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The Day Israel Attacked… America (USS Liberty)



A note to Jon Faine (ABC 774 host):

When a former prime minister, the late Malcolm Fraser, informed you of the facts (on your radio show) regarding the attack on the USS Liberty by Israel in 1967 — you did not believe him.

Now with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (above R) visiting Australia, maybe it is a good time to interview Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull (above L) about the Israeli Air Force’s unprovoked attack on the ship.

During the height of the Arab-Israeli Six-Day War, Israeli jet fighters hit the vessel with rockets, cannon fire and napalm. Israeli torpedo boats moved in to launch a second attack. Thirty-four US servicemen and civilian analysts were killed, with 171 wounded.

Gumshoe directs you to this documentary by Richard Belfield.




  1. No way will the ABC, Faine, the shock jokes, the msm and the sucked in pollies will even watch the video exposing the truth about the murdering Israelis, attacking a defenceless USS communication ship in international waters and clearly intending to murder the whole crew of about 250 innocent US sailors.
    I hope Our Turnbull has counted the fingers on his right hand over the last few days.
    Friends indeed!
    Israel jammed the ship’s communications and wanted Egypt to be blamed so that the US would sacrifice soldiers for Israel and kill Egyptians.
    We have fake msm and fake politicians.
    So Mr Faine and tbe ABC when will the deceit and murderous cover up be admitted? No guts?

  2. Actually, Ned has struck on a real sensitive issue here with his suggestion to “SELL” the ABC, given the privatization of all publicly owned assets by our Government over the last twenty years, the question does arise, “Why hasn’t the ABC been privatized ? ”
    After all, it’s an excellent medium to syphon off taxpayer’s money, but then the down side would be the Government loses control of what the ABC releases to the public, and we cant have that now can we ? Even now, allegedly Free from Interference by Government (NOT) their management still responds to pressure by their masters in Canberra, who after all, do cough up the funds to keep them running, and provide lucrative salaries to the E.C.O.’s provided they continue to do their bidding.

    • Eddy, “their masters in Canberra”? I think the bigger media people kowtow to Mother England. Just my guess: neither US nor Israel is the Top Coordinator.

      We Aussies should be ashamed of not protecting this beautiful country — and each other.

      We have an enemy within, there is no question about that. I hate them. They are Puke City.

        • Ned, I believe the bankers of London came from Amsterdam (along with William of Orange and his wife Mary who was the daughter of James II). I personally surmise that they produced the great fire of London in 1666 and the bubonic plague of 1667 to help smooth their entry.

          Francisco Lopes Suasso, a Jewish banker [all bankers were Jewish, usury being forbidden by the Church], supplied William with the means for invading England. This 1688 event is known to schoolchildren as “The glorious revolution.” Just a century before the Botany Bay landing, from which you descended, Ned.

          Reading the April 15, 2015 edition of Haaretz, I see:

          “Francisco Lopes Suasso was born around 1657. He was the oldest son of Antonio Lopes Suasso (1614–1685) and Violenta de Pinto. Both parents were descendants of Converso families that left Spain after the Inquisition and eventually made their way to the Netherlands, where they were able to resume living openly as Jews.”

          “Antonio’s bank provided financial support to the stadtholders, the effective rulers of each of the Dutch provinces under Spanish sovereignty. Francisco, upon the death of his father in 1685, inherited half of his estate, which was largely made up of shares of the Dutch East India Company

          “Francisco provided the future William III of Britain with a loan of two million guilders, an astronomical sum at the time. … William was of course victorious, and he did repay his banker. The chest in which he delivered the returned money is still on display at the Willet-Holthuisen Museum in Amsterdam.

          “Francisco’s assistance to the crown went further, with him taking responsibility for other elements of the invasion, including providing for the transport of Swedish and Pomeranian troops, sent by the king of Sweden to assist William in the operation

          “Other Dutch Jews similarly assisted William and hoped for his success, even holding a special service at the Portuguese Synagogue the day after he sailed. They not only expected his conquest to lead to an improvement of conditions for their Jewish brethren in England, but also, according to historian Jonathan Israel, expected it to be beneficial to their own ties with the Sephardi communities of the British colonies in the Caribbean, including Barbados and Jamaica.”

    • If ABC ‘management’ is compromised by government with funding threats etc. Then if the ABC board accedes then the management are just propaganda outlets, freak controller freaks and deceivers, Goebells’ style, as required.
      If it be the case, it is incumbent on the ABC board to report, publicise any government pressure, influence or dictates, implied or otherwise and disclose it.
      Otherwise, why have a ABC alleged ‘independent’ board?
      Then they have no justification to exist, fake becomes the Goebells’ form for the ABC at the taxpayer’s expense. We are paying our well earned money to be deceived.
      Faine on the Liberty and with Kevin Bracken on 911 questions is a classic example. [Ref: Faine-Bracken phone in on about 20.10.10 Anthony Lawson report/video]
      If the ABC is just being fake for history’s sake to cover for some short term; political convenience, diplomatic embarrassment, mass murders, pollies funding re-election challenges and to falsify historic events, then it and the management stands to be condemed as worthless and a lie in an examination of historic events.
      It is not a genuine recording of history. It is fake.
      Historians will laugh at our gullibility and judge us as fools for financing a fake ABC……… and SBS!
      I trust that poor ex lawyer, Faine realises that he is going down in history for what he really represents …….. BS!
      So to, the ABC management ………. BS!
      Sell the ABC and SBS to Murdock or rename it Pravda. (Sp?) You know, the old Communist Soviet BS rag.
      Then we can just go to trusted internet news sites for some reality in reporting…….. for free!
      So why borrow a billion a year and pay interest on it to feed a fake ABC and SBS, to userp and prostitute our truths, freedom and democracy with serial lies?

      • “If it be the case, it is incumbent on the ABC board to report, publicise any government pressure, influence or dictates, implied or otherwise and disclose it.”

        Ned, I add: incumbent not only on “the board” but on every Tom, Dick, and Harry.

        Come on, Tom, Dick, and Harry. Stand up and do the right thing. Will it hurt? Probably. But not doing it is also going to hurt.

          • Come on, Faine, ol’ nemesis: Stand up and do the right thing. Will it hurt? Probably. But not doing it is also going to hurt.

            Your road to the future will be as rocky as anyone else’s and you are an utter fool if you think the PTB will look after you.

            They are missing that particular cluster of neurons in their nogs.

  3. I recall reading that the attacking units carried no identifying markings. If true this would make Israel as a Nation to be murderers under any possible legal interpretation.

  4. To those that might know….
    At what point, if it is obvious that we are being lied to, our taxes being used for illegal immoral wars, to murder hundreds of thousands of innocent men women and children, who were never a threat to anyone, does it become a conscientious citizens moral obligation to pick up a gun and shoot the evil doers in the head?

    Asking for a friend, thanks.

  5. See below from Haaretz. Now this from Wikipedia’s article on “Convention Parliament.”

    with apprehension about Canberra MPs, goat head and all:

    “Immediately following the Glorious Revolution, with King James II of England in flight and Prince William III of Orange nearing London, the Earl of Rochester summoned the Lords Temporal and Lords Spiritual to assemble, and they were joined by the privy councillors on 12 December 1688 to form a provisional government for England.

    “William refused the crown as de facto king and instead called another assembly of peers on 21 December 1688. On 23 December James fled to France. On 26 December the peers were joined by the surviving members of Charles II’s Oxford Parliament (from the previous reign), ignoring the MPs who were just elected to James’s Loyal Parliament of 1685.”

    We American kids never learned British history. Eeks! Help!

  6. One of the many interesting things about the attack on the US Liberty was that then President Johnson was an active part of the cover up. Even then, the US administration was unwilling to acknowledge the true nature of the Israeli State. If they had acknowledged the truth, then it would have been impossible for the US to ignore the occupation and theft of Palestinian land that directly following the 6 day war. An occupation and continuing theft that continues to this day.
    The State broadcasters SBS and ABC continue their part in the denial of what is happening in Palestine. They persist in trying to maintain the action of the “two-state” solution when that has not been possible for many decades and is in any case belied by the actions of the Israeli government.
    What is equally sickening is that the Australian government is even worse than the US in its sycophancy toward Israel. Just look at their reaction to the UN Security Council which passed the resolution condemning the confiscation of Palestinian land as contrary to international law. Turnbull said that if Australia was still on the SC we would have voted against it! Even the Americans abstained.
    Ned, in the old Soviet Union there were two main news outlets, Pravda (which means Truth) and Izvestia (which means news). There was an old joke in Soviet days: that there was no Izvestia in Pravda and no Pravda in Izvestia.
    Nowadays there is more diversity of opinion in the Russian media than is true of either the US or Australia. You won’t read that in the Oz media either.

      • I qualify; Hawke, Carr, et al. have apparently and publicly awakened.
        Poor msm and shock jokes, they are still in official government 911 fairy land,
        Look up; ‘911 the five dancing Israelis’.

        • Right!
          Shock jokes: silly me, advertising revenue from those of the agenda. Money is the answer!
          Someone should research what the CIA pays USA msms and the black House even provides the scripts for the prostituted ‘propaganda news’ reports.
          Plus a few ‘has been’ generals to appear, deceive and lie to promote WAR. They have bred like rabbits to justify destroying Iraq and the other countries listed by General Wesley Clarke in his interview with Amy Goodman in March 2007.
          Poor ABC, poor Jonathon Faine, (poor Paul Barry, silly Johnie and sucked in shock jokes) they do not know about the pre-911 plan to go invade, kill and thieve. Seven countries in five years!
          After 16 years of killing and destruction, we only have two to go: Syria and Iran! Well Malcolm and Julie, you go for it for Israel, but you do it there and keep our military home and safe from Canberra.
          Silly Trump! He has a twitter account and evades the msm bs.
          Bugger! Says the msm: ^The people now have contact with the organ grinder and we msm anti human lying warmonger killer monkeys are going to starve’.

        • Sorry, could not resist.
          Poor Malcolm, he is the maypole “h’ost whilst the “five dancing israelis’; celebrate and dance, whilst persons are being murdered and wrap him up with their ribbons.
          Colourful, but sad for Australia. Sad for humanity.

        • If you recall, Carr was pilloried and attacked by Tokyo Roses like Andrew Bolt over his diary/book. The attacks were personal and straight from the Zion playbook in style. Reason: he exposed what could be a form of treason by Dreyfus and (of course) Danby who as members of the then Government of Australia advocated for the interests of Israel in foreign policy, against the advice of the Minister for Foreign Affairs (Carr). Bolt is a political/journalistic show-boater and long-time friend of Danby (they always cultivate “friends” among the non-Chosen who may prove useful to the cause).

  7. I knew that this interview was somewhere in the GS files. Most gracious thankyou, for GS to log it here.
    Well, the Australian fraudulent Commission, (our ABC) when are you going to place all this material to those who pay ‘our’ money for your deceit.
    Paul Barry of ABC media watch and staff, what is your explanation for sucking in our money?
    Prime Minister Turnbull; are you and your government going to continue sucking up to killers, thieves, warmongers and hypocrites?
    Have you counted your fingers on the right hand, whilst the msm donates a whole arm to support Israel’s (and the USA) lies and lie to the Australian public regarding the USS Liberty murders?
    Mr. Turnbull, why do you not expose killers? You were a lawyer, it is sad, on what basis was that?
    At least the Catholic bishops have the guts to accept truth. Miserable disgusting paedophiles are way above the social order of those who, cover for murdering their own people, actually go to war, support killers, traitors and pretend to be socially acceptable, (to the uninformed and deceived) whilst killing millions just for the banker’ s agendas.
    Mr. TURNBULL, do you STILL ( even though building 7 was brought to your notice in late 2004 and 2007) endorse the official unscientific government 911 conspiracy theory, in light of one of your INFORMED predecessor’s statement that some governments murder their own people ….. when convenient?
    The Australian Broadcasting management and staff: why do you exist at taxpayer’s expense?
    Jonathon Faine is proof that you lot represent; phoney, false and fake.
    Sell the ABC, it is a old black deep backyard dunny hole full of ……. !

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