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A Syrian Quarry Vs Trump Tower


Trump Tower

by Dee McLachlan

The president of the US lives in a tower glittering with gold, while the folk in the village of Khan Sheikhoun in Syria live in simple homes. Good for them. The buildings and streets of the small town encircle the khan — the caravanserai — built in the the 14th century.

Khan Sheikhoun

It is alleged that Syrian President Assad, who happens to be a medical doctor, ordered an attack on the town (on April 4, 2017) with sarin gas.

This was reported in Al Jazeera:

“At least 72 people, including 11 children, were killed in Khan Sheikhoun on Tuesday, according to the Syrian American Medical Society (SAMS), which runs several field hospitals in the area. More than 550 people were injured.”

Based on several photographs and very short video clips, the MSM has been busy propagandizing the whole world with a scene in which local emergency workers in Syria are dealing with chemically-injured people. Many aspects of the video clips and photos seem suspiciously set up.

The “iconic” photo of a man carrying his two dead children.

I wrote up a brief article on this chemical attack yesterday. I was particularly disturbed by a video showing a doctor jabbing a needle into a seemingly dead child’s chest — supposedly with adrenaline, but the person injects nothing. It seemed set up.

Sarin in Khan Sheikhoun

There are many images of dead and dying people, and some very disturbing video clips of young people suffering. One video shows a child desperately trying to breathe. The people were supposedly gassed in the town, but most of the iconic photographs and video of the event were taken in a quarry-like “facility”.

Most of the photographs and short extracts of video showing victims being sprayed with water are in this quarry.

The Quarry

I have a life’s experience of directing films, both in cities and in the wild, and know most of the techniques to make something look real. I thus have some real concerns with the footage in the quarry.

Spraying down children with water in the quarry

So what is this quarry, where is it, and why are these people here?

Syrian activist Samer al-Hussein is quoted in NPR.org:

“We were afraid of inhaling the smoke… Dozens of children, women, men and elderly people lying on the ground, getting hosed down with water, out in the cold. Children trying to breathe a gasp of air, with saliva and foam coming out of their mouths and nostrils.”

NPR continues:

…Hussein [the witness] said Russian warplanes were to blame for targeting Khan Shaykhun’s only hospital hours after the initial attack and returning to bomb the town’s civil defense center, from where first responders work.

He [the witness] had been to the civil defense center just hours before, watching in horror as rescue workers stripped the wounded before they tried to hose off the toxic substance. [So is the quarry a civil defense centre?]

…He says he saw entire families being pulled from their apartments, lifeless. The strikes came just at daybreak.”

The strikes came just before daybreak — yet the photographs of the children being hosed down is surely several hours after sunrise (as can be seen in the photo above).

This photograph (below) shows the area where the spraying took place in the quarry (see the wet area). This was taken later in the day, as the sun is now high in the sky.

So is this man (above) carrying this child into or out of the “quarry facility”?

This man (below) holding the hose, is walking around with bare feet — in the sarin contaminated water.

Bare feet 

This photograph (below) is a screen grab from a video showing a man trying to load a child into a van. Did people bring their children to this quarry to get hosed off?

Putting the child in the van

The WHO said area hospitals were unable to handle the flood of victims, and dozens were transported across the border to Turkey — more than 80 miles away — for treatment.

The Video

I have several problems with the photographs and the footage.

All the video that has surfaced has been highly edited. The cuts are quick — with no long running shots revealing what is actually happening.

The children have been brought to the quarry to be sprayed down — then are put back in vans and taken away again. Why were they not sprayed down outside their apartment buildings?

Responders are working with victims with bare hands, bare feet and mask-less.

I’m sure there was a chemical attack of some sort. And I’m sure many people died. But who caused it, is up for debate.

But what is this quarry — a field hospital, or a civil defense center? (Al-Hussein, the witness, did say he saw people being hosed off in a civil defense center.)

Or is the quarry a film set (with some of the real victims brought in from the town)?

Where is this quarry?

Quarry-like areas outside the town


We need to see the unedited video to see what is really going on — to determine whether people were sacrificed for a dangerous geopolitical publicity stunt.



  1. OK. So now we have a filmmaker, maybe the only one in the world who will put herself on the line, offering an interpretation.

    Now let’s have a doctor, maybe only one in the world, who will “diagnose” the child being put into the van. Is that child dead? I say yes. If so, what is the point of having him sprayed?

    And as Dee pointed out, why would that person (the Dad?) not use gloves if the poison is so bad?

    • There are very upsetting videos in the hospital that are not edited… and clearly show the terrible consequences of what happened.

        • Dee, That video shows your man walking into the quarry facilty. So please write to the NY Times [all the news that’s fit to print] and ask them which of their photographers was at the quarry and what is the quarry scene all about.

          • My point exactly, Mary. I’m constantly asking these sources, how many of their people they have there on the ground, only to be told, “NONE”.
            The next question then is : If you have no folks on the ground, from whence do you get this information and video clips ?
            Answer, From the people there, on the ground.
            FACT, the only people there on the ground are…… TERRORISTS, the very same folks who chop off heads, cut open warm bodies and tear out beating hearts and eat them, the same folks who put captured soldiers into cages and set them alight, burning them alive, the same folks who have been using innocent Syrian civilians as humans shields, to cover their own backsides. Clearly, very upstanding, reliable honest people, right ?
            How much creditability would these people get in a court of law ?????? Yet, the U.S. together with it’s sycophant supporters, of which I am ashamed to say, Australia is one, support this behavior whole heartedly.
            I seriously despair for the future for Australia, as KARMA is a bitch, Australia would well deserve what’s coming as a consequence of this behavior.

          • Get a load of this, Eddy. I finally clicked on Dee’s link to the caravanserai in Northern Syria and read “how things were” in ancient times. This is from Wikipedia (CIA):

            Herodotus: “Now the true account of the road in question is the following: Royal stations exist along its whole length, and excellent caravanserais; and throughout, it traverses an inhabited tract, and is free from danger.”

  2. Anyone who does not have Corinthiam columns in front of the elevator in his/her living room should really not be on the list of approved people. We’ve got to maintain some standards.

  3. I have a close friend that does not access the internet, instead she gets ALL her information from the TV. As the Trump campaign developed, we had a few discussions and it was always the MSM narrative of ‘racist, bigot, misogynist, homophobic, yadda, yadda.

    I tried explaining why he was at least saying the right things, but she didn’t want to hear any of it. Yesterday, I tried discussing the alleged ‘chemical attack’ and why it was bogus – and she freaked out!

    Now she is DEFENDING TRUMP! She said he had to do something to stop Assad. – The MSM plays these people like puppets.

    Fork me, let me off this rock…

    • On Before its News

      “The United States was fully briefed on the fact that there was a target in Idlib that the Russians believe was a weapons/ explosives depot for Islamic rebels.
      The Syrian Air Force hit the target with conventional weapons. All involved expected to see a massive secondary explosion. That did not happen. Instead, smoke, chemical smoke, began billowing from the site. It turns out that the Islamic rebels used that site to store chemicals, not sarin, that were deadly. The chemicals included organic phosphates and chlorine and they followed the wind and killed civilians.
      There was a strong wind blowing that day and the cloud was driven to a nearby village and caused casualties.
      We know it was not sarin. How? Very simple. The so-called “first responders” handled the victims without gloves. If this had been sarin they would have died. Sarin on the skin will kill you. How do I know? I went through “Live Agent” training at Fort McClellan in Alabama.
      There are members of the U.S. military who were aware this strike would occur and it was recorded. There is a film record. At least the Defense Intelligence Agency knows that this was not a chemical weapon attack. In fact, Syrian military chemical weapons were destroyed with the help of Russia. ”


    • Lose your friend Terry. They just weigh you down, drive you crazy and leave you with a feeling of despair for humanity. I’ve “disassociated” with some of my life-long “friends:. It’s uplifting.

      Siblings and relatives is much harder. I’m working on it.

  4. First question ; W.T.F. were these children doing in a quarry in the first place ? Were they smashing the rocks for the terrorists to build them a safe haven ?
    Or, was there a school there for the kids to be schooled ???
    Funny thing, no one seems to give a toss, as to why these kids were there in the first instance, I wonder why that is ?
    Second Question ; Every village around this quarry was visited by the terrorists who grabbed people left right and center and disappeared them. The villagers have no idea what happened to them. Are these fatalities the same people who were disappeared ?
    Third Question ; The U.S. itself, destroyed Syria’s chemical weapons quiet some time back, and the U.N. stated categoricly, there no more such weapons in the hands of Assad.
    Note, I did not say “in Syria”, as there are many authoritive sources that have established beyond a doubt, that Turkey and the Terrorists are working hand in hand, smuggling into Syria the material to manufacture chemical weapons, and there are also, verified reports of terrorists using these weapons against the Syrians.
    All events that the Western World has been very much aware of now for FOUR YEARS, yet there has not been one word of condemnation against the terrorists for using chemical weapons against the Syrian people’s.
    The question is : Why not ?
    Lastly, the hypocritical cries of horror and condemnation are nothing but hollow empty words.
    Were was the concern for the Iraq babies and children who died in their HUNDREDS because of sanctions against that country by none other than the very Nation that is allegedly crying out in horror against this “PUNY IN COMPARISION ) event being alleged in Syria today ?
    We all remember the words spoken by the U.S. Rep, when questioned on her part in their deaths, “IT WAS WORTH IT”.
    Where was the condemnation when the “Shock and Awe” targeted a bunker that housed in excess of 400 women and children who were butchered by America’s bunker busting bombs we all heard so much hype about ???
    Where was the concern then, for retribution against the WAR CRIMINALS who directed and authorized those events, why haven’t they seen the end of a rope ????
    I’m totally pissed off at the American, Australian and Western nations who have all witnessed and seen these events only recently, yet it seems their memories cannot recall these shocking events.
    Instead, they swallow, hook line and sinker, the bullshit they are fed by their Government and leaders on a daily basis.
    However that’s no excuse, I too could do exactly the same, instead I canvass resources around the World to discover the truth, I then compare my findings with past actions of similar events and the results of the investigations, which to this very day, have NEVER, EVER, VERIFIABLY FOUND ANY EVIDENCE THATSYRIA HAS EVER USED CHEMICAL WEAPONS AGAINST IT’S OWN PEOPLE.
    Someone asked whether REAL Doctors have seen the clips of these events ?
    Try this site ;
    More ;
    More ;
    More ;
    There’s heaps more readily available, not only from this source but many others in European countries, all it takes is a little work and digging. I’m surprised that our esteemed P.M. seems unable to find the reality himself, probably to involved in shoveling his ill gotten gains to the Canary Island.
    But it really pains me to see average Australians falling for the bullshit the Australian MSM is shoveling at them, given past history, they should really know a hell of a lot better.

    • Ahem, I hate to say it, Monsieur Dinkum, but she is possibly not a lucky girl but a lucky doll. Check the arms and the knee. i was told by Montse that a doll girl was used at the Boston Marathon and I have to agree because of the way the Boston girl never changes her knee position.

      So today when Dee sprung her criticism of the kids at the quarry I decided to look up “lifelike dolls” to see if any matched. I got well and truly freaked out. It’s a whole industry of ‘reborns’:

  5. US and allies (our boys and girls) planning ground invasion in Syria with 150,000 soldiers .
    Why do our mentally deranged leaders insist on causing death and misery in the world by killing and displacing people from their native lands .
    Yes our silence is complicit .

    • 56, This is laughable. This is exactly what I mean, when I say, Australians really don’t give a damn what the Yanks are doing in the M.E.
      Anyone with half a brain, would read such an article and compare it to events that have occurred within the last 10 years.
      How many examples have we had of an invasion of a sovereign country with the numbers you have given ???
      How many troops were needed to ILLEGALY invade Iraq, AFTER their military was destroyed the first time round ?
      How many troops were needed to ILLEGALY invade Nicaragua, a country that has a pathetic military for it’s own defence ?
      Lastly, what were we told by Bush 2, and DARTH VADER CHENEY, it would take to invade Iraq ????
      How did any of these events turn out ???????
      Using those events as a base line, how well, or how realistic do you think such claims are ????????

    • This is from ABCNEW:

      As long as the Russians support their Syrian proxy, he will remain.

      That is unless Mr Trump decides to take on not just the Syrian President, but Vladimir Putin too. That is unlikely but not impossible.

      Or that the Russians could decide it’s all too hard and dangerous and strike a deal with the Americans.

      How that could be achieved and save face on both sides is hard to see. [Can u imagine talking about face-saving! — MM]

  6. Now that we’ve witnessed the murder of an infant at the hands of the White Helmets/Deep State/Banksters, we ought to be able to grasp the evil facing us.
    This really is just as simple as good versus evil. Everyone can now choose their side. And in an age of information overload, ignorance is not an excuse.

    • Hate to burst your bubble Phil, but I’ve been keeping close tabs on these events ever since Iraq invasion No 1, where Saddam was sucked into taking on Kuwait for stealing his oil.
      Given the green light by none other than his good friends the Yanks, who then turned on him and destroyed his military.
      It appears that event as well, seems to have gone down the deep hole and folks everywhere have forgotten that day of betrayal.
      Since then, we have witnessed similar events, year in, year out, and very few people indeed, World wide, in the U.S. and Australia really couldn’t give a damn.
      It wont be until our trade ceases due to conflict preventing shipping, when our youth will discover they don’t live in a democracy at all, and will be consigned to the blood baths our forefathers learnt all about very quickly.
      However, by that time, their revelation will be far too late, and the meat grinder will welcome them with open arms.
      Our politicians who claim to have the interests of Australians at heart, will be banging the war drums big time, cohercing our youth to throw away their lives so the same politicans can get richer by the day.
      We can look forwards to a world contaminated to such an extent, no attempt by anyone could ever combat what’s been done. How do you put back nuclear fall out once it’s in the atmosphere ??? How do you purify our water when it’s been contaminated beyond treatment with heavy metals and radiation ?
      But, hey, the Canary Islands will be over flowing with politicians mainly from Australia, living the good life.

      • Fair comment Eddy,

        25 years ago, I was totally fast asleep. Only started smelling a rat 7 years ago. I’m a slow learner. Only found out about our pedo political system 15 months ago. Talk about slow learner.


    “The US will stand up against anyone who commits crimes against humanity, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has said, as Western leaders gathered to seek clarification on Washington’s official stance on Syria and President Bashar al-Assad.”

    (Maybe “stand up against” means “stand shoulder to shooulder with”)??

    • So according to Tillerson, Madeliene Albright is a nice person and not a WAR CRIMINAL with the blood of no less than a million Iraqi babies on her hands for the sanctions that denied them civilized medical care ???? C’mon Tillerson, what are you going to do about that CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY ?
      Or do you SUPPORT SUCH A CRIME ?

  8. I don’t believe there was any Sarin gas attack. I’m not sure there was any attack at all. I’m not sure anyone died. I have no idea what happened, if anything at all.

    What we know is that mainstream media lies and our governments lie. They have no qualms about killing people, including women, children and babies and they create false flag attacks and fake false flag attacks. They kill American citizens abroad, including women and children and then say those women and children were responsible for their own murders. Look at what’s been happening in Yemen and all of the other undeclared war zones.

    What we really don’t know is what happened, where it happened, when it happened, and who was involved. The propaganda machine is hard at work with an apparently large budget — not that these “attacks” are professional looking, but they have lots of them planned.

    It almost feels like they’re fishing us. They dangle stuff in front of us that we find hard to resist, we get hooked, and then they reel us in.

    • It is indeed very sad and depressing to realise that our young men (and now women also) , for over 100 years , have always been mercenaries “fighting for freedom” for the crown and the hidden hand .
      With one exception being Darwin in ww2 , where our soldiers had to defend these borders , we have always been an invading occupying force .
      Maybe as in Orwells 1984 , defence really means attack .
      As long as our nation is governed by masonry the inequality and suffering will continue .
      Hope I’m not offending anyone , for this is a very sensitive issue as many many countless lives have been lost
      unnecessarily only for the greed and profit of the select few .
      All respect to all the men and women
      that served or tragically died in the wars across the seas .
      It is for them and our children that the
      hidden hand must be revealed in the light of day .

      • Pardon my stupidity for not mentioning along with Darwin the bloody and courageous defence of our ANZACS in New Guinea and Pacific islands in WW2 .

      • Well spoken 56. It’s a sad day indeed for Australians, when our political system no longer allows past history to be taught in our schools. There’s not a doubt in my mind, that this is deliberate.
        Take for example the issues that you’ve posted here, in regards Darwin and New Guinea during WW 2.
        How many Australians are aware that the British Government would not allow the Australian troops, (which were in transit to Egypt at the time ) to be diverted and travel home to defend their own country. The politician involved at the time, none other than the very same person responsible for the debacle at Gallipoli, and a War Criminal, based on his own actions, Churchill. Thankfully, our own P.M. had a back bone at the time, and told Churchill where he could go, then communicated direct with the fleet and ordered them Home, where after a short period, they were sent to New Guinea and Darwin to protect our shores. If the Brits had their way, all Australians would now be speaking Japanese.
        Thanks to the Australian Government, I spent nearly two years living and working in Singapore, actually living in the old British barracks built before WW 2 in Changi. Which are now gone, replaced with Singapore’s international airport. (Could it be, this place was an embarrassment to them ?)
        Anyone interested in the goings on there before and during the war, this provided and ideal opportunity to avail yourself of the history that happened there. And again, the Brits need to hang their heads in shame, for what they did to the Australian troops who were supposed to be fighting for them. Yet, in Australia, all we hear is the remembrances of the fallen, never the truth, who was responsible for them falling in the first place. An extremely shameful period in our history indeed.
        That’s why directly after the war, the popularity of the Brits in Australia, was at it’s lowest level ever.
        The question is, Did Australians learn anything from that experience ?
        I believe the generation that was directly involved, certainly learned a thing or two, that’s why the push came for abandoning the Commonwealth and the Monarchy.
        Yet, as that generation died off, so did the memories as well, and the replacement generations had no time to recall that history and eventually, forgot all about it, laughing at the old folks in the old people’s homes when they recall those times.
        Today, we’ve replaced our poorly chosen saviours with the Yanks, who some people seem to think give a rats arse about Australians. LOL. Sure they certainly do, as long as we are TOTALLY RELIANT on them for our own defence, and continue to purchase their over priced defence equipment, or buy their cast offs at outrageous exhorbitant prices, equipment that turns out we can never, ever use. (Vis a vis a whole fleet of helicopters in storage.)
        There are nations around the World, that are not half as rich as Australia is, nor do they have the resources that we do, yet these nations are self sufficient in their defence capabilities.
        The best example is North Korea, a nation that has been destroyed by the Americans, then dragged itself by it’s boot straps, DESPITE the continual sanctions imposed upon them ILLEGALLY, and supported by the sycophant Western nations, it has managed to build a might defensive capability to defend itself. How does puny Australia compare, with NONE of the challenges the N.K. faced every day ?
        What does that say about the average Australian, and the quality of our politicians ?????????

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