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The Downlow on Chemtrails: An Interview with Aussiemal


planeInside of a plane allegedly tasked with spraying chemtrails; note three tanks on each side

by Malcolm R Hughes and Mary W Maxwell

Mary: G’day, Malcolm. Thanks for sending GumshoeNews.com a load of information on chemtrails. I invite you to lecture me. Please present your credentials related to this topic.

Mal: I am a layperson. My tools of trade for investigating the skies are, first of all, my eyeballs. Second of all, my age. Being 71, I can honestly say I remember Australian skies that were pure blue. The change is startling. Thirdly I have a collection of videos, entitled “Consciousness Beyond Chemtrails”. These are from a three-day seminar, with many speakers covering various aspects of geo-engineering.

Mary: Yep, I know what you mean about the blueness of Australian skies.  And I can add to your credentials that you have taken very seriously a citizen’s responsibility for holding government accountable for the Port Arthur massacre, as seen in your cache of letters.

Mal: I forgot to say that my chemtrail study has also been aided by my camera. I imagine plenty of other laypersons are also holding evidence in the form of home-made photos.

Mary: Let’s start with this picture here. It is a cloud formation like the ones that I began to notice in Adelaide around 2011.


Mal: One morning I observed a full sky covered with clouds such as these end to end, all facing the same direction as these, at Rockingham WA. Because the sky was covered, the Rockingham scene was grey and somber.

Mary: I have found it shocking, in Adelaide, that a bunch of little spurts like this appear around 10.00am and by 4pm they are no longer in any shape at all; they fill out and make the whole sky white. I’d say this occurs twice a week. By the way I would not describe the effect as somber. But it lacks beauty and it worries me that we aren’t told what it’s all about.

Mal: Apparently this layer of stuff in the atmosphere is supposed to reduce the amount of heat from the sun. But that means it will also reduce vitamin D, a vital requirement for human health.

Mary: I wonder if anyone has read Genesis lately. I mean in the broad sense of asking “How is it that the sky-earth relationship was just fine these last few millennia?”

Mal: I suppose the airplane has only been around since 1906, and so there was never a temptation to go fiddle with the atmosphere as no one could have done it anyway.

Mary: I like your way of distinguishing between contrails and chemtrails, so would you please make that argument here, briefly.

Mal: We are told by NASA, “Contrails only form at very high altitudes (usually above 8 kilometres) where the air is extremely cold (less than -40 degrees C).” Chemtrails stay suspended for a far longer time than contrails — often taking half an hour or hours to dissipate completely.

There are usually several chemtrails spread in the surrounding area. They are released at a height above the natural cloud cover.  The planes releasing the chemtrails are most often not visible to the naked eye, as they are so high.

Mary: You told me that Perth is the definitive location to prove this.

Mal: Yes, that is because when you look up and see large planes in Perth you know they are headed for, or coming from, the airport. There is no other place — since we are so far from the eastern states and from Asia, a plane couldn’t go past us without refueling.

Mary: Wait a minute, are you saying that they are full-size planes and that their only mission is to spray? I had heard that the chemtrail spraying may be carried out by Qantas, Singapore Airline, or any of the airlines.

Mal: During a chemtrail operation the plane releasing the chemtrail is typically not visible to the naked eye. These are very large aircraft, even jumbos. But as far as I know they are not the ones carrying passengers. They couldn’t be small planes as a small plane wouldn’t be able to reach the necessary height.

Mary: I have noted that the chemtrails can be parallel to each other or in a criss-cross pattern, or sometimes are single.


Mal: Aircraft flying in the Perth area are not at a great enough height to produce contrails, so all trails seen must be chemtrails. These chemtrails are not released in the normal commercial flight corridors.

Mary: Once they are “laid” in the air, can the perpetrators – if I may call them that – do anything further to guide their next phase?

Mal: It seems to be in the hands of weather manipulators and persons wanting to make military use of the skies. Of course there is the famous HAARP facility in Alaska, but that is not a one-off, there are others. I think there is at least one in Australia.

Mary: I read ages ago that there is one near Armidale, NSW but maybe such doings also come within the bailiwick of Pine Gap.  Just the mention of that name makes me sound silly, but, Mal, I notice that you are not afraid of sounding silly.

Mal: At least I am not afraid to go where angels fear to tread. “Society” in general should be educated about these things. The very fact that it is all hush-hush means someone is afraid to be “found out.” Look at this. It is so unnatural.



Mary: I have heard that it may not be Pine Gap where the Aussie installation for HAARP is situated. The two alternatives sites that could be, are Alice Springs and a place in Victoria that both have a large antenna dish. I have seen the one at Alice Springs.

Mal: May we discuss the likely contents of what is now being dumped in the skies?

According to various natural-health websites, a chemtrail may contain barium, strontium, and aluminium.  This means that we are being assaulted in two ways. First, directly, as we breathe the air – these chemicals can sail through the nasal passages.   Second, on a delayed basis we suffer as the chemicals fall to earth and pollute agriculture.

Mary: Oh, terrific. Tell me what the possible justification is – I mean if any party is defending the use of such things in the air.

Mal: As you know, we are mostly faced with denials and lies. But it has been mooted that the reason there are so many chemicals being put in the air has to do with creating a reflector. I do not exactly follow the logic – if there be any – but the idea is that this layer of stuff in the sky will protect the earth.

Mal: The chemical cocktail making up the spray consists of nano-particles of aluminium, barium strontium and a hexafluoride.

Let’s start with aluminium. When in the air that we breathe it will be inhaled. The quickest and shortest avenue to the brain is via nasal passages. It is known that aluminium plaque in the brain causes dementia and alzheimer’s disease.

Furthermore, as it descends it lands on the leaves of vegetation, covering with a fine dust, cutting off the breathing through the leaves. As it descends further onto the ground aluminium changes the ph level of the soil, killing off certain species.

Barium is a toxin to humans, animals and vegetation. Strontium is really scary because it is a radioactive element – no doubt cancer causing.

Hexafluorides weaken bone density, can cause bone cancer and impair mental ability, especially in children.

Mary: One day soon, Mal, I hope Gumshoe will publish some of your history of the Perth area. I like the way you keep stating the normal. It really does provide ballast against all the cheap talk about “the new way.” Fie on the new way.

Mal: Thanks. I have to give myself that kind of ballast.  You may recall that I do not agree with facile statements about “the ominous rise of sea levels.” I have lived in a district where the wreck of the S.S. Kwinana has been sitting since 1922. The complete exterior of the base of the wreck still sits wedged in sand where she beached.

Since I was a young fellow playing in and around her hull the water level against her stern, bow and seaward side, has not risen any detectable amount. She has in my time always been ¾ surrounded by water. That is a period of six and a half decades.

— Mal Hughes of WA and Mary W Maxwell of SA will continue to do their ballast thing for as long as they can




  1. I live in an area that it is said to have more sunshine than the sunshine coast, but somedays that start out perfectly clear and blue, are often turned completely overcast, entirely due to the trails left by aircraft.

    I sometimes get curious when I see a plane flying over that is leaving a persitent trail, so I go here, https://www.flightradar24.com/

    and on plenty of occassions, it is a qantas or other, shceduled passenger plane.

    The fact that planes are leaving persitent trails, that can spread to cover the sky from horizon to horizon, is undeniable, but if it is geoengineering as some sort of solution to climate change, then it should be something that the government is open about, and can tell us not only what they are spraying, but the costs involved, in dollar terms and otherwise.

    As there is no official acknowledgement of any such programme, I can only assume that there is something going on that they are not happy to discuss..

    • Fair, one of Mal’s pix shows crisscrossing. I assume the likes of Qantas would never be seen doing that.

      I myself never see crisscrossing, except on one bus trip i took from Canberra to Sydney (October 2104), around 10am, I saw an absolute Jackson Pollock sky.

      I video’d it but could not put the energy into complaining. Ah, see how easily we accept the notion that it doesn’t pay to bother. Thank you and Mal for bothering and may we please hear from other sky-watchers.


        Kevin Woodman (“Whitney Houston”) has not yet mastered links but he emailed me with the name of this Youtube item as his choice. He also says chemtrails are sent up from ships in the Pacific Ocean. Oh God.

        Thanks, Kev.


  2. In the context that commercial passenger aircraft such as Quantas and Virigin could be being used for chemical spraying, does not mean with passengers aboard. There could be, (and I mean could be) aircraft chartered out and refitted by these like companies, for the above purpose.

    Airline companies do charter planes out for other than passenger use.

    Usually chemtrails are laid outside normal passenger airline corridors.

    • Mal, I will have a word to Mary Gregory about that. She is not a cloud-studier but is a targetted individual in Rego Park, which I think is in the Queen’s borough of New York City. She says that the malicious hits she gets from planes are normal flights going in to land at JFK airport.

      So those planes would not need to have special equipment for chemtrails but merely some way to send electromagnetic pulses or whatever. (I do not pretend to have any skill in this field.)

      She also thinks military planes are used for targeting brains. See her books such as Microwave War.
      Ms Gregory keeps meticulous records.

      • Mary, some time ago I did a bit research on this issue, that led to discoveries, that no specific aircraft were required for this task, the chemicals are already mixed in with the aviation fuel, thus every airliner leaving any airport anywhere, spews out this stuff all over the planet.
        The question is, “Who authorized this, and WHO is making this decision without the rest of the planet even knowing about it?”
        To have these chemicals included in aviation fuel requires planning on a large scale, meaning refineries are involved as are manufacturers of the chemicals themselves, it also involves the manufacturers of the engines of these aircraft, as they would not agree to allow this, if it were to compromise their engines in any way, so there is most definitely collusion there with the various manufacturers.
        Regarding the Perth area, I’m not prepared to accept the claims made regarding the Chemtrails, as we have the Fremantle doctor which regularly exchanges the air above Perth, however, on a calm day, you can actually see the polluted air out to sea in the mornings being driven by the Easterly, prevalent until lunch time, then the South Westerlies, (Fremantle Doctor ) comes in and blows it all back over the city. Whether Chemtrails is mixed up in that lot, only God knows.
        The other issue is during Spring and Autumn we have the RAAF and their Singaporean counter parts, doing their training over Perth and more specificly the Northern suburbs of Perth, I seriously doubt, whether there would be any Chemtrail aircraft sharing the airspace with them during those periods. Far too dangerous.
        Regarding Mal’s reference to rising sea water levels, I agree with him 100% on that issue. In my younger days, I spent an incredible amount of time in the waters of the ocean diving and spear fishing as well as sailing all along the coast from as far as Kalbarri in the North to the far South of Esperance.
        To conduct the first two, it is necessary to study the ocean, waves, winds, tides ect, to be successful. Therefore one does take extremely good care, to check out the water levels and reaches. (B.T.W. during 40 years, only ever encountered sharks in the water, ONCE.)
        You soon discover reefs that are only visible certain times of the year with the seasons, then as the seasons change, these reefs disappear again until next season, in between they are covered with sand, which the ocean brings in every year at the same time, and then reclaims it and takes it away again.
        During my years I have never ever witnessed a rise in the ocean water level, and the same reefs I’ve dived off, are still being exposed at the same time every year.
        Therefore, with that first hand knowledge, gained over 40 years, dare I say it, claims of global warming is not sustained with verifiable evidence on the ground.
        I concede, that in some places around the World, there APPEARS to be rising water levels, however, to balance that out, we must also accept that GROUND LEVELS in some places have also DROPPED considerably, yet at no time have I ever heard any mention made that such is a threat, or efforts made to combat that drop in level.
        Makes you think doesn’t it ?
        Keep up the good work Mal.

          • It would be fun if every customer of, say, Qantas, would write to that airline, or their travel agent, asking for a small refund on their recent trip cost, so as not to have aided and abbetted the “spewing” of fuel (per the Eddy theory).

            And, by the way, Eddy, are we also to think that spewed fuel lands on the beautiful oceans?

          • To answer your question Mary.
            I’m communicating with some folks on another site regarding DEPLETED URANIUM WEAPONRY.
            Apparently there are some folks around who seem to think this stuff is perfectly OK, despite U.S.’s own warning when handling these materials. (Maybe they just stick the danger stickers on them for fun ?)
            When I advised them that on the day Bush’s Shock and Awe commenced, a couple of days later, a radiation detection station in Scottland detected the depleted Uranium floating gently over the Scottish moorlands. How cool is that ????? NOT !
            According to the experts, this radiation can even be IDENTIFIED from it’s parent product, so the KNEW it stemmed from the attack in Iraq and the depleted uranium being used in the U.S. bombing.
            Back to your question, as you can see from the above, there are jet streams covering the whole World which ensures anything spread in the atmosphere is spread World wide, or at the minimum, within the Hemisphere that it was released in.
            I’d say the same goes for Chemtrails, no matter where it is released, jet streams will ensure it’s spread far and wide, EVERWHERE.

        • Thank you Eddy. In regards to chemicals being added to fuel to create chemtrails, I have read that information as well.

          In my article I did not say there are no chemtrails over Perth. There definitely are and I have many photos to prove it. What I said was that because commercial passenger planes are either ascending or descending while in the Perth area they are not at a sufficient height to create contrails.

        • Please clarify, Mal or Eddy. What is it that a plane spews with its fuel, and why do they do it?

          Mal, if you mean Mary Gregory’s story , yes, i will withdraw that subject from this thread; it’s just that i recalled her saying that normal ailiners are participants in her torture in New York.

          • WOW ! If I tell you, I’ll have to kill you. C’mon, kiddin here.
            I would suggest anyone who is REALLY interested and COMMITTED in this subject, obtain a sample of fuel being used in commercial airliners.
            Take said sample to a FRIENDLY Industrial chemist who is sympathetic to the issue, (IF you can find one ) request said chemist to analysise said sample, then your question would be answered.
            Suffice to say, the literature I discovered on the matter at the Chemtrails web site stated very clearly that this is going on, though whether an analysis had been conducted as I suggested, I cannot verify.

  3. I’d just like to add an experience I had regarding the discovery of additives in aviation jet fuel.
    Approximately 25 years ago I was involved in the development of radio controlled jet engines. We discovered despite using incredibly expensive exotic metal materials required to cope with the high temperatures of internal combustion of these engines, the ones we built would corrode in an extremely short span of time.
    This was a major problem that looked to be unsolvable, until we spoke to an aviation fuel supplier, who told us that within the aviation kerosene for full size jet engines there was WATER component. Seriously !
    He told us that water component was the suspect that was causing our problems with corrosion, and that if we changed our fuel from aviation kerosene to HOUSEHOLD kero, the problem would disappear.
    He was DEAD RIGHT, once we changed over, there was no more corrosion.
    Apparently the water is added to give more power via the Hydrogen generated from the combustion at higher altitudes to make up for the reduced oxygen in the atmosphere.
    There you go, lesson for aviation fuel part one, concluded for today.

  4. Everything is not as it seems or should be .The military industrialists are experimenting with Creation only for our downfall . Somehow they need to be stopped otherwise things will only get worse .

  5. They are spraying to reflect. About 10 years ago NASA said we were experiencing weird space weather, and that was when the operation went into od. We broke the ozone layer, therefore letting in large amounts of UVC ( this stuff can change your DNA ) and causing havoc with the climate, especially since the sun went all weird over the past few years. If you see spraying patterns it is mainly land, not water. No, they are not trying to save us. Many youtube posts inc, fading paint, peeling car duco, increase in cancers in general and many showing UVC readings. There is so much more but running out of time…

    • David, your refering to a period when the HAARP system was still being utilised.
      Anyone who understands electricity, knows that alumina is an excellent conductor for electricity.
      Now imagine an atmosphere filled with minute alumina particles and then HAARP is turned on pumping hundreds and thousands of watts of electricity into the air.
      What would that be doing to the earth’s magnetic field/atmosphere and weather ??????????
      Allegedly, the HAARP system was mothballed and turned off, however only recently was it turned on once again, allegedly for scientists to study the earth’s magnetic filed within the ionosphere because we are seeing so many auroa- borealis.

      • From the ballast department:

        Matthew Henry’s commentary on Genesis Chapter 2:

        “After six days, God ceased from all works of creation. In miracles, he has overruled nature, but never changed its settled course, or added to it. God did not rest as one weary, but as one well pleased.
        The solemn observing of one day in seven as a day of holy rest and holy work, to God’s honour, is the duty of all to whom God has made known his holy sabbaths. At this time none of the human race were in being but our first parents. For them the sabbath was appointed; and clearly for all succeeding generations also.”

        So take a rest, you cruddy people up there in HAARP.
        Enjoy some zzzzz.

  6. Guys,

    Over Sydney, the chemtrails are done by commercial airlines predominantly. Virgin, Qantas, Jetstar, Tiger air, Air New Zealand(enroute to Asia) Singapore (from Asia to NZ) occasionally the RAAF, and occasionally GLEX (Global Express) Biz Jets transporting who knows what/who from Hawaii to Melbourne)and from Auckland to Sydney.

    When spraying it’s always at 35-45,000 feet. Always over population centres (goes to motive). Qantas flight Brisbane to Canberra has always been a productive route for them, despite it being way of course for a direct flight from Bris to Canberra.

    Haven’t seen many since Trump’s election. Have the geo-engineers lost their cover from Washington?? Maybe. The new sheriff in town might not like what been going on, perhaps.

    The Big Banks have a major role in funding the airlines. e.g. Qantas is 50% owned by JPMorgan, HSBC, National Nominees and Citicorp. They seem to have a strange predilection towards occult crap. The American insurance giant “Woodman of the World” or Woodmen is really occult weird. Guess what, they’re headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska. Uh oh. Recall the Franklin coverup and the pedo issues there.Word is that new recruits have to swear allegiance to some dark entity. Seriously.

  7. I have remembered reading an article that suggests, because these particulates are so small they are hoped to stay airborne up to 10 years. With the artificial cloud cover we are now experiencing, imagine the accumulated effect over the years.

    The idiots are certainly in charge of the asylum world wide. The nuclear winter effect will guarantee crop failures and much more of the world will undergo starvation.

    Sickness will become even more rife as vitamin D is blocked out of our lives.

      • They’re on it, papers have been filed in Canada because apparently it’s easier to get the ball moving in our courts.
        Also they have put up some major billboards along highways trying to wake people up….but “Apathy” is an addiction in Canada.
        They have been spraying the US/Canada border 24/7 for over a year now….we no longer own the weather in this area…bugs, birds and bees down and no fresh air hits.
        It’s apparently an agreement between all the major countries and NATO….but in truth, it is a crime against humanity….

        Although the guy at Geoengineering is rather dire, he is brilliant and at this point is the only one with the courage to wake people up.

  8. Hmm 70 year old says he can’t see blue as well as he used too.
    Picture of plane with water containers is no surprise, it was common way of testing weight and balance, where liquid is pumped between tanks.

    Why don’t those interested in the identity of high flying aircraft leaving trails, simply download the free app “flight finder” that tracks commercial flights?

    • “Why don’t those interested in the identity of high flying aircraft leaving trails, simply download the free app “flight finder” that tracks commercial flights?”

      Done that Mike, flightradar tells me that info.
      With all your wandering around airports with a camera, you say you are yet to see anything “odd” and yet, all around the world, people are reporting, and documenting, what they consider “odd” and that is why there is so much concern worldwide.

      you say.. “I’ve personally seen zero evidence of the background operation required to create chemtrails.”

      be that as it may.. all one has to do is look up, and you cant miss the trails.

      • “what they consider “odd” and that is why there is so much concern worldwide.”

        No reports or claims from the thousands of folks who would be needed to enact this conspiracy, year in year out. Nor from their mates or family members, none have them have spilled the beans, or had regrets.
        Yes we all see xxxtrails, that is not evidence they contain chemicals.

        • “No reports or claims from the thousands of folks who would be needed to enact this conspiracy, year in year out”

          thats why I asked if your name was Glynn, just like what he would say. Ya know, that same argument has been used to “debunk” so many things, and despite your assertion that someone wouldve spilled the beans, fact is, there are many conspiracies that have been proven to be true, and all the while, people like yourself claiming it would be impossible.

          how many people worked on the manhatten project without a clue as to what they were really contributing to?

          Yes we all see xxxtrails, that is obviously evidence they can not simply be contrails. when you understand the atmospheric conditions required for a contrail to persist, and then grow to cover the skies.. and you see sattelite picures of the size of the areas being covered at the same time, it is not reasonable to suggest that the required atmospheric conditions are occurring over such vast areas, so often.

          not reasonable at all.

    • Hey humpty so you believe tens of thousands of airport workers are complicite?
      Tens of thousands of folk from many countries, from numerous religious and political backgrounds.

      I’ve spent many a day landslide in scores of airports as a documentary film maker and news cameraman with modest 2000 hours of aerial filming experience. I’ve done an air to air gig for Airbus when they tested fuel balance. Shot the first series of EasyJet doc way back. Also docs for BA. I’m also a private pilot.
      I’ve personally seen zero evidence of the background operation required to create chemtrails. I’d make a lot of money if I could get a single shot of something odd! Even with a stabilised camera in a helicopter as well as significant time rigging and derigging helicopters airside around the world I’ve not seen or heard of any evidence. Nor has it ever been suggested to me by airport staff that there is something odd going on…Plenty of odd things in the world, water vapour isn’t one of them:)


  9. and the thing is Mike,
    it is no secret that nefarious things are going on around us..
    from a DoD News Briefing: Secretary of Defense William S. Cohen
    Presenter: Secretary of Defense William S. Cohen
    April 28, 1997 8:45 AM EDT

    “Others are engaging even in an eco- type of terrorism whereby they can alter the climate, set off earthquakes, volcanoes remotely through the use of electromagnetic waves. ”

    The US gov said they wanted to “own the weather”

    so plainy, they have the motive and the means to manipulate our natural environment, and it is no secret that they do anounce certain geoengineering plans, though no one from the USA military has suggested to me that things beyond what they admit are going on, it is no reason for me to believe they are not.

  10. Mike, when you “shot the first series of Easyjet doc,” what name did you use? Do you know the folks who made Seies 2, which is on Youtube? Wikipedia says:

    “EasyJet was featured in the television series Airline broadcast on ITV which followed the airline’s operations at London Luton and later at other bases. In November 2016, ITN Productions announced a new TV series to be broadcast on ITV in 2017 exploring what it takes to become a pilot at the airline.”

      • Mike, am i supposed to go looking for it when you could just state it here? Is there some reason not to shout it to the rooftops?

        and while I have your attention, are you OK with the official story of Port Arthur?

        • Someone asked for my credentils so IMDB is common form to give them.

          You folks don’t take anything at face value so I am conforming to your philosophy of don’t judge a book by its cover!


          • Apparently Fair Dinkum, who is the fairest one of all, knows how to search something called IMDB with just the name “Mike.”

            I am a dinosaur and lack the skill. But anyway I did not ask for credentials. I asked for your surname. Here’s mine: Maxwell.

  11. I did search IMBD.. I think Mike shares the same surname as the director of the CIA DIRECTOR JOHN BRENNAN THAT ADMITS TO CHEMTRAILS who is so interested in spraying stuff from aircraft. what a coincidence.

      • You read me wrong Mike, Im not trying to rumble anyone, I just like coincidences.. I respect and appreciate that you comment under your name. If it is to be shown conclusively that Im wrong, I will find you and contact you and apologise for doubting you.

        I really hope you are right, and there is nothing to be concerned about, but if that ex-cia agent in humptys link is right, then me, you, your kids, my kids, all of us… are up shits creek.

        I really hope youre right, but you havnt given me much to go on apart from the fact that you havnt come across anyone willing to talk to you about anything odd they may have seen, that youre a pilot, and you film stuff..

        theres too much that suggests otherwise, and to simply ignore all that, I can’t.

    • That wouldn’t be the SAME Brennan that was caught out Lying at a Congressional hearing would it ????
      Guess the FACT that he can stand, or in his case, sit in front of a hearing and baldly, loudly LIE thru his front teeth tells us all, what sort of character this guy is.
      Notice too, no one said BOO, when they discovered he LIED, but God help anyone of Trumps troopies if they get caught lying, there’s a lynching rope there somewhere.

  12. Brennan says the SAI programme would not decrease the acidification of the oceans by eliminating CO2 from the atmosphere. But he doesn’t tell the true fact, that the chemicals from this SIA programme will increase the acidification of the oceans.

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