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Kay Griggs and the Anal Theory of Power


kay-griggs(L) Kay Griggs

by Mary W Maxwell, PhD, LLB

Kay Griggs is a very important person. She spoke out several years ago and has not been seen since (that I know of).  Her husband was (or is) big in the military and he would get drunk once in a while and tell her some secrets.

You can see her 8-hour Youtube interview with Pastor Strawcutter (and thanks be to him!).  In part of that talk she emphasizes the man-on-man rape that occurs at military initiation ceremonies.

Crowley and Horus

I accidentally “discovered” a possible connection between the anus and human power. This started when I was watching a video about the mysticism of Aleister Crowley. The narrator of the video (I’m sorry I can’t find it again) was giving much credit to the occult ideas of Crowley.

I have stated before that I think Crowley’s occultism was only a cover. He was plain old MI6. Granted the MI in the name MI6 – military intelligence – may date back to the days of the East India Company and the beginning of the British Empire.

We were taught in school that the East India Company was for trade (Oh, how we needed to get spices from the east – remember that?) but it could have been part of the initial world-takeover plot. At that time, John Dee (1527-1606) was both a plotter and a mystic of some sort. He really did use the occult.

So forgive me for ignoring that; I am just unaware of it. But I do think all can be explained without mysticism or magic numbers anyway.

In the video about Crowley, the speaker said that the eye on the pyramid (the eye of Horus, as on the dollar bill) is really not an eye. It is a code for “anus.” Well, as I said, I don’t know if there is any occult explanation, and I don’t care.

(A website, ancientegyptonline. co.uk/eye, gives numerous explanation for the eye of Horus but not the one I mentioned.)

My Theory

Let me discuss three different ways in which male-male rape can be involved in power relations.

First, listen to what Kay Griggs says at 31.46 minutes into the tape. She tells us that Henry Kissinger raped 5 US soldiers in Cambodia. (This must have been during the Vietnam War, so I’ll guess 1973; at that time Kissinger was Secretary of State.) Kissinger told at least one of the soldiers that if he reported it “That will be the end of you.”

She also mentions, at 51.30 minutes, that Kissinger raped the three sons of a Saudi royal. Neither of those events is part of my picture of “the anal theory of power.” I would describe this as a show of power. Basically it is the same as a king hitting his servant or a boss calling his underling an insulting name. It does not form part of my “anal theory of power.”

Next, consider the case of the seniors at Yale who have been “tapped” – 15 are chosen each year – to become members of the Order of Skull and Bones. I assume they realize that membership would bring them wealth and power.

The initiation ceremony involves male-male rape. It also involves each boy having to confess his entire sexual history.

My guess is that both of these actions, the sex act and the confession, result in bonding. Don’t ask me how it works. Intimacy between a man and woman can have a very bonding effect; perhaps it is the main source of the martial union.

Perhaps it has a similar emotional affect on males. (I am talking about straight men. For gays the bonding would be like the marriage of male and female, I think.)

So far, then, we have ordinary shows of power between any two male individuals (where no bond occurs) and this kind of deliberate bonding among the 15 Yale men who must learn to act as a unit, or at least recognize their subservience to a program.

But I have seen another part of Kay Griggs’ interview (not included in the tape below) where she says that being raped was  the way her husband George Griggs, got into “intelligence.” He is now a colonel.

Unlike the Yalies, George Griggs did not try to get recruited, or realize that he was being recruited. He was surprised, frightened, and traumatized. Apparently, though, it “turned” him. He accepted his new place in life and is (I think) willing to become the raper of others.

I will now print some quotes from Kay’s talk — ones that are of interest to us about the power in the US military. This section does not mention the sex activity. Please read along:

Kay Griggs. From Disk 1: (as arranged by Strawcutter)

They get rid of the good guys. The Marine Corps are the assassins for the Mob. The military is run by the Mob. The military IS the Mob. They nurture–they cultivate–the sons of prominent families. They’re called “rising stars.” They rope them in. Then they “turn” them. What my husband does for a living is train mercenaries – young boys from countries like Romania, Dominican Republic, Haiti. They‘re training them to be murderers, … They psychologically profile them. The profile is similar to my husband’s… McVeigh’s, and others who were all part of this program. Jeffrey Dahmer was part of this program. They’re all Army. They were all picked out because they were perverted or twisted. [The military profiles for] strong mother, weak father, no father, poor. These guys are looking for security, so they will stay in the military and do anything for that security.

Kay Griggs, Disks 2 and 3: Disposing of Tattle-Tales

When you work in the White House, you work under the Army. The Marines have no overlord, as such. They can float.…. (Disk 2)

St. Elizabeth’s [and] Eastern State Hospital has Army intelligence…. People who have decided to tell the truth, who are trying to get things straightened out. If they upset somebody in high command …they all of a sudden move from being a person to being a target. Therefore, the enemy. (Disk 3)

{Note St Elizabeth’s in Washington DC has a big mental ward.)

Kay Griggs, Disk 4: The Floating Marine Corps

This CIA thing, from my experience, is bogus. Every person I’ve known who was in the CIA was in military intelligence first. [My husband is] a Marine Corps high-level intelligence officer, but he’s under all these Army people.

My husband, being Chief of Staff, told his men it was like this: It’s the Marine Corps first – the Brotherhood, the Cherry Marines, the bonding that goes on. The Marine Corps comes before God…[Their god is] the Brotherhood. It’s very German, it has Masonic leanings. They’re all Masons. This Brotherhood – Opus Dei – they’re the Mob. The Marine Corps are the hit men. They’re mercenaries. They’ll switch hats. … The Marine Corps is just a smoke-and-mirrors thing. [At my husband’s] level, he said we’ve never been an enemy to the Soviet Union. They work with these Communists… The judges now in the courts are all military officers following chain-of-command orders. They’re not independent judges.  – end of the Griggs disks

Does My Theory Have Merit?

My theory is that male-male rape is involved in today’s powerful clubs. Kay Griggs says that the Bilderbergers all engage in it. I think she means the male Bilderbergers; I have no way to apply my theory to females. By the way, Skull and Bones, which is a fraternity, has lately started to recruit female students.

As I said, I’m not interested in violence shown to a low status person by a high status person, if it has no bonding element. I am definitely interested in the Skull and Bones type bonding. When they get recruited (at the end of junior Year) the students are of lower status then the older Bonesmen, but it seems that they are already considered brothers.

It is the third group that fascinates me, however.  Kay seems to think most of the men in Intelligence got in the door this way. To me – but I am really only speculating – the main point could be that these men, after the act of violent rape, learn to love their rapist.

Wow! This would be an answer to a question I am always asking: why do so many men carry out evil acts, under instructions?

Abused Boys

Now come back to the psychology of the lower status men who get hit (raped) and no reward follows. When I listened to the Navy men at the hearings of Australia’s Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse, this seemed to be the most common type.

In fact among the cadets who were aware of it, the name for the ill treatment – hazing and beyond hazing – was given the nickname “bastardization.” Just put the bastard down. Kick him.

I was not able to discern, from the hearings, any reason why this was such a pervasive thing. Right now I am wondering whether it was experimental, such as to find the way to break a person’s morale completely. Many of the victims went on to suffer for a lifetime. Their ego was ruined.

Or maybe the bastardization was a study of the way in which some boys would become “OK” with the mistreatment – as a battered wife famously does. For all of us in society it is often “best” (most comfortable) to adjust to unfairness.

As for the Skull and Bones students, they have to give up their privacy, regarding the confession of their sexual history (something which is surely as private as you can get).  Today we are all giving up our privacy – and our autonomy.

We feel beaten down. The cause could be indebtedness, or a mean person in our lives, or an assessment that the health outlook is bad.  Or we see people getting beaten up by police and we say Ho hum, this is the new normal.

I suggest we talk about this, and not let those who have figured it out take such advantage of us.

Note: Kay says that her husband’s crowd has no pang of conscience whatsoever about murdering someone Just imagine their “untrammeled” power!

Tavistockian Revelation

Finally, here is something I came across that has me baffled. It’s from the history of Tavistock, proudly written by Henry Dicks in the book 50 years of the Tavistock Clinic. He is referring to the years 1920-1970. Tavistock was a psychiatric establishment that segued into being a headquarters for social engineering.

Henry Dicks casually said this:

“During the first winter we held our regular staff meetings. It was remarkable how, without any design [what a joke], our interest seemed to shift from reporting in individual, morbid conditions or cases to considering the larger problems of war and of human relations, the nature of hostility [cooked up] which were to be very much reflected in the philosophy, first of the Army psychiatric service and later in our post-war planning [Hello?] and policies.

Dicks continues:

“I remember giving an address, for which I apologized, entitled ‘the Anal Sadistic Basis of our Culture’ However it went down well and was the kind of thing that pre-occupied the Tavistock staff in this era.”

Mein Gott!

— Mary W Maxwell s a fan of Kay Griggs.



  1. If you click “Royal Commission” at top menu you will see my 15-part report. Part 13 is about the Australian Navy in WA. One boy on the HMS Leeuwin deliberately deserted so he and two others could “tell all.” He was court martialled.

    The judge made his decision to discharge me, and all my back pay and leave pay were taken. He said I was a disgrace to my family. I was caught between elation at being released form hell and not being paid.
    I went home feeling like a total failure. My experience only taught me that those with authority could not be trusted. In 1969, I met my wife; I needed a secure job. I joined the RAAF in September, and graduated at Edinburgh [near Adelaide].
    There, I was told that a Judge Rapkee in Sydney was doing an inquiry into Leeuwin. I was escorted to the judge by shore patrolmen.
    They said “If you say anything you are going to pay a very dear price. We have people at the top in all services.”

    • Dr Maxwell, the problem you raise is illustrated so well in Richard Wagner’s works, especially in his Ring, where the dialectic between POWER and LOVE is set quite uncompromisingly.
      Wagner also sheds light on your anal-prostate matter because his break with Friedrich Nietzsche is not because Nietzsche begrudged Wagner’s re-embrace of Christianity – which is a nonsense – but because Wagner had found out from Nietzsche’s doctor that Nietzsche was afflicted with “hedonistic inversion”, i.e., that Nietzsche, like many in the public service and in academia, could not cope with the male-female divide, which German idealism had developed to new heights. Think of Schiller’s words in Ode to Joy as musically expressed in Beethoven’s 9th: “He who can all one soul his own”, etc.
      In the Ring, The Valkyries are on a power trip, much like the fellows in the military, and so we have Bruennhilde, the Valkyrie who, because she disobeys her father Wotan’s command not to help Siegmund and Sieglinde to escape death, is banished from the exclusive circle around God Wotan.
      She is sent down to Earth to become a mortal woman – but because she was once in this exclusive Feminist power-group, she could not love, which reveals itself when Siegfried betrays her, and she, too,betrays him.
      A real woman who loves does not play “pay-back” games because LOVE is such a virtuous value that it is then unthinkable for someone who has loved to fall back into a primitive power-game.
      This whole topic further raises the prospects of viewing world history and its various civilizations as a rise and fall, a flowering and decline-degeneration process where the sexual-power expression fails to embrace a generational thinking pattern of procreation.
      Wagner’s Ring gives us hope that the ever cleansing River Rhine enables human renewal so that timeless virtues, such as Beauty and Truth and Justice, will continue to emerge from under the oppressive “anal power” dialectic.

      • Holy Spudoli, Fredrick, you’ve said a mouthful. Thanks!

        It will take a while for all that to be processed in the humble brain.

        (Had thought I was having original insights but am glad to hear otherwise. To see this insight get labeled “the Maxwell anal theory” is something I defo would not appreciate!)

  2. I just saw an interview with Max Speirs talking about similar things. He was saying people who are in power have to be raped. They cannot hold an elite position of power if they have not be “illuminated” through this (ritual) act. It makes sense that the Saudi royal sons were raped by Kissinger.

    • “Illuminated” meaning the coming of an understanding that other people now “own” them and their life is no longer their own? Or is it that the person is now “one of them” and so it is safe to share the teachings with them?

  3. Way back, I watched this lady and was not surprised by her report.
    Then I wondered where the msm reports were.
    with some follow up………nothing noted.
    Then, after awhile I wondered what eventuated …… nothing!
    If she was fake, she would have been exposed by Leigh on the 7.30 report on ABC, one would think, as an example.
    Oh well, so for the msm! Not worth a fairy’s fart.
    But we will wonder how Grant is coping, the msm at least has a public interest story.
    Not all hope is lost, Paul Barry will tell us all about this ‘fake’ lady at public expense on the ABC media watch program, won’t you ABC?

        • It has been many years since I lived with Sarah McClendon in Washington. I went there after she told me my life was in danger. I had had death threats. My old Saab had windows smashed on days of court hearings ( Barry Cantor a corrupt ( Air Force reservist “lawyer ” ) scheduled hearings only on important family birthdays to upset me ) Reserve military guys constantly drove by my home ( on a dead-end street ) but I easily caught them…made them stop their cars, saw military haircuts, out at 2 a.m. in the morning ! ). My phone was tapped and my mail were diverted and opened. Two neighbors ( both Navy retirees ) were in this sick game and showed me how cowardly they were. One allowed a guy to watch my house in an old car in his garage. His wife thought it was a “bum” and complained to me and let the cat out of the bag. Navy Seals dressed in dark clothes were seen by a neighbor getting into a white military car one night after being scared by their big dog. She also said in a Declaration that her family heard men “on her roof” a few days before ! A neighbor and judge found my red suitcase opened with clothes scattered in the woods behind his fancy pool house. However he refused to give my USMC volunteer attorney ( a former UVA and Justice Department attorney ) a Declaration. Didn’t want to stick his neck out.

          Knowing a lot about the “politics” at the Beach ( Masonic, white male and shady ) I decided to call honest folks I had seen on C-Span ( in D.C. and northern Virginia ). God bless Brian Lamb. One of them of course was Sarah McClendon, the then Senior White house correspondent from Texas who broke the Billy sol Estes case during the Johnson Administration. Sarah had tried to call me back from her home and was told ” this is a military base and the “Griggs are no longer at this number”. I have NEVER lived on a military base ! Being mostly Scottish, I was fortunate to have had a wonderful father ( WW II Naval hero who captained a ship in the South China Sea) and had a grand father and uncles who were Naval officers…They instilled in me wonderful values. And I honestly believe that because I persisted, courageously spoke truth to power, telling them to their face in a polite way that I ” knew what they were up to,” ( being cowards by picking on innocent women, ) the rank and file actually began to admire my “pluck” ( Sarah called it ). They admired me and told me so. Spoke privately with many guys during that time ( like a chief of staff for Peter Pace, then at FMFLant, who allowed a large meeting at the command with about 20 officers to hear me out and to look at my files ) Pace became Commandant during the Bush administration. Others began to help me.

          This is a great country really and Marines like other groups have some bad apples. My ordeal helped the military understand PTSD BEFORE it became well known. And Courage, you know, is not a gender specific trait.

          • Dear Mrs Griggs

            God bless you for your ‘God given courage’ , helping the ‘little women’ understand the ‘bigger picture’! May God continue to protect you , keep you safe.
            You certainly opened my eyes-I have come to comprehend much. I was shortly associated with a member of the Austrian ‘ Cobra’-like the ‘Seals’-your explanations have cleared up many questions I had which remained unanswered from same! This is international not just a US thing! Its Demonic and Satanic and we will pray in our Lord Jesu’s name for them- our enemies-because thats what they are!
            Thank you. Maranatha na

          • Thank you for all you have taught us over the years, dear Kay., with so many important details. The US Government is so corrupt; there wasn’t even a moon landing. You and I have both been shocked in finding out first hand, what we have. God bless America.

  4. I have been trawling through my reports of the Commission and cannot find a certain item but here is how i recall it:

    A student at a boarding school (or possibly in a military cadet situation) told us how a laundry man at his school used to rape him. As with all the other schools — I REPEAT ALL THE OTHER SCHOOLS — complaints to authority did not solve the problem.

    As i recall it, the said laundry man had been on duty 20 years or more. So class after class of boys suffered. (Maybe only a couple of victims a year?). But that laundry man had no reason to be protected in the way a priest or music teacher did. He could have been sacked with no repercussions.

    So why was he not sacked? It seems to me that he was doing a service. The sevice that someone ordered — harm some boys.

    Note also that the laundryman does not fit into the scheme of pedophiles who act out of sexual desire. In my opinion he was “working.”

    Please challenge me if you think I am way off.

  5. If only we could ‘drain the swamp ‘ here ( still unsure about Trump especially his vice president and inner circle . Time will tell ) . But his expose of pizzagate is making many in the shadow government squirm with discomfort . For whatever reasons he is showing them in the light of day . Something not seen from the White House in more than 50 years . Is he genuine or fuelling the fire , we shall soon see .
    As for the here and now . Pedophiles and homosexuals have had a privileged status in recent decades . When once they were hiding behind the curtains , today they roam everywhere in growing numbers in many recreational parks nationwide unashamed . Exposing all good families , young and old , to their habits .
    My point , why is that Catholic priests are the only ones shamed by the media (therefore the powers that are) . In my lifetime the clergy (the majority) still seem to uphold the teachings of Jesus.
    It seems here that the catholic clergy are the only wrongful doers and all others are innocent of their depravity .
    What a deceitful bunch of hypocrites , in all establishments , our leaders are . Shame there is no one , even at the doors of power , to expose our ruling elite . Corruption is ubiquitous here and the good guys were drained long ago .

    • Abuse has always rested in the seat of religious power. As our entire governmental system is held together by belief & obeisance it’s essentially religious. Whenever there’s a hitch the ruling mob of the day are always going to point the finger in the opposite direction.

      • Berry, while I mostly agree that belief and obeisance are a main part of our governmental relationship, I can tell you for sure of two groups of people who acted in different way: the citizens of Virginia (mostly farmers) and the Moms and Pops of New Hampshire.
        They wouldn’t even be able to ken what you are saying about “obeisance” to government — thay expected (rightly of course) that government is obeisant to us.
        The culture of the day suppoted that (circa 1800). The good old parchment ruled supreme and the parchment was the people.

        Today I know of only a handful of Aussies who think like that, and they are only in Qld and WA. One is yourself, of course.

  6. Seems to me that war-related rape has also been integral to the World System since the year 0. Anyone know of an in-depth treatise ?

    • Berry, I don’t think irt’s accurate to refer to a “world system” before the modern era. You can refer to a large empire such as the Roman, but “World System” seems to imply some coordination from the top. I feel sure there was no coordination.

      But today — and I don’t ask anyone to agree with me — I think there is ONE COORDINATED SYSTEM. I assume such “maverick” countries as North Korea and Iran are totally in the club with the other puppet rulers. (That is, they are not mevericks. Maybe Iceland and Malaysia were mavericks but got clobbered by IMF or whatever.)

      Russia too, despite words to the contrary. Trump too, despite words to the contrary. I hope I am wrong.

      As for rape-in-war, that is biologocal. Other species do it, too.

      • My understanding of systems, I’d be more inclined to believe there is a strata of power struggles… as the elites manage their domination. Surely it is just a sophisticated turf warfare among the banks, military, family structures. I cant’ believe the globe is a beehive (just yet) with one queen bee controlling the masses. I vote for the “Godfather” version — where there are alliances to keep their system in “balance”.

        • Dee, but in Dr Days’ predictions (which is the Rockefeller family), someone has to be able to control all aspects of life. Consider:

          Girls will stop playing with baby dolls (X has to be able to control all toy manufacturers)

          Buildings and bridges will be built to collapse (X has to know how to do this and make sure it happens)

          New diseases will pop up and be un-diagnosable (X has to run the medical journals and the pharma companies)

          … and so on thru many trades, professions, interest groups.

          Of course I agree with you that human nature is competitive. Rayelan Allen at Rumormillnews has argued for a faction against the Bushes when Senior was in office, circa 1989. She got the dirt from insiders. And Sherman Skolnick says there were attempts on Bill Clinton’s life that we didn’t hear about. But Poppy and Bill are both still walkin’ the earth.

          What about today? Can’t Trump use the Office of Prosecutor to get the pizza-eaters? Who is stopping im? The queen bee?

          I believe Russia was very strong, pre 1917. So (you can ask Jim and Gerry) the czar had to be taken out. Does that not smack of ONE COORDINATED RULER? – whose mother tongue is English?

          Mao Tse Dong was helped BEFORE the Long March by Owen Lattimore from John Hopkins Uni. Just your average scholar looking for some fieldwork?

          But today it looks like the Chinese do not need help. So, maybe they will win, but then it too will be a queen bee situation. Just my guess, hope I am wrong.

        • I’ve been convinced about the mafia model for a very long time and I’m not about to change.

          Bees, like all insects & animals operate on the basis of an internal program just as humans operate on the basis of an inbuilt power of choice

          • I can’t disagree that we have choice, Berry, but why is everybody following the same pattern? Thousands of doctors go along with Hep-B vax at birth, and virtually no MD speaks out. Thousands of lawyers go along with Bryant being in prison, and I am still waiting for one of them to speak out. Why can’t they?

            If your answer is “fear,” then where is the “choice”? Are they all enslaved by fear?

          • I don’t know if it’s possible, on this earth/in this body, to completely overcome fear.

            But the sort of choice your talking about is a type of imprisonment. Going along with the Hep B vax is a classic example of not owning up to your own feelings. There’s nothing more oppressive or debilitating than sub-conscious baggage.

  7. Off topic. This just in from The Guardian.com:

    “An Indonesian woman arrested for suspected involvement in the killing of the North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un’s half-brother in Malaysia was duped into thinking she was part of a comedy show prank, Indonesia’s national police chief has said, citing information received from Malaysian authorities.

    “Tito Karnavian told reporters in Indonesia’s Aceh province that Siti Aisyah, 25, was paid to be involved in pranks .

    “He said she and another woman performed stunts which involved convincing men to close their eyes and then spraying them with water.

    “ ‘Such an action was done three or four times and they were given a few dollars for it, and with the last target, Kim Jong-nam, allegedly there were dangerous materials in the sprayer,’ Karnavian said.”

  8. suggest that people listen to this discussion between Vinny Eastwood and Douglas Dietrich which is in the same vien as the Kate Griggs Story.

    “US Military Pedophile Rings Pulling Presidents Strings, Douglas Dietrich, Hacking The Globe, Susanne Posel”

    Douglas Dietrich provides a detailed description how the US military takes young children, male and female from an orphanage and turns that child into super soldiers, or super victims as Douglas Dietrich describes them.

    In short, very short, they take the child out of an orphanage. When the child is ready they take the child to an animal refuge, let the child choose and take home a pet and let them bond with that cat or dog. Then under the threat of severe pain, the child kills the pet.

    They then put the child into another orphanage where they make friends and the same thing happens again to the friend and so on.

    When they are suitably ‘trained’ they are put into service, this time with politicians who are filmed and blackmailed.

    This is how the US military always gets its funding.

  9. I’m sorry, did everyone miss the Satanic undertones to all this?
    Sodomy compromises the soul; abuse of the sexual prerogative is among the worst offenses. Innocence is stolen and is psychologically deforms BOTH victim and assaulter. The assaulter is doing it ‘willingly’ but was most probably victimized in the same manner.

    The unfortunate a-prior i assumption is that since it isn’t understood, the occult has no efficacy. This is – at its root – a spiritual war with very real non-human players. Jesus & the apostles cast demons out left and right… while I believe the Holy Ghost protects possession from most, it seems that traumatized and ‘the willing’ most certainly be compromised.

    Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Beyonce have all said on tape that they sold their soul to the Devil. Beyonce professed that she ‘gets ability from something that comes into her’ – Sasha Fierce to be exact. Hollywood is known for their Satanic snuff/rape parties. Strange that most artist’s paths lead to Quincy Jones. Strange also, that celebs, politicians and others that have sold their soul don’t make it to old age – without constant contribution of souls.

    Once the soul is sold, the consensus is that constant sacrifice is required thereafter. What better sacrifice than children – full of life force? My interpretation of the ‘gay thing’ in all this is the female principle is under attack.

    Remember that Canaanites offered up their children. Baal temple priests and priestesses would have temple orgies and the illegitimate babies would be immediately offered up as burnt sacrifices. This situation has been festering since the days of Christ. This is still going on.

    This isn’t a Bible rant: Satanists are flaunting their allegiance to Satan/Lucifer – check the super bowl halftime shows since Janet Jackson. Your children listen, watch and absorb all this crap and NO PARENTS know or care enough to revolt…. This has got to be a good indicator to Deep State that the next phase is ready with a Godless-population complicit with rampant satanism, trans-humanism, and pedophilia.

    What is most sad is that the Devil’s disciples go to greater length – and more consistently – than libertarians, Jews or Christians. While we stuff our face with pizza in front of the TV – Satan’s children are constantly working for their end goals.

    We deserve all of this, but its not too late to reclaim the world – people just have to care again.

    • I can’t speak for others, but my guess is care is the basic reason why this site exists and the reason why we read the posts/articles. And I also guess that people in general care a lot more than it would appear. Mainstream media does a good job of keeping truth away from their readers/watchers. It seems most or many have chosen to put their trust in the wrong people and organizations. But I don’t doubt that they care.

      It’s frustrating right now, but I believe most will come around.

  10. This is Kay Griggs and I am still very much alive. I have lately become interested in what is going on in the Marine Corps regarding officers and others who have had a web page with photos of female marines and typical misogynistic comments. My relative ( General USMC Chesty Puller, now deceased ) was an example of a real Marine…a gentleman…from Virginia. Men like General USMC Smedley Butler and General USMC Lejeune were honorable, truthful and courageous men…old school. General Miller the current Commandant knew about all those raped and abused female Marines who had been trashed on line. It wasn’t until a brave journalist brought the story out that now hopefully some of these cowardly so-called “men” are removed.

    • Hello Kay,
      WOW … it’s way more than awesome to know you are ok.
      Thank-you so much for doing the long informative interview with Pastor Rick Strawcutter. I watched every minute of it and greatly appreciate your honesty and bravery.
      Have you done any interviews lately that we can watch/hear?
      Would you consider doing one with an Australian? (not me)
      Love and Blessings from Kaz downunder xx

      • Thank you for your comment and glad you got through it. I sat off and on over a weekend when I did the interview quite a few years ago. I haven’t done any interviews lately. Still live at the same wonderful place, have lots of friends and stay busy. God is good.

    • Hello Kay,
      I came upon your videos by chance. Everything you spoke about. I went through My ex husband was in the Army SF. I experienced the abuse, and was questioned by High ranking officials, the tried to convince me that he didn’t abuse me. I could go on with the crazy situations that happened to him and I. I thank you for speaking out. I thought I was alone. I knew there were things going and you confirmed them to me. Stay safe in Christ Jesus – Yvonne

      • Douglas,

        Thank you so much. Just saw your reply while on the internet today. I am still here in Virginia.

        I spent a lot of time years back in Scotland while working on a research paper on the Reformation, before marrying George Griggs. I love Scotland and other places in Britain, especially the Cotswolds. Your countryside is lovely. Hope to cross the pond again in the spring.

        God Bless.

        Kay Pollard ( Griggs )

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  12. Hi Kay, I’m from Lancashire, England and stumbled across your brave interview on YouTube recently. I’m so pleased to hear that you’re still well and apparently enjoying life in Virginia. I hope the intimidation you suffered at the hands of the military has long passed and you’re now being allowed to live in peace? If more people, like you, the good and the brave, are prepared to stand up and be counted, one day the truth will prevail and the world will be a better place, God bless you!

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