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Do Vaccines Cause ill Health?


(L) Richard Moskowitz, MD , and (R) Dr Toni Bark

by Dee McLachlan

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has supported the current national “no jab, no play” policy. He also is pressing for a further move — to stop unvaccinated children from attending childcare centres and preschools across Australia.

Wait. How many vaccinations are enough? Who decides such a thing? It is, after all, a decision, not a “fact.” I trawled for some statistics and came up with a helpful American list at the website: sitsshow.blogspot.com.au

  • 1950 – 3 childhood vaccines typically given when a child entered school.
  • 1983 – 10 recommended vaccines by the age of 6 years old (24 doses, 7 injections, 4 oral doses for polio).
  • 2010 – the CDC vax schedule totaled 68 doses with more than half given by the time a child was only a year and a half old.
  • 2016 – 74 doses by age 17.

The number of vaccines have increased, but no improvement in health is noticed

Tony Bark, a physician from Evanston, Illinois, puts it in perspective. She has been an MD since 1986, and was originally pro-vaccination — as that is what she had been taught. But in the early 90s, Dr. Bark studied “classical homeopathy.”  Now, she looks at vaccines in a whole new light. In the AgeofAutism she is quoted saying:

“I can only make comments about my own patient population.  I can say in my patient population, the kids with chronic illness are the kids who were vaccinated.  And the kids that weren’t vaccinated, I don’t have any of those children on medications.  None of them have chronic illness. I can’t think of one that has any kind of chronic illness. Not one.”

Dr Bark is referring to children with asthma, food allergies, Asperger’s or autism, Crohn’s, ulcerative colitis, and chronic autoimmune diseases.

We Need to Listen to Sensible Doctors

At our website, Gumshoe News, assistant editor Mary W Maxwell is opposed to giving readers a chronicle of sinister developments. She keeps telling me that people need to hear the correct story and not merely criticize the false story.

In her book, Consider the Lilies (2013) she has supplied, as appendices, excerpts from physicians all the way back to 1893, who had something intelligent to say about vaccination.

Here is one such person, Richad Moskowitz, a pediatrician in Massachusetts. He obtained his MD from Harvard but then dabbled in what we now call alternative medicine – but which used to be orthodox! Let’s hear him out. He published this in 2005.

Natural Immunity, by Richard Moskowitz, MD

I wondered how vaccines really act inside the human body, what they do. The current medical system lacks and does not seem to want any broader conception of how medicines affect the organism as a whole.

I will begin by contrasting the process of coming down with and recovering from an acute disease, such as the measles, with what happens when the corresponding vaccine is administered instead.

With its marked affinity for the respiratory mucosa, the measles virus is dispersed through the air by sneezing and coughing infected droplets, and then inhaled by susceptible persons.

For 10 to 14 days, the virus multiplies silently, first in the tonsils adenoids, and accessory lymphoid tissues of the nasopharynx, then in the regional lymph nodes of the head and neck, and finally in the blood, spleen, liver, thymus, and bone marrow, the major visceral organs of the immune system.

Throughout this “incubation” period, the patient typically feels quite well, and has few or no symptoms.

With the first signs of illness, circulating antibodies to the virus are already detectable in the blood, in concentrations roughly proportional to its severity. In other words, the illness we know as “the measles” is precisely the concerted effort of the immune system to clear the virus from the blood, including inflammation of already sensitized tissues at the portal of entry, activation of B- and T-lymphocytes, macrophages, and the serum complement system.

Finally, the virus is expelled mainly by sneezing and coughing — exactly the same routes through which it entered in the first place. ….

“Coming down with,” and recovering from, acute illnesses of this kind are decisive experiences in the maturation of a healthy immune system. The immunity that results from it is specific, to be sure, in that those who recover from the measles will never again be susceptible to it.

But it is also broadly non-specific, in the equally important sense of “priming” the system to respond rapidly and effectively to other infections it may encounter in the future. This double-barreled natural immunity acquired through recovering from acute diseases represents an enormous [gain for all].

Centuries were required for our own ancestors to convert measles into a routine disease of childhood, such that by the time I caught it at the age of 6, nonspecific mechanisms were already in place to help me recover from this major, week-long illness with no complications or sequelæ.

[This gave me] a certificate of readiness to handle whatever else might threaten me in the future, which I credit in no small part for the good health I enjoy today!

In short, the ability to respond acutely and vigorously to infection ranks among the most fundamental requirements of general health and well-being, a truth so axiomatic that even having to reaffirm it attests to how far we have strayed from a saner and more wholesome conception of life.

Artificial or Vaccine-Induced Immunity

On the other hand, when the live, attenuated vaccine virus is injected into the blood, a brief inflammatory reaction may be noted at the injection site, with no local sensitization at the portal of entry, no incubation period, no acute illness, and no massive outpouring of the immune system as a whole.

Like a conjuror’s trick, vaccination does indeed produce measurable titers of specific antibodies in the blood, but … without any significant improvement in the general health of the recipients, apart from lowering their statistical risk of developing the acute disease in its classic form.

But where the virus goes, how it deceives the immune system into continuing to produce antibodies against it for years at a time, and what price we have to pay for the counterfeit immunity that they represent, are the basic questions that still go unasked.

Vaccines seem almost tailor-made to accomplish what the immune system as a whole seems to have evolved in no small part to prevent, namely, to give viruses, bacteria, and other foreign antigens free and immediate access to the visceral immune organs without any easy or obvious way to get rid of them.

At a website called healthinpactnews.com, Dr Moskowitz made this astonishing statement in 2015:

“For the past ten years or so, I have felt a deep and growing compunction against giving routine vaccinations to children. It began with the fundamental belief that people have the right to make that choice for themselves.

“But eventually the day came when I could no longer bring myself to give the shots, even when the parents wished me to. I have always believed that the attempt to eradicate entire microbial species from the biosphere must inevitably upset the balance of Nature in fundamental ways that we can as yet scarcely imagine.

“Such concerns loom ever larger as new vaccines continue to be developed, seemingly for no better reason than that we have the technical capacity to make them.”

— GumshoeNews is determined to inform Australians about the vaccine debate and to reject the outrageous claim that “there is no debate.”




  1. I entered the term vaccines into a couple of search engines, the first was duckduckgo, and the second google.

    Id have thought without any censorship or coverup of the debate, the results should be similar. It wasnt google that I found the following from this page.

    In March 2015, science teacher Timothy Sullivan approached public health nurses administering vaccines to high school students at his school in Waterford, Ontario, Canada and asked whether they had appropriately informed the students about the potential risks of the shots they were giving. He noted that the teenagers were required to give informed consent and the nurses, therefore, had the obligation to make sure they were fully informed.1

    Mr. Sullivan also made the point that, “some of the components in the vaccines were deemed ‘toxic’ in his science lab.” The nurse allegedly answered that they alerted parents and teens about common vaccine risks like fever or soreness at the injection site and she claimed that “a screening tool allows nurses to assess if there are any underlying conditions that would trigger a more serious reaction among students” and added that “the risk of death from receiving a vaccine is so very, very rare.”1

    in light of the recent MSM attack on Pauline Hanson ( I dont like it ) – for telling parents they should get their kids tested to see if they would have a reaction to any vax, and then went on the telly to apologise for getting it wrong, that she has since learnt that there is no such test, well, there is either a screening tool, or there isnt.

    as for the chance of being dead after a vax, very very rare.. well so are my chances of winning the lotto, and yet, it seems every week, someone still wins, just my luck.

    • Fair Dinkum — good point. Thus–

      If vaccines are perfectly SAFE — safe enough for mandatory legislation — then there is absolutely NO reason to inform anyone of any adverse effects. If there are any adverse effects — well you have little or no choice in the choice to avoid them anyway (as your children and that family will be discriminated against).

      So what’s the point?

      There is absolutely no point in a police-stazi-multinational controlled State to inform those being vaccinated — as according to the State — vaccines are perfectly safe.

      The situation is appalling. The government is wearing blinkers.

  2. Excellent article. I am continually frustrated that people will just ignore any historical data, adaquately pointing out that infection rates for a lot of common illnesses went down with better hygeine. This data came directly from the CDC. As the article points out, the human body is already prepared for these diseases and deals with them accordingly. There is no compelling need to make vaccinations compulsory and who on earth would accept a politicians authority as an expert?

  3. Great article but I ponder that last line:
    “seemingly for no better reason than that we have the technical capacity to make them.”

    One question: When someone grabs a can of something or other that was expressly developed for chemical warfare and just s p r a y s little kids,food,pets, anything that happens to be in the vicinity of those nuisance flies, are they responding to the cultivation of a particular psyche or an innate human flaw ?

    The proposition that an increase in technical knowledge is synonymous with destruction is, of itself, seriously flawed.

    • i wonder how small micro is..
      Ive heard it said, that whatever the public is allowed to know about technology, it is at least 30 years old..

      so for example, when the stealth bomber was revealed to the public, the technology for that was 30 years old.

      I can see the obvious reason that would be done, you wouldnt want to play poker with the others knowing what youre holding, but, what if theyre not bluffing?

      time to call their hand ..

  4. Well Dee & Mary, workplace vaccination Nurses will soon be prowling the corridors with their righteous sneers and giggles of “conspiracy theorist”. I’ll let you know how it goes this year. They still aren’t coming at us for compulsory flu vax, but Hep B and TB are not negotiable. No jab no job.

    I saw this request on ageofautism.com website:

    I am writing a paper on threats to and violations of academic freedom in the field of vaccine safety research. I need information about specific cases in any academic discipline. You can contact me (in confidence) at gayle.delong@baruch.cuny.edu.

    Prof. Gayle DeLong
    Department of International Business and Finance
    Baruch College CUNY
    New York, NY 10010

  6. Hi Dee, Mary

    This is probably the main reason why our ‘dear leader’ has been pushing the ‘no jab, no pay’ theme:-

    Australian Prime Minister and Wife Tied to Pharma, Pushing Mandatory Vaccination

    Also mirrored at:-
    Mandatory vaccine push by Big Pharma tied to Australian Prime Minister’s wife

    To quote one of the headings in the above mentioned article:-
    “Forcing people to get vaccinated for personal profit is the epitome of evil”

    The above claims are confirmed by the PDF available from:-

    Mary, When does the law on “Treason” kick in?

    Surely damaging your own people for personal profit should fall under the term “Treason”?

    Isn’t that what Traitors do – sell out their own people for personal gain?

  7. My father and mother never had a flu vaccination and never had the flu. Mother lived to 87 years of age. Was in nursing home for last 22 months, still had no vaccination and no flu.

    I am 72, think it was the flu I had in 1968 while living with parents. Had no medical assistance and have never had flu since and never been vaccinated against it.

    Myself and siblings all had measles and chicken pox with no complications. All (5) have had a very healthy life.

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