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Barrister Reminds MP of Her Duties


9-11-kate-ellis(L) The North Tower exploding outwards, and (R) Kate Ellis MP

Editor’s Note: I publish below the open letter to Minister Ellis, and below that to Paul Barry (Media Watch) regarding their views on 9-11. Barrister Antcliffe, a member of Lawyers for 9/11 Truth, provides Kate Ms Ellis a small sample of evidence regarding September 11.

Ms. Kate Ellis. MP.

And all staff members.

Parliament House. Canberra. ACT.

Dear Ms Ellis, and staff members.

[cc: Media Watch, Michael Rivero, Dateline, 7.30 Report, Senator D Hinch, One Nation]

I refer to a message sent to you by Ms Dee McLachlan on 13th February relating to your comments recently on the ABC “Q and A” program.

It is reported that you claimed that: the official government conspiracy theory on the mass murders on 9-11 is correct and that alternative views are “fake.”

I do not have much time this morning but I will run the following comments up quickly.

I have been studying the 9/11 mass murders since late 2003 and I state that I have  formed the opinion that the official 9/11 mass murder theory is fake. Over the years I have met with many experts and those knowledgeable about 911 and discussed the relevant material.

Such people include the following:

Lt Col Bob Bowman, (RIP) who at one time was head of President Reagan’s ‘star wars’ program. Bob says simply that the official version is ‘hogwash’ and that the US air force was stood down on 911, the “hijacked aircraft should have been intercepted within 10 minutes of discovery if the usual protocols for interception had not been changed in July 2011.”

Well, fancy that. In July 2001, the approval for interceptions was changed from the military to the executive. Think on that and what it meant and the consequence that followed. Oh, the protocols were put back after 9-11!

If you care to do your duty, you will find him listed at:  http://www.patriotsquestion911.com/ under the military personnel section. Also look up all those professors who you think believe ‘fake’. (Theirs have not been updated since 2011)

Professor Steven Jones obtained some ‘dust’ from the towers and, Ms. Ellis, he decided to examine it. So he put it in a plastic bag, spread the bag out and ran a magnet over the top of the bag and low and behold; all the minute metal spheres were attracted to the underside of the plastic. Then he actually used his brain to satisfy his scientific curiosity and ultimately discovered that there was military grade thermite/ate in the debris as well. Molten steel spheres? You may ask, so what? Well, sorry to be trite but one does not obtain molten steel spheres without very high temperatures, being much higher than temperatures that can be achieved by office furniture and fuel from an aircraft. You will recall of course all that molten steel that took weeks to ‘put out’.  (At this time spend 35 seconds listening to those who saw the molten steel at; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cCdRA09pztM/ )

Really simple, just a matter of looking at the evidence See the paper:


Niels H Harrit. Just read the paper above.

Frank Legge. Frank is an Australian chemist from West Australia. I have not conversed with him for a few years, I do not think he was well. Anyway for Frank just read the paper above. He is very good at explaining science, especially in regard to the thermate/ite. No doubt Ms. Ellis you have prepared and baked a fruit pudding. Well, baking thermate is like that, a pudding (thermate one) with all the correct ingredients in proportion just does not appear in the rubble of the towers by accident.

Frank explained patiently in detail this concept with a colleague, who was once in the military. Guess who gave up…. …he would not concede anything but he had to give up. Science trumps silly conspiracy theories? Another simple matter to consider.

Richard Gage. Now Richard is the master on the failing structures on 9/11. Too long to deal with, as with this whole subject, but he, as an architect simply observed building number 7 collapsing in 6.5 seconds and wondered how could 47 stories of steel structured building could do that, unless ‘Mr Gravity’ was the evil culprit.

Well Ms Ellis, I will leave you to have a word with ‘Mr Gravity’ at http://www.ae911truth.org/ you should be able to apply due diligence to your duties that you are paid for.

The official government/msm conspiracy theory simply does not stand the test of a objective scientific examination of the evidence. Clearly 47 story building number 7 was blown up and the towers can reasonable be found to have suffered the same fate…………..BLOWN UP!

It is most disturbing that there appear to be so many representatives in our Australian and state parliaments, including you, who appear unable to comprehend a scientific examination of physical facts. Of course such deficiencies appear amongst the mass media people as a matter of course.

Perhaps you might ask your close friend as to why that is so and why they are so ‘fake’ and covering for mass murderers. Of course we have the msm failures to inform of the pre-911 plan to go invade and kill in 7 countries, in the interview by General Wesley Clark with Amy Goodman, linked in the letter below to Paul Barry. As a consequence, our politicians have mostly been in favour of killing a million or more in the Middle East.

Such persons, deficient in such abilities should not even be permitted to serve on a criminal jury, as they demonstrate and inability or lack of will or diligence to examine scientific evidence that may be brought before them as evidence.

It is also most disturbing that such deficiencies must, as a matter of course, reflect on all aspects of the decision making by government on behalf of their electorates.

Australia is in for sad times if our representatives do not understand science, in this case the role of ‘Mr.Gravity’ and that; science trumps silly tin foil hatter 911 conspiracy theories of the government style every time. Have a word to Galileo or Copernicus on that.

I include a message sent to another “fake’ outfit that is set out below. I commend the links for your further edification on identifying ‘fake’.


B Antcliffe.

Double Bay.

Member: www.lawyersfor911truth.blogspot.com


Mr Paul Barry.

All ABC staff at ‘Media Watch’ and wherever else.

“Media Watch”.

Australian Broadcasting Commission. Sydney.

[cc: Mike Rivero, Kevin Braken, Channel 10 News, Sydney Morning Herald, Justinian]

Dear Mr Barry and all ABC staff,

I am not going to waste much time on the ABC, as you have been informed by me consistently on the ‘fakeness’ of our MSM, ABC and SBS.

I note however that Mr Barry and the ABC receive a citation as a ‘senior class of fakes’ at the following genuine news site in the article linked hereunder. The comments may be noted and hopefully the thinking Australian public will eventually realise that the ABC is deceitful, a waste of space (billion dollar a year public hole) and of our money.


Just one little hint as to what extent the ABC is fake.

Just listen for 2 minutes to ex military head of NATO; General Wesley Clark in his interview with Amy Goodman in March 2007, linked hereunder.

The ABC staff; just think about the fact that the ABC has not fully exposed the truth, if at all; behind the killing of a million plus in the Middle East and the contribution the ABC has played in the killing and destruction by denying the Australian people the truth behind the pre-911 planned mass murders in the Middle East.

The 9/11 murders also being a government lie to suck in unscientific minded/denialist conspiracy theorists and aiders and abettors of the official government conspiracy theory, to cover up for the abominable crime committed by the real mass murderers.


A further report here.


For a quick 4 minute summary of the ABC’s 911 conspiracy theory have a look at;


As an aside, sorry ABC, but you really have to improve the ABC’s prophetic talents. The ABC’s cousin in the United Kingdom, the BBC,  have a crystal ball and can forecast buildings, like 47-storey number 7, collapsing on 9/11 about ten minutes before it is blown up. See BBC’s Jane Stanley’s report on BBC at;


Now for another example of our fake ABC; Jonathon Faine with Kevin Bracken in October 2010.


As for another famous fake ABC episode, listen to the ABC’s Jonathon Faine contradict Malcolm  Fraser in regard to the killing of about 34 USS Liberty crewmen in 1967 with a ‘false flag’ attack.

Mr Fraser was quite emphatic, the attack by Israel on the USS Liberty was DELIBERATE.

Does the ABC agree with Mr Faine’s assertion: ‘…from recollection it was a mistaken missile attack’? That implies a single missile attack….yea right! Have a look at photographs of the damage to the USS Liberty as it ‘limped’ to safety.


I corresponded with a Mr Joe Meadors who was on the USS Liberty at the time and witnessed the TWO HOURS of battle with Israel’s, fighter planes, torpedo boats strafing the USS Liberty and helicopter troop carriers trying to take over the USS Liberty. Joe’s correspondence was sent to  the ABC and to Mr Faine.  There was not even an apology or report on the eyewitness account by Mr Meadors aired by or referred to by the ABC.

Now how fake can the ABC slump to?

By the way, Mr Meadors explained that the crew’s account of the killings was not permitted to be placed before the inquiry into the killings!!!! So the fake reports alleging that there was a proper inquiry are just another ‘fake’ story to cover up an act of war.

The relevant interview by Dee McLachlan with Mr Fraser shown at Gumshoe News is linked below.


How about it, ABC ‘fake’, try being genuine? After all, you are all on the tax payer’s teat and the Australian public may surely expect to be informed of some facts that are not fake and we might recover some of our billion dollars with some credit ……….. at least for some ABC credibility.


Brae Antcliffe.

Double Bay.

Member: http://lawyersfor911truth.blogspot.com.au/


Photo credit: Kate Ellis Twitter


  1. Kate Ellis is my Adelaide MP. I feel bad to see what she said. Why? Because I thought she was different.

    I attended her “What-are-the-locals-worried-about?” meeting in a suburban garden a couple of years ago. She (age 35) was just plain beautiful, and as intelligent as you could want. Now hear this – she answered the questions with NO BULLSHIT WHATSOEVER.

    Later I heard she was engaged to be married. I mentally composed a letter of best wishes, as I think marriage is the greatest invention on Earth. However I then learned that her fiancé was a Murdoch man. (He, David Penberthy, is presently editor-in-chief of News Limited website news.com.au.)

    I couldn’t bring myself to congratulate her. I am ashamed to this day that I was such an arse about it. Love is love, right?

    I note from Internet that David, while at the University of Adelaide, was a member of the Committee in Solidarity with Central America and the Caribbean. That was in 1990. I wonder whom he feels in solidarity with today. Anybody? EE GADS, the MSM is so tragic.

    Barrister Antcliffe, I am so glad you bothered to write to Ms Ellis. I think there is hope. A person can’t be that intelligent and yet accept a bucket of nonsense.


    • Dear Ms Ellis,
      A chemistry professor at Copenhagen, to whom Antcliffe referred — Neils Harrit — has given a 2-hour talk to a BBC interviewer at his home. But this 9-minute clip from it suffices to show that he is nobody’s fool:

      • This is just a small sample identifying the offiicial tin foil hatters 911 government mass murderers conspiracy theory as being top of the range tin foil hatter”s beliefs.
        Welcome to your theory Ms Ellis et. al.

        • Puddings sexism?

          18th century, anonymous poet, from the Oxford Book of Scottish Verse; “Get Up and Bar the Door”

          IT fell about the Martinmas time,
          And a gay time it was then,
          When our good wife got puddings to make,
          And she’s boild them in the pan.

          The wind sae cauld blew south and north,
          And blew into the floor;
          Quoth our goodman to our goodwife,
          “Gae out and bar the door.”

          “My hand is in my hussyfskap,
          Goodman, as ye may see;
          An it shoud nae be barrd this hundred year,
          It’s no be barrd for me.”

          • Oops, Tom Priestly added this at sesquiotic.wordpress.com:

            “Housewife / hussy is an etymological doublet: both come from the same original Old English (something like hus-wyf). But there is a third word derived from the same phrase, making an etymological triplet, namely “hussif.” When I was drafted into the British infantry for my military service in 1955, each of us was issued with a standard hussif — pronounced [huzziff] — a small pouch enclosing needles, buttons, thread and a thimble, for us to do on-the-spot repairs to clothes. The word may even be spelled ‘housewife’, according to the OED.”

  2. I detect some minor “typo’ errors that do not distract from the clear message: Ms. Ellis MP, senators; Hinch and Hanson.
    I trust that Senator Lambe really cares about our troops (and their families) being deceived and sent into harms way for others, based on historic serial lies and false flag events.(see admitted government false flags in the index at: http://www.whatreallyhappened.com/
    Malcolm Fraser confirmed the false flag scenario to Jonathon Faine of our ABC, being real tactics to convince us to go hate, conquer, destroy, thieve and kill as per the program outlined by General Smedley Butler in 1933 with his booklet ; ‘War is a Rackett’.
    Ms. Ellis; look up what the General said about 84 years past. It is your duty to be informed. As it is with the rest of the swamp in Canberra!
    When will our politicians learn?
    When will the public be informed?
    When will our government limit our national debt, including interest paid to the warmongering bankers, on our national debt by not being suckered into such idiocy?
    Certainly not by our; fake msm, fake ABC/SBS and fake shock jokes.

    • Maybe the Australian Mainstream News organisations should be reported for Fraud:

      To report suspected or potential fraud on Prime Minister and Cabinet (PM&C) funding or other activities that PM&C administers contact:
      The Fraud helpdesk email: fraud@pmc.gov.au

  3. I heard this extraordinary double entendre today from a leading Australian ‘scientist’ (with reference to climate ‘science’):

    * “It appears that we are living in a post-truth atmosphere of alternative facts.”

    She was certainly right about the fact that we are in a post-truth era – one only has to watch a few minutes of any news programme or ‘debate’ forum on the tax payer-funded ABC to realise that we have left the truth in the past. But I am also intrigued as to what a so-called scientist could be referring to as ‘alternate facts’. Surely, facts are facts – either axiomatic or proven. Sadly, the political denial of the truth of 911 (and climate change) has become ‘axiomatic’.

    Perhaps Kate Ellis et al would also like to ponder the answers to Charlie Sheen’s open communication “20 minutes with the President”:

    Full text here …

    This is important, Kate – indeed vital for your children and their children. It is the cornerstone of everything evil that has ensued for the past 15+ years – for the Millions dead and displaced – and yet to die. If you stand up and be counted on the subject of this diabolical sequence of events, you will have also solved the global ’migration crisis’ in an instant – imagine the kudos!!.

    It is equally central to our current role in the “coalition against DAESH” … NOT!!) as I heard Marise Payne describe it in one of her post-truth utterances today.

    As Charlie would say …
    We’re counting on you Kate … be on the right side of history …

  4. This is going to be interesting.
    Watch the swamp ducks, duck and flutter. Harbour side mansion has been
    ducking and fluttering on building 7 since late 2004 when he was advised of building 7.

    • I wrote to Ms Ellis a second time informing her of this post. The automated reply”
      “Thank you so much for taking the time to write, I really appreciate hearing your views.
      “I will respond shortly.”
      ” All the best
      Federal Member for Adelaide

      • There is a reason Kate Ellis held key ministerial roles in Early Childhood Education, Childcare and Youth. I think it is her inherent qualities that give us hope that she will listen, read this article and watch the following tragic documentary … and ask the right questions – of herself and her colleagues. It will only take a few sparks truth to ignite and get this world back on track.

        • Growing up with War: Children of Syria. The tragedy of kids who have never known peace.

        And why Syria? … again we need to go back to 911 (the tactical trigger) end beyond …

        • Declassified CIA Memo Shows How US Has Been Plotting Syrian Regime Change For Decades

        What an opportunity people like Kate Ellis have !!

        • Thank you, Fish. I am very touched by your Youtube.

          In the Scottish Poetry Library I found a lovely, luverly poem with which to honor my MP, Kate Ellis. “To Kate at 25”.
          The poet, Diana Hendry, gives me permission to use it for this purpose at Gumshoe:

          To Kate at Twenty-Five

          I’m watching a bird that’s flown
          dangerously close to the house
          flit in and out of the fuchsia when
          you ‘phone, terror struck, to say
          ‘twenty-five is undeniably grown-up’
          which you always wanted to be
          but now have doubts. Perhaps

          because I’m fifty-four and anxious
          to evade portentous dates
          I drift in underwater time – head
          in a book or out with the birds. Now
          when I look up to where you are
          it’s like a change of climate.
          Too hot. Too exposed. Not enough
          foliage. It hurts to hear about it.
          I want to say ‘Regress! Come home!’
          Send you Factor 15. My big umbrella.

          But ever since your call it’s as if
          someone’s swung a torch and shone its beam
          in all the hidden corners of my life
          or as if in one brief flash I’d seen
          a single track – yours forward, mine back.

  5. I can’t believe that at this time after the WTC attack that any educated person anywhere in the world could still believe any part of the official story. Anyone stating that they believe the official story either is a liar or a moron.

    • Well said. But I would add: 1. Liar, 2. Moron, 3. Brainwashed, 4. Blackmailed, or 5. A participant.
      As for the fake MSM, you decide which number. I have already decided where I place them.

  6. Between 24 Feb & 20 Aug ’12 my son & I sent 3 collective letters to Ms. Ellis re a DEEWR breach of the SS Act.Her response proved that she wasn’t prepared to venture anywhere near the matter. Her purported dishonesty re 9/11 strikes me as being pretty true to character

  7. It has been about a week and there has been no response to me (other than a robotic acknowledgement of the correspondence, from Ms. Kate Ellis MP ) concerning matters of concern, as expressed in my messages to ‘our’ ABC and Ms. Ellis.
    Why do we have alleged representatives on our the tax payer’s payroll in Canberra and at the ABC media watch program?
    Am I missing something? Our politicians exist to serve the public as does the ABC?
    Well who cares?
    Just another billion to be borrowed to add to the taxpayer’s cross, at interest to the bankers.

  8. […] “It is most disturbing that there appear to be so many representatives in our Australian and state parliaments, including you, who appear unable to comprehend a scientific examination of physical facts. Of course such deficiencies appear amongst the mass media people as a matter of course. Perhaps you might ask your close friend as to why that is so, and why they are so ‘fake’ and covering for mass murderers.” [Letter here] […]

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