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Syria and The Plan For Its Destruction


One, two, three, FIRE (X 59)

by Dee McLachlan

How should we react to this double assault:

  1. Assad gets blamed for killing his own people “including babies” — a fairly unlikely scenario
  1. Trump “punishes” Assad, by – of course – killing more human beings.

When I first heard about the chemical attack, the 2007 Wesley Clark interview come immediately to mind.

Clark a retired General in the US Army (and Rhodes Scholar) revealed (on the Amy Goodman show) the Neocon plan to destroy seven countries in the Middle East. He had supposedly learned of this plan from a 2001 Pentagon memo.

That is now 16 years ago! Sixteen years of bombardment by the US and, to some extent, by Australia.

Syria was one of the seven countries on Wesley Clark’s list – we must see this as a clear indication that ASSAD’S BEHAVIOR IS NOT THE CAUSE OF THIS STRIKE.

Note: This morning Malcolm Turnbull said Trump’s response was “swift and just.”

Chemical Weapons

A previous chemical attack in Ghouta in 2013 was most likely orchestrated by Saudi Arabia — as reported by Mint Press. There were interviews with doctors, Ghouta residents, rebel fighters and their families, indicating that. It claimed that certain rebels received chemical weapons via the Saudi intelligence chief, Prince Bandar bin Sultan.

The recent alleged gassing of approximately 80 people (which included many children) occurred on April 4, 2017.

Why would President Bashar al-Assad, just as Syria was settling after he gained ground — risk everything by a chemical attack? Even President Trump had indicated that the Assad regime should stay.

It doesn’t add up.

According to the Western press, President al-Assad was behind the attacks, and photographs of the still smoking bombed base (below) and suspect barrels quickly emerged.

This allegedly crossed the line for President Donald Trump and he gave the go-ahead for the strikes (without Congress’ approval). He said that they were the “heinous actions by the Bashar al-Assad regime.”

Why did the US not wait for a proper investigation? And it is reported that senior US military officials are looking into whether Russia participated in Syria’s chemical weapons attack. Someone wants to incite tension between Russia and the US.

The ABC reported that the Russian Defence Ministry said the US attack destroyed six planes in repair hangers, but that only 23 of the rockets hit the target, and that it isn’t clear where the other 36 landed.

False Flag?

Former Congressman Ron Paul has said there is “zero chance” Assad was behind the attack.

As the prospect of peace in Syria was moving closer before the attack, and with ISIS and Al-Qaeda on the run, Paul said: (as reported in Zerohedge):

“It doesn’t make any sense for Assad under these conditions to all of a sudden use poison gases – I think there’s zero chance he would have done this deliberately.”

“Who benefits?…  It’s the neo-conservatives who are benefiting tremendously from this because it’s derailed the progress that has already been made moving toward a more peaceful settlement in Syria,” said Paul.

Is Assad that strategically stupid?


Like many false flags (e.g, 9-11), evidence seems to be emerging that certain individuals on the ground in Syria may have had foreknowledge of the attack up to several days before it happened. Globalresearch reports:

“On April 3rd, 2017, an anti-Assad journalist tweeted that the next day he would be launching a media campaign to cover airstrikes on the Hama countryside, including the use of chemical weapons.

“On April 1st, 2017, a doctor on the ground in Khan Sheikhoun, Dr. Shajul Islam, had received several shipments of gas masks in the days running up to the chemical incident.”

Footage from the scene of the incident taken by the Syrian White Helmets appears to me to show that their operatives were not assisting victims in a manner according to established protocol. The way to handle sarin-saturated bodies requires the use of gloves not bare hands.

Even this photo seems odd to me.

A man carries a child victim in a quarry.

I remember another strange suspicious episode filmed in a quarry-like facility.

The ground is wet. There are men in white suits in the background. There is a container-like structure on the right. What is this place?

I wonder who is running this “show”?


Photo credits: News.com.au, Daily Mail,
REUTERS/Ammar Abdullah (quarry photo)


  1. ‘It doesn’t add up’!!!!!!
    it only does so to the fake msm and simple minded politicians……and warmongers/killers,

    • Nedski, I’m afraid it also adds up for the folks out there who draw a simple line from “Assad naughty to babies” to “US should do some caning.”

      I realize media is the giver-outer of the false info, but the human brain prepares people to accept “explanations.”

      Why, dontch’all know that silly Martin Bryant killed Sally because she had refused [umpteen years earlier] to sell a farm to Maurice Bryant.

      Crikey, I recall a neighbor who in 1958 wouldn’t lend my Mom a suitcase for a trip. I’m gonna go burn that person’s house down.

      “Sure, Mary, we understand.”

      • This is from The New Statesman in 2015:
        “The west would like to forget Syria but it refuses to be forgotten. Since the civil war there began in 2011, our expressions of sympathy with its benighted people have followed an oddly cyclical, almost ­ritualistic pattern. Every summer, when our politicians are away on holiday, news from Syria seems to have an odd way of flooding back into the headlines. Something gruesome unfolds that once again draws our attention. There is a tragedy to prick our conscience, or some new horror – perpetrated by the regime or its enemies – to shock our sensibilities.”

  2. We are all to blame for the suffering of all innocent people in Syria Libya Iraq Afghanistan Yemen Palestine and many other Arabic and African nations . These wars have nothing to do with religion or ethnicity . They are all about the profit from oil and guns . Sixteen years have passed and wars are only getting worse . Unfortunately our leaders subscribe to the dark paths of destruction instead of the truth . Where greed rules all love is lost . What a sad sad world we have created for the young and innocent . The military industrial complex is opposed to all life on this earth and we have absolutely no reason to be spending billions trillions for pain death and destruction now on a global scale . Our boys are not freedom fighters they are cold brainwashed murderes for the nwo .
    Pray for peace .

  3. Whilst our warmongering killer politicians, msm and shock jokes are condeming an event that has not been properly investigated, readers should go back a few years when US Secrstrary of State, Madleine Allbright said in an interview that the deaths of over 500,000 (five hundred thousand) from sanctions against Iraq ‘was hard but worth it’.
    Someone might put up the interview please.
    So who are historicaly the greatest danger to children? Our killer politicians, msm and shock jokes warmongers and thieves or disgusting, cruel, perverted and sick paedophiles?
    To think; that some people are prepared to be in the same room as inhuman warmongering mass child killers and their apologists yet ‘rightly’ condemn perverted criminal paedophiles
    Why was Albright not bombed?

      • Jonathon Faine of ‘our’ ABC
        Was the price worth it?
        Prey tell the Australian public; Australian Broadcasting Commission and Murdocracy media and the Howard government; was the (continuing) price worth it?
        Any thoughts on this Malcolm and Julie et al., ?
        Perhaps ‘our’ teasurer/s might enlighten the Australian public and shock jokes as to how much we have had to borrow and pay interest to the bankers for Howard’s ’embarrasing’ (wmd lies) joining of the coalition of the killing in 2003, being suckered by wmd lies.
        Well, Malcolm and Julie welcome to the Howard club with your msm and shock joke mates,
        We await the follow up to Johnies embarrasements……with a few more hundreds of thousands dead and maimed……. for whom?

  4. Yinon Plan. Its all its ever been about. Syria had the temerity to put up a fight, and the UN didn’t want to know, thus ISIS was minted as a straw-man operation (we had to destroy the village in order to save it). Interesting that this follows pretty closely on the heels of Netanyahu’s last little jaunt around the world, visiting the usual suspects (the US, us, Britain), and follows quickly America’s recent and already forgotten shift in position on the Syrians deciding on their own future and rule.

  5. What we know is Assad is a dictator having come from a motley crew of suspects as far as morality is concerned, now his family having billions of dollars scattered within the family coffers, a tyrannical and minority religious? governing organization ruled as far as I can make out by a police state.
    Conversely a Middle East having had what is due to them money from oil would become the ruling power of the world, this being a embarrassing prospect for the ruling powers, the collapse of the Imperialist Powers, had only one way to deal with this New World? to supply military equipment to suck out the energy of the Middle East.
    The Imperialist powers that is Britain, America, France and Israel, also the other stragglers such as Australia, it did not need to much thought and a get together for the interests of these powers to grasp the situation, the 1% financiers also being the main adherents to the general plan, the destruction of the Middle East, with the assistance of Mossad,CIA, MI6 and the rest of the secret services all in the pay of the finance industry, even the upstarts such as Putin could see you can as a no one become well off, so the KGB were all part of the pigs snort in the
    trough, and with the destruction of a weakened Middle East, Russia, could now get into expansion of its influence.
    There are many other factors, such as Muhammad;s doctrine, having to use violence against foreigners, the usury system of finance, the prostrating position seemingly a sort of empty plea to be closer to God, was all to much for the Power structure who was comfortable with their own religion and could manipulate this religious doctrine to their own ends.
    What became a problem for the power nations was propaganda, as one can see with Trump anything goes in particular the public being manipulated to what ever was convenient, what became obvious to the Imperialists is a dead Arab is a good Arab, instead of the Western Allies putting boots on the ground and suffering the vagaries of the dead returning and cost of mutilation and costs, the supplies of military to both sides ISIS and Assad, supplies of equipment to ISIS through Turkey, was convenient.
    To summarize? who is who? as far as the terrorist goes? the acts of terror in the West are all symptoms of a much wider problem, as we investigate more so into who did what the more we are misled as to what our problem is, but go for it write the intrigue we all need to be confused to get away from it?

  6. Anybody with a smidgeon of brain can work out that the Assad regime had nothing to do with any of the so called chemical attacks on their own population.

    Even if in the past, Assad or his followers had been as bad as the Media has said, to his own people, he could never reach the numbers of murders committed, so far, by the Western Governments and their agents.

    People forget that Assad has been elected by his own people, as had Gadaffi, of Libya been. The Western Powers have no right to intervene.

  7. First, people have to know that they can trust absolutely nothing that comes from mainstream media, politicians, or other “authorities.” And just because we see bodies lying around doesn’t necessarily mean that people were actually killed or that any other aspect of the incident or greater situation described by these sources is actually true. What we can see is the particularly dirty ones coming out in support of the illegal actions.

    Second, this is about much more than oil and greed. Sure they want the oil, the pipelines, the profits. But there are much deeper and more sinister things going on.

    If children have indeed been murdered just to pull off this false flag, there will be consequences for the monsters who participated in the atrocity. These monsters would include the same group responsible for the missile attack. If nothing else it’s helping to shake a few people “awake” here in the U.S. They’re seeing that their man Trump is not going to be the savior that they believed he would be.

    The responsible parties, if one goes high enough into the hierarchy, will be the same ones responsible for all of the other false flags. There appears to be an abundance of “dirty hands” in the lower ranks.

    I like David Icke’s views on the situation. This video is from 2015, but is still totally relevant: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yMZnX4PnubI

  8. For what it’s worth, here are a couple of analyses that may go some way to attempt to explain the 5 dimensional chess game being played over this Syrian False Flag gas attack and Trump’s military response.

    First is an NSA “insider” calling himself Thomas Paine.

    Second is a guy named Bix Weir from California. I for one hope they’re both right. Otherwise we may all be in trouble.

    Anyway, batten down the hatches everyone ’cause it looks like it’s going to be a very wild ride.

    Anyone care to take a guess at when we Downunder get our next false flag??

  9. So far we have 10 people in this thread: Phil, Mal, Spec, David, Ned, Dee, Mary, 56, Don, Paul. None of us is saying what we can do. What is our connection to our government?

    If “Australia” is participating in the Regime Change of Syria, in aid of the Powers That Be, doesn’t that mean that Phil, Mal, Spec, David, Ned, Dee, Mary, 56, Don, and Paul are participating? What is a nation? What is a polity? I feel personally responsible for these killings.

    And the same for the “Cyclone” that wrecked beautiful Airlie Beach in Queensland last week. As I have let the previous “earthquakes” go unavenged, or unopposed, I am to blame.

    Sorry, this is not meant to be a personal statement. It is a primal scream about the way we let our culture operate. Surely each of us can affect our culture. We can tell everybody that the way Oz is now run is a disaster, a sin. We can say THIS MUST STOP.

    We can say the ones that are doing it are arseholes. They ARE arseholes, pure and simple. I am talking about the ones at the very top. Their plans, their stupid plans to render the world uninhabitable, and their deliberate seeding of personal cruelty in human relations. The word “arsehole” doesn’t even do justice.

    Why in the world are we letting them get away with it?
    It IS our fault. And how about the hundreds of people that read Gumshoe everyday and do not comment. What are they thinking? Does anyone see his/her role in history?

    Are we supposed to just “wait” for the “next” false flag? Is this where 3 millennia of civilization has brought us?


    • Hey Mary, (I’m back from my “dark place”)

      I’ll scream with you. Maybe if we all scream louder, we’ll get their attention.

      Or then again, maybe praying together might work better. (that was my wife’s suggestion)

      “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places” Eph 6:12
      A suggestion for a Gumshoe Prayer.

      Dear God,
      Please help all of us Gumshoers who are awake to what those ARSEHOLES running the “Western Democracies”, starting bullshit wars, raping and killing children, who set up the bullshit, printed-out-of-thin-air, Central Banks, and then have us work out tits off to pay back principal AND interest on, who lie to us every fucking time we look at the corporate FAKE NEWS, who spray the perfectly blue skies you gave us with poison, put shit in their so-called life-saving vaccines and medicines, poison our water with fluoride, and ruin our food supply with GMO organisms, who pervert the education system to make us and our kids stupid and who try to get us to believe that pedophilia is normal, THOSE ARSEHOLES. Please God, help us get them and put them in cages so that we can enjoy the nice planet you gave us.And one other thing God, please NEVER let our pitchforks go blunt or our flaming torches burn out. Thanks.

      Please feel free to amen or improve with your suggestions.

      • Mary and Phil ,
        I hear and feel your thoughts of truth . But what can we do ?
        The 10% have all the guns , especially here in Oz .
        If we are to confront them our fate will be like the
        refugee / terrorists looking for shelter around the world , after having lost everything .
        Yes Phil , like you’re good lady suggests , prayer and love seem to be the only option left .
        Gandhi did it with no violence . But since him , India has been corrupted by the 10% . It’s a sad statistic , that one in ten people is a psychopath and unfortunately they are the ones selected to positions of power .
        Love prayer and compassion , for everyone , is the only sane choice we have left . Otherwise we risk becoming just like our oppressors .
        The evilutionists have never created anything , they are only destroying .

        • Hey 56,
          Trying to be realistic about our dilemma, our options are few, but powerful. The pen (i.e. spreading truth and information) is mightier than the sword. How many times have we heard, “Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come”

          Which is what Gumshoe is all about. I wish the invisible, no comment Gumshoers would get off their couches and at least say Hi!

    • I did receive a language warning from Turnbull’s office if that helps. I don’t know if it counts, but it appears I’m an anti-Marmite or something.

  10. Two other articles help to elucidate further the broader context of these recent developments. The first is by Michel Chossudovsky: http://www.globalresearch.ca/pentagon-trained-syrias-al-qaeda-rebels-in-the-use-of-chemical-weapons/5583784

    The second is by Michael Krieger, http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-04-08/beginning-end-us-empire ,
    whose concluding words bring the issues right back home to all those who are able to grasp the message, and appreciate its implications:

    “Since 9/11:
    1) Non-stop war.
    2) Destruction of U.S. middle class.
    3) Banker bailouts
    4) Death of civil liberties.
    . . . Expect more of all the above as the U.S. empire enters its most devastating phase of collapse. [At a minimum] Think about what it might mean for you and your family and prepare accordingly.”


  11. And speaking of False Flags, what do you reckon the Channel 7 Chopper film crew which was hovering above the August 2016 Barrangaroo “Training exercise” has done with all that footage? Perhaps another Melbourne “doughnut” driving false flag incident to convince “We the Sheeple” that we are all under attack from Isis/Gladio #2/persons unknown???
    Don’t forget Sheeple- Be afraid, be very afraid. And pay your taxes because we need to give “Law Enforcement” more of our taxes to lock us all down.

    False flag in Sydney coming soon?? Shots of the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House to help the world identify the False Flag location?? No doubt..We’ve had the gun shootings in schools,(and Port Arthur 20 years ago) knife attacks in London, truck attacks in Nice, Berlin and Stockholm, car attacks in Melbourne and Westminster Bridge in London. How about a rickshaw attack in Sydney’s Chinatown. “Crazed Islamic rickshaw driver in Sydney’s Chinatown goes berserk mowing down hapless tourists and shouting “Allah Akbah” (in Chinese- of course) because we’ve got to demonise the Chinese. Because the Chinese are friendly with the Russians.

    It’ll probably be bigger than Ben Hur! Expect it…

  12. To take up Marys point about what action we are going to take, lets make it known to all of our federal politicans that we do not approve of this action by the US, that they are to use the special relationship we have the US to communicate to Trump that we demand this invasion and assult on Syrian sovereignty to cease forthwith.

    All of our politicans have office phone numbers and email addresses. We should all phone their office and or send them an email. I suggest we exampt Senator in Exile, Culleton as he has his hands full trying to save our Australian Constitution.

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