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A New Legal Test: Conditioned Response Index for Brainwashing: CRIB


watchesJust keep watching my watch. You will feel sleeeeeeepy….

by Mary W Maxwell, LLB

The “fallout” from the Fringe play (“A Moot Court Trial for Martin Bryant”) continues to be amazing. A fellow has just e-mailed me to say since I did such a good job of defending Bryant, he would like to know if I could defend John Howard on charges of war crimes.

I’m not making this up; I lack the imagination to think of such a question. Anyway I replied that yes I could attempt it, on the grounds that the PM was brainwashed and therefore not responsible. (And don’t you just love having prime minsters who are brainwashed and therefore not responsible, perhaps for anything? Don’t you love it!)

Patty Hearst

It has been 40 years since psychologist Paul Verdier, PhD, published his book Brainwashing and the Cults, 1977. Can you remember the Seventies? The Manson murders had just taken place and a member of the Hearst family had robbed a bank. (I mean in the ordinary street sense of bank-robbing.)

Verdier lived in Hollywood where these events probably got more coverage than they did elsewhere, which was itself  saturation coverage. He was in practice as a hypnotist and has many excellent points to make about cults in his book Brainwashing and the Cults. But for now I will only discuss his proposal for a legal defense.

That is, Dr Paul Verdier was thinking “Should Patty Hearst get off?  (She did not get off.) Needless to say, in those days he wouldn’t have realized that the bank robbery was entirely a set-up for purposes of educating the public (cf the Lindt Café).

So he tried to establish a way that a court could know who was or was not brainwashed. Easy-peasy; he suggested a scale that would use numerical measurements of a person’s responses. He called his test the CRIB: Conditioned Response Index for Brainwashing.

A psychologist would have to test “Patty Hearst” (or the murderers who mindlessly carried out the instructions of Charles Mason) by seeing the extent to which they appear to have been brainwashed. I choose 7 of the indicators outlined by Verdier:

  1. A radical change in beliefs, attitudes, or behavior. “This will receive the highest numerical weighting on the test.”
  2. A threat of death – such a threat brings about instant compliance if believable. (Verdier says this only works if that the brainwasher has resources to prevent the person escaping: Manson’s prisoners were guarded 24/7.)
  3. Isolation from family, friends, all. “To be locked away from human contact is a special kind of sensory deprivation that makes a person very compliant.” Patty Hearst was kept in a closet.
  4. Loss of sleep. That makes the person suggestible to repetitious messages. The subject seems to have no will of his own.
  5. “Ego destruction.” His sense of worth and his self-esteem have to be destroyed in order to assure unquestioning obedience to every directive, no matter how degrading, that is set before him. Manson made girls perform sex in front of an audience.
  6. Repeating message over and over. He’ll believe it even if false. In cults, youth are subject to endless meetings and lectures.
  7. Torture or pain. This is disinhibiting. “Religious conversion was once achieved by torture on the rack.” After one torture session, only a reminder is needed to keep the person compliant.

For purposes of assisting our latter-day Patty Hearst (John Howard),   I should note that Verdier’s CRIB proposal never came into effect. In fact I have just typed “CRIB, brainwashing, Verdier”into Google and the only thing that came up was a reference to Mary Maxwell’s book Prosecution for Treason. (Ah, remember that blockbuster?)

For now I add, to my endorsement of Verdier’s legal idea, that his general work on hypnosis sounds right to me.

The ‘Rational Mind’ and Hypnosis

Let us to try to envision non-rational activity.

Picture yourself and your dog lying down asleep. There are a lot of things going on in both of you that require no conscious intervention. The lungs take in oxygen, the protein that you consumed goes to build new tissue, the body thermostat keeps you warm. That’s the autonomic system; it never needs the cerebrum – the ‘upper’ part of the brain that enables conscious decision-making.

Both you and the dog then happen to be awakened by, say, thirst. Off to the kitchen go you and the dog, each taking a drink – him from his bowl and you from a glass. Voluntary muscles drove the legs of both you and the dog.

Filling the glass with water requires your knowing how the tap works, but it doesn’t take much cognition. You have performed the drink routine for years so it’s ‘second nature.’ Even voluntary action can bypass the cerebrum.

Paul Verdier, who is a hypnotist, notes that a hypnotist gets “A” to obey an instruction while A’s cerebral cortex is switched off. Hence, the hypnotist can send instructions for voluntary movements directly to the sub-cortical brain. These will be carried out instantly because A is not using the part of the brain, the cerebral cortex (the folded surface of the brain) that considers what to do.

By contrast, data coming to us through the five senses are acted on only after we spend time processing them (including by comparing them to past experience and by applying value choices). Any motor response is prevented until we process all that.

The cerebral cortex always delays, i.e., inhibits, the motor response. Under hypnosis, that inhibitory function is deactivated. Your cerebrum doesn’t block direct connections between incoming and outgoing. You ‘obey.’

The Visceral Senses and the Muscle-Sense System

So how does the hypnotist get you to that point? Assuming he has not used sodium amytal, or some newer method, he has got you to deactivate the cortical block simply by having you use either the visceral sense system or the muscles sense system.

It would not be ethical for him to employ the visceral sense system, but let’s say you have given permission. He need only create shock in you. (“Your sister has just been murdered,” or “You have just won the sweepstakes,” or “Nuclear bombs are raining down on America.”)

As soon as your viscera (guts) react, their own senses do what evolution prepared them to do – by sending messages to the autonomic system. Your heart beats faster, thanks to adrenalin, you sweat, you may become oblivious of your environment, and you can’t think.

Because your cortical block is off, the hypnotist could then instruct you, in a calm, helpful tone, to do anything — and you would do it. It seems odd that his words can pass the cortex and go right to your lower brain, since human language is a ‘higher’ development of the brain. But words can be heard in the lower brain.

In any case, that shock method is rarely used by hypnotists. (It is used in torture.) For our purposes it is enough to say that when a hypnotist asks you to raise your hand, or look above eye-level at his watch, the muscles you use (in your arm or eyelids) may cause your cortex, and with it your memory-storer – to switch off.

Thus you become, temporarily, a robot, or a slave, and you will be unable to remember later what you did for your ‘master.’

Non-memorizing also occurred when you poured that tap water. Or when you lock the door upon leaving the house. Later you worry because you don’t remember if you locked up. When an action is second nature, it’s sub-cerebral and usually you don’t ‘memorize’ it.

Keep in mind the slavishness of the hypnotized subject and the fact that words can bypass the thinking brain. (Dogs respond to words, don’t they?)

Verdier says: “We should not hold a brainwashed person completely responsible for his actions. He should be regarded as a sick person, a puppet.”

He also asks:  should not a brainwashed person be therapeutically de-programmed?


— Mary W Maxwell is the author of Fraud Upon the Court


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  1. Wonderful as always Mary, Goodness having a ‘go’ at Howard would be easy! firstly he’s a 33 degree Freemason, this is nothing but trouble for all! Ted Gunderson spoke of Tasmania’s fate way back, and how they prepared for the massacre…….You would have a field day getting info……Best
    Cherri 🙂

  2. This, from a Time magazine retrospective in 2015:

    “Sept. 18, forty years ago—19 months after her abduction—Hearst was captured again, this time by FBI agents. Her trial focused in large part on whether she should be held accountable for collaborating with the S.L.A., or whether she had been brainwashed by the group. Although Hearst had earlier called the latter suggestion ‘ridiculous to the point of being beyond belief,’ her defense team argued that denial was a symptom in itself. Defense psychologists testified, per TIME, that her time in captivity [by the SLA] had cost her roughly 20 IQ points and left her with a ‘childlike level of functioning,’ low self-esteem and shattered pride.

    — I note that the article, written by Time, says “Patty Hearst made the cover of Time” — as if a person determines that he or she will be on the cover rather than Time deciding it. Geez.

    • This is all fascinating! I couldn’t possibly stop listening after 60 seconds. So many little odds and ends about the Manson case I didn’t know. I grew up in the San Francisco bay area during that time and don’t believe I ever heard of Mae. If I had, my life might have been quite different, but then most people probably wouldn’t have known what to make of her and what she was saying. At that time, it would have been mind blowing for sure!

      The last 4-5 minutes are great! Thanks for posting this Mary!

        • Thanks! I did like the this 2015 article. There are always people trying to direct our attention away from the truth and toward untruth. From this video above, all Mae does is share her very excellent research. I’m not familiar with Sylvia Meagher’s name, but I’ll look her up too. I had big reservations about Rebekah Roth right from the start. Sure, some of her information seemed very believable. My first problem with her was her voice. She sounded like a professional voice over actor or copy reader type person. Her voice was familiar to me. And then when she started talking about Israelis or Jews being responsible, I thought that her name could hardly sound more Jewish and I wondered what was up with that. So I waited to see what other people thought of the book.

          • Hmm, you probably got it right about the voice-over, Spec. And maybe a professional writes all her amazon reviews. Here is one by an “Ellen B.” This deals with Roth’s newer book “Methodicl Conclusion”:

            “If you want truth about 9/11, then you must read this impressive trilogy, in order. It is written in fictitious form to protect identities of many, but the true facts are there….in “plane” sight. Having read the first two books, I was anxious to read Methodical Conclusion, and had no idea that i would feel like I was blasted off again..
            The amount of information that Rebekah has uncovered with other top researchers is staggering. Many eye witnesses …military, civilians…. came forward, after her first two books, and were able to share and or confirm information, plus she was able to do further analysis of the FOIA data.
            The amount of information will shake you to the core.”

          • Yep, reads like a professional critic’s writing, but after she’d sold quite a few books I guess she was able to pay someone a nice fee for this — or maybe a professional associate doing her a favor. From your description of the content of the first book, there’s no way someone would write such a review unless they were being paid in some fashion.

  3. Is the 1% controlling most of the 99%? is the 1% a cult who are controlling most of the rest of the world in terms of separating every individual from every other individual? isolating, and those who are not solitary form cults to belong to something?

  4. TV has had several series on special forces training which show these techniques are well known and applied routinely in the armed forces.

    I wonder if ex-soldiers are more susceptible to dog-whistle politics than the rest of us.

    Is mindfulness the antidote?

  5. Thank you Mary for this article and the 1971 recording of Mae Brussell’s take on what some of us now term, The Deep State.

    I don’t know if Mae Brussell was familiar with MKULTRA and the experiments that the CIA became involved in soon after receiving the recorded Nazi data and what they had been involved in doing to concentration camp inmates concerning mind control.

    To my knowledge the CIA had ‘invested’ its time in over 400 various projects and thousands of experiments. I guess Mae Brussell was onto some of those ‘projects’.

    I guess brainwashing could be likened to drug abuse in that both the drug abuser and the brainwashed possess limited control of their faculties in those times of when extraordinary actions take place and for which they often end up in court over.

    However, even the MKULTRA experiments revealed that not all humans make good subjects for ‘mind control’ and just like those who prove to be difficult or impossible to hypnotize, not all subjects the CIA dealt with proved to be good ‘investments’ and many were simply murdered to keep the ‘project’ from being exposed.

    Those who ran MKULTRA were no different to those who now run the CIA and ALL Western intelligence agencies that has become a system imposed on us all by the Globalists who wish to destroy what now remains of Western nation states. It is the intelligence arm of every Western country that directs foreign policy via the ‘elected government’ which is nothing but a shop front to take the heat off the Globalists who wish to remain in the shadows for obvious reasons.

    As for court processes in determining who is truly guilty of the offence/s they find themselves charged with, how does a determined defence counsel convince a jury that the person he/she is representing has been got at by secret agencies that in all likelihood, none of the jury have ever heard of before?

    Now that would be a tough nut to crack.

    • Nemesis, to your first six paragraphs I say DITTO.

      To the “court problem” at the end I say there is no problem. If a case was filed on the basis of mind control it wouldn’t make it to court. A far as I know it never hapoens. Paul Verdier must have been naive to think he could help the slaves of Manson to be aquitted on the basis of Manson having mind controlled them, as this would then out the whole caper.

      Manson too was a slave. He is alive and well in prison today; they must give him a lot of tune-ups. Fascinating!


    Dee is out of range, as you may have noted. The assistant editor, Al H, is running out of ideas. I note the enthusiastic response re dear old Mae Brussell. How ’bout we designate this week as Mae Brussell week.

    Each able-bodied Gumshoe Commenter (you know who you are) will go to Mae on Youtube – she has many entries. Pick any one and write it up for us. Or just use it as your launching pad for a contemporary issue. (Come to think of it, most of Mae’s issues are still contemporary, unfortunately.)

    Here are the usual house-style rules:
    Minimum length of article 600 word, max 2,000. Don’t commit libel. No S words or F words, much less C words.
    You can provide a photo or leave it up to Gumshoe. If you do provide one, please say “Photo credit: dailymail.co.uk” or whatever.

    We will indent the quotes for you, don ‘t worry about fussy details. If it is Don Redford who is writing it, no sentence should be longer than 420 words (if possible).

    Send the offending object to Dee@thepicturetank.com, from whence Al Haig will get a hold of it. (Here in the Whitehouse Basement we don’t have our own email addresses.)

    • Mod Cons

      Before you spend time transcribing from Mae Brussell’s radio talks, listen to this. I recently hired a young man to do some typing, in my dining room (copying from a book into my computer). First i heard him read the whole thing out loud, which was a bit annoying. He used better elocution than I thought he had.

      A few minutes later he went to the printer and handed the item to me. Yes, I’m telling you: as he was speaking, the laptop was lapping it up. MY VERY OWN LAPTOP. (Mac Air). He never typed at all.

      Of course I have no idea how it works, but I’ll bet if you played the Mae Brussell Youtube audio, and connected the kneebone to the anklebone, or whatever it is in your computer, Mae’s words, after all these years, would appear in print.

      In hoc signo vicis.

          • Since you put a question mark at the end of that sentence, Don, I assume you seek clarification. I am mostly H Sapiens DNA but with a considerable amount of microzymas thrown in. If I could, I would fraternize with bonobos, sorry I mean sororize.

            I’ve been accused of moonlighting as a sulphur-crested cockatoo. How can one tell? From the screeching that starts around 5pm. I’ll see if I can find a recording of that.

            And you, Mr Wreford?

  7. Could not find a reply to your genetic coding, from memory I come from a line first found in Cornwall, most southerly part of England, connected with copper smelting, I would like to think my ancestry would have been involved with assisting piracy and possibly before that, resistance against the Roman Empire.
    I believe somehow the branch of the family became subordinate to British oppression, as they had slipped into the East End and my Grandmother I visited now lived in Lofting Road, Islington.
    My Father arouse to branch manager within the London Cooperative Society.
    I would say I became a lost soul insofar as what culture I was supposed to be? after a series of searching having been also in India and having completed such courses as attending Goenka’s Vipassana courses and being at the feet of many Gurus, I was slightly anxious that I could not say I had found”it”
    Having also been disappointed with RD Laing and his philosophy, also his entourage, in particular his association with Tavistock.
    I found gurus such as Light on Yoga, Iyenga, in time extremely disappointing as well as teachers such as Krishnamurti,both teachers I attended classes and checked out their writings of course.
    I am not sure where this is all going but am here in Australia and can say I remain distinctly un Australian in temperament and to go back to the old country is no longer tenable, as I would remain a outsider, their is nothing wrong being a outsider it is a question of becoming familiar with being a prisoner within a culture and making a adjustment to ones environment.
    So unlike you Mary who sees value in the Monarchy whereas I do not other than some tourist value, If I were say a president of Britain, I would not banish them such as the Czars, as I find some interest in historical items.
    Heroes? maybe Sartre, for courage, staying in Paris with the German army occupation, otherwise without going into ins and outs, the human population is a dismal tragedy.

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