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Wernher von Braun and The Dirty Dozen


bundesarchiv_bild_146-1978-anh-024-03_peenemunde_dornberger_olbricht_brandt_vFirst rank (L to R), General Dr W Dornberger (partially hidden), General Friedrich Olbricht (with Knight’s Cross), Major Heinz Brandt, and Wernher von Braun (in civil garment) at Pennemünde, in March 1941 

By G5

Editor’s note. Normally Gumshoe requires each writer to list his/her credentials. An exception is made with G5:

Wernher Magnus Maximillian Freiherr von Braun was a Nazi SS Sturmbannfuhrer, a descendant of The Junkers. The land owning, civil service elite, officer class of The Prussian Military. He had a privileged life.

Although a very average student. He was moved along his 12th Grade, and graduated a year ahead.

He joined The Verein Raumschiffaart, German Military, Army Ordnance Office, under Walter Dornberger in 1932, and was sent to The University of Berlin to study Physics and Engineering.

In 1934 he wrote a dissertation entitled “Design, Theoretical and Experimental Contributions to The Problem of The Liquid Fuel Rocket.” German Army Ordnance retitled it “Regarding Combustion Experiments,” and hid it.

He was transferred to The Nazi Propaganda Ministry, and worked on the army ballistic missile named Vergeltungs Waffe – Zwei. The Vengeance Weapon 2: The V2.

Pennemunde to Mittelwerk

From there he was transferred to the German Propulsion Laboratory at Pennemunde, Usedom, on the Baltic — developing new weapon technologies.

The V2 was built in the underground factories of Mittelwerk near Nordhausen, where 60,000 prisoners from The Dora-Mittelbau Concentration Camp were assigned to him.

On 8/9/1944 his first 14-metre rocket, carrying 900 kgs of explosives, hit London.

His slave labour lived, worked, and died in the tunnels of Mittelwerk. Those who were not worked to death, died of the dampness, disease and malnutrition. Those who could no longer work, and those who resisted were publicly hanged in groups — the bodies taken to the purpose-built crematorium.

The last time he was seen in the tunnels with his SS Guards, was in late 1943. Tunnels were still being excavated.

On the day Hitler allegedly committed suicide, 1/5/1945, he fled to Bavaria with his young brother Magnus, whom he sent to surrender to an American Army Unit on 2/5/1945.

And So to America


The story he delivered to the Americans at that time was sufficient to get him and a few associates to Fort Strong, Long Island on 20/9/1945 — the processing facility for what became Operation Paperclip.

He was moved to Fort Bliss, Texas, then to White Sands Proving Ground, New Mexico. Then in 1950 he was moved to Huntsville. He was then overseeing The Jupiter Rocket development for The US Army at Redstone Arsenal.

On 1/7/1960, when The Marshall Space Flight Centre was commissioned on Redstone Arsenal,  von Braun was appointed as the first Director. He worked on The Mercury, Apollo and International Space Station Projects — as well as the disastrous Space Shuttle. None of these ever passed Low Earth Orbit — if at all. The Gemini Project was a larger version of Mercury.

His main work concerned American military missiles. The civilian serenades were part of the well known deceptions and propaganda exercises. The significance of which he learnt in Germany — under his mentor, Joseph Goebbels.

He was appointed Director of The American Saturn V Project in November 1967. Having studied Physics and Engineering and read The van Allen Papers, and whatever was available on the Russian advances, he knew that The van Allen Belts could not be transgressed by human life.

At that time, two belts were known. A further one was to be discovered. (Recently, a further two were found by MIT.) No Human Life could pass Low Earth Orbit.

But there was a good opportunity — particularly at that time of The Cold War era: to deliver solid and enduring propaganda.

In the late 1950s, one of many insanities was the grip of The American Industry of Research. They did because they could. Under Operation Fishbowl (Operation Starfish etc.), the US detonated nuclear weapons in The Ionosphere. Some were blamed on China.

The range of experiments had various theoretical insanities attached — one of which was to blow the van Allen Belts aside. But of course they’re a continuous flow of particles from The Sun and captured by Earth’s gravity.

One of the many undesirable effects was spraying The Earth with radiation — and blowing an almost permanent hole in The Ozone Layer the size of Australia (and over Australia).

This made Australia the skin cancer capital of the world. Well that was explained away by one more lie. It was refrigerants. So those gases needed to be changed. America called on its sycophant Nation States — and a new industry of ozone friendly refrigerants is born.

On 16/7/1969, Werner von Braun stood in the firing room of The Kennedy Space Flight Centre and watched the launch of The Apollo 11 Mission to The Moon. That rocket performed its duty and staged the drop into the sea — including the dummy capsule.

From there, the recorded footage from Area 51 was fed through the system. The capsule with the first three actors and lifelong deep-seated American propagandists, was dropped by freighter aircraft, to parachute to the sea near The USS Hornet.



Up to Apollo 17, another ten would claim to walk on the moon — the mysterious moon-dusted, “dirty dozen.” Yet no dust appears on the footings of the landing craft, which apparently landed on solid ground.

The Moon Landings [sic] were halted by Nixon, as soon as it was known that Russia — the premier space explorer — could track The American Flights. No human has ever passed Low Earth Orbit.

On 22/3/1952, a propaganda campaign was begun in Collier’s magazine which was to run for two years.

On 9/3/1955, von Braun appeared on the first episode of Disney’s ‘Tomorrowland’. Animations were to play a major part of the long and ongoing space exploration lie. I remember seeing it, and the animation of the projected Saturn V. The current Mars colony is no less the same, and the funds to NASA are diverted for military use.

Footage was shot with Disney standing in von Braun’s office. Von Braun also appearing on the cover of Time magazine — it being necessary initially to suppress his nasty past, and in later years to misrepresent it.

At the time of the fictional (Kubrick and Disney produced) Moon Landings — America under Nixon was falling apart militarily, economically, and socially. It had troops in many places and was attempting to bluff its way through the insanity of The Vietnam War.

In 1954, Franklin Alton Wade was given The Chair of The Department of Geosciences at Texas Technical University. Wade was a gifted geologist, with a particular interest in meteorites. During his active lifetime, he had been on all the major explorations to The Antarctic — and even had a mountain named after him.

Von Braun; joined the 1967 ANSMET (US Antarctic Search for Meteorites Program).

One interesting aspect of the exposure of the deception was volume. How The Lunar Buggy and all that equipment fitted into those little landing capsules. Well, perhaps they didn’t.

The takeoffs back to dock with the circling capsule, also produced no dust. And of course the little vehicles had no adjustment rockets — apart from the fact that the final Earth Entry capsule was an engineering miracle. It had to tumble if it was real.


842 lbs, comprising of 2,415 samples, were allegedly returned by The Dirty Dozen — albeit samples other than those have been legitimately harvested from space bodies.

Some 270 of the original samples were designated as “gifts”, doled out by Nixon — of those, 180 have disappeared. A range of interesting suggestions have been put forward for that.

In 1969, American Ambassador to The Netherlands, Willam Middendorf II, during a PR visit by Armstrong, Aldrin, and Collins — the first (Apollo II) deceivers — presented a Moon Rock gift to former PM Willem Drees Jr.

In 1988 when Drees died, he left the rock to The Rijkmuseum. Scientific curiosity had the custodians open the box and examine the rock. It was a piece of petrified wood that had never been to The Moon. This was further confirmed by researchers at The Free University of Amsterdam.

The Moon Rocks are kept in safe custody at The Johnson Space Centre, Lunar Sample Inventory. Over 100 rocks were given away in the 1970s.


In November 1969, Apollo 12 allegedly brought back the camera from Surveyor 3. A bacterium was found in the camera that could not have survived the journeys nor two and a half years on the moon.

I am reminded that Mercedes was not permitted to examine the vehicle in which Diana was murdered. Particularly after false claims were made concerning a locked speedometer and the support columns having sheared.

The Swedish camera manufacturer Hasselblad was also not permitted to examine the cameras allegedly taken to the moon — when they stated that what was claimed — was not possible.

There are radiations emitted from legitimate moon samples from meteorites that are not present in The American Samples. The Oxygen Isotope Ratios are not the same. The High Elemental Iron is not the same. The Chondrite, mostly Silicate Minerals with Chondrules, are not the same. The Neon 21 and Argon 38 isotopes are not the same.

One of the problems caused by America is that researchers who believe The American Lie, have further moved away from the reality by false “discoveries” and assertions.


A few years ago it was suggested that The Moon had about as much water as The Earth when it formed. Verifiable by the samples tested! — confirmed by research at The South West Research Institute at Boulder Colorado!

Glass Beads were found in the samples with a water content of 745 ppm — being the same as solidified lava that has come up from The Earth’s upper mantle through undersea vents. A number of papers were presented on this as recently as 9/8/2010.

Researchers from The University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, measured the Chlorine in 12 samples, indicating that the Lunar surface was some 10,000 to 100,000 times dryer than Earth’s.

The Glass Bead Water Research did not confirm that there was water on The Moon — but rather that those samples were from Earth.

Apart from MSM seeing The Apollo II capsule parachuted next to The USS Hornet, the first press conference with the three astronauts was very revealing. As was their subsequent behaviour over the years.

Russia always maintained its dominance of space. The outcome is its missiles. The American system is not operational. America cannot even fly to The Low Earth Orbit ISS.

And apart from the American herds, who of significance believed Reagan’s Star Wars? or Obama’s Full Spectrum Dominance? And as for missile shields, the American parasitic contractors love it.

Topping it off — the students of Kettering High School in England have the award: they tracked Sputnik II, when America denied it.

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  1. Dear G5,
    Your man in Adelaide is now happy (that’s me). I have never, until now, seen any coverage of the moon-landing-rejection-story that grabbed me.

    Sure, I have seen woo-woo stories of the shadows not falling in the right direction – and figured Yes they filmed that part on earth so as not to miss out on the photo scoop of the century — if the drugstore lost the film. (Do you remember when we took our film-roll to a drugstore for “developing”?) Geez.

    I’ve also seen hopelessly ambiguous “proof” of a “hoax,” based on Buzz Aldrin showing the wrong emotion, or whatever, at a press conference.

    But as I am now trusting – tentatively, mind you — your report of the Paperclip connection, and especially of the opening up of the king’s gift after he died, what a hoot.

    It is fascinating.

    Sorry for what ails you – referring to your inability to come forward. Let’s just say you have offered one small step for mankind and maybe it will go somewhere.

  2. America claims it’s an “exceptional nation”, yet the FACTS clearly establish, that if it wasn’t for other nation’s expertise, which is either Bought, stolen, coherced or swindled via the Patent registration system, American is dead in the water.
    If it wasn’t for Braun, America would never have entered the space race, and while they love to point the finger at others, calling them criminals ect, ect, it didn’t stop them from stealing their intellectual property and calling it their own.

  3. NASA admit they cant get through the radiation belts..

    amongst photographic studies of Apollo missions, shadows etc here..

    is my favourite pic of a moon lander, would you go to the moon in something held together by sticky tape?..


    and then theres Jarrah White

    Hitler committing suicide, sounds like the spin given to Saddams Capture.. found him in a “rat hole” – and among the items found inside, a tin of spam apparently. That must have been for visitors.

  4. I believe the above article to be one of deliberate disinformation that governments of all stripes tend to use in order to keep the population from knowing what is really going on.

    First a quote: The recent Fox TV show, which I saw, is an ingenious and entertaining assemblage of nonsense. The claim that radiation exposure during the Apollo missions would have been fatal to the Astronauts is only one example of such nonsense – Dr. James Van Allen.

    Further info on the above quote can be found at Clavius. Environment Radiation and the Van Allen Belts.

    Another quote: To reiterate our own political position: We have come, slowly and reluctantly, to believe that the entire “Moon Hoax myth” was, in fact, professionally instigated-and is currently being kept very much alive-by none other than NASA! That, the myth forms the “perfect cover” against an entire (growing….) segment of the population, who do increasingly suspect “the government” is not telling them the truth about a lot of things….including….going to the Moon.

    So, as Hoagland observed first hand at JPL (Jet Propulsion Laboratory – author of comment insert) all those years ago, NASA carefully planned , from the beginning, to give those folks a “conspiracy” alright, but-a fake conspiracy…to cover up the real one.

    How else do you explain NASA formally commissioning James Oberg, a leading space authority, just last year (2006) to finally write an official NASA book on “why the Moon Hoax crowd is ‘out to lunch.'” Only, to have another part of NASA suddenly cancel Oberg’s contract….abruptly withdrawing form publishing the one book which would have had a chance to finally lay out “why” and “how” the agency really landed humans on the Moon-still, after over thirty years, it’s most astonishing achievement?

    Because “someone” wants-needs-the endless ambiguity of “did they really do it”…….to cover up what NASA really found…..

    The above lengthy quotes is from page 173 of the book titled, ‘Dark Mission-The Secret History Of NASA, by Richard C. Hoagland and Mike Bara, published by Feral House, Los Angeles, CA 90039, 2007.

    More information from the internet can be obtained at http://www.enterprisemission.com which I recommend for those wishing to learn what NASA (Never A Straight Answer) has been hiding from us ever since its inception.

    So, please, learn then make up your own mind.

    • Dear Nemeiss
      If you’ve got any definitive info about the ability of a human to endure the radiation that far up in space, it would be welcome here.
      I have no idea if the moon landing was genuine. I have until today assumed it’s all as reported. Can’t very well abandon my normal line of work to study astrophysics. The scientists should tell us the truth.

      In my field, which is law, the experts do not tell the truth. They are caught up in a — pardon me — “race for the moon” as far as lying is concerned. Think Judy Clarke. Think Carmen Ortiz.
      (Search Gumshoe website for “ortiz” and you will see what I mean.)

      I am interested in the Wehner von Braun story. Yes you are right the person who wrote it — G5 — may be employed to confuse us. But he/she sure doesn’t sound like it. To my own satisfaction (and I don’t force it on anyone), I claim i can smell disinformation a mile away.

      This does not have that smell. I mean per MY nose. Anyway, if you have tracked down the truth — that a human CAN live through the van Allen radiation, I will be grateful for info.

      • Hello Mary. Van Allen himself poo poohed those who believed no human could travel through the belts – his quote about that is at the top of my comment.

        I cannot provide to you in simple terms what it has taken me over four decades to learn – that would require a lengthy book – but I can provide websites for those wishing to avail themselves of what is actually going on around us to look up and make their own determinations on.

        I would ask this question; how would one best deflect inquisitiveness into something they have done if not to put out a counter story that discredits the reasoning for that inquisitiveness?

        By issuing disinformation concerning projects and agendas, governments and their agencies have been deluding and lying to us for a very long time.

        What GS omits or is unaware of, in his/her ‘expose,’ is that some of the Apollo Astronauts gave their story to posterity on a website called, the Sirius Disclosure. Edgar Mitchell provides much knowledge as to the real reason the Apollo program was scrapped and what NASA will never expose to the public while Gordon Cooper has much to offer on the subject of UFOs.

        Those are just two of the many people on that website that contains over 13 hours of testimony as to how we have been deceived by those who are often referred to as ‘Deep State’ or ‘Breakaway Civilization.’

        The ball is in your court.

        • I think the story behind the moon landings is far more complex than we could imagine.

          To me it is similar to the supposed puzzle of the pyramids. Very rough pyramids were then suddenly followed by such ingenious buildings with such precision… again followed by shoddy work. It is like going from the design of the Formula One Ferrari back to a ‘rent a bomb’.

          It seems like the same has happened with the moon landings. They scooted teams of people into space — effortlessly — for a very short period… then back to exploding shuttles etc etc…

          Apollo 11 has to be looked at separately too. I spoke to a co-worker about the time he was employed to operate a crane in a studio somewhere in Arizona… He was rigging (flying) an astronaut … matching what was happening on a TV. He was told that they were matching what was happening on the first moon landing in case they lost the feed. After a while he was not sure whether he was following another astronaut in another studio. (and so on).

          There are several options to the moon landings. And one that should not be discounted is that they were aided to get there.

          • Hello Dee, It seems to me that those who set up a space program. and we must realize that the Nazis were the very first to do this because there was more to Peenemunde than what is widely known, knew what was on the Moon.

            If you think about that for a while it soon becomes obvious that no government would send people to a ‘lifeless world’ if there was not something worth receiving back from such a venture. In other words, sending astronauts to the Moon wasn’t just done because the Moon is there and some Moon rocks could be collected.

            One also needs to consider that the TV presentation from the Moon were black and white transmissions where color transmissions were available and could have been used. Why not use the color? The transmissions from the Moon were then beamed down to Parkes in western New South Wales and then relayed to NASA – a transmission delay of a few minutes to NASA who then edited the tape and then sent it off to the TV networks.

            Why was there a need to edit a ‘live’ telecast? If anyone is familiar with how TV networks do their live broadcasts, they usually have a 5 to 10 second delay in transmitting back to the station where the ‘livecast’ is then sent out to your TV set in case something needs to be edited out from the ‘live’ sending.

            So in NASAs case, why and what was deemed necessary to be edited out?

            That book I have listed in my first comment, Dark Mission, holds a lot a info that you would find very interesting indeed!

  5. G5, thank you. Hope you are able to keep safe.
    I have been a sceptic since my foray into my internet capability.

    I only commented recently to a friend as to how in the period of 1969/70’s did they capture on film the take-off from the moon of the capsule that fired no rockets with a camera on the lunar surface. That photo could never have been retrieved, until the next visit.

    I have always been sceptical of the travel through the Van Allen Belt, but there are many con artists that supposedly put up scientific arguments on that subject.

  6. The question that I put to others is, ” if it is possible for mankind to travel to the moon, why have not other countries with the same capabilities as the US attempted to prove or disprove the US trips. Other countries that supposedly have the same technology are, Russia, Japan, India, Israel, Pakistan and North Korea, China and UK.

    • Mal, I am not sure you realize that you just hit the big nerve: “Why have not other countries attempted to prove or disprove…”

      I say it is because there are no “other countries.” We all have the same boss, dammit. Supposedly Putin threatens to reveal that 9-11 was an inside job. OK, Vladimir run with it would you please?

    • Am I getting old, I thought this was all worked out by NASA back in the 60’s. Perhaps someone should send a Orion engineer down to the technical section of the NASA library for the Apollo files.

      • Right, I am getting old.
        I commented on Dee’s article back in October 2014 (van Allen and his radiation belt…)
        I suggested therin that they should duck down and get the Apollo manuals out for Orion.
        Hope they took notice, should save a motza.
        Perhaps the file notes for ‘The Hidden Figures’ ( per the recent movie) might be found? Have to love Holywood!
        BTW, I refused to join and pay to go see the film.

  7. i really wouldn’t put more than $20 on it either way at this point. But isn’t that all part of Tavistock’s desire — to have us not know if 2 and 2 make four, or if a bear goes to the dunny in the woods, or anything?

    Dee and Ned, I think the fact that the files are missing is worth quite a few points.

    • I have been reliably informed that the film of the moon walk is also missing.
      Would the UK Royal Household and media lose the film of Her Majesty’s Coronation in 1952 (?)
      I had reserved on the possible lunar hoax, but now think we have been subjected to phoney, fake and false…… as usual from authorities.
      We are surrounded by lunar … ticks. 😁

    • Fish, in that secnd film it’s very touching to see the garlands on the cars and the happy greeters on the street. I think I can almost remember days like that. But nothing is innocent like that anymore. Peeps can’t rejoice in a neighbor’s triumph.

      What is matter with us.

  8. Come on one and all, no one is holding a gun to our heads telling us to believe! Truth is a discovery we make. If a million people believe in a fallacy, is it still a fallacy? In the knowledge that we are living in a world rulled by Satanist can we expect anything else. Self preservation is the highest law, What is good for the Satanist is right and moral and what is bad for the Satanists is wrong. Only the chosen shall rule the masses and the masses need to be culled and selected for further breading.
    Human beings are earth bound animals but the human mind is universal. Avatar?

  9. This is great and fills many holes I still had – thank you G5 and Gumshoenews! The lack of lunar dust on the foot pads is new info to me.
    I proved using physics that the battery power NASA stated they had in their own ‘scientific papers’ (’65-72) could never transmit RF signals from the moon. TV transmission towers on earth need about 500kW of power to transmit only 100 km the TV signals. Also the lunar module ascent stages could never have maintained rotational equilibrium (attitude) when leaving the moons surface because the main engine was 16000N and their side thruster engines were only 400N. As fuel mass depleted, the centre of gravity would shift causing incredible torque on the 4 metre wide craft that no computer nor human could compensate for in order to keep the craft in a straight trajectory as shown in the fake films.

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