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Remember This Guy? He Didn’t Do It.



“Moot Court Trial for Martin Bryant”

Adelaide Fringe – free, no need to book!

 Burnside Library, March 15 at 3pm

by Mary W Maxwell, LLB

Gumshoe readers know that this website has an ongoing interest in Port Arthur. This is partly because of the WA aviatrix Cherri Bonney, the WA Return-to-Sender guy Mal Hughes, and the “I know who came over on the ferry” stickybeak Kevin Woodman. Hey, he’s from WA too, is there something going on over there?

This short article is to tell you about Fringe developments. 

I am pleading for actors for my Fringe show, which will take place on the very Ides o’ March. To take part, you actually have to be in Adelaide in the flesh —  unless you are some kind of genius at Skyping.

I need someone to play Martin Bryant — at age 29; the play is set in December 1996 when a Moot Court trial is held. We also need 3 lawyers. There are plenty of small parts, too, for amateurs who want to get their feet wet.

I am an amateur and I have now got my feet wet at four Fringes. Two with the help of a professional (Her Bossness) and twice alone. It is totally unscary. So far we haven’t had the slightest backlash.  The venue is a library in a leafy suburb. Easy peasy.

The two authors of the book Port Arthur: Enough Is Enough – that would be Maxwell and McLachlan – are enjoying unqualified respectability at the moment. That is because our book is on the shelf at State Library of Tassie in Hobart and also in the National Library of Australia in Canberra.

Moreover, “bright and early next morning” — I mean February 23, 2017, the Adelaide Advertiser will carry an ad (a teeny ad for $410) for the show “Moot Court Trial for Martin Bryant – NO LESS. And the text of the ad contains the term “False flag” which Dee has said the MSM will never print. Har Har. Hi Rupe, har har.

So please talk to your kinfolk about making a debut in what will someday be a famous play. They can click on the green book in the second column of GumshoeNews.com to see the dirt we’ve collected for our case.

I can still adjust the script to suit the personality who shows up wanting to be Martin.

It would be nice if I could get this rap artist.  Start the tape at 1.30:







  1. Well, may I commend Mike Willlisse to play the role of Martin Bryant, with an appropriate wig and Avery to be one of the lawyers. The other two lawyers are as the ex lawyers for Mr Bryant.
    Could be a great show.

      • Wait a minute. I meant “maybe Mick could play Rick.”
        I mean Mick DID play Rick, right?

        That doesn’t come into the show, though. This show uses only what is on file and I don’t think a certain person has ever been heard from in connection with the case.

        Wondrous and yet more wondrous.

          But there it is, on Page 17 of today’s ‘Tiser. Are u listening, Dee?

          Moot Court Trial for Martin Bryant
          — A FALSE FLAG?

          March 15, at 3pm, Burnsdie Library

    • Just think, Mal, in Shakespeare’s time people walked down the street talking in iambic pentameter.

      Maybe the Greely cohort can think and talk in rap, effortlessly.

      I agree with you that it is a good summary — and Greely’s body language and facial expressions are totally appropos.

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