterly normal human traits. Written law has been around for about 2800 years, and at first it didn’t refrain from stating the rightness of retaliation:

Deuteronomy 19:21  Thus you shall not show pity: life for life, eye for eye, tooth for tooth, hand for hand, foot for foot. Breach for breach, as he has caused a blemish in a man, so shall it be done to him again.

Exodus 21:23-25 And if any mischief follow, then you shall give life for life…

Leviticus 24:19 If a man injures his neighbor, just as he has done, so it shall be done to him.

The Law of Outlawry

I love the law. I practically adore it. It’s beautiful. Still, the Powers That Be have pretty well made mincemeat of it.

Having recently written four books about the misuse of the law by judges (!): Fraud Upon the Court, Prosecution for Treason, Marathon Bombing, and Port Arthur: Enough Is Enough, and having followed Bill Windsor’s video series “Lawless America,” I can say for sure that we are in a desperate position.

We can’t get our law to work, as steel barriers have been set up. In my books I suggest remedies such as: forming citizens’ grand juries, instigating cultural change by asking licensing boards to discipline doctors and judges, and reinvigorating the concept of “treason” to show its criminality.

Since all of the “lords” are effectively above the law – no cop will arrest them, no prosecutor will prosecute them — we can look to the ancient common law of outlawry.

A harm-doer who cannot be reached by the law, for trial or punishment, must nevertheless be taken down. This is done by declaring him an outlaw. From that moment no one is allowed to help him (even help him get food) and anyone is allowed to kill him.

It is society’s right to decide that a member’s behavior is so egregious that he has got to go. As mentioned there is currently a species-suicide underway by these “lords.”

Citizen’s Arrest

All 50 states of the US allow citizen’s arrest. Professor Bassiouni has arranged the main planks into a model code as follows:

A Model Uniform Citizen’s Arrest Statute, As Proposed by Professor Cherif Bassiouni in 1977.

(1) Any person other than an authorized public officer as defined by (the laws of the state) may arrest another for any offense (crime or violation) as defined by (the law of the state or any political subdivision) other than a quasi-criminal violation and municipal ordinance ….

(2) Arrest can be made on reasonable grounds to believe that the offense has been committed or is being committed and the arrestor has reasonable grounds to believe the arrestee has committed or is about to commit the offense.

(3) The arrestor must give arrestee notice of his or her intention to perform the arrest and state the reasons….

(4) The arrestor may in effectuating the arrest use any reasonable amount of force necessary and warranted under the circumstance other than deadly force and force causing great bodily harm, but without prejudice to “self-defence.”

(5) The arrestee shall not resist the arrest unless he knows it to be unlawful. This shall not, however, prejudice the arrestee’s right to “self-defence” in preventing any unauthorized harm from occurring to him or her.

(6) An arrestor must upon performing the arrest notify a peace officer and deliver the arrestee … without delay.

(7) The arrestor, regardless of his or her identity or authority, shall be subject to the same constitutional and statutory limitations imposed on public agents with regard to unreasonable searches and seizure and [Miranda’s].

(9) The following categories are immune from citizen’s arrest: a. law enforcement agents (local, state, federal) b. members of the judiciary c. members of the legislature.

It has always been legal, and at times mandatory, for citizens to “effect the capture” of criminals. Centuries ago everyone was required to “raise the hue and cry” if a thief was on the run.

If you are going to do it, I recommend these steps:

  1. Try at first to get a warrant from a court or a sheriff.
  2. If no warrant, at least gather some friends together and write up the criminal complaint in the form of a warrant
  3. Have a “holding pen” of some sort ready for custody of the detainee in the event that police won’t take him.
  4. Provide the accused’s rights, such as to remain silent.
  5. Be aware that you can get sued by the person if it is later established that he had not committed a crime.

The Law of Self-Defense

Could you be arrested for harming that person (your quarry?)

The common law of self-defense is simply the basic right of any person to prevent someone harming him or harming another person.

The way it works is that if you hit someone who is, say, breaking into your bedroom with a crowbar, you may be arrested if you injure or kill him. But your defense in court – to get an acquittal – will be that you acted in self defense. And you can act on behalf of others the same way.

The High Court of Australia ruled in the homicide case Zecevic v Director of Public Prosecutions (1987):

“The question to be asked … .  is whether the accused believed upon reasonable grounds that it was necessary in self-defence to do what he did. If he had that belief and there were reasonable grounds for it … then he is entitled to an acquittal.”

Calling Him in To Make a Statement

Often someone is suspected of having committed a crime but there is a lack of good evidence. You think that would hold all the police efforts back? Of course not. The suspect – or even just “a person of interest” can be called in for questioning.

The US has had, ever since 1793, a Material Witness law. It allows the arrest and indefinite detention of a person who is holding information that will be vital to the court.

Think about Pizzagate. A lot of people today are holding vital information. In fact there are at this moment many children being tortured and killed (for fun) and we could rescue them if we used the Material Witness law.

Grand Jury

The grand jury needs to be revitalized today. It is not the same as a jury that tries a case. It is a body of jurors who can bring forth the awareness that a crime is being, or has been, committed. In other words, grand jurors are snoops.

This is good. Society needs snoops. They have the power to issue summonses for witnesses to provide information. It is all done secretly to protect the possible accused person from having his reputation besmirched before it is established that there is a case against him. If the grand jury thinks there is a case, it issues a true bill or an indictment. Persons called to the GJ can’t bring a lawyer!

Recap. So far we have looked at lex talionis, outlawry, citizen’s arrest, the law of self-defense, the material witness law, and the grand jury. See Bill Windsor’s videos on how prosecutors are usurping the grand jury role.

Truth Commissions

There is absolutely nothing to prevent you starting a truth commission in your living room or in your backyard, right now. The word “commission” sometimes implies that an official has “commissioned” it. So you may wish to use a different word like “committee” – the words don’t matter.

Often such a group calls itself a Truth and Reconciliation Commission, a TRC. For amateurs starting out I think it is too much to take on the job of reconciling anyone.

The most famous TRC was that of South Africa after apartheid. The aim was to help the transition to a racially integrated society by validating the complaints of Black citizens as to the atrocious things done to them.

White policemen would predictably prefer a TRC to a court, as there was no punishment in the TRC. The deal was that if you came forward and confessed you’d be spared jail.

In El Salvador’s Truth Commission, the aim was to find out who had been behind the death squads. They found out it was the US. Natch. Today we’d like to know who is behind, say, the child-sex rings.

In 2010 I was invited by some survivors of MK-Ultra to be on a “US Truth and Reconciliation Coalition” founded by Kathleen A Sullivan. It quickly chose to reduce its own mission to one of “educating the public” rather than calling for confessions. A CIA infiltrator or two saw to it that the group dissolved after about a year.

From that I learned that it’s probably better to have many small TCs than one big one, if for no reason other than to dodge the inevitable attacks on the members, or try to!

In Kathleen’s group the ratio of survivors to laypersons was unbalanced. In fact survivors really should not be on the board; they should act as guides or experts. It helps to show neutrality, not pre-judging the facts.


I am sure many whistle blowers of Pizzagate-type crimes, and MK-Ultra-type crimes, are waiting in the wings to tell what they know. I also think many of the perpetrators are desirous of getting it overwith by confessing.

At your informal TRC you certainly can’t guarantee that those will get amnesty from prosecution for having come forward. But you can articulate the fact that society would be more favorably disposed to them than to the others.

Get ’Em This Afternoon

Folks, we always “wait for it to happen.” Americans have been waiting 53 years for the Kennedy assassination to be dealt with in the proper legal way, and 15 years for 9-11. It ain’t nevah going to happen.

I don’t think the MK-Ultra monsters are going to receive so much as a slap on the wrist – if we leave it up to “going through channels.” And I now think Trump’s threats to arrest Hillary were a device to make him look the strong candidate.

It is surely up to you to rise above this nonsense and do the right thing. Most of the items I referenced, such as outlawry and grand juries are inscribed in the law — they have merely been forgotten from disuse. You are entitled to use them. (In a few jurisdictions, the common law of outlawry has been repealed by statute. In the rest it still exists as law. Just look it up.)

— Mary W Maxwell is upset about the whales and is taking it out on the cabal


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  1. The censor strikes again. When I submitted this article to Her Bossness, the first paragraph said:

    “There is no question in my mind that the persons who have been doing terrible things to the human race need to be stopped. I myself would not care how that gets accomplished – by killing them, by pensioning them off, by welcoming them back into the fold — whatever.”

    In the final publication above, the more gentle word “punishment” has replaced “killing them.” Well, OK, the stronger word may have led to my being charged with incitement.

    Please know that I defo am inciting everyone to do the other things listed in the article, including the very mild one that involves your living room or your backyard.

    As for the taking up of cudgels, as shown in the picture, that is where the cabal wants us to be — not with themselves as targets of course, but they do want to remove our civilised habits and institutions.


    Get ’em.

    • Now I find it interesting thinking about “Truth” commissions.
      Some people in South Africa thought that it might have increased racial tensions and had a negative effect. In other words, the truth can be a very hard pill to swallow.

      “Truth” about pizzagate affairs would dig up the worst in humanity. I think people would prefer NOT to have the truth. Illusion is a much safer option for ones sanity.

      I have read before (I think on the ae911truth.org site) that some people KNOW 911 was an inside job — but prefer the illusion that 911 was perpetrated by a group of radical Muslims. They don’t want the truth to be out — because it would upset the normal as they know it.

      Maybe societies don’t deserve the truth because they don’t demand it.

      • I was having dinner at the club last weekend, with my wife and and a couple of women from the town. At one point some issue of ‘gun control’ came up. I rattled off a few statistics and then both of these women commented about how much safer they feel after the disarmament after the PORT ARTHUR MASSACRE.

        I involuntarily moaned “ooohh, Gawd” (confronted once again with peer pressure stupidity). My wife quickly stepped in with “just shut up Terry” – which I did.

        Dee said – “Maybe societies don’t deserve the truth because they don’t demand it.” – maybe they’re too f–king stupid to deserve the truth.

        My only consolation is that both these women will eventually DIE. When they and their fellow morons are also gone, then the truth will have a chance to rise to the surface with new generations of inquisitive citizens. I probably won’t be here to see it, but I know it will happen.

  2. Just sharing a very interesting piece of history …

    Serfdom was abolished in Russia in 1861 by Alexander II after a lot of groundwork laid by his father Nicholas I – relatively recently, historically speaking.

    You can google Wikipedia for ‘Serfdom in Russia’, ’Nicholas I of Russia’ and ‘Alexander II of Russia’ but I hope you will enjoy and be enlightened by this marvellous historical documentary series. This is part 7 of 8 of “The Romanovs” (Star Media) – each episode is approximately 50 minutes long.


    View a couple of minutes from around 10:44 where Nicholas I initiates investigations into serfdom.

    At 24:29 – February 18, 1855 Nicholas I dies and Alexander II becomes emperor.
    … “Alexander II would go down in history as “The Liberator”

    And at 30:33:
    “When Alexander became Emperor he already had many years experience of the workings of state and got to work immediately. His first success was to end the Crimean War, signing a peace treaty in Paris which kept Russian losses to a minimum.

    Then he turned his attention to what was, for Russia, the great issue of the age – the serfs. In one of his first addresses to the Russian nobility, the emperor announced “The existing system of owning souls cannot remain unchanged. It is better to abolish serfdom from above than to wait for it to abolish itself from below.”
    After seven years of negotiation, on February 19, 1861, the emperor issued a manifesto, freeing Russia’s serfs … “

    (Incidentally, it was Alexander who sold Alaska to the US in 1867 for $7.2M.)

    Despite his many social and political reforms, he was assassinated in 1881 after six previous attempts on his life.

    At 50:42:
    “Alexander II had given his country freedoms it had been demanding for centuries. But it turned out he had also unleashed a dangerous new force … REVOLUTION! “

    My take on this and subsequent events … For those with power and wealth, there is never enough power and wealth … for those who are free, there is never enough freedom …

    It is what it is … we (our species) are what we are! Oh for the life of a whale!!

    • Wow, thanks, Fish. I clicked on your suggested Youtube and started at 11 minutes. The first thing I heard the guy say was:

      “I can’t understand how a person became a thing. It must have been by deceit and guile on one side and ignorance on the other.”

      • Yes, what a profound statement. Nicholas was clearly referring empathetically to how he felt about the nobles’ view and treatment of ‘their’ serfs – naturally, there was much opposition to his reforms.

        While we are digressing, for a quick fire overview of Russian history, try this (45 minutes) ‘epic’:
        • Epic History: Russia (PARTS 1-5) – Rurik to Revolution (on Epic History TV channel)

        For a much richer detail, I can recommend the series of books on the Romanovs by Robert K. Massie (WIP – I am currently on “Peter the Great – His Life and World”, 1980 – awarded the 1981 Pulitzer Prize for biography).

        In passing, the salesperson at Dymocks (in Burnside) also recommended “The Romanovs, 1613 – 1918” by Simon Sebag Montefiore – November 2016.

    • The time’s they are a-changin’, hadn’t you noticed, Berry? We are beginning to understand our own power — as we now see who has been weilding the (secret) power and what a bunch of Unfortunates they are.

      Sad cases, to a man.

  3. “Maybe societies don’t deserve the truth because they don’t demand it.”

    They think they already have it. They hate it when someone shows them they actually don’t.

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