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Phone Call to National Security Hotline



by Mary W Maxwell

Grass does not grow under the feet of Gumshoe’s editor, Dee McLachlan. If she sees a problem, she jumps at it, often in real time, as with her recent radio call to Jon Faine’s morning program, or her email yesterday to Front Bencher, Kate Ellis, which Brae Antcliffe then expanded on brilliantly. And you may recall that Mal Hughes has a stack of letters he sent to everybody-and-his-dog regarding the 1996 Port Arthur massacre. This is great! But now there’s a Mexican connection…   

The Mexico Wants In

The other night I heard from a woman in Mexico who wants to be involved in my Martin Bryant Fringe show (March 15 at 3pm). By long distance.  I will see if we can do some kind of Skype on stage.

Then she sent me a video of herself. I’m wondering of she’s got Dee beat, as far as “involving” Canberra in the search for 9-11 truth is concerned. (Sorry, Dee.)

Here she is, Elissa Hawke, earnestly ringing up the National Security Hotline, to let them know how dangerous it is for anyone to continue believing the official story.

If you wish to emulate her, please ring 1-800-123-400. It could be a good number to keep handy in the coming crisis. (?)

At the 5-minute mark, Elissa Hawke gets into Bali, then Port Arthur. (Well, 9-11 was America’s Port Arthur, wasn’t it? Gotta be patriotic about these things.)

At 5.45, she asks the National Security guy for help regarding the “lies we’re told in this ever increasingly fascist agenda.”

Please watch her video below and think how easily you could do the same.

Go Elissa! Go Dee, Brae, Mal, and all ye argumentative spirits! Why did God give us a larynx? For just these wonderful occasions!



    • For the uninformed I refer to Professor Cass Sunstein who co-authored a 2008 paper promoting government infiltration of those with conspiracy concepts with government misinformation to detract from a debate on a issue and muddy the well with crap to obfuscate the issue and vilify those who are genuine.
      D R Griffin disects Sunstein, skins him and hangs his skin to be tanned upon the woolshed wall. These days the ‘fake’ msm is hanging from the shed.
      Read: Cognitive Infiltration a Obama’s appointment etc. By D R Griffin.
      Sorry Mary, but the readers you cite in your article would be apalled that you associated them with this article.
      Bad call.

      • When I refer to crap, surely it must be clear, she is deliberately obfuscating the fake msm and 911 with irelevant matters. That was the tactic used by Faine during the Bracken phone in. Faine deliberately raised irrelevant subjects to vilify Bracken. All Bracken wanted to do was raise questions concerning building 7 and the temperatures required to melt steal, not possible with aviation fuel and office fires.
        Been there Ms. Hawke, go back to the Sunstein University and revise.
        If you are genuine, wake up stick to one issue.

        • I’ll have to say that I don’t stick to one issue, Ned. I’m all over the map. (Though I really think they are the same thing,)

          Anyway I will be cautious — and thank you for the alert. It took Christopher Brooks to make me do a double take on Rebecca Roth — but since she wrote a book that I could inspect it was easy. Roth is a blatant fake. And a “best-seller” to boot.

          This year a man whom I shall name “Teddo” has got into my way bad on the Bryant issue. A real pain in the butt, he.

          • Often good researchers are written off as shills/gov agents and I know myself, I have avoided the work of some good researchers because someone has told me “they are a mole/shill/agent” so I have steered myself away for a time. Years later I find out the person was genuine and the person warning me was the problem. Lets all try and concentrate on the message, as we all know from experience, many shills drop a lot of truth anyway.
            I dont know when Ned thinks I have had the time to go to Sunsteinshillerversity, or what the reward might be…. I have been a professional remedial masseuse for 28 years (sorry, no happy endings ; ), I am a yoga teacher, I pay $60 rent per week for my apartment, I dont own a car, Im have a $200 computer full of sand that is not quite up to the task of making skype interviews into shows like my old lovely second hand apple computer did, which is frustrating as I have a whole lot of new interviews lined up after my year of heavy research into heliocentrism and mind cntrol. I have been trying for two weeks to interview a very interesting woman who was a multi generational victim of MK ultra but I need technical equipment! I dont even have hot water! Its hard to make a life in a foreign country work, but it was harder for me to live in Australia so conflicted at my government for all these terrible works, I felt stifled to speak and even research in Aus- as I notice too are most all of my personal friends and family. This is why Im so impressed with you all standing up right inside the belly of the beast.

          • I have been targeted by MKUltra LSD agenda and as such became victim of this organization directly from Tavistock London, Institution in 1967, the outcome from this drug is serious in terms of the destructive effects of this drug on your quality of life and the destruction of self, somewhat ironic R.D.Laing, had of so called insights to the destroyed self? also at one time figurehead of Tavistock as some readers may know, the CIA were operating from Tavistock.
            I have mentioned this experience many times in public forums, I have never been approached by any writer or agent researching the MK drug program as to how and what happened? within this peculiar and subversive group whom are operating as a organization as what I would suggest a criminal set up fully endorsed and immune from any criminal procedures that I know of.

          • be wary of any woman wearing a wig and recycling/spinning stuff released 8 years earlier by someone else Grace Power – The Ring Of Power documentary mentioned “the B-thing”) yet was patently ignored

    • I have known “Chrispy T”, a 9/11 researcher since maybe 2008- when we met at at “Truth Movement australia event” and we became a little aquainted at regular sovereignty meeting we´d both attend in Sydney, with a bunch of old blokes, mainly, ex-cops, (ex?) free-masons and other spooks and kooks desperate to get to the bottom of the mystery of the birth certificate bond, and our legal “entrapment”, through”legalese”.
      I always liked his stuff but when he noticed me questioning heliocentrism on FB over the past few years, he lost patience with me and told me to investigate Cass Sunstein and the flat earth misdirection conspiracy collective.
      I say in response -, just because Gloria Steinem was sponsored by the CIA, doesnt mean, it wasnt time in our collective consciousness to be ready for equal rights and freedom for the sexes, just because Terrence Mckenna was on the gov payroll to FOMENT and steer the populace, doesnt mean it wasnt a good time for masses of people to take and learn about psychedelics (and I say any day is a good day for minimum doses of these truly life changing substances from nature), and just because the Sunstein institute is employing thousands of flat earth disinfo shills and lie propagtors, does not mean it is not time in history for us, en masse to wake up to the the 500 year bumrumper conspiracy – when you go to the beach and see the boat go “over the horizon”, its just really going out of your perspective and now that everyone has a zoom lense in their pocket this is the exponentially fastest growing change of thought paradigm in many lifetimes.
      Most people havent really looked into geocentrism much yet, so only a very small but steadily growing percentage of readers will have studied for themselves and tested, come to the same conclusions. Just as I spoke out about all this P.A.M. earlier than many, I speak out about our seemingly geocentric cosmos now, with the same passion – so you have another reason to “link me to sunstein” if you want.
      My advice, dont shoot the messenger. Go do your own experiments looking for expected curvature over distance. It is not to be found. Youtube Flat Earth: curvature experiments, there are hundreds of them and more added every day, these people are not all agents, although the most disturbing amount of the well set up “speakers” of the movement ARE suspicious, and probably sunstein agents. I am just a woman who is sick of the lies and my life has always improved steadily for speaking out about it, i recommend it to anyone, free your mind

    • and if i was an agent for fomenting wrong thinking, steering the unwashed masses – a “sunstein job” as ned calls it, wouldnt they make it look like I had thousands of followers, like all the other uncharismatic, ugly dumbarse shills and all the charismatic ones too… they give them fake followers (see The Rockno channel on youtube for great vids about the melbourne moulage victims and all their interlinked fake friends and followers accounts on fb-telling).
      I have worked my way up onto all the main comedy and music stages in Australia and performed in london, la, san fran and vegas, and Im funny too : ) but no one has ever heard of me. I have never had a manager and am unfortunately bored by the”business” side of art.
      I I have had a blog for years with a quarter of a million views, and 8 followers. I love that! People find their own quiet way to me secretly and anonymously, but none of them want to admit it ; )
      I was always shunned by the government and establishment for too much truth. Double sagittarius. Those government festival people really know who NOT to promote.
      I may be wrong. I may be misinformed, uninformed, i have been wrong and fooled a million times before, but I am not asking anyone to believe me or follow me or especially I am not asking to “be in your show” mary. I said I would help with writing or direction or anything you need and now you´ve just been thrown in the deep end of the flat earth pool four weeks before your show. Do NOT THINK ABOUT A GREEN ELEPHANT ; )
      Geocentrism is a vast and deeply beautiful subject and takes 6 months research and pondering before you might even consider it “could” be true, the at least another 6 months before one has enough knowledge to meet the arguments before one would publicly bring up the subject. Leave it be for now Mary but if anyone else wants to argue, stick ém up, I love to talk with people if you havent noticed : )))))
      Do your show Mary, its going to be terrific! Leave me behind the scenes as your biggest cheerleader and most of all HAVE FUN. You are already so interesting and wonderful, I hope you get a good audience, I think you will continue to be be encouraged by many coming out of the woodwork but its truly only members of your own profession you need to convince. Do you know any bumraiders???

      • One must suspect that Sunstein is Faine’s mentor, at least in spirit and agenda.
        He is on the ropes and his controllers could be calling for survival.

        • Sorry Dee,q whatever her providence and sincereity, to amalgamate so many issues into one rant will not promote a significant issue that is a topic for consideration. The public cannot digest diverse issues at one time challenging their idoctrinated paradigm.
          There is a basic principle in a court case and it is KISS. ( keep it simple stupid!)
          Translated: they can only comprehend one concept al a time,

          • This is not true Ned. I am “the public” and I found my way, through all the different symptoms to the root cause of the problem. I am a holistic therapist for nearly thirty years, health comes from roundedness, as does mental health, we all need a broad grasp of the “issues” to comprehend the nature of our enslavement- all rooted in our minds. Vale Bob Marley.
            The reason I wouldnt be so stupid as to go on that lying cocksuckers show is because I used to do radio, music, comedy…I understand how media works, how gov and media gatekeep everything! They control the narrative and the buttons. Its all rigged!
            I have turned away from all those cancer causing people and just want to focus on getting Martin out of prison. Whatever involvement he had he has served enough time. This man has been TORTURED from childhood at the hands of well-established mental deviants of government! He´s had all his assets stripped. He´s entitled to a quiet cup of tea with his Mum, with some attempts by us to assist him however possible, instead of what we all havent done for him, our brother, for decades.
            I would so like to see him freed. That is the ONLY issue I care about. Couldnt care less about criminalising anyone else involved They got karma to live and die with. I´m an anarchist, and I am not able to respect a forced system of false democracy at the end of a gun, from middlemen sent down by a moronic, self-proclaimed bunch of elitist, in-bred, sexually abused and abusive mysogynist classist drunk fuckwits- I´m very grateful to legal professionals for breaking ranks and speaking up, we need these people the most to achieve this objective. Now that Mary has spoken up so will many more, its just our collective consciousness rising, it is a beautiful thing to witness,,, all of a sudden people are really awakening en masse to many of these great deceptions ; ) Hallellujah!

  1. Dear Editor,
    I hereby tender my resignation. Why? Because I just saw that a compilation of “cute goats” got 10 million hits and a video about funny owls — I mean not even Minerva-type owls — got fifteen, yes, fifteen million views.

    Why go on?

    Speaking of the show must go on, I did have in mind that I could incorporate a Mariachi band at the Fringe. I just found one on YOUtube. The first comment under it was “In Mexico, what is the favorite sport? Cross country.”

    What did we say about PC. What DID we say.

    • Do we u derstand Mary that you are going to go off and breed goats?
      Sorry, but the market is flooded with them in Canberra.
      Try investing in wombats, they are more intelligent and care for their role in nature .

    • I know. How do we compete when a video on cute cat compilation gets 120 Million views… yes 120M

      • Dee, we don’t really have to “compete” with the cat watchers.

        I am trying not to be too glumsville about our low numbers. My video of “the fodder note” has 1464 hits. Let’s say each person saw it twice. That still means that 700 folks who never knew that Martin Bryant had been tortured before age 21 now know it.

        Of course that could have a Tavistockian effect. Namely they’d feel so sad and scared they will “give up.” But some, maybe 100, will feel sufficiently pissed off at their pollies to … to …. Crikey what is it they can do?

        In early March I am allowed to stand on the Fringe’s small stage on Rundle Mall shopping street and advertise my show. I know I have to be upbeat as these are shoppers on a hot day who have never known the Port Arthur true story.

        Maybe I will just hold up a sign that says SAV-PAV.

        Might need a couple of jugglers or yo-yo champs to add animation. I mean the SAC-PAV killers are a bit dull, right?

  2. I thought Ellissa, on video was so courageous to ring our terrorist hotline and spell it out?
    Just a comment on our LPG situation, only the dumbest politicians I would venture to say Australian politicians rank the most stupid if not stupid corrupted, I refer to the export as the biggest exporter of this valuable asset to completely overseas interests? with little to no income for Australia, our government are in the hands of the 1% and most intelligent people understand this, the job of politicians in power are to treat the 99% of our population with contempt, to destroy the morale of the people and to enslave them, to export jobs to weaken workers income, although Trump pays lip service to the forgotten people and the people will one day realize what Trump state is a lie? whereas our politicians tell us we will have less money in the future and higher taxes this is thought as visionary? and as a virtuous and comforting statement for a population who now has become almost as stupid as our politicians.

    • Good choice of word. I was depressed for a lot of my 20´s and 30´s and when I made this little phone call and put it out in public…. for a few days i was expecting something bad, an attack, some ridicule… nothing happened and this dam of self doubt within me broke… i gradually got happier and happier as I allowed my own truth to be free and on record. It is LIBERATION. It just feels so good

      • Maybe we shoud all talk about our scaredee-scared moments, though I generally try not to give THEM the satisfaction.

        Runs in my mind that not only did the Tavistock men study (above board, openly and “scientifically”) the human breaking point — gee wonder where they got the volunteers) but the Americans, in a certain foreign prison, use dogs to test the fear of the prisoners.

        I read somewhere that the guards take bets as to when the guy will shit, excuse my language. (Ah, maybe that’s where they got the excrement with which they painted other prisoners. Recycle!)

        Let’s talk more often about the general fear in the population today. That was, after all, the goal of the Sydney siege, the melamine in the chocolate (you NEGLECTED that one, Elissa), the news that 1 in 2 people will get cancer, etc. We should prepare for a major incident in which we all must follow orders due to “this terrible emergency.”

        Let’s think how to rehearse what we could do other than blindly obey. The fact is we ARE all in fear even if we don’t realize it.

        • well, Im not scared of cancer because I learnt to make Rick Simpson cannabis oil, and…oh yes, the sydney chocolate set up pre-rehearsed siege, that IS a difficult personal boycott to bear…the story I am telling myself is we are all endless recycling energy, of the one true spirit, cast out as all things to know itself…whatever suffering we must bear is finite and only hurts until we are dead. I also believe we either deserve whatever happens to us as payback for past efforts or we may be building up brownie points for another life when we are less than stellar… if i focus on the torture techniques mankind has applied to each other throughout time I will debilitate myself. I have an enormous knowing some people call faith, I know god, but Im not religious. Even if i died suffering the worst possible suffering I still know it will end and all suffer at different times in different ways. Someone gets their fingernails drilled under, someone gets waterboarded, someone else is dead inside going to bed every night in a prison of a loveless relationship. theyre different pains but theyre not for us to judge, merely observe. Some kid considered unfortunate is brought up in africa by her loving cousins because her whole family died in a massacre, another kid is considered spoilt and rich but her movie director Dad and Mum never have time for her and have no true affection in the home. Different tortures. Incomparable. NO FEAR. The amount of suffering Martin has had rivals some of the best suffering stories in history, and we only know 2% of it, We dont know what happened to him when he was seen by these deep sleep torturer psychs, these mind-splitting mk manchurian candidate people, we may never know what happened to him and how much. When he was burnt by “fireworks” as a kid and they used him to embarrass and humiliate him at age 10, by making a nationwide news story about him, the defiant soul said he would still play with fireworks. It confounds me that he is still alive and I have felt guilty for years that I havent done more towards his release. I am very excited by the possibilities for our whole society to declare enough! and come clean

  3. ooh this IS good. Finally I´m called a shill. yessss. Actually Arthur from loveforlife website took a swipe in around 2014 but I have not been active for a year as I have been researching the great lies in depth. I have been reappraising “science” and it has been shattering and has taken time to realeyes the conditioning and battle my own egos reluctance to look stupid.
    I wrote “illuminati shill” on my 2009 Melb international comedy festival show flyer as I thought that would be my first joke. When I made that phone call it was for the comedy show and I wanted it to be funny, but actually doing it I was shit-scared and shaking and expecting a cop car to come burning up during the taping.
    People who know me , see me putting up my own posters, setting up my own soundstage, know my budget, plus the 30 people who came to the show(s) know I am “real”. Lets be friends on facebook ned, maybe id like to know a bit more about you too.
    I dont “stick to one issue” because Im not a machine. Im a vessel for free spirit to change and express whatever it wishes whenever. To wake up to all these lies in my middle age – the only thing I COULD do was a comedy show. Then my next desire was to read and watch videos until i learnt more and more… thats what connected me to Mary and Dee, reading and listening to their little gags here and there alert me to the depth of their research and the depth of their philosophical souls too, fine combinations! I went on a three month trip of the pyramids of Guatemala and Mexico and I knew I had to stay longer. I come back to Aus every couple of years but I dont want to live there anymore because I think something severe is coming.Already I find it too fascist. the bottom line is all of these false flag events are for one purpose – mind control, that is the issue. Thanks for sharing it Mary, a few people shared it back then but sfa people knew what the hell I was on about. every year it actually becomes funnier and funnier, if i remade this video today I could add another 20 false falge events because we DIDNT wake up to Port Arthur, or 9/11 or Madrid, or 7/7, or the one Brooke Satchwell starred in, or the Aurora theatre shooting or the Sandy Hook kerfuffle or the Boston hoax bomb or the Charlie Hebdo or the LA airport or the Las Vegas airport or the underwear bomber or the christmas tree that got tipped or the truck attack with the dummies on the road or the Melbourne moulage “event” or holy shit it really IS REEDICKYOURARSE

  4. And Dee I dont think I could talk to that Feine turd, I used to live in Melb and Ive only heard him for a few hours but he is so dull. It was his “attack” on Kevin Bracken for calling 9/11, it was like watching a 90 year old come at you but first they have to climb out of the pool with oily railings…its like asking me to talk to Cinderella or the easter bunny, he is just not real, in any way, I dont waste my time being punched by those idiot bullshitting probably pedophile or abusive secret bumrumpers handshakes my arse connected bullies… or any of the media, nor even most of the alt media, I just like real people, or at least people who can still fool me ; )…real things, you can fill up a life with them! Just have to make the space by becoming your own authority on truth. Using research, critical thinking and life experience we can all align ourselves with greater and greater truth. Its too fun to ignore! Thanks for your time and input people! It is truly feeling to me like Martin must be freed immediately as Mary says. The state can no longer proclaim itself fit to judge after the obvious stitch up job done on Martin-by a very small faction, relatively, against one confused and previously fractured man.
    I had heard of Barrister Terry Shulze since the early 2000s but so happy to have another legal eye over this, especially such a fair and fearless eye as yours Mary

      • Are you asking if im catholic Mary?
        By the amount of sex i had in the bushes in high school it might appear so- my sweet 15 year old virgin(?) ex-alterboy boyfriend was catholic though,-and he was a complete pervert!
        But nay, church windows break when im just walking past. No. No effing way. Im gullible but Im not that gullible!!! LOL
        I am still angry at all the churches for burning all the truthtellers, natural healers and herbalists and spiritual adepts of days gone.
        My Dad was progressive for my time (70´s). He raised us as little athiest/darwin/evolution spruikers, which suited me fine as it rendered me exempt from primary school religious class
        “Did jesus come from an ape?” etc. Just tiresome and facetious I was.
        It was just easier to have me sit at a desk outside the classroom and practice my running writing.
        I didnt realise “evolution” was just another religion until my early to late teens. In the last few years I scoff at this current psyence dogma as much as any religious dogma. I´ve become a zetetic explorer. I test everything for myself and I am the arbiter of truth, for myself.
        When I was around 19 I had magic mushrooms and that was a spiritual experience. I say (only half joking) that I found god in that experience, within myself and without, and that sense has never left me. I dont get special treatment, in fact, I may get some extra inconveniences and hardships, because, (I know, YOU know,) once you really know god you have no choice but to serve… but something inside is growing too and i dont know how to put it any other way but to say, it feels right.
        Sorry for these long responses but I have been invested in this battle for a long time. I want anyone who doubts me to ask me whatever they want. I want anyone who feels anonymously the same to start speaking up.
        We dont have to harm or punish anyone in my mind, we just need to break the mental bars on the prison of silence.

        • There is a real problem with punishing (though I am generally for it). The ones who were born sociopaths can’t be fixed. They CANNOT feel for their fellow man.

          Hmm. That must mean that the rest of us have a particular little cluster of neurons, or whatever, whereby we do feel for our fellow man. And these horrriic guys are missing it.

          Elissa, was delighted to hear what you do to stained glass. I did not know that The Church (the one holy, true one) messed up the herbalists. You should see my book “Consider the Lilies,” it is a free download at maryWmaxwell.com.

          Boy, they never should have let us have the Internet.

          • thanks Mary I will probably read all your stuff as I tend to do with people I like and feel i can trust, I am loving “Enough Is Enough”….if there is a good church out there, I have never heard of it, but there are good people in every church. In fact, a lot of the worst psychos and sociopaths live complex lives weaving dark acts amongst all sorts of shiny good social conscience work and genuine (?) real love and family relations too. A lot of monsters live double lives dont they?
            Look closely at all those given knighthoods for good works

  5. And, Mary, you made it sound like I was soliciting a “walk on part in the show”… I havent retired from comedy but I have had so little success trying to make a stir with art, I have concluded it is futile! But I lOVE your energy and gumption for it and I find you hilarious even in the gravest reality – I said Id help however i can, so if you want me to skype in I will be honoured. I sent you this video because I wanted to give you a sense of how long i have been sick of living in the zombie land of lies and for how long I have put my own name on the record to a statement that to this day no one has disproven. In fact, the regularity and intensity of the “attacks”/”events” has become farcical we must wake the farrr out

    • Elissa, not long ago someone wrote in to Gumshoe (I think it was Rediscover 9-11) and said “If Mary really cares she will join the 40,000 members of 9-11 truth.”

      I was appalled to hear that there are that many members and that such a collectivity is no more effective than a uni-unit like me.

      Numbers are not the answer. The structure of the society is that ever since we got the “Republic,” we placed all authority in our representatives. Berry has just announced in the previous thread that she sent a problem to the attention of Kate Ellis, Front Bencher — which is known as “doing a ministerial” — and basically got a “return to sender.”

      So we have crazily boxed ourselves in by worshipping the legal authorities. I am not in favor of any revolution to change the system. Republics are OK if the office-holders are not all bought off, brainwashed, or people of weak character who were placed there by the cabal for their (desirable) weakness.

      Thus I think “pizza” is the best thing since sliced bread. We need to focus on this new “gate.” Yay! Gotcha! Yay!

  6. For anyone who hasnt yet looked into the alternate cosmologies, I recommend you take a look. If you have seen through some, or many of these “events” you may well be primed for the fall of these 500 year old masonic lies too… pyathgoras (the first mason) started the spinning globe heliocentric lie idea thousands of years before but it didnt take hold… the reason I have been quiet for 18 months is I have been trying to prove to myself, the earth is a spinning globe for ten hours a day – the end result –
    I know I have become nothing but ridicule fodder by “the masses” for even exploring the alternate history/science… I know the fact that I am willing to question this dogma threatens many, but I have questioned it and learnt a lot to open my mind. Its been a wonderful year of deep research and I feel now ready to talk about it if it comes into the conversation, and believe me, as the greatest deception ever undertaken, it does tend to surface often. When you think of it as a possibility – entertain a thought – its mildly interesting. As you follow the evidences, just as in these false flag events, you will expand and see from a greater perspective. I think unless you can have good humour and an open mind yourself, you will avoid dealing with people who may “hurt your cause” for thinking “dangerous thoughts”. Well I know silly things like that don´t stop you from doing a little research do they Mary… you are heartening to admit publicly you are a history revisionist BRAVO Well these days we all have to be science revisionists too https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pGl8I3l-5ac

    • Elissa, I have done extensive navigation, both aviation and at sea. I can assure you that the Earth is a globe.

      I suggest you put down whatever you have been reading and pick up a sextant and learn how to use it. There is a concept called ‘dip’ that must be included in the computations in order to compensate for the curvature of the Earth. The higher you are from the surface, the further out the horizon line exists (that’s why such things as the lookout (bird’s nest) exist – to increase the field of view).

      You don’t even have to learn navigation to understand this, for example, as you approach land, you will see the tops of the mountains appear first, then slowly the rest of the mountain will come into view until about 4 miles out you will be able to see the beach (depending upon your height from the water’s surface).

      Experience is the best teacher…

      • why were all the ancient explorers off in their navigations is SH by up to 30m per day? Terry Its a planned obfuscation so why would you be expect to be awake to it if you havent studied alternate cosmology? You´re as conditioned as everyone else! Do you know how many pilots/sailors say that? All of them BEFORE they look at alternate realities. Your comment alerts any zetetic explorer that you havent yet done your own tests for curvature at sea level http://www.atlanteanconspiracy.com/2015/02/flat-earth-curvature.html

        • “you havent yet done your own tests for curvature at sea level”

          Actually, I have sailed the Pacific Ocean. I used a sextant which used the celestial bodies (sun, moon, stars) and the HORIZON LINE to navigate by.

          • See what I hear you saying Terry, is ” I know Martin was the killer because the killer had blonde hair and drove a yellow volvo, and had Martins passport on the dash.”
            The truth about our environment has been obfuscated deliberately. They dont obfuscate it from everyone except the sailors and pilots. The lie goes into all the science we think is settled as dogma, everything we have all been collectively taught as foundations of reality.
            I´m saying, if Martin was the killer, why were the cops called off for the washing powder bust, why were the SAC PAV in Tas, why was the party hearse built, why was the kill to injured ratio so extreme, why was no DNA evidence of Martin found at the crime scene etc etc etc. I know you know all these questions. Its the same with heliocentrism- If the earth is a ball why dont we have any real pictures or video from space, why cant we get water to stick to a ball in any other tests, why are the pictures wildly differing cgi artworks, why is there no parralax, why is there no observable curvature as expected over distance, why is nasa and rasa and esa etc faking space walks in a pool, why do iss space activities always involve harnesses, cgi and greenscreen, why were we taught about coriolis effect when its demonstrably false, why are we taught focaults perndulum is proof of earths rotation, when it is not, why why why. I like questions, they lead to answers. But you are right Mary, we´ve gone off topic and the average person will not take anything as truth from a person who is reappraising the foundations of “their own, settled” (established, establishment non-sense ; ) knowledge. Perhaps its better if you dont advertise to include me in your show as (to the average person) I will not help your cause. In a year or five you will all comprehend why this conversation went the way it did. Each of us will challenge our conditioning on this, the biggest lie of all that we live under, in time. I wish you luck and love and whenever you have done research enough to understand where I am coming from and how important this is, you may wish to reconnect again.
            It is important to me that Martin is freed, but most important is we all free our minds. You are lawyers, youre not going to be the first ones to jump into researching alternate science as you need to retain credibility at all costs. I dont have those inhibitors.

          • So did you base your sextant calculations on a sun that is 93 million miles away Terry? Is there any possibility any base assumtions may be incorrect? Where did we get that ridiculous figure? I bet it was the magical bumrumpers!
            How can the sun be both 93 MILLION miles away, and in camera shot leaving a hot spot over the earth – the camera is only 120,000 ft up. http://geoshifter.com/images/sun-hotspot-on-clouds.jpg There comes a day where we have to admit to ourselves, what Im being told doesnt match my senses…

  7. The issue simply, is mind control. the whole populace was psy-opped, and has been over and over and over and over and over again.Once we can each acknowledge this and twenty million people write a blog about it, he will be freed, and we can begin to alltogether heal

  8. donwreford i am sorry for your experience, for your loss, I am heartened to see you speaking out. I am sorry to hear from survivors that no one wants to listen, there are very few researchers, and it seems it must be impossibly sickening and tiring to drag onself back through such horror. Thank you for speaking up and I pray you get your vindication.

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