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What’ll It Be, Justice McClellan: Forest or Trees? Part 17 of Gumshoe’s Royal Commission Series



by Mary W Maxwell, PhD, LLB

Australia’s Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse is not ready to finalize its mission, but it does show signs of winding down. As I reported on April 1, the Commission is holding some “overview” panel discussions.

Those are outstandingly good – such as the one on ripple effects of child abuse — but will there be an overview of major insights into the power behind the abuse? Is the Commission able to see the forest — or just the trees?

I have been an armchair participant in this Royal Commission for 18 months and hereby offer my overview. It is strictly about the “Forest.”

What I present here is highly prejudiced by my background (activist involvement with MK-Ultra survivors in the US) and my devotion to the “conspiracy” idea that a World Government has been in place for at least a century.

I found the RC (Royal Commission) absolutely thrilling, as a person who seeks confirmation of the role of that World Government. It was so obvious it couldn’t be missed. Sock you in the eye type thing. Cardinal Pell practically said: “Can’t you commissioners see that I am protected?  And who the hell do you think is protecting me? Heh, heh, I don’t mean ‘hell’ as a pun.”

The trees that were revealed by the RC are identified as Case Studies. The Commissioners successfully “outed” the Church, the Child Protective Services, the Navy, the police, what-have-you. I’ll refer to those trees only when they aid my Forest presentation.

1. Navy/Army /Air Force

Case study 40 told of the beatings and rapings of recruits aboard the HMAS Leeuwin, off the Perth coast. At a June 21, 2016, hearing if the RC, “Testifier One described his life of misery on this ship where the older boys (“the top shits”) would wake him in the night, and terrify him.

“I made an appointment to see the chaplain. He said ‘It might be better if you don’t do anything. If it ever got around that you ratted on predators…’ He himself may have been scared.

“I witnessed others ‘milking the cow’ — one boy masturbated on all fours, undressed. I disappeared and hid in a small cave. Another junior came in and said the abuse was subhuman. We developed a plan to escape Leeuwin for just long enough to be considered a deserter and be given a court martial, so I could tell anyone who would listen.

“That April 29, 1968, the other boy and I escaped to Kalgoorlie. When we went to police and were locked up, and taken back, they locked me up and kept me in a cell for weeks. At night I was abused by the navy police orally and buggery. I had no choice but surrender.

Lt Commander Johnston visited me and said they could send a representative on my behalf if I wanted him to represent me…. He said he felt I would make a good sailor and academically was doing well. I said I couldn’t take the bastardization anymore.

He said I should let him do all the talking at the court martial. I wanted the world at large to know. … [But in his statement] he said I was a troublemaker and would never make a good seaman.

I was in total shock. I felt duped and my mind was reeling at the betrayal. The judge made his decision to discharge me, and all my back pay and leave pay were taken. He said I was a disgrace to my family.

In 1969, I met my wife; I needed a secure job. I joined the RAAF in September, and graduated at Edinburgh [near Adelaide].

There, I was told that a Judge Rapkee in Sydney was doing an inquiry into Leeuwin. I was escorted to the judge by shore patrolmen. They said “If you say anything you are going to pay a very dear price. We have people at the top in all services.”

And there you have it. The forest. If the shore patrol could boast of having “people at the top in all services” they are not just Navy, right? They are something higher than Navy.  Did Justice McClellan look any further up the line? He did look to a Navy commander, but no higher.

No forest.

2. Highton Housemaster at Geelong
The child sexual abuse at Highton boarding house of Geelong Grammar was much aired at the RC. Maybe the Commissioners go behind the scenes to do more than we were able to glean from the hearings, but I doubt they do.

As reported in GumshoeNews, I attended the relevant hearing on October 22, 2015 and found the testifier – Robert Bugg, house master of Highton House at Geelong to be arrogant and even contemptuous in his replies to questions. His main comment, of course, was “I don’t remember.”

So, OK, we could see he wasn’t going to spill any beans (just as Pellsie never did). But several Geelong students who had been abused committed suicide. Surely there is a legal way to trace responsibility to a higher level than that of housemaster. What about the Headmaster? He or she was never questioned.

Granted this is not a murder trial. The RC’s function is to INQUIRE into the way kids got abused and especially how the institutions refrained from reporting.

On the day I left Sydney after Bugg’s hearing I did not yet have the Forest pictured. It seemed enough to me that the RC clearly established that this official school authority turned a blind eye to the tragedy.

You may recall, however, that I was starting to theorize that there must be someone controlling that housemaster. And if the RC had grilled the Headmaster, I probably would have reckoned he, too, was obeying someone (not just looking to protect his salary or his standing in the community).

The Forest here is that the RC itself won’t open the question: who is really controlling these guys. Probably Justice McClellan does not yet see the point of this, but he ought to.

I’d like the Commissioners to knock down my claim (it is a ridiculous-sounding claim so it should be easy to demolish!) that the housemaster, bishop, navy commander, etc are participating in a deliberate scheme to harm these children.

What other explanation could there be? Have you seen my video about Bishop Little? He doggedly caused one of the priests (Fr Searson) to ruin the lives of children. It was NOT simply “failure to report.”

I feel forced to believe that when Mr Bugg spoke arrogantly, he actually felt arrogant. I paraphrase Bugg (licentiously): “So what if kids were degraded? Why should I give a damn? I live in the social stratosphere and you, Judge McClellan [Oops I think it was only Justice Jennifer Coate who was there that day] are silly to worry about those boys.”

Hence I conclude that he belongs to a sort of club whose members are taught a culture that was designed by our hidden rulers.

3. Ryan Hears a Who

Now recall Denis Ryan, a detective in Mildura, who at age 83 is author of the book Unholy Trinity. He (whom I trust completely) raves on and on about the three members of the “trinity” that he had to contend with: the outrageous Monsignor Day (molester of hundreds – yes hundreds – of children, a clerk of court named Kearney, and a fellow cop named Babbitt.

In a December 2015 Gumshoe article I said:

Ryan tried for forty years – I repeat 40 years — to have bad priests removed from proximity to children. He couldn’t even get that much done!

John Howden, headmaster of St Joseph’s College in Mildura did report Monsignor Day’s raping of children (both sexes) to the police — but to no avail. So the blockage was the police.  The justice system was completely tied up. And it took only the two low-level officials, Barritt and Kearney, to do it.

Many victims were threatened (such as “Your parents will lose their jobs if you tell”). And allegations were made against them!! They had to sign a gag order to qualify for the payment of compensation by the Church. I’m pretty sure that gag order can be overridden by the Royal Commission – they have a right to quiz anybody.

As for Monsignor Day’s record-breaking hold on children, two explanations that seem to satisfy Denis Ryan do not satisfy me.

One, which is repeated throughout the book (Unholy Trinity), is that the police let the criminal get away with child-rape because the Church needed to protect its reputation. Ryan thinks the cops joined in on this because they themselves were Catholic. I can’t buy it. Yes, I do recall the era myself, and the holiness of [my] Church, but it does not make sense.

His other explanation is that the cops were similarly trying to protect the reputation of the Force. That just does not jive with the fact that the upper levels of the Force were engaging in complete protection of the Church. They should have wanted to protect their cop-hood. They clearly had no pride, no sense of duty about their responsibility to protect children. Why?

Another thing that Ryan takes as a given – but to me it is a problem – is the fact that the trinity of men were bosom buddies. Day, Babbitt, and Kearney spent a lot of time together. Could it be, as I suspect, that they were engaged in some other task?  At one point Ryan casually mentions, on page 195, that Babbitt was “covert ASIO.”

Ta-da! The Forest. ASIO, I believe, works for World Government. It’s no secret that the US’s CIA basically works for Rockefeller-types.


I have more to say about establishing a Forest from such case-study “Trees” as have been collected by the RC — but will save it for later.

For now, just to recap the above:

  1. Shore patrol told a potential dobber: “Don’t say anything about the abuse on the HMAS Leeuwin. We have people at the top in all services.” Who is the “we”?
  2. The House Master at Highton House in Australia’s most upper-crust grammar school couldn’t care less about being blamed for ruined lives; he showed contempt toward the Commission. Does he belong to a club that disregards the law with impunity? Does some entity above him praise him for this?
  3. Thanks to one particular cop — in Mildura of all places — we found out how the Force blocks any attempts to bring word of Church pedophilia to the place where it might be made to cease (i.e., the arrest of a priest). Translate: Victorian police are protectors and enablers of crime against children. Why? I suggest the Police leaders are following orders from above.

In many other ways, too, we can detect World Government performing its fabulously selfish mission: It holds the entire society in its grip, just so it won’t get knocked off the perch.

I recommend knocking them off the perch pronto.

What Her Maj Wants:

In the Letters Patent from the Queen establishing this Royal Commission, two phrases stick out:

1. The RC needs “to establish mechanisms … for the purpose of enabling the timely investigation and prosecution of offences”

Hello? There already are mechanisms for that. Seriously, we have no lack of ways “to investigate and prosecute offenses.” What prevents them being used is this very thing that I postulate – a secret bunch of overseers in our midst. They represent, or act as agents of, World Government.

Throw the bums out! Even the lowest ones on the rung. Without them, the upper ones wouldn’t last long.

2. The RC must find out “what should be done to eliminate or reduce impediments that currently exist for responding appropriately to child sexual abuse.”

Aha! You can’t “eliminate or reduce impediments” if you don’t say what they are. The impediments — as attested to by Denis Ryan, and the unnamed cadet on the Leeuwin (and maybe boys at Geelong who committed suicide, if they could speak from the grave) — have to do with the presence in our midst of covert operators. The “we” of the shore patrol and the “unidentified supporter” of Robert Bugg, House Master, and Detective Babbitt who double-dips as an ASIO man.

Follow my logic: You can’t BE IN DENIAL ABOUT WORLD GOVERNMENT and yet say you are earnest about fixing the problem that you are in denial about.

Can you?

— Mary W Maxwell took 18 months to beat a path this far, but anyone reading it can acquire it instantly!


Photo credit: discovertheforest.org


  1. I recently listened to a radio talk by Vinny Eastwood with a some one else about the pedo problem in the UK. It was said that even most of the cops sent into investigate were pedeos where ever possible. If they had to send someone into the investigation team that was not on the team (not a pedo) they would send in someone from far away so they would be isloated away from their friends family & supportnetwork. This made these people relatively easy to control, shut up and render harmless, because they were dependant on work mates for friendship and support.

    If the networks are that extensive and organised, then to my way of thinking, all this pedo stuff goes way higher than politicians who, by similar relevations are the front people for TPTB.

    • Being an ex- copper myself, I can attest that when a ‘job’ lobs in your lap on your day to day policing duties that rings alarm bells in high places the word soon comes down from above to desist in the investigation and no reason/s are given, even if asked for.

      • Nemesis, I wonder how many Alyssa Petersons there are. She was a young US Army translator who complained abut torture in Iraq and then was found “having shot herself dead with her rifle.”

        I mean how many cops are there, who, “when word comes down to desist in the investigation,” say “the hell I will,” and then are found next to their rifle.

        Must be a fair few. I wish their families would start an Alyssa Peterson Club. Somewhere i read on the Internet that Alyssa’s parents won’t get involved, but that her bro would like to.

        Here is a Gumshoe article by me dating back 2.3 years. We don’t seem to be making much progress. Better hurry it up!


        • The Cardinal Pell song is inching towards 2 million views. This is not going to go away. i can also say, as a Catholic, that Oz’s Royal Commission is bound to have a huge effect on religion.

        • I worked with two uniformed officers who shot themselves dead over ‘issues’ that they did not confide to fellow officers about.

          I guess they just did not know who to trust, such is the introspective and controlled atmosphere within the force these days.

          Years ago, and before all police forces throughout the West became heavily ‘educated’ and therefore, completely politicized, officers attending the scenes of crime or other ‘newsworthy’ events gave what they knew to the media prior to even putting forward situation reports (sitrep) to the hierarchy.

          Today, ALL information within the police circle is now heavily controlled and contained while snippets of info are generally given out by the Duty Officer on those ‘newsworthy’ events as to what the public needs to know and not what the public should know.

          The Sydney Lindt Café terrorist act is a classic case in point of that mentality.

          Years ago, and after my medical discharge from the NSW Police Force (Hurt on Duty) I put an article forward to a political magazine concerning how police forces generally had become politicized to the point where the public was being denied true crime fighting ability.

          I received a reply from the acting head of studies of the then, Goulburn Police Academy, Peter Ivanoff – academic, who happened to read that article and who generally tried to take me to task over my ‘exposure’ – as one would expect of someone who was interested in protecting his position, which seems to be the common denominator in all establishments, and rarely does one seeking truthful advice come across anyone in the higher echelons of those establishments who are willing to be frank or allow candor, levity and honesty to encroach into their conversations with anyone! – I gave back to Ivanoff exactly how I felt in another article to which I have never received a reply. I told him to get himself off his office chair and on a car crew over several nights to see what happens out there in the real world and then watch how the real world events are spun into something more politically palatable by the Duty Officer (who is generally the rank of Inspector and gets to learn of what occurs from those who were at the scene via the sitrep) and is an officer, who in my opinion, is akin to the Political officer of the old USSR.

          In my endeavour to expose how police forces have now been truly corrupted by the political process I have contacted ex-officers, serving officers and placed ads in newspapers and magazines, and at my own expense, for anyone interested in assisting me in exposing the corruption to come forward, anonymously if necessary, and out of 17,000 police officers state wide I received one reply, and that person wished to remain anonymous!

          That is the kind of chilling effect the Globalists have been able to achieve against us all and it is such an imposition that it will give all who read and comprehend an inkling into what it is that we are up against.

  2. Mary,
    Search youtube for Jay Parker if you need some very troubling insights to this matter.

    He mentions that about 12% of Americans are involved in Satanic Ritualistic Abuse. Is this evil that RC was investigating some of the same ?

    • David, I don’t see how he would come up with a figure (12%) since it is all hush hush. but I guess it is possible.

      He says at 1 hour “Philadelphia is the center of power.”

      He likes Fritz Springmeier and I do too. Jay says he will, at the end of this tape, appeal to the 34 million satanists to come to their senses. That is the way to go. Look how many escapees from cults say how much they hated the life there.

    • I was kind of afraid to listen to this since I’ve already heard so much about the subject and it’s such an unpleasant subject. But I’m really glad I did because this was a fabulous show, all 2-1/2 hours of it. So much useful information. Thanks for posting it here!

    • Passive consumption of any sort doesn’t free anyone from anything, in fact its likely to do the very reverse.

      The question that everybody needs to ask is “am I contributing or resisting?” . The latter is never comfortable but at least you’ll get a good nights sleep.

  3. Now we’re getting right into it!

    From what I’ve heard over the years, it seems to me that this is or was more or less “standard practice” in boys’ boarding schools in England. It seems it’s one way that they can determine from a fairly young age who will be successfully recruited into “the society.” “The society” runs governments and all of its systems from within and without. They like to give those who they might consider for entry into the society an opportunity to “enjoy” themselves at the expense of the younger boys, which will cause some to grow up to be men with very little self esteem and sense of their own power and therefore more or less compliant subjects or citizens. Really, the more organized chaos they can cause the better they like it. Others will grow up to be men with varying degrees of moral degeneracy. A few might grow up to be more or less normal, but the vast majority will grow up to be much less than they would have been without interference. In other words, their development is stunted in some ways.

    This Bugg character is a moral degenerate, certainly, but he has been recruited into the society. When you think about the system of “education” that, to the best of my current knowledge, originated in Britain, it’s apparent throughout that malevolence has been at work, sometimes very blatantly and sometimes very covertly. And the military is the same way. It seems whenever people are allowed to operate behind a privacy screen, the nasty sort will infiltrate and usurp since this “darkness” is their home territory. They use a large portion of their resources to make sure the screen remains in place and also to try to expand the “darkness.” This sounds simple enough, but it’s really huge and it’s what these people/beings are about. It includes keeping our conscious minds separate from our less conscious minds (MK Ultra, Project Monarch, etc.).

    • Churchill referred to that type of behavioural ‘upbringing’ in the ‘old’ Royal Navy, I have often wondered if he was really part of the system. This country’s Navy inherited much of the same tradition from the R.N. so I have little doubt that the case history of HMAS Leeuwin is beyond any doubt whatsoever.

      • Agreed. And I believe Churchill was very much into it and that nobody gets into these high-level positions in any of the English speaking countries at least that isn’t into it — even back then, so this would include Roosevelt too.

    • Problem is that most control/abuse is insidious; most of the time its dressed up as Sweetness & Light. if you don’t look beyond your allocated peer group your never going to realise how developmentally stunted you actually are.

      The current world system is wholly dependent on keeping the people stupefied; maintaining an enchantment. I had no idea I was under said spell until I came head-to-head with WA’s education department

      Any institution that operates under the guise of education, religion or sport and that receives any form of direct or indirect government support should be approached with extreme caution

  4. Case study 40’s story bothers me. If the person identified in that case had become listed as a deserter and was subsequently denied any back pay or other recompense following a Courts-Martial then he would, at the time, have been considered dishonorably discharged which should have precluded him from being later employed in any other area of the armed services.

    Being an ex-military man myself (Army) 1974 -77, and later joining the NSW Police, I can state that during my tenure as a soldier I never witnessed or ever heard of the bastardization that the person described in Case study 40.

    However, at that time of Case study 40, cadets were drawn into the Navy, Army and Air force on mostly apprenticeships at age 16. At that age a young male is still ‘maileable’ to his surroundings so would in all probability be subject after ‘lights out’ to the ‘house rules’.

    The RC itself was steered in one direction only because of political desires. That direction was fairly targeted against the Roman Church and other Christian denominations but was deflected in the total child abuse, slavery, satanism big picture from not being able to target, Islam, Intelligence agencies, the political class, the Judiciary or the Police hierarchy controlling system.

    And until we can have a more thorough commission without political or class restraints imposed upon such a commission, we will forever remain targeting single trees.

    • Nemesis, as far as I understand the Letters Patent, Justice McClellan is NOT prevented from investigating Intelligence Agencies. He has every power imaginable.

      I say he has the historic opportunity to deal with what you, and Spec, and Berry, and David, and Kevin, have said below.

      And if he blows this opportunity, it won’t come up again. McClellan has a unique batch of support, and has personally made a good showing of intelligence and integrity.

      Nemesis, it is not too late for you to write a submission, however short or long, to the Royal Commission. This has been the most public-driven commission Australia ever had — the top prize going to the Survivors. I understand it was the survivor group SNAP that invited Fiona Barnett to give a press conference.

      To everybody else who is reading this: go on, make a submission. The Royal Commission on Institutional Response
      GPO BOx 5283, Sydney NSW 2001. Pay the extra postage for return receipt. Or just do it all by email. See:


      Dot Gov Dot AU — yes it’s happenin’ — it’s a friggin miracle —
      be in it!

  5. This was published today by ABC News. I have no more knowledge of it than what we can get by reading this quote:

    ]Heading]: Power bloc perpetuated culture of ‘cover up’

    During his evidence to the commission, Newcastle Anglican Bishop Greg Thompson said he was the bishop not welcome in his own cathedral.

    He has since quit, attributing the strain to the power bloc trying to get rid of him. Some branded him a liar when he claimed he too was abused by former Newcastle Bishop Ian Shevill.

    Ms Sharp [a counsel assisiting the RC, I think] focused on that in her submission.

    “Following Bishop Thompson’s decision to publicly announce his alleged abuse at the hands of Bishop Shevill and another senior member of clergy in the 1970s, he experienced a backlash from sections within the diocese,” she said.

    “This group within the diocese drove a process to discourage the diocese from dealing with allegations of child sexual abuse and, in doing so, perpetuated a culture of cover up and denial.”

    • Ah, I see Bishop Greg Thompson resigned only on March 15, 2017. ABCnews.net.au said this:

      [Heading] Bishop praised for courage and strength

      One of the abuse survivors who had met regularly with Bishop Thompson was CKA. CKA said Newcastle had lost a good man.

      “I am quite sad that Bishop Greg is going. He has been a good strong advocate for people,” CKA said.

      “He stood shoulder to shoulder with us, an incredible man, a man of great strength, a man of great courage.
      “He certainly listened. I have spoken personally with Bishop Greg on many, many occasions, and the compassion he has shown has been extraordinary, but he’s paid a horrible price for it.

      “It’s an indication of what happens in the Anglican Diocese of Newcastle when you stand up to people. They just carve you up and cut you down.”

      • I think it would be excellent if parishioners refused to show up for services or other activities in protest, if only for the exercise of their own free will.

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