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Prove To Us That You Are NOT “Fake News”



by Dee McLachlan

For several years now Gumshoe News has been trying to get a response from the mainstream media (MSM) on anything to do with 9-11. But Australia’s MSM just plainly refuses to discuss any of the facts surrounding September 11 — especially on subjects like the (part free fall) collapse of Building 7.

When confronted with the topic, radio hosts like ABC’s Jon Faine will denigrate anyone questioning the official story. And ABC’s popular scientist, Dr Karl, just shies away from the science of the three collapsed buildings.

Politicians too, refuse to negotiate this terrain. They would rather side with the fantastical official story, than question it.

And as a consequence, the media and our politicians in Canberra are collaborating and colluding with criminal dark forces that are suppressing one of the largest and most complex false flags in human history.

The outcome: Millions dead in the Middle East in revenge for 19 Arabs.

The Enemy — Nineteen Arabs or The Media

Maybe it was Osama bin Laden and nineteen Arabs that orchestrated the attack on New York that day — but when you break down what happened, and how those buildings EXPLODED outwards, one has to interrogate alternative propositions.

Buildings do not just EXPLODE when there is “structural failure.”

714-northtowerfalls unshoppedThe North Tower can be seen clearly exploding 220 feet OUTWARDS on all sides of the building.

Maybe it was Osama bin Laden and nineteen Arabs that orchestrated the attack on New York that day — but when you break down what happened, and how those buildings EXPLODED, one has to examine alternative propositions.

Buildings do not just EXPLODE when there is “structural failure.”

There is a terrible consequence if one investigates the facts.

IF — if the MSM outlets had open and honest reporting on the collapse of Building 7, they would ask: Who planted the explosives? Which part of government was instrumental in the operation? Who orchestrated a stand down? Etc etc.

Our entire system of governance would have to be questioned. The world as society now knows it, would be turned upside down.

And the MSM would be declared FAKE — and complicit in egregious crimes. When will this happen?

New York Times Be Damned

It seems Donald Trump is doing some swamp draining — and has “banned” several news organisations from press briefings. The BBC reports:

“The White House has barred several major broadcasters and newspapers from attending an informal press briefing.

“The BBC, CNN, the New York Times and others were excluded from an audience with Press Secretary Sean Spicer, with no reason given.”

Trump should add the ABC, and Channel 7, 9 and 10. They are all guilty of bias reporting and presenting Fake evidence over 9-11.

The exposure and acceptance of one event — e.g. Building 7 — would mean that governments across the Western World would need to be questioned. Media would have to say why they kept covering it up.

Politicians, “intelligence” staff, and media editors should be tried in courts, and potentially locked away.

Forget the Greens

One of our readers cc’d me into an email he sent to the Greens. It was a reply to an email received from Greens Senator Lee Rhiannon — requesting the recipient to add their name to a “renters’ rights petition.” The Senator wrote: “Our rental system is out of control. We need a national standard that protects renters.”

The recipient replied:


Give us a break, you and your green lot are fake. We briefed you on Building 7 in NSW Parliament House years ago and I have updated you consistently for years… Millions have been killed as a result, and you and your fake left wing greens kept silent.”

He is referring to a briefing at the Legislative Council in the NSW Parliament — when Senator Rhiannon was briefed by Dr David Leifer on the (impossible) collapse of Building 7.

Gumshoe reader, Brae Antcliffe, has twice informed Malcolm Turnbull in the past of the collapse of Building 7, and recently wrote to Ms. Kate Ellis. MP.

“It is most disturbing that there appear to be so many representatives in our Australian and state parliaments, including you, who appear unable to comprehend a scientific examination of physical facts. Of course such deficiencies appear amongst the mass media people as a matter of course. Perhaps you might ask your close friend as to why that is so, and why they are so ‘fake’ and covering for mass murderers.” [Letter here]

Barrister Antcliffe has not has a reply from Minister Ellis.

Prove To Us You Are NOT Fake

It would be so easy for the ABC and the other mainstream media channels to prove they are not fake news.

The 7.30 Project (Ch 10) could have Bobby McIlvaine on their program, and he could describe how his son was murdered in the foyer of the North Tower.

The ABC could broadcast the Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth’s latest documentary.

Channel 7 and 9 could interview numerous experts on how the buildings exploded — and how Building 7 “collapsed.”

Jon Faine could interview Richard Gage, David Ray Griffin, Niels Harrit, or Matt Campbell. Matt’s brother was killed in one of the Towers. Mr Faine will not dare to even have me on his show to discuss 9-11. He cut me short when I called in the other day.


And our politicians remain silent — fearing that questioning 9-11 will be like drinking from the poisoned chalice.

By not facing the truth – which is really the truth about who governs us — the fake media and the fake government are poisoning society.




  1. You are a bit of a broken record on this subject, Dee, and that is exactly what we need.

    Don’t let up. Say it again and again.

    Burning the New York Times in the rubbish bin? Great.

    And 9-11 is not the only thing the media have constantly lied about. I spent years researching the hidden cancer cures. Why can’t The Paper of Record reveal these? Why can’t ABC’s Dr Karl come out wih the plain facts.

    Hasn’t some member of Dr Karl’s family ever died of cancer?


    • Dee, I honestly think you should publish a warning at the top of your article: “Readers prone to high blood-pressure should only read two paragraphs, then rest for an hour, then another two paragraphs, rest, and so forth.”

      This stuff is infuriating.

      Does anyone recall Poppy Bush saying ‘If they knew what we were doiing, they would lynch us”?

      We still don’t know what they were doing. Or what they ARE doing. Should we just wait around to find out?

  2. Would love to hear the pillow talk between a member of the Auustralian parliament representing the people of Australia and a past editor (and present) of the News Murdocracy representing fake on how to deal with exposure of serial fake since 911 and how to explain kiling Iraqis just to be a puppet mate of the coalition of the killers.
    [Ref: today’s smh front page report: Secret Iraq Dossier, Inside Australia’s flawed War’.
    Hey Johnnie and co with the fake msm, tell the victims of the deceased and their destroyed families that they are the victims of being ‘Flawed’.
    No they are the victims of fake, fake exuses like the fake official 911 nutters unscientific conspiracy theory.
    Hey msm, forget who you have assisted in killing and drink up at your usual fake Walkley awards.
    Why not get little Johnie to be invited to hand out your 30 pieces of silver, you fakes have earned it.

    • Further, seems that our present little serial killer and home invaders ……?……. want to compete and keep up with the Howard Government fakes by continuing the last 14 years of killing with, as one military person observed recently, for another ten years.
      Why do we elect criminal psyochpaths? The answer rests with those who run the fake msm, their toady employees…….. and their banker mates who profit by financing killing and misery to create debt to earn interest and keep societies divided with hate and the communities subject to perenial debt. (Serfdom!, suckers!, Go watch inane televiision produced to keep you stupid)

      • Ned — we await the Fake Abc to report on Media Watch — that they are Fake. We await for their “awakening” — but gues we’ll be waiting a long time.

  3. Dee , great report as per usual .
    Mary , if the good doctor questioned the official spill he would probably lose his job .Full time jobs are a special privledge these days .
    Both you ladies always do interesting articles , keep on the good work and thank you .

    • Thanks for the lead, Eddy. I notice that in the Comments to Vltchek’s article, someone complains that “dumbed-down Australia” did not mark the 800th anniversary of Magna Carta.

      Not true. GumshoeNews.com produced a 5-part series on the subject. Maybe you or another reader would go tell them that.

    • Mal, although “there would be nothing wrong with that,” the lyncher will surely be arrested and jailed.

      Once in court, if there are any courts left, he /she can use as a “defence in court” that he/she was acting in self-defense or in defense of another.

      If there is a shoot to kill policy it will not get that far.

      During my preparation for the Inquest book, I vaguely heard about the following — but did not include it in the book. Namely, that certain issues could not be discussed because then people would find out that there is a shoot-to-kill policy.

      So now I am going to hop over and read the item suggested by Eddy below.

      • OK, here is a quote from “Eddy’s” article. (Actually the author is Andre Vltchek.):

        “Great Britain” should be howling from shame, because of the nihilism it has been spreading, while ruining enthusiasm, beautiful dreams and hopes of our human kind.
        It should stop and weep in horror, picturing instructions it provided to countries like South Africa, the United States or Rwanda – instructions that brought terrible bloodbaths, instead of harmony and progress to our world.
        Why all this terror? Just so the UK and its cohorts could continue to rule! It is not about greed only, or natural resources, it is about control.
        I don’t want their analyses, anymore. I don’t want their news, their films, their books, and their propaganda materials. Even in the dark solitude of some cave, one could understand the world much better than when reading their disinformation sheets, or when watching their indoctrination channels. All this is just designed to confuse people, to make them passive and submissive.
        Their announcers as well as their writers are like some sad lobotomized robots: there is no life, nothing new, nothing daring or revolutionary in their words.”

  4. Great post, I just forwarded it to ‘Radical Radio’ 3CR 855am, who like the rest of the pseudo/left, turn away after attempting to ridicule sceptics.

  5. Apparently now living in a Godless age? do we now need a replacement for this emptiness within? Dr Karl, Brian Cox, Hawkins and other media science stars could be the replacement we now need? whether by default or becoming in a parallel parodox a educational phenomena, now academic training requiring a complete and exhausting dedication and simultaneous a radical condition of the mind becoming politicized as a deviant agency in becoming a pop star status to create a filling of the void of those who no longer being satisfied with consumption of material goods and for those who have a appetite for someting more intelectual.
    For all of our scientist’s greatness in achievements such as Moon landings, Mars and so on, their severely limited ability and handicap in almost having no impact on our serious world problems such as the Middle East turmoil, noted in the main the innocent being slaughtered daily and may even contribute to at least in a scientific way the engineering of weapons of destruction.

  6. Well, if Dee is going to keep shoving Building 7 up everyone’s nose I may as well shove Martin Bryant up everyone’s nose. Here again is a snippet from his police interview of July 4, 1996:

    Q. Can you remember when the Martins, that Mr and Mrs Martin, ahh, bought Seascape? What did you think about it?

    A. Ohh I though it was great, having a host farm. … Worked
    hard all their lives, renovating, took them years to build
    it, renovate it and to start it all up and it’s just so sad to
    see, apparently it’s burnt down, it’s so sad to see it burnt down.

    Q. So you know Seascape’s burnt down?

    A. Yeah. Been informed.

    Q. Who told you that?

    A. A doctor, and security guards.

    Q. Do you think that you’re not shutting something out of
    your mind and not being completely honest with us here Martin?

    A. I’m honest.

    Q. If I just remind you … that and understand that you
    don’t have to say anything if you don’t want to.

    A. No that’s fine.

    • It really isn’t correct to call it his interview from 4 July 1996. We know the interview is a cut-and-paste job from interviews that went on for DAYS if not WEEKS.

      Even Bryant was sad to see it all end – “I’ll miss ya”

  7. Dee, thanks for another reminder of how important this subject is. There is a reason why the msm won’t tell the truth about 9/11. If you look at the cross ownership and cross directorships of the major companies in the military-industrial-intelligence complex, there is a close relationship with the major media organisations. Six companies now control the major media, down from 50+ in the Reagan era. The inference is clear that they have a strong profit motive to push the official line as that official line has led to the immensely profitable (to US companies) of the so-called global war on terror.
    As we see from the revelations in the Fairfax Media’s report on the Iraq War yesterday, governments are prepared to lie for purely political reasons, and maintain that lie in the face of all the evidence.
    I would argue that the rot really began with the assassination of John Kennedy, engineered by the forces who opposed his changed policies, as brilliantly set out in James Douglass’ seminal work, JFK and the Unspeakable.
    The same media that lied about 9/11 and Iraq also lead the charge on the great lie about JFK.
    One of the problems with being a great liar is that one cannot reverse direction without exposing all the BS that preceded it. Faine and all the others are trapped in a fictional past. To tell the truth would expose what really goes on in the world, including their role in it, and that must never be allowed to happen.

  8. This topic has been headline news at GS for some time.
    Dr. Karl has been exposed, the msm shock joke brigade are under challenge, George of 2UE Sydney today followed the modus of steve Liebman inferring, without name, that Kevin Bracken was a goose for questioning fake Faine on building 7, poor George (who I otherwise respect) referred to the original muslim attack in 1993 on the wtc carpark but strangely did not disclose that a informant within the terrorists was fbi, who provided a real bomb for the killing, Kate Ellis MP (and pillow friend Penberthy) has been informed, senator Derryn Hinch has been informed, Senator Rhiannon has been briefed years back on building 7, Dumbull, has been informed, Bishop has been informed, all the editors of the smh/c (crap) , the anti-australian murdock mob, the Barry person and the ABC and staff, have been informed, Joyce has been informed, Sinodinos and his crew have been informed, the Fake greens have been informed, Richard Ackland of Justinian news has been informed, Crikey has been informed a decade ago and still offers subscriptions at cost for crap, 7.30 report and dateline have been informed, give me a break they all have been informed and many more.
    So much fake and bs promoted by so many who are too dumb to recognise their certain extiction.
    Some would explain it as natural selection. Losers, liars and fakes are eventually overcome by superior ‘survivoralists’.
    The evidence in support is demonstrated here at gumshoe, the lying bs species under threat of extinction do not have the necessay dna to survive and even contest matters exposed here at gumshoe. Not a word from them has been received to question their fake supposed reality.
    Well, guess why, they have no case other than sprouting derision.
    Faine, Dr. kay, Kate Ellis MP. Dumbull and co, and the rest; do you not have the dna to stand up and contest the challenge of reality?
    Your dna deficiency will be sadly passed on to your children. It is in your dna deficiencies…… no recognition of reality which must result in the planned future of servility for your children in a fascist fantisy land.

    • Ned, I am not thinking amnesty for these persons. But just mentioning an odd “precedent.” After the civil war in the US, better known as the War Between the States, all the traitors – i.e., secessionists — were given a mass pardon by President Andrew Johnson.

      While one can say that it is emotionally soothing to go the forgiveness route (I do believe neuroscientists say that nowadays), the reason in 1864 was more likely that if the “traitors” were not pardoned it would have to be proved that they had in fact betrayed the US by seceding.

      To my mind, seceding is OK. It has never been tested. There is nothing in the Constitution to prevent it. And I approve of the confederate flag and do not deem it racist.

      The pardon began: “Whereas the President of the United States has heretofore set forth several proclamations offering amnesty and pardon to persons who had been or were concerned in the late rebellion against the lawful authority of the Government of the United States…”

      Ned, can you think of the wording to pardon the many media peeps you have listed? I mean if it ever came to that.

      • Pardon!
        To do so implies a concluded subjective judgement.
        I recall way back that one should not judge, lest one be judged.
        Not my call.
        Exposing; the murderous, thieving, child killers, lying hypocrites and their abettors as the criminal arseholes that they are is another matter.

    • As Carl Sagan famously said:

      “EXTINCTION is the rule
      SURVIVAL is the exception”

      I am so shocked that whole organisations (like the political class, the tax paid ABC etc) do NOT have a single person that is prepared to stand on two feet and ask a SINGLE CHALLENGING QUESTION. “How was building 7 actually brought down?” NOT ONE.

      The lot of them are gutless.

      The pen might be mightier than the sword — but FEAR seems to be the mightiest of all.

      • We elect the gutless and finance the gutless via msm support of their advertisers.
        One may only conclude that our society, on the whole, is gutless.

    • If 10% are psycophatic , that means they have all the privlidged respected jobs , therefore they are different to the rest of humanity who are suffering .
      Their blatant exploitation has become visible for all to see . Still they have the big guns .
      The greatest said that its the sin and not the sinner . Therefore they are like the emperor with no clothes , blind within their own captivations . They think we , the 90% , can’t see them but they are fully exposed , by their own technology of evilution .

  9. Truth Is Where Our Healing Lies | Part 5: Peter Michael Ketcham Makes First Public Appearance

    Could Jon Faine interview this man?

    • Ta, Fair. Being a bit lazy I started the tape at 8.30 minutes. I think I got the main point there.

      He says “Honesty sooner is better than regret later…. NIST should blow the whistle on itself now while there is still time…”

      “Truth is the hot and soapy water with which we wash out the wounds of 9-11.”

      He sounds like Ursula Haverbeck on the role of truth….. YAY!

      • Ahem. At 11.35 minutes we see “Maria” who saw the israeli’s dancing on the van.
        Hate me if you want but I say that whole thing was set up as a distraction. Not authentico.

        (The fact that Bernard Kerik supported it is almost enuf for me to reject it.)

        • The appearnce of two of the dancers on a tv interview show on Israeli tv was a set up as well?
          I heard them, they said that they were there to ‘document the event’. Right, not only document, but celebrate someone murdering about 3,000 innocents in an hour or so of fear and misery for the victms, the firefighters, and the families watching.
          The unescapable inference is that they had foreknowedge of ‘the event’ but did not declare if they warned anyone, say, by ringing 9 1 1.
          BTW, look up the Odigo message bank warnings.

          • On that same tape at 14.05 we see the man who caught them on the bridge.

            Hey Nedski, what about Fake News? You think it was invented in 2016? What about Jeff Bauman in 2013?

            Think about it. They have “foreknowledge” of 9-11 and they are supposed to make a film. So they dance on top of a van in front of an apartment building during a tragedy? Something wrong there.

            On this same tape you also see a young Bernard Kerik of FEMA talking about it. But FEMA is Tavistock. Yes it is.

            If the point of this is to say the Israelis did 9-11, I want an arrest. I don’t want to be mocked by seeing the 5 dancers interviewed on Israeli TV. It’s a fox-henhouse type thing.

            Give me liberty or give me a Toblerone.

          • Dear oh dear, there is so much that I have forgotten Mary about these dancing chaps.
            Search the arrest of these characters, what was found what they claimed and who they worked for.
            Sorry Mary, I have spent 14 years examining 911, not much is going to get past me.
            For another tit bit, search who was found later with explosives trying to get into the Mexican parliament. Just cousins I suppose?
            Then there were the arrests of those with explosives in a van that threatened some bridge or tunnel in NY that day.
            Oh, do not overlook the anthrax attacks killing a couple who opposed the patriot act, drafted before 911.
            Also look up how many directors/officers (5?) of Rayethon who unfortunately took three different flights on 911…… and all died in one of three separate aircrafts allegedly hijacked. What are the odds of that? What did they know and have to be dispensed with?
            Then there is Ms Olsen and her phanton phone call to hubby, the solicitor general that did not happen. Look up the underpants Mouseau (sp) trial transcript. Oh, where did we get the first report (and only?) of box cutters? From Ms Olsen of course in a phone call that did not happen……..per the fbi!
            Sorry, I do not have all day to explain more to; false fake phoney Faine, the ABC and the extinct msm…… nor to ‘Mr Snigger’, Malcolm Turnbull and the rest of our Canberra swamp toads.
            After all, what are they (including the ABC) paid for by we, the taxpayers. Can anyone imagine?
            Try: to do their fn jobs, not get our boys killed on lies spruiked by John Winston Howard et al.

          • Mary,
            you say you do not want to be mocked by a couple of 911 dancing Israelis; appearing on Israeli tv.
            I cannot assist, take up any complaint about being mocked, with the Israeli tv station and those who were interviewed.

          • Their behaviour only makes sense (as a non-false-flag) if you consider them in the light of having completed their part in a huge, secretive operation, and being young and dumb couldn’t contain their glee and desire to watch the action. Their actions fit with that way of looking at things. As an intentional distraction it is really only a footnote in the knowledge-base of the public-at-large and I don’t know many people outside of communities like ourselves who even noticed it. Mary, if you want an arrest of Mossad operatives? Well enjoy the Toblerone.

    • Fat chance, he would not event admit to listening to this as he has a real problem at the 6 minute mark, as does the ABC and other msm aiders and abettors, protecting mass murderers.
      The msm has permanently sidelined itself, it has lost all credibility and is not to be trusted, they are scientificaly proven as being lying fakes. The msm has not the guts to concede. The msm presstitutes support more killing and home invasions in the Middle East.
      Sell the lying fraudulent ABC so we are rid of the likes of fake Faine, Barry, and the rest.

  10. And now for the good news…..
    Satanists worldwide are getting together to cast a spell on President Trump according to the Washington Post.
    This means that he is not part of the NWO globalist cabal and moreover he has not been bribed, blackmailed or compromised in any way by the dark side.

  11. I’m answering Ned re below — we ran out of room.

    Ned, I’m OK with the anthrax, the non-Olson call, and the Moussaoui trial. (He is not, strictly speaking, the underpants man – he was the 20th bomber who got stood up. God it’s so long since I ever got stood up.)

    Wow, Ned, I just went to Google to check spelling of Moussaoui and what did I find: the Pilots for Truth website where a commenter says:

    “Guys – I am at a loss to understand why the fact that Barbara Olson did not call Ted Olson has not made front page news everywhere.”

    Dear Pilot: let me explain. One does not say things about the US Solicitor General. By the way, when I recently flew Jetstar between Tassie and the mainland an announcement came over the loud speaker “This is your captain speaking” — and it was a chick!
    But it was too late for me to hop off.

    Anyway, Ned, on Judgment Day we will find out if the dancing-on-van crowd was “disinformational.”

    • Keep boxing and put up your mits Mary, but sorry you are losing on points. Now why? You appear to have much time to expend,
      Look up Francesco Corregia (sp.?) former President of Italy who exposed the NATO ‘operation Gladio’ mass murders in Italy in the 70’s. Recall the Blologna murder of abou 80 innocent travellers at the station?
      Francesco was reported befor his death, paraphasing; ‘ the day after 911 all the intelligence agencies of the world knew it was a CIA-MOSSAD job.
      Excepting of course, apparently, our alleged intelligence mob who did not inform our poor Johnie and we the taxpayers invoiced for the warmonger’s bill, that his planned killing spree in the ME, supported by our msm killer supporters was all based on fake…?…. and here we are 16 years later with the msm and the shock jokes, still attempting to feed us with BS for another decade of killing and refugees.

    • They were only there to “document” the surprise attack as they thoughtfully told us. So clever these Chosen ones. Much higher IQ so I’m told than the rest of us. Able to predict the future too.

      • My IQ is high enough to think the dancers are a Peekay-type off-the-mark distraction. (But I have to say Peekay gets many things right.)
        Paul, I thought you would react to my Eureka moment over the Earl of Rochester. Ol’ Mare has become more willing to trace our troubles to the Glorious Revolution of 1688.

        However, when Correigia says (per Ned above) that 9-11 was “CIA-Mossad” he still is not telling us that a nation (Israel) or a religion (Jewry) did 9-11. Re the CIA, he isn’t even telling us that the US did 9-11. I claim “THEY” did 9-11. “They” are not ethnic. Bibi and Tunbull, for example, do not have recent mutual ancestors.

        The brains behind 9-11 — which perhaps was planned yonks ago — are way higher up than the tiny state of Israel. Dee printed a photo of Bibi and Turnbull hitting it off (I don’t mean Dee was the photographer, it was The Australian). The picture is frightening now that we know what it-all means. Remember Comey also swung low over the South Pacific a few months ago.

        Let’s stop talking about which ethny is the worst and start saying WE MUST “USE THE BRAINS GOD GAVE US” to stave off the next predicted move. Protest 9-11. Protest Port Arthur. Keep yelling about where this is all headed. Stop the genocides!

        Concentrate on “A boot stamping on the human face forever.”
        Orwell NEVER got it wrong! HOW STUPID CAN WE BE?

        P.S. private to Paul: I’ll be the first to attack “Jews” if I believe that to be the source of the current shocking state of the human race. Honest, I am open to anything.

        • “The brains behind 9-11 — which perhaps was planned yonks ago — are way higher up than the tiny state of Israel.”

          Actually I’m with you on that one. Those who did this place themselves above any one Nation-State. If that is the case though, then where does there higher loyalty lie? Are they just Scrooge McDucks who like to bathe in their gold and jewels or do they have a shared identity or belief system? Is control of America really just the commandeering of an arsenal, and is Israel only useful for providing a veneer of sovereignty to what would otherwise be a criminal enterprise with Right-of-Return (I’m sure there’s still a few Oligarchs left that Putin would like a word with). I still maintain that the preponderance of Jewish individuals and families at the pinnacle of banking, politics, media etc is no co-incidence, and their (as a group) conspicuous involvement in 911 and its subsequent events, both politically and on the ground (Silverstein and Lowry, assorted Neocons and Rabbis, every other journalist and opinion columnist, five dancers, Dominick Suter et al) is indisputable, and disproportionate to their population numbers. There were just too many to not notice.

          Bibi and Turnbull. Dear God, what a shocker. Even apolitical people I know were put off by that.

        • Mary, I am at a loss, you simply keep defending Jews for 911. Why?
          What is a Jew? 99% are just Jews, they know very little, they are just cannon fodder used for the agenda of bankers and global corporate fascists…….. .like the rest of us, but their loyalty to the chosen bullshit scenario is their archiles heal. The sayanins are used. Look up operation Suzannah, the Ergon (sp) killers, all used for the banker Rothschild empire to create Israel, based on being serial victims.
          No one reports who financed Hitler and arranged the transfer agreement with Hitler in 1933.
          I have told you before. A colleague said to me; ‘you think the Jews did 911’? I replied; ‘is Dick Cheney a Jew? No reply.
          Mary, I have referred you on many occasions to the following in regard to 911:
          E. P. Heidner, 911 commission report revised December 2008.
          E. P Heidner 911 Commission report revised December 2008 collateral.
          E. P. Hedner 911 Commission report revised December 2008 colateral 1.
          All up; 381, 56 and 53 pages at scribd. Kindly take the time to print it out and read it.
          For simplicity, start with the colateral sectons.
          If you do you will save so much time with dealing with your concerns, obfuscations and rebuttal of; ‘the Jews did it’.
          911 is way above Jews. Jews are now being used to distract from the real culprits. (Look up Dee’s onion example)
          It is time that the Jews (and their suckered defenders, like Faine and Frydenberg MP) woke up to being suckered and being used as the world’s alleged serial victims and helped expose the real killers.

          • Has anyone bothered to read Heidner? I printed it out, carried it around for a week to read. (Admiitedly had a problem understanding banking aspects after about page 40 of the main report)
            I expect nothing less of those who think they know 911.
            Read it, otherwise piss into the wind.
            Jonathon Faine, Paul Barry and ABC
            and Co, why do you expect to be paid?
            Whenever I cite Heidner, the cochroaches scarper. Why?

    • Keep boxing and put up your mits Mary, but sorry you are losing on points. Now why? You appear to have much time to expend,
      Look up Francesco Corregia (sp.?) former President of Italy who exposed the NATO ‘operation Gladio’ mass murders in Italy in the 70’s. Recall the Blologna murder of abou 80 innocent travellers at the station?
      Francesco was reported befor his death, paraphasing; ‘ the day after 911 all the intelligence agencies of the world knew it was a CIA-MOSSAD job.
      Excepting of course, apparently, our alleged intelligence mob who did not inform our poor Johnie and we the taxpayers invoiced for the warmonger’s bill, that his planned killing spree in the ME, supported by our msm killer supporters was all based on fake…?…. and here we are 16 years later with the msm and the shock jokes, still attempting to feed us with BS for another decade of killing.

    • Mary,
      You refer to the dancing Israelis being disinformatlon. So clever was Bin Laden and KSM to set up such a misinformation scenario with their reported enemies, a few chaps from Mossad.
      Give us a break Mary we are not all idiot suckers for the chosen of Israel.
      By the way, KSM was arrested in about 2003-4 and years ago admitted after beng waterboarded 83 times in a month that he planned 911 from A to Z.
      Can’ t wait for his military trial. …….. now that it is 2017.
      Mary, you are a perenial supporter for justice and truth, looked up ksm lately?

  12. This tells you most of what you need to know about ethnicity and its connections to 9/11. (http://veaterecosan.blogspot.co.uk/search?q=9/11) America, UK, Australia, Israel, Saudi Arabia are all tied directly into the criminal fraud and must know that the genie is increasingly out of the box and known to be so. We have now entered a phase of official denial on the part of our governments and leaders, while they all follow a parallel course and identical agenda that includes magicing enemies out of thin air (the oldest trick in the book) and co-ordinating very similar ‘false flag’ incidents to terrorise the people. (Vehicle ramming appears to be the current most popular) Meanwhile no one troubles themselves about the intimidation, theft and genocide carried out by Israel, or the horrendous genetic and disease consequences of using depleted uranium by the oh so civilized Western allies. Why do you think there has been a flurry of meetings between the conspirators? Only the unexpected election of the unpredictable Trump has thrown a spanner in the well layed plans of mice and men. Even as we speak there is a cohort of the ‘willing’ working up plans and war games to further the agenda and bury the 9/11 issue for good in the next great conflagration. The big question is whether they will be able to pull off a similar trick again or whether a critical mass of the public is sufficiently aware to frustrate it? Let’s hope so or god help us. http://veaterecosan.blogspot.co.uk/search?q=9/11

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