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Open Letter to Aussies Who Reject the Port Arthur Conspiracy Theory and Insist “It Was Him”



Ad as it appeared on page 17 of The Adelaide Advertiser, Feb 23, 2017

by Mary W Maxwell, PhD, LLB

Dear Aussies Who Hate “Conspiracy Theory,” and Who Believe that Martin Bryant Was the Killer at Port Arthur,

Someday you may be arrested for something you did not do. You may think you can straighten it out. In the first place, you may think the normal workings of the law will take care of the mistake. Or, if that fails, you will get members of your family or community to seek redress for you.

I have news for you. It will not turn out like you think. The courts have stopped doing the right thing. It is a very, VERY frightening situation. I follow it rather closely as regards both the Australian and American legal scene. Trust me, for the moment: it is not like it used to be.

If you have a rellie who is a conspiracist, I ask you to stop  running away or showing contempt. It really hurts him or her, as he or she is trying to do the right thing by you!

In regard to one important event, the Port Arthur massacre of 1996, I can walk you through it quickly below. I’m not a person who “gets off” on crime thrillers. I basically hate this stuff. But I felt obliged to learn about it.

I’ll state only the facts for which there is plenty of support. Or,  if I speculate, I will say so.

I speculate that elements within the Australian government planned and carried out the Port Arthur massacre, just as the some officials in the United States government planned and carried out the 9-11 destruction of the World Trade Center.

One major indication of the guilt of government, is that, regarding 9-11, all branches of the US government refuse to hold an inquiry.  Similarly at Port Arthur, two of the most normal, well-established ways to handle a murder scene were ignored – the use of an inquest and the use of a trial.

You may have heard Prime Minister John Howard say that there should be no inquest out of respect to the bereaved families.  Well, that just doesn’t cut it. That sort of exception is just not done. It was a way of covering up.

The state government of Tasmania took many unusual steps to see to it that a patsy (Martin Bryant) got thrown into prison and that no one looked for any other wrongdoer. He’s still in there fulfilling this “role.”

In both cases, 9-11 and Port Arthur, the government was able to do illegal things, things that no other person or entity can get away with. Quite a cute arrangement, eh? It’s because they are the “authority.”  Every government gets tempted to take full advantage of that set-up. Think about how easy it is.

Walking Through the 19 Hours of Port Arthur

The facts of the PA (Port Arthur) case are simple: a young person, witnessed by many people, gunned down a lot of lunchtime customers in a café at a touristy historic site in Tasmania. This was Sunday, April 28, 1996. (Six weeks previously, a person in Dunblane, Scotland children killed many first-grade kids in a school gym.)

I am saying “a person” rather than “a man.” The public was told that the Port Arthur shooter was Martin Bryant. Scots were told that the Dunblane shooter was Thomas Hamilton. But when you don’t have an inquest or a trial, you don’t really get to find out who did it, do you?

One PA witness said the person with long blond hair could have been female. I think it was a male, but it pays to be over-cautious. In Dunblane I think more than one shooter was onsite.

Anyway, to continue: by about 1.45pm on April 28, the shooter left the café. (That’s the Broad Arrow Café which had been privately owned for many years but which the government of Tasmania purchased!!!). He proceeded to kill and wound others outside, first in the parking lot and then after he started driving.

Wendy Scurr

I assume that was the end of the main activity, although a very reliable witness, Wendy Scurr, said that a few gunshots were heard somewhere on the campus of the PAHS (Port Arthur Historic Site) later in the afternoon.

Note: the reliability of Wendy can be judged, by you, per a long public speech she gave a few years later; it is now on Youtube. She was a tour guide at PAHS and was busy looking after the wounded for 6 hours.

In my opinion, Mrs Scurr’s reliability is easily deduced from the fact that the police did not seek her out for a written witness statement despite her being hugely important witness. (Can you imagine such nonsense!)


Now we must talk about what happened at a separate location, a few miles from the PAHS. I refer to Seascape cottage, which faced the ocean. It was run as a B&B by David and Sally Martin. At some point, no later than 6pm that same day as the café shooting (Sunday), sporadic shooting was reported to be occurring inside Seascape.

As of today, the public, including myself, does not know what was going on inside Seascape. We do know Martin Bryant was there. His voice is heard on a walkie-talkie in the evening, and the next morning he emerged from the cottage and was arrested. But it seems unlikely that he took part in violence during his time inside Seascape.

We know that a car was burnt on the premises and we know that the cottage itself was destroyed by a fire that began around 8am on Monday April 29, 1996. We also know that three dead bodies were found inside the cottage — those of the cottage’s owners, David and Sally Martin, and one other, said to be the body of Glenn Pears. (I have my doubts about that identity.)

Coroner Ian Matterson’s Report

Few Australians are aware that an inquest did occur. It began the very day after the massacre – that is the proper procedure.

But it was was ordered to desist by January of 1997. The report by Coroner Ian Matterson is in the public record, in the Post Arthur Seminar Papers of 11-12 March 1997. I’ll paraphrase him:

By 3.30pm I — the coroner of Southern Tasmania — received a call that there had been deaths at Port Arthur. At 3.30pm I started to go there but had to stop at Taranna, for safety reasins.  Thus I  did not commence my inspection of the Port Arthur Historic Site (PAHS) until 8.05pm. I was joined by Inspector Warren.

We first looked into the bus area and found 4 bodies. Then we went into the Café and found 20 deceased. Then walking 600 meters up the road, we found the body of an adult clutching a child, and another child behind a tree. Another 55 meters along we found a body on the road, near a yellow Volvo.

Just past that we found three more bodies, A further 100 meters, which was outside the boundary of PAHS we found the body of a person behind the steering wheel of a Ford Laser. Total: 32 dead.

Around 11.35 on Monday morning, I was asked to come to Seascape cottage. There I met Inspector Kemp. I saw the burned-out BMW, and other cars that had been shot at, including police cars. The building was still too hot for us to search through.


“At 2:35pm I returned to ‘Seascape’ following a message that a body had been found. I viewed a badly burnt head, torso and legs of one body in the southwest corner of the building and a smaller, but similarly burnt body … along the western side.”

As I said, I want to urge you who are opposed to “conspiracy theory” to have an open mind now as to who did all the killing at the campus of the PAHS, and the nearby shop, and much later that evening, at Seascape cottage.

If the whole episode were happening today you would undoubtedly expect there to be great efforts to find who was responsible. Just hearing the huge death toll, your mind would probably go on the direction of assuming there to have been several troublemakers involved, not just one man.

Officer Scott’s Witness Statement

Listen to one officer’s report of the goings on at Seascape that night:

My full name is Malcolm James SCOTT and I am a Constable in the Tasmania Police Force stationed at Launceston, member of the Special Operations Group.

At about 10.00pm I was deployed into position on the western side of the Arthur Highway, where Constable BROWNING was already present. …From the time I arrived at the Seascape until the arrest of Martin BRYANT, I heard numerous gunshots coming from the Seascape residence. I saw what appeared to be muzzle flash from first floor windows on several occasions and periodically heard gunshots towards the immediate vicinity of my location.

At about 7.30am on Monday …I withdrew to the SOG area …. I was briefed in relation to an arrest plan. Sometime shortly after 7.30am I became aware of smoke… . As a member of Team 3, I moved forward when directed on the rear of a four-wheel drive vehicle … When I arrived the Seascape residence was well ablaze. I observed a male person, who is now known to me as Martin BRYANT, kneeling on the ground with his back to me a short distance away.

When about five metres from BRYANT, I moved from the shields to maintain cover of BRYANT while Constable HAWKINS and another police officer arrested him … after a short struggle handcuffed him with assistance.

We now know that there were many drills and ‘security’ exercises going on during the lead-up to the 1996 massacre in Tasmania. Some of them are referred to in the aforementioned Port Arthur Seminar Papers that came about from a 1997 conference.

Dee McLachlan and I have recently authored a book that spells out many details of the media’s involvement and the machinations within the legal system. The book, Port Arthur; Enough Is Enough, is a free download at GumshoeNews.com.

So, as I said above in this letter to you, O Conspiracy-Rejecters, it is in your interest to stop rejecting.  Don’t be so fearful of learning that your government, or some warped part of it, thought it OK to destroy live in order to achieve a goal.

Better you should look around and achieve solidarity with the many persons who are very seriously pursuing “what to do about it.”  Your holding back is a major drag on those of us who are trying to help YOU.

Postscript: Over three thousand concerned citizens have asked the premier of Tasmania to look into “Port Arthur.” Isn’t that wonderful?

— Mary Maxwell lives in Adelaide. Her “Moot Court Trial for Martin Bryant” is part of this year’s Adelaide Fringe. You are invited to attend it on March 14 at 3pm in the Burnside Library Hall.




  1. People, get on board with this subject. This is the biggest event of treason in Australian history. As Mary indicates at the beginning you or a family member may be the victim, as a person killed or “set up” as the dupe, in the next “government conspiracy”.

    Don’t sit back waiting for everybody else to bring these tax payer funded criminals to court.

  2. Looks like today’s civilians have become the convicts of early settlement . Unarmed with the guards guns pointed at us .
    Maybe Port Arthur was the means to get where we are now .
    A police state where everyone , outside the inner circle , a potential terrorist . That , my friends , is 90% of the population .
    The silence is deafening .
    Then we have the news on the idiot box , ” terrorist found in bushes plotting to destroy our way of life .”
    We must all apologise and release Martin . He is innocent .
    The question is , who are these murderous creatures that have no remorse for their evil doings . From the heads to the lower ranks the connected are far worse than words could ever describe .

  3. So the courts have STOPPED doing the right thing ? It”s not like it used to be ? So this sort of stuff was OK?

    Dear Home Secretary,
    This letter concerns a matter that has been bought to our attention via an inquiry as to why our father/grandfather Ian Ronald Maxwell-Stewart Sept 1905 – Jan 1973 spent 10 years in a UK prison.

    Two files have surfaced: UK Archive 90333968 and UK Archive H. O. 144 6799.

    The latter indicates that he and a fellow bombardier of the Royal Horse Artillery were charged with murdering Edward Ingram Richards sometime between Christmas day 1925 and New Years day 1926 and that they both pleaded “not guilty”, however there is nothing in either file that sheds any light on the basis of the arrests, neither is there anything resembling a Prosecution Notice ,any cohesive court material, a case no. or prison record.

    At the time fingerprint evidence had been in use for a good 20 years:
    That process was evidently given a miss

    According to an abridged transcript filed as pages 157 – 257 of H. O. 144 6799 he was acquitted on 20 Jan ’26. According to the media reports of the day that appear in the same file he was immediately rearrested on related charges that weren’t based on anything more than the co-accused’s testimony.

    A reference to any other available information would be therefore be appreciated

    The co-accused’s testimony was an extension of a letter/confession that he’d purportedly written to his girlfreind under the naive assumption that it wouldn’t be intercepted. I say “purportedly” because a certain remark about the “murder weapon”, namely a Savage automatic pistol, proves, beyond any doubt that it was put together by someone who’d never used any such weapon:

    “You only have to keep the trigger pressed and the bullets fire automatically”
    LETTER DATED 9 JAN 1926 UK ARCHIVES FILE NO. HO 144 6799 page 234

    And the source of the misapprehension is unmistakable

    CROWN PROSECUTOR: It is a pistol which,if you press the trigger, continues to fire until the magazine is empty ?


    UK ARCHIVES FILE NO. HO 144 6799 page 234

    The question that remains is, why would anyone put in a “not guilty” plea and then, within a matter of days, proceed sign their own death warrant ? I can only guess

    • Berry, you are right. Justice Cox should have said to the accused

      “Please tell me why you changed from a Not Guilty plea on Sept 30, to a guilty plea on Oct 30…. And incidentally, when did you get the idea to hide your guns in the piano?”

      [If anyone want to add qq here that we can put to Martin at “the Fringe,” please do.]

  4. How can you be so sure that MB ever went to prison ?

    I’ve got no way of ascertaining the exact nature of my own father’s 10 year disappearance. He could have lived out the stretch as a member of the MI 5 spook brigade for all I know.

    • Berry, I will grant that we never know anything about any prisoner unless we visit them. I am skeptical of many incarcerations.
      The photos of the 48-yr old MB puiblished last year (“in the exercise yard”) seem to be what he should look like now.

      • Berry, I reckon these guys really are in prison. They seem to be keeping fit. I often wonder why the taxpayer should furnish room and board to anyone for 20 years. (Sirhan Sirhan, near 50 yrs).

    • Soros again!
      He just keeps ‘pooping’ up. Search him.
      I hear that there is now to be another gun amnesty starting in July.
      NOTICE: To all those Middle East type hobby shooters in the Southern Western suburbs of Sydney: Now be nice and respect authority, just hand in your weapons.
      Thank you.
      M. Dumbull.

      • No doubt our swamp frogs have thought that no payment for weapons handed in serves their purpose; more weapons going to criminals
        Some who have unlicenssd weapons will have the opportunity to choose. Hand it in for nothing or flog it off to someone who will pay for the weapon.
        Markets being what they are to opportunists, the price of a shooter will decrease. Thus cheap shooters going to the crims.
        Thus more weapons proportionately, to the crims and nothing to the innocents to defend themselves.
        Thus more shootings, thus more power to the swamp frogs to protect us?
        Have to love our frogs!
        They know on what side of their lilly they squat.

      • Ned, excuse my paranoia, but with Peters coming out of the woodwork after 20 years and receiving the OoA, plus Alpers and Chapman getting together at Sydney Uni, all this has a very familiar feel about it. I wonder is there might be something happening before that July amnesty you mentioned.

        If some event does occur, save as much of the early information as you can.

        • Terry, it seems Peters did get the award already. On Oz Day.
          so said Aunty:

          “RN Breakfast’s Alison Carabine tracked her down in Guatemala, where she’s working with survivors of gunshot wounds and raising funds to buy hundreds of wheelchairs.”

          Pardon me but “you can’t make this stuff up.”

        • Terry you make me think.
          If there is to be amnesty, why wait until July? If it is is to be fair dinkum,
          run the amnesty from now! And impose 6 months from now to July, rather than three months from July?
          I trust that I have accurately perceived recent vague and rare news reports on this matter. Accordingly, we need corroboration.
          You ‘paranoia’ might be just reasonable suspicion of the ‘lerts’ (the world needs more A-Lerts)

          • Sorry about some typos.
            Why do I have a feeling that someone is protecting their butt by being able to claim that we are on the job and have a planned action from July. But we have been overcome by recent gun events.
            We await their continuing agenda.
            Then again the lerts may have stuffed their agenda?
            We may never know.

  5. Based on Ned’s comments below, I’d like to know if anyone
    would consider this a realistic new definition for terrorism:

    “legally sheltered random violence”
    or “mass violence, proteced by law”

      • “Sheltered,” – indicates that no one can arrest them, so they can continue as they please. Being honest about it is fairly new, Ned.

        At the moment since I am in pre-theatre mode here, I have been looking at many of the players to see who knew what.

        I re-read the qq asked by Inspectors Ross Paine and John Warren. (There were also qq by L Jones, female, and Det Bolt but i have only Paine and Warren on my desk.)

        They don’t push Martin where you would expect. For example i would have said, “Of all the days you would pick to visit Sally, whom you haven’t seen in years — or Roger Larner, ditto — what gave you the urge on April 28? Did you in fact think on the previous day, Saturday, that you might visit them?”

        Ned, I mean if the 4 cops did not ask smart qq it must mean they knew they shouldn’t ask, so they also knew WHY they shouldn’t ask.


  6. Poor Andrew Rule, in the Herald Sun for the 20th anniversary:

    “for two decades, a disturbing number of disturbed people have spread the bizarre fantasy that Martin Bryant is a “patsy”. Their theory being that the Howard government orchestrated a “false flag” massacre at Port Arthur using police snipers or soldiers or some such nonsense.”

    • This place is a de facto communist state run by central bankers who control all corporations . Been like this for decades . Look at our PM and his advising neighbour . Everything the media spews is a lie . The connected don’t care , they are actually gloating ( evil bastards ) because they are handing this nation to the CCP . Look around obvious for all to see .
      Pray for peace and divine intervention because the ‘lunatics have been running the asylum ‘ for a long time here .

      • I have noticed over the past few years that across the interweb the more rabid commenters have lost any historical perspective – they are no longer able to tell a communist from a socialist, a fascist from an anarchist. I don’t know if this is a failure of critical thinking or a lack of research, I suspect poor education and confused (and deliberately confusing) media representations are responsible.
        The upshot is that the aristocracy, the MIC and their footsoldiers in the CIA, etc. who used to be represented as the far right with a globalist, fascistic world view, are now represented as the extreme left, and the ideas of universal self determination and community are claimed by the right.
        Communism, socialism and anarchism are, in fact, opposed to corporate fascism.

        • They are one and the same , they are all military industrial .
          The middle way is best . ” Love your neighbour ” instead of big bangs .

    • How about the “bizarre fantasy” that nothing of any import has ever been orchestrated from Canberra, that
      Howard-Turnbull & Co has no more control over the Country’s police or soldiers than you or I

      • Wow, Berry. That was the nub of the Inquest re Lindt Cafe.
        It was clearly stated by the principals — tho not quite in your words, that decision making about the siege was not in the hands of:

        the Police Commissioner
        The Minister of Police
        The Premier
        or PM Tony Abbott.

        None of the above 4 even claimed to have a hand in “operations.” They all bowed to the real authority in the case. And no cop in the witness box dared say who that is.

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