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Not All Art Is for Art’s Sake


by Mary W Maxwell

Wow. Today is show-biz-for-Martin day. The “legal situation” is looking up, here at the Fringe. Maybe should call it The Tasmanian Supreme Fringe.
And guess what, there is a new clip of Cherri Bonney’s song. It will make its debut just before Moot Court opens at 3pm today, the Ides of March. Venue: Burnside Library Hall, 401 Greenhill Rd, Tusmore. Approximate $35 taxi ride from Adelaide Airport — a bargain, all things considered.
A link to the song has already been sent to Vanessa Goodwin, Attorney General of Tassie. She could not fail to be moved. Here, have a go, Dear Reader:


  1. I’m sorry I won’t be able to support Mary Maxwell today. I am sure all will go well. Her persistence will make a difference.

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