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Gotcha Back, Martin!



by Mary W Maxwell

On March 15, 2017, I was aware that a West Australian had made the trip to Adelaide for my Fringe show “Moot Court for Martin Bryant.”  And three days later a New South Welshman emailed Gumshoe to report that he and his whole family had hopped over to Adelaide.  Wow.

Today I got quite a surprise when a friend of mine who was in the audience told me that, while eavesdropping during the Interval, he learned that at least one woman from Tassie attended.

Nobody came up to greet me after the show, so I was unable to gauge the response!  On the other hand, no one made any trouble during the show, which is supposedly a miracle!

It is a reasonable guess that the audience was made up of fellow travelers, persons who already care about the “Sirhan Sirhanism” of Martin Bryant, if I may put it that way.

An indication can be found at the Cherri Bonney petition at Change.org. I said recently that I couldn’t see the Comments on this newer of Cherri’s petitions (the one that has about 80 signers at the moment).  Yet today I was able to access them. By the way, it is never possible to see the signers of any Change.org petitions; you can only see Commenters and not everyone makes a comment.

Here is a smattering. I have printed many before at Gumshoe, nearly 100% favorable but in today’s group you’ll find a couple of oppositional ones:

Suzette McClelland, Australia, 2 wks ago

… This man should have his day in court and WHY can’t his mother have access to him? That is wrong, wrong, wrong. Never trust the mainstream media — they indulge in false news as directed by their corporate owners to meet their own power agenda.

Lloyd Roberton, Brisbane, 2 wks ago

Disarming the people has always been the agenda of a one world government. Port Arthur was Australia’s contribution to that agenda… America has had to have many shootings because the people will not comply… unfortunately the Commonwealth of (Washington) Australia did. Our recent leaders are compliant puppets and do what they are told, sadly many Australians have little or no interest in this Agenda or believe it is a conspiriacy… the Lindt shooting was yet another example of the continued government war on the people. Wake up Australians your government is destroying this beautiful country.

Peter Cross, Launceston,  2 wks ago

There are TOO MANY Questions, which Remain OUTSTANDING and Unanswered. MAYBE a Judicial Enquiry Will Give The PEOPLE of Tasmania/ Australia, Those ANSWERS from a “CREDIBLE Source”.

Allan Stojanovic, Australia, 2 wks ago

I wouldn’t put anything past our TREASONOUS governments?

Brian Tunks, Australia, 2 wks ago

Martin Bryant was used as a patsy so our UN controlled government could insist on tougher gun laws in Australia. There is only one conspiracy in this world but it has an unknown amount of tentacles that reach far and wide and touch us in many ways everyday of our lives. Satan is the great deceiver who has many puppets in high places all over the globe.

Rebecca Ward, Australia 3 wks ago

I believe MB is innocent.

Brian Farrell, Australia, 3 wks ago

I wish to see justice being done and the criminals responsible for these murders put away for a long time

Ailsa Kierath, Katoomba, Australia, 3 wks ago

Martin Bryant was a patsy & is completely innocent of the Port Arthur massacre!

Alison Kelly, Australia, 3 wks ago

Martin Bryant is innocent of the Port Arthur massacre!

Maximilian Fleet, Australia, Jan 18, 2017

There are too many unanswered questions about this case. Too many ‘coincidences’ and too many so-called facts that Sims don’t add up. There needs to be a thorough independent investigation to uncover the truth behind what really happened on that fateful day.

Sam Norman, Noonamah, Australia, Jan 18, 2017

Martin is innocent!

Fiona Campbell, Australia, Jan 5, 2017

You people supporting this are all insane. Didn’t you see the footage of him shooting around the buses?! Didn’t you see the footage if him laughing as he said he’d done it in the Police interview… when he thought the cameras were off?! Sad we don’t have the death penalty for him. Wake up & stop being conned. Then hang your heads in shame & think about the victims & their families.

Malcolm Hodgetts, Australia, Nov 21, 2016

He didn’t get a fair trial. It was a set up by a the government

Gina Borg, Flinders, Australia, Nov 18, 2016

This Mental Bastard Should Never Ever be Released He even Murdered Small Children – Innocent Men & Women His a Monster a Heartless Sickening Human Being, That really only Deserves the Death Sentence Thus Stupid Country should bring it back for such Horrific Crimes He Doesn’t Deserve the Air he Breaths. Intact I hate to think his still living !!!!! Keep The Horrid Arshole Behind Bars For Ever !!!!!!;;;

grizz johnson, Broome, Australia, Oct 3, 2016

He’s an innocent man

Joanne Maloney, Newcastle, Australia, Oct 3, 2016

I truly believe Martin is innocent, and he deserves the same rights that we all have, the government doesn’t get to just take his rights away for their own agenda and convenience

David Barry, Australia, Aug 23, 2016

I am signing because the evidence clearly shows that this man is innocent. I also sign because i feel for Martin Bryant’s mother. I wish that no mother should be robbed of her little darling EVER!!!!!!!!

William Bates, AUCKLAND, New Zealand, Jul 23, 2016

I believe in real justice for all. This is a breach of human rights. And the government and its lies should be exposed for what they are. Liars with a hidden agenda

With a corrupt legal system there can be no trust

Anton Bianco, Australia, Jul 21, 2016

I believe he is innocent

Allan Moir, Perth, Philippines, July 20, 2016

Martin Bryant is an innocent man set up by fuckheads who pull the strings behind the scenes of “government” to disarm Australians for their New World Order masters, who just happen to be Satanic Ritualistic Paedophiles as well, this was a blood sacrifice as well as a gun grab..

Alan Manson, Australia, May 16, 2016

Its about time the facts associated with Martin Bryant were revealed and a proper inquiry held. Australians are living in a Police State when people like Bryant are denied a trial and condemned to an indefinite period of incarceration without a trial by jury.

Kalvin Byers, Australia, May 26, 2016

I’m signing because I’ve done years of research! I’ve been waiting for someone to do something for this poor man! The police stole from the disabled, his life and his inheritance.

Time to pay him back!! Gotcha back, Martin.

— Mary W Maxwell and Dee McLachlan are the authors of Port Arthur: Enough Is Enough, which is a free download at GumshoeNews.com

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  1. Interesting observations in the comments.
    Looking forward to some commentary on behalf of the government and the msm dealing with evidentiary questions raised on the PA murders based on a objective consideration of all the available evidence and material raised by gumshoe and Mary.
    No nothing?
    Seems that we need a Royal Commission to enlighten the Australian public!?

    • Forget a Royal Commission Ned, they can be politically loaded. A coronial inquest can also be fraught with political problems. What we need to do is to put Bryant on Trial that he was denied – I believe what happened to Bryant is a misprison in justice speak and the only way that all this can be exposed.

      • There is a old rule. Do not have a Royal Commission unless the result is foreshadowed or arranged.
        Right, no chance of a RC, these days, the result is now subject to less control by the msm for the government lies……. Mary is on the job and via the thousands of Internet sleuths.
        The fact that their is resistance to a RC demonstrates much fear that truth may be exposed.
        Speaks for itself!!!

    • Ned, I was determined to make the Fringe play non-conspiritorial, so it was ONLY about the legal misadventures of Martin’s conviction. Not even a reference to why those misadventures may have occurred.

      Actually I did make one booboo but have now corrected it in the playscript. At the Fringe I had the new lawyer for Martin (“Anna”) mention that one of the witnesses (Wendy Scurr) referred to “a strangely locked door.” I have subsequently deleted the word “strangely,” as it implies that someone was involved in the massacre deliberately.

      That said, I can now come away from the purity of the “Moot Court Trial for Martin Bryant” and react to your comment. I can now say OF COURSE someone was involved in the massacre deliberately and they had better get their sorry asses out of Australia while the gettin’s good.

      No, we don’t need a Royal Commission. We need some sorry-ass chasers.

      Ta, Ned.

      • I sent my articles and a cover letter to Gunson (second lawyer) years ago and he never replied (thanks, fellow member of the Bar). Maybe this ‘Anna’ might be willing to ‘unlock the door’.

        I expect she realized she was way in over her head and bailed, perhaps with the passage of time she might be more candid.

  2. For a moment I thought you meant Martin Mcguinness IRA leader who died of the protein disease ‘amyloidosis’ aged 66 on the 21st March, 2017.

  3. I don’t get it re Don Dale prison in the Norhern Territory. Sorry, I mean juvenile detention center.

    If the mistreatment was such that the court could award compo, why was it done in the first place? Is it sadism?

    And if the mistreatment was such that the court could award compo, why aren’t the guards being charged?

    And if the government will pay compo, why do taxpayers have to fund this compo?


  4. “Think about the victims and families…” Anyone who says that has no idea and isn’t worth engaging. I don’t know how the presence of victims automatically invalidates any questions about official narrative of events, but apparently it does, as we saw with some of the Bourke Street rampage comments here.

    Anyone who tells us to “hang our heads in shame” is only capable of talking in clichés. Maybe Fiona’s a journalist.

  5. I don’t know for sure that Bryant did not shoot anyone. I think it is extremely unlikely that he did. Although he did do a few odd things – perhaps psychiatrist Dr Eric Dax who moved from the Tavistock Institute in London to Tassie to treat Bryant could throw some light on these oddities?
    However, I do think for sure that a jury would find that reasonable doubts existed and not have convicted him, such is the paucity and flaccidity of the evidence.

    • Dax died, at age 100, in 2008.

      Richard, do you recall the Fodder note from 2 Fringe’s ago? The allegation there is that “the patient” — Martin — was treated in South Australia with drugs and electroshock (typical Tavistock stuff) and that one doctor was satified that Martin had no homicidal wishes (Martin was only 21 then; the massacre was still 7 years away.)

      (Lately I’ve heard that Bryant spent time at “The Family” –about which there is a new movie this week. But I’ve seen no evidence whatsoever of Bryant being there. I worry that If it becomes the going story and then is proved wrong it harms the good research.)

      • Richard -Dax did not move from the Tavistock institute to Tassie. He was a protegee of Tavistocks Dr Rawlings Rees and he was recruited to Australia to set up the Mental Hygiene Authority in 1952, part of a Tavistock Node-with tentacles right to the top. He later moved from Melbourne to Tasmania with a team of Tavistockians with global connections to CIA MKultra Monarch programming.[ see Steve McMurray MKUltra in Australia.] Mary perhaps we need to look at the mind control experiments and programming being carried out at several/many? psychiatric hospitals – Chelmsford, Townsville, Larundel, New Haven–and connect the dots to Dr Ewen Cameron another protegee of Rees’s– psychological warfare department.
        Although Martin does not appear to be one of the “adopted” children of Anne Hamilton Byrne he very likely was experimented on in a similar way as those children–at New Haven or at Broom Farm Kent. I had not heard about SA but it is recorded he was in England even a patient at Tavistock and I think it is recorded he travelled to the US not long prior to the shootings. The film The Family is harrowing it should be compulsory viewing along with the Four Corners expose on the Dondale Detention Centre.

  6. Martin is shown in this police interview to aim a gun with his left hand and uses his right hand as the Support Hand. Martin was left handed despite being taught to write with his right hand. He stated that he never practiced shooting from the hip. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GXlgARw0LYo

    This is in contrary to this article http://southeastasianews.org/portarthur/conspiracy_fact.html
    “The killer was right handed. Martin Bryant is left handed. The killer shot from the hip (right handed).
    The killer shot 32 people killing 20 and injuring 12
    The killer scored twenty head shots, from the right hip, in 90 seconds! There are only about 20 shooters that good (better than Olympians) in the Western World. They are the SPOOKS who work for various governments. The killer stopped shooting after firing 29 shots (of the 30 in a magazine). This leaves a live round in the breech while changing magazines. To count while firing at a rate of 48 rounds per minute is a technique that requires tens of thousands of shots to perfect. It is a military skill-at-arms far beyond a mentally retarded youth who fired at a few tins and bits of cardboard in the bush.”

    Now I agree that Martin was not the ‘shooter’ but there is still the problem of the liveleak police training video showing a police officer lifting a child’s hand and placing it on the ground at 5:23. The fingers clearly look like those from a dummy as rigor mortis takes hours to reach the fingers of a child. The father was present at the time according to the News so I find it unlikely he would be allowing a police person to move his daughters hand like that. He would be cradling the dead child until the ambulance came. If the video shows actors and dummies as a training video then when was it taken?

    • Dear Lunacypapers,
      The picture of the child victims was possibly taken the next morning. According to Coroner Ian Matterson, their father was allowed to visit them on April 29, 1996. (I am ignorant as to whether the visit of the father coincided with the taking of the photo at 5.23 on your tape. Matterson wrote in the Port Arthur Seminar Papers, 1997)

      It does not matter if MB was left-handed or right-hand if he was not in the Broad Arrow Café.
      To what does the name “lunacypapers” refer? IMHO there was no lunacy to the PAM. It was an example of what we now see by the dozens – a false-flag attack meant to terrorize.
      Q. Are you here to muddy the waters?

      • Sorry but I support you, not trying to muddy the waters.
        If you watch the first news clip in this video https://youtu.be/MAfm5gI7eHY
        It tells us that the ambulance came in the afternoon of the shooting. This cannot reconcile with the Police Training Video I linked earlier from liveleak as the father would have been with his own children – not come the next day! The ‘child’ in the police training video had to be a dummy. So it appears like a hoax and Martin was the fallguy. We need a clear narrative of the truth about the entire event.
        Lunacypapers is my blog site in wordpress and unrelated.

  7. This was/is one of the most blatant mockeries of justice I’ve ever heard of. I have a hard time with the term “mentally retarded,” but it may be true. If someone or some organization purposely stops the mental development of someone, do you still call it mental retardation?

    One of the things that bothers me most is the cruel and callous way Martin was/is being treated. It seems all he ever wanted to do was have someone to talk to, so he was cooperative when someone else would have been livid. It was all so ridiculous that he laughed and smiled from time to time. Even if he had an IQ of 66, he was smart enough to know that the shootings and the whole thing were outrageously horrible. So they threw him into solitary confinement.

    The LiveLeak video in one of the comments (LunacyPapers) appears to me to show actual dead people, most of whom had been shot in the head. I agree with the commenter that the skill level was that of a professional assassin and so far beyond Martin’s abilities that it defies belief. I was hoping to agree with the commenter that some or all of the bodies seem dummy-like, but unfortunately I don’t see that. It appears that a professional assassin, not Martin, went to Port Arthur to murder people because the government wanted to take the guns from ordinary citizens so that only the government and government-authorized individuals would have guns. In other words, they weren’t trying to protect anyone (“duh!”) but wanted to disempower the population. This type of thing (false flag attacks) has happened in various locations around the world for various political reasons in order to manipulate populations. In some cases false flag attacks have killed people and in some cases the attacks were staged and none of the so-called victims were injured or killed.

    An article linked in the comment on Southeastasianews.org said “In 1988 NSW Premier, Barry Unsworth said, It will take a massacre in Tasmania before we will be able to introduce gun laws. In March 1996 , less than a month before the massacre at Port Arthur, “the Gun Coalition’s Tasmanian coordinator Mr. Rowland Brown, wrote to the Hobart Mercury newspaper warning of a Dunblane-style massacre in Tasmania unless the gun laws were changed” (SOURCE: The Australian Newspaper, 29th April 1996).” I can’t personally verify this, but maybe someone in Australia can.

    If this is true, they had at least 8 years to write the script, choose a location, plan the operation, enlist the assistance of certain key individuals within government, find a manipulable patsy, come up with a false back story, find the “right” assassin(s), and carry out the massacre.

    Recently, they seem to have been sticking to the more quickly pulled together false flag hoaxes that take much less time to plan and organize. I prefer hoaxes to actual murders, etc., but I wonder how long it will be before even the most dense minds among us see the obvious scripting in these incidents. I know my comments here are news to no one, but writing them out helps me to organize my thoughts.

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