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Lap Dog Politicians Fail Australia Yet Again


by James O’Neill*

One of the more profoundly depressing consequences of the aftermath of the American missile attack on the al Shayrat Syrian air base is having to acknowledge how terminally stupid our politicians are.  Either that, or they are so captivated by the dictates of United States foreign policy that they follow blindly in its wake, which is a different kind of stupidity.

Only the independent MP Andrew Wilkie (www.abc.net.au 12 April 2017) and Green spokesperson Scott Ludlum (media release 7 April 2017) have publicly questioned the dominant media narrative.

There are at least four alternative narratives available to explain what happened in what is alleged to be a chemical weapons attack on the Syrian village of Khan Sheikhoun.

(a) the Syrian government dropped illegal chemical weapons on civilians. This is the meme repeated ad nauseum by our politicians and the media.  This barrage of propaganda has been maintained despite the compete absence of any compelling evidence.

(b) That it was an accidental discharge following an air strike on terrorist positions by the Syrian Air Force. This was the initial Russian reaction, but it also lacks supporting evidence.  The Russians did however call for an independent investigation, which has been ignored by the western media and western politicians.  They didn’t need evidence as they already “knew” that Syria was guilty.

(c) The whole thing was a staged event using civilians kidnapped some time earlier from Khattab. This really has different components, as it is possible to be a staged, or false flag event, without the use of previous kidnap victims.  Either way, again there is a lack of real evidence.

(d) That outside forces (the US, Turkey, Saudi Arabia?) supplied the terrorists for the purpose of creating a situation that would lend itself to American intervention of the type we have witnessed. There is at least a track record of such practices (A. Larsen Analysis of Evidence Contradicts Allegations on Syrian Gas Attacks. The Indicter Magazine swedhr.org 5 April 2017).  This has prima facie more plausibility than the other theories, but again the evidence is lacking.

The strengths and weaknesses of the respective theories are usefully discussed by Rick Sterling (How Media Bias Fuels Syrian Escalation. www.consortiumnews.com  10 April 2017.  The central point however, is that whatever theory emerges as the most plausible explanation, it will only do so after a proper independent investigation.  Judging from their public utterances thus far, an independent investigation is the furthest thing from the minds of our politicians.

Even without such an investigation, there are ample grounds for questioning the official narrative.  A far from exhaustive list would include such factors as the following:

  • the near impossibility that it was Sarin gas that was used. This is especially evident in the lack of typical symptoms in the victims that follow a Sarin attack.
  • The UN report of June 2014 declared that Syria had been disarmed of its chemical weapons. There is no evidence of any resumption of manufacture or storage. (un.org 23 June 2014).
  • Given the short shelf life of Sarin, it would have to have been manufactured recently, and there is zero evidence of such manufacture.
  • In any criminal investigation, one of the first questions asked by investigators is: cui bono?, that is, who benefits.
  • As Assad is, since the intervention of the Russians in September 2014 (and the help of Iran and Hezbollah) winning the war against the terrorists in their multiple guises, there is no convincing reason why he would risk international opprobrium for so little military benefit.
  • Conversely, the US response gives umpteen reasons for the terrorists to repeat the exercise (which they have done several times before) knowing that the American response against Assad will be to their military advantage.

There are many other factors militating against it being a Syrian government attack, but the above points are sufficient to confirm that the rush to judgment is neither appropriate nor likely to lead to a proper understanding of the forces at work.

It hardly needs to be stated that the American attack was contrary to international law, and possibly US domestic law as well (Marjorie Cohn Trumps Syria attack Trampled Many Laws. www.consortiumnews.com 11 April 2017.) That is a factor that barely if at all exercises the minds of either the politicians or the media that breathlessly repeat their inanities and provide equally inane ‘analysis’ of what is happening in
Syria and its repercussions.

It is not of course the first time that the United States has flaunted international law, perceiving itself as exempt from the constraints that dictate, or should dictate, the exercise of brute power in pursuit of geopolitical objectives.

What is of additional concern however, is that the Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and Labor leader Bill Shorten fell over themselves in their eagerness to approve such a flagrant violation of international legal norms.  Turnbull, as a former lawyer, in particular should have known better than to publically ally himself and Australia with what is manifestly a war crime. (M. Milanovic The Clearly Illegal US Missile Strike in Syria. European Journal of International Law www.ejiltalk.org 7 April 2017.

One wonders exactly what international outrage has to be perpetrated by the Americans before the Australian government (and Opposition) takes a principled stand.

Some important consequences flow from the American folly.  One of the first things that Russia did was to cancel the Memorandum of Understanding with the US and its “coalition:” allies governing the military use of Syrian air space.  The Belgium government for example, immediately withdrew its contribution to the air war.

Henceforth, coalition planes flying in Syrian air space will be vulnerable to being shot down by Syrian missiles, the upgrading of which Russia has already begun.  Although you will not find any discussion of this in the Australian mainstream media, this also puts Australian planes at risk.

Since September 2015 Australian fighters, reconnaissance planes and mid-air refueling tankers have been operating in Syrian air space.  This is itself in violation of international law although the Australian government claims otherwise.   They have refused to release the legal advice upon which this idiosyncratic view is based.

In January 2017, the last month for which figures are available, E7A reconnaissance planes and K30A tankers violated Syrian air space 11 and 5 occasions respectively.

What will be the Australian response if and when one or more of these planes are shot down? It is clearly not a matter our politicians are willing or able to discuss, any more than they allow debate on the broader issues of principle and practice involved.

Another consequence is the absurd flip-flopping of US Secretary of State Tillerson and UN Ambassador Nikki Haley, contradicting not only each other but also themselves in the space of only a few days.  It speaks volumes about the power struggle going on in Washington between the various factions vying for dominance.  On present indications it appears that Trump’s vague pre-election statements about a more constructive relationship with Russia have been overridden by the more powerful neocon and Deep State factions that control the US.

The factional infighting, foreign policy inconsistencies and completely irrational conduct by the US administration led one of the more astute observers to invoke the Russia  concept of “not agreement capable” (The Saker A Multi-Level Analysis of the US Cruise Missile attack and its Consequences. www.thesaker.is).

Given the erratic and arguably insane direction of US foreign policy Australia has every right to be concerned.  The U aircraft carrier the USS Carl Vinson cancelled a planned Australia visit and diverted to Korean waters where a singularly dangerous situation is escalating.  Further unilateral and unlawful conduct cannot be ruled out.  The consequences of an American attack on North Korea are potentially horrendous.  If the Australian government is concerned, as it should be, there has been no such sign.

At a time when the international geopolitical scene calls for calm heads and rational analysis, it is all the more concerning that the best our politicians can muster is inflammatory rhetoric, in an evidence and fact free environment.  The result is likely to be a great deal more harm than good.

*Barrister at Law and geopolitical analyst.  He may be contacted at joneill@qldbar.asn.au


Photo credit: Sputnik News,  Khalil Ashawi


  1. An excellent analysis of the present state of tinderbox relationships between countries of the world who are all vying for their own stake in what is left of our natural resources.

    It is natural resources such as gas, coal and oil, that is on the mind of any country that is able to flex its military muscle in the expectation of gaining results from such sabre rattling.

    And while all this has been occurring around the world for decades, what have we in this country allowed our political elite to do to us as a once sovereign nation that is now a country of tribes and is no longer able to fend for itself, either domestically or internationally, as we once were able to do.

    Poor fella my country.

    • Nemesis, I know that I am the odd man out — I don’t agree that we have tinderboxes here. That would imply that each leader is deciding, for his country, what he must do.

      Rather, I say “Big Brother” (recently referred to by me and Phil as THE ARSEHOLES) are in charge. THEY will decide who starts a war.

      Let me name 3 leaders (presidents or prime ministers) right off the bat — who would not be the ones to decide..

      First “my melancholy duty” — Malcolm (or Menzies or anyone). No Australian has the self-confidence to be in charge.

      Second, Bibi. He talks about what he will do, but who could know better then he that he can’t act on that talk. Surely he is a mere errand boy for THE ARSEHOLES.

      Third, sad to say, Donald. He claims he reacted emotionally to the suffering children who were gassed. No way in the world is that true. His decision to make an airstrike came from much higher up. He is probably a hypnotized slave.

      My bottom line to all this is: DEAL WITH THE REAL PROBLEM.

      The real problem is H sapiens’ universal, instinctive adoration of (or at least cooperation with) the powerful.

      They do not deserve our adoration. They deserve a modicum of cooperaion if it is aimed at helping them get down from the top.

      • Thanks Mary for the response. I mainly agree with what you have put forward but there are ‘tinderbox’ countries that the Globalists do not control, for example, Iran and North Korea – both are what I would term rogue states that Obama encouraged in their agendas for eight years.

        The West has been controlled for millennia and if one decided to seek out the most obvious controlling element of the last two thousand years, one only need to look to the Roman Church, particularly, the Vatican and its role in world changing events.

        But there are other ‘players’ too, mostly those who dwell in the shadows where the light of TRUTH cannot strike them, and they are the obscenely wealthy, the privileged and the very old money that procures power via those in authority who bow to the wealth.

        Then we have ‘intelligence’ services that are by no means used only for intelligence gathering to provide security for the states that they were once subordinate to, but have now become the controllers of all things political.

        The majority of our politicians are corrupt and pander to what the latest ‘intelligence’ tells them to do because most of them have been ‘investigated’ for whatever dirt the intel agencies can use against them to do the intel agencies bidding.

        That is why Trump is such a problem for the Globalists – they have so far not been able to control him.

        I would love to know what kind of dirt ASIO has on our pollies.

          • I don’t believe the ‘situation’ is now as urgent as it was just a week ago.

            Trump has taken a leaf out of the Globalists playbook (China) and it will be with China’s assistance, either militarily or through Chinese navel gazing, that the rogue state of NK will be dealt with once and for all.

        • “That is why Trump is such a problem for the Globalists – they have so far not been able to control him.”

          Recent events suggest they have solved this transient problem. On a vaguely related note, while all eyes move to NK, our real enemies, the Israelis, are bombing Syria again, with impunity.

          • If you believe that Israel is our enemy then that would place you in support of proscribed terrorist organizations such as Hezbollah and Hamas, amongst others, that are supported by Syria and Iran?

            Paul please correct me If I wrong.

            It is NK that is the real target here, a rogue state that has been threatening anyone and everyone since the 1953 cease fire. It is way past time to deal with them and then Iran, which is also threatening and has been broadcasting its intention to blow Israel and the United States away since 1979.

          • Dear Nemesis,
            We swat mosquitos.

            Mosaddegh wasn’t wanted so we swatted him. Then the Shah wasn’t wanted so we swatted him. Lumumba? Swat. Allende? Swat. Saddam? Swat. Qadafi? Swat. Chavez? Swat. JFK? Swat. It’s swat city out there.

            If Kim Jong-Un is still walkin’ the earth, it must be that he is on a non-swat list. Thus any threats made by North Korea today are most likely the handiwork of someone else.

        • Mary, Churchill once quipped that when people find out who really controls this world, and after they pick themselves up and dust themselves off, they carry on as if nothing happened.

          Is that what you are suggesting in your comment, that we just roll over and carry on as if nothing happens?

          As for the coming showdown at the OK Korea Corral, I guess we’ll just have to await the outcome over the next week to see if one rogue nutcase gets swatted?

        • Nemesis – On what basis and data do you come to the conclusion that NK & Iran are rogue states?

          Is it because they don’t tow the “western line” and view of the world?

          Do yourself a favour pal – read some real history.

          It should be fairly obvious even to those with peanut sized brains that on the evidence of the last 70 years- We- are the bad guys.

          • M, in answer to your first question; my own decades of research from many sources as well as that of recorded history proves to me what it is that I believe – how about yourself ?

            And on your second question;

            Iran is an Islamic Republic – do you know anything at all about Islam? Iran has been threatening the destruction of Israel and the United States since 1979 and broadcasting its intentions loud and clear so that anyone who is listening soon becomes aware of its agenda.

            To my knowledge, there have been at least two uprisings by the Persian people – that is those who do not call themselves Iranians – against the Mullahs who run Iran. Are you aware that a so called republic is run by a bunch of religious wing nuts who are attempting to usher in the Mahdi through nuclear Armageddon? Do you know anything at all about the coming of the Mahdi in Islamic doctrine?

            When a people turn out in their thousands against their imposed Islamic government then that must tell any awake outside observers that they are not at all happy with how things have turned out in Persia.

            Iran currently trains and supplies Hezbollah, Hamas and other affiliated Shia Muslim terrorist groups with weapons, training and war materiel as they operate within Lebanon and Syria harassing Israeli military and civilians via rockets, mortar or artillery shells fired indiscriminately and on a daily basis into Israel or by the kidnapping of Israeli citizens for ransom, or simply murdering them in their beds as they sleep.

            Which history does attest is typical Islamic behaviour.

            And one must remember, that prior to Lebanon being invaded by ‘Palestinian’ Muslims kicked out of Jordan because of their trouble making, Lebanon was mostly a Christian country whose capital, Beirut, was touted as the Paris of the East.

            Observe now what Lebanon has become under Islamic control.

            North Korea is run by a totalitarian Communist dictatorship that thinks nothing of using its own people as a bartering tool against China to get what they want. People there have been worked or starved to death, executed by firing squad on simple suspicion of wrongdoing.

            Sounds just like a workers paradise, doesn’t it!

            NK is a military dictatorship full of yes men who are too afraid to go against what their ‘great leader’ tells them to do, even it means going to war against China and the West.

            Pay close attention to what China is now threatening to do with North Korea – the current Chinese stance is unprecedented.

            And that would be Trump’s influence.

            Please do not include me in the ‘we are the bad guys scenario’ that is a gross over simplification of what is now currently occurring. You should be paying attention more to the actions than the rhetoric, especially that coming from the controlled MSM.

          • M, I see your ‘reaction’ to my response has either been censored (if that is the case,I do not agree with) or I have missed for some reason your full comment, for which I regret not being able to gauge even more of your personality.

            What a shame, as I do like arguing my own stance in the arena of public opinion.

          • Thank you Mary. I didn’t think was you – way different temperament and writing ability in that one.

            My comment refers to a second response from ‘m’ I received on my email list and when I accessed your site it was no longer there?

            Why have you mentioned Al Haig? Are you aware it was his actions that saved Israel in 1974 from the Globalist Kissinger and his little plan to annihilate Israel using a sneak attack by Egypt, Jordan and Syria?

  2. Great article James and thanks for spelling out the insanity of our present situation. As for our media and politicians, bought and paid for totally, compromised and blackmailed probably as well.

    Robert David Steele (ex CIA/military) sets it all out in a recent lecture in Norway.(what he says about Norway, just substitute the name Australia). Bribery and corruption seem to be pretty much the norm in the West, unfortunately.


    And why all the hysteria about North Korea, and why now?? They’ve been pretty much irrelevant since the end of “the police action” in the 50’s. Perhaps The Deep State desperately needs “an enemy du jour” that they can goad into doing something stupid and provocative to justify the “oh-so-necessary” war, since the Russians and the Chinese just don’t seem to want to give them any excuse to distract populations from the imminent financial collapse. Perhaps this time The Deep State (and their pedophilic practices) are going to have to be exposed for all the world to see and take the blame for the mess they created.
    Hope so, anyway.

    • Hey, Phil, thanks for the lead to rogumoney.net. Its writer, who calls himself Bankster Slyer (why not) paraphrases the video (made for Norwegian journalists by ex-CIA man Robert Steele). Here is one startling excerpt:

      “The real reason we have a thousand military bases all over the world is not to protect military power. It’s to provide the CIA with lily pads all over the world through which it can smuggle gold, guns, cash, drugs, and small children for the Elite. That’s why we have a thousand bases all over the world. We should close all of those bases. [at 22.15 minutes on the Steele tape]

      “It’s possible for government to be honest even with dishonest politicians if the civil servants have integrity and are will to say “No!” Anyone who doesn’t have integrity is a threat to the public.”

      Like Yay, man.

      • Mary, “He” is a “she”- Deborah Carruthers. and it’s my pleasure to help spread better and more reliable analysis. The better information we have access to, the higher the chances that we all come out the other side of this impending disaster more or less intact.

        • Yep. And bully for Deborah.

          Chalmers wrote a book called The Sorrows of Empire about the 800 bases. I am pretty sure he did not mention — and did not know about — the child trafficking. Can’t think of Chalmers’ first name. When he died, his widow indicated it was a hit job.

          • Charmers was his first name. Johnson the surname. He wrote a number of very good books that are still well worth a read.

  3. Thanks for the mention of Wilkie and Ludlam, James. I went to look for Ludlam’s new statement and found one he made in September 2016:

    The Prime Minister must call for an independent investigation into the tragic bombing in Syria, and bring our forces home, Acting Australian Greens Leader Senator Scott Ludlam said today.

    “The Turnbull Government must immediately call for an independent investigation into our involvement. …
    “For months the government has been warned that the deployment of Australian forces was only adding to the chaos in Syria, and that has been demonstrated in the most awful way with this botched operation.

    “This has all occurred at a time when the Government and Labor are seeking to expand the targeting powers of the Australian military. The Australian Greens have deep concerns about this proposal, and will be further considering its impacts in light of this incident.

    “The first step from the government must be to recall our forces and bring them home, before any more damage is done,” Senator Ludlam said.

    • ……….. and NSW is leasing out the Land Titles Office for 2.6 billion and going to spend a billion of it on upgrading two Collaseums (err;… stadiums..) for the peasants to be comfortable during the NWO ‘bread and circus’ distraction spectaculars.
      Is there anything of ours left, to flig off to the globalist control freaks by our ‘traitor politicians’?

      • Ned , yes our political landscape (bar a few honest ones) is flooded with little “mini – me’s” all reading the prepared scripts that are presented to them every morning .
        No wonder most of them need a good shot of redemption at the bar after work – to wash of the guilt of the lies and corruption .

      How true, he has lost the ability to examine scientific evidence,(if he ever possessed it?) let alone apply common sense.
      Tell us about the reason for the collapse of building No 7 on 911 Malcolm…….Julie? (another “FORMER” lawyer)

      • Ned,

        If you haven’t seen this, you’re gonna love it. Turn up your speakers and pretend to be under 30 again. (and spread it far and wide to the 9/11 doubters) At least they’ll get great song to listen to.

        • Phill,
          Go easy, you have turned our Malcolm into a drake and our Julie into a gander and all; the msm, shock jokes and left over pollies to be collectively, just a gaggle of dumb dangerous geese.
          Now how many countries have they destroyed and hundreds of thousands of innocents have they killed?
          When will they stop?

    • Mary, anyone can make a complaint to the Chief Prosecutor of the ICC in The Hague. The decision to prosecute or not is then made by that office. Given their track record (prosecuting mainly former Yugoslav politicians and military, and sundry African despots) I would not hold my breath.
      Locally, use your vote to choose either an independent like Wilkie or vote Green as they are the only party to speak out on these issues.

  4. Another great article James. It’s a pity that more people in your profession, who know the laws of the country and world do not speak up, yelling out the outright lawlessness of the World’s politicians.

    Every Australian prime minister, since, and including John Howard, is a war criminal and should be charged and convicted as such. Only then can we expect a change in the type of person standing for this top position.

  5. Good article James, I especially liked your reference to ‘The Saker’ article. I’ve been following The Saker for years and have found him very credible. He is a former intelligence analyst from Europe that speaks multiple languages, including Russian. Here is a quote from the article that help explains the Russian concept of ‘not-agreement-capable’ –

    “The Russians expressed their total disgust and outrage at this attack and openly began saying that the Americans were “недоговороспособны”. What that word means is literally “not-agreement-capable” or unable to make and then abide by an agreement. While polite, this expression is also extremely strong as it implies not so much a deliberate deception as the lack of the very ability to make a deal and abide by it. For example, the Russians have often said that the Kiev regime is “not-agreement-capable”, and that makes sense considering that the Nazi occupied Ukraine is essentially a failed state. But to say that a nuclear world superpower is “not-agreement-capable” is a terrible and extreme diagnostic. It basically means that the Americans have gone crazy and lost the very ability to make any kind of deal. Again, a government which breaks its promises or tries to deceive but who, at least in theory, remains capable of sticking to an agreement would not be described as “not-agreement-capable”. That expression is only used to describe an entity which does not even have the skillset needed to negotiate and stick to an agreement in its political toolkit. This is an absolutely devastating diagnostic.”

    I strongly suggest that Gumshoe readers go to the link you provided and read the article, it will help understand the SIGNIFICANT difference in cultures that are involved.

  6. Terry,
    “Not agreement capable” I love the Russian sense of humour. They could just a easily say “you can’t negotiate with terrorists” but they’re too polite and they have a wickedly dry sense of humour.

  7. Thanks for this very good discussion James.
    I have had lengthy discussions with all my MP’s political desks and ABC current affairs desk.
    I have been on ABC Goulburn Murray talkback and had quite a number of discussions with producers.
    I am emailing my local MP daily with updated information and requesting an on the record interrogation of Syrian Realities. I had already had an interview with my MP soon after he was elected and the Middle East issues and policy were a big part of our discussion.
    Some of the conversations are fascinating in respect that privately almost every single person I speak to are prepared to contemplate the proposition that the dominate narrative is false, including journalists.
    Of interest, I often enquire, staffers openly tell me I am the only person who has contacted their office with concerns on the issue. ????????
    I have also registered a protest to the US embassy.
    The principles of correct action inform us that the most vulnerable point is the local members office where a small number of intelligently informed and skilled constituents could break through the lies and use the proper force of our “vote” to achieve an on the record interrogation of the subject in it’s fully dynamic realities.
    How many joining constituents would this require?
    Obviously one vote is not enough.
    100 would likely have enough force with correct strategy.
    Would 20 be enough?
    The key strategy of propaganda is repetition.
    The antidote is to write and speak the contrary point of view at every possible opportunity.
    Use all possible media.
    Challenge every single episode of the lies in some way.

  8. The issues of North Korea and Iran are worthy of separate analysis as they are the subject of as much misinformation as is currently the case with Russia and Syria (and other countries have been in the past). A comment is not the place to do it. I strongly recommend Phil Giraldi’s latest piece in the Unz Review http://www.unz.com 11 April 2017 as a good starting point in the current Syrian context.

  9. John Pilger has a recent article on our treasonous anti-democratic lap dogs blindly endangering our country by walking into a war with China titled; ‘Australia Beckons a War With China’ over at informationclearinghouse.info.
    Note the comments. A good article with comments to send to your polly Christopher.
    btw, you are not the only one who has for years informed numerous pollies, too cowardly to respond, on the realities.
    They lie to you if they claim that you are the only complainant. Ditto; the mass media and lying msm and shock jokes who control their lying narrative.

  10. Further to the topic of lying politicians and their staffers claiming that they have not received complaints on certain topics.
    I have had it in mind for some years that there should be a central registry on the net where letters to named politicians and msm may be published if the author desires.
    The registry may be indexed under separate subjects.
    The value would not be only for the complainants but also available for all diligent, honest pollies to assess correspondence to their colleagues and their staffers.
    Any volunteers? Advertising on the registry might assist with finance.
    Naturally, we would expect our paid representative to be responsive to the topics and submit their replies if they were to bother. If they do not respond then we will all know!!! (:-
    Poor pollies might have to earn their crackers!!! (:-
    Fancy, we might even make the lying bastards honest!!! (:-
    Another benefit will result in the msm censorship of public attitudes being exposed.
    The registry should not replace comments to articles on the real news net sites but enable references to articles on chosen sites.
    Bye bye mass media, you miserable fakes should not have lied your readers and listeners into wars and killing for thieves and control freaks, like your bankers and global corporate fascists.

    • To think, would it not be fun to see all the correspondence sent to the ABC, their Mr. Faine and Dr Karl on building No 7 and the response/s…?. I mean lack of! Delectable!

      • WWABCS?
        ABC NEWS helps us understand “deep state”. I quote:

        “March 11, 2017. If you’ve been following US politics (and who hasn’t been over the past few months) you may have come across the term “deep state”.
        The idea is that unelected members of America’s security agencies (the intelligence community or IC) and bureaucracy are secretly pulling the strings of government.

        “And according to Washington Post political reporter Robert Costa, it’s an idea that has become popular within the Trump camp: Some of the President’s political enemies have also alluded to the existence of a deep state, including influential neoconservative Bill Kristol [Crikey, is he still around?]

        “The question is whether the conspiracy is real or just an unsubstantiated theory. Where does the term ‘deep state’ come from? The Oxford Dictionary says the term was first used in reference to Turkey.

        “And there was good reason to believe a deep state really did exist there. While it’s not fully understood what the Turkish deep state was and how it operated, King’s College London lecturer Simon Waldman says people were given a glimpse of it in the aftermath of a car crash in 1996.

        “The bodies of a senior police official, a former leader of a ultra-nationalist paramilitary group and a hit woman were found in the wreckage, while the lone survivor was a state-supported Kurdish warlord.”

        • There have been many glimpses of the murderous ‘deep state’. We had one glimpse in November 1963, followed by murders of many witnesses.

        • Mary, there is now a considerable body of scholarship around about the Deep State. Peter Dale Scott was one of the early ones writing on this topic, and that was more than 40 years ago.
          I think it is because the term has become more widely known through commentary on the alternative media that the msm has been compelled to acknowledge its existence. The WP article is typical. Make reference to its Turkish origins, but declaim that any argument that it applies in the US is ‘conspiracy theory’ and can therefore be safely ignored.

          • I think it is similar to the fact that there have been many soft notices in the MSM this week about how Tamerlan talked to FBI.

            As with deep state, they predict the citizens will say it so the MSM neds to “own” it.

            I guess it is a compliment to us.

  11. Nemesis, you are a zionist troll with a warped view of humanity and history. Neither NK or Iran have invaded anyone in recent history unlike both the US and Israel who seem to think international law does not apply to them. The facts are out there and have been playing out for the last 70 years. You sir, and people like you are the problem and the main reason the world is in such a mess.
    I suspect you gain all your ‘knowledge’ from Fox News and the History channel which just about sums up your view of the world – islamophobic, ignorant bigot.

  12. Nemesis
    I notice that in addition to you being an islamophobic, ignorant bigot you are also a pompous arrogant prick with no eye for detail – I suppose it goes with your well rounded personality. My response was there if you took the time to look.
    Please answer the points I raise with facts rather than rhetoric i.e. please outline which countries have been invaded by NK or Iran during the last 70 years as opposed to those invaded by your Zionist buddies. I reiterate, facts not rhetoric, wanker.

      • Nemesis

        No you won’t because it will show up the fallacious bollocks you are spreading on this forum. You ‘might is right’ crowd are 10 a penny and symptomatic of the current malaise in world affairs. I have no doubt you diligently turn up every week at your local prayer house to meekly pray for forgiveness then for the rest of the week spew out the hypocritical bile I have been reading in your posts here.

        We have a third party ‘Ned’ who responds correctly to my assertions and what pray tell is your response?

        Why, you pompously proceed to lecture him in your style of ‘fact’ which is no more than additional lies about the true state of affairs in the world.

        Ref: “Are you aware that Iran is the worlds most prolific islamic terrorist supporter?”

        Wrong! You are obviously unaware of the US backing of the mujaheddin in Afghanistan during the Russian occupation.

        Mujaheddin morphs into Al qaeda morphs into ISIS and various other headchoppers operating in the ME today – all under the control and patronage of the US secret services..

        We then have your nonsensical reference to diplomatic bags! Are you a fucking retard or something? Who in their right mind would transmit sensitive data in a diplomatic bag which is open to inspection ( behind the scenes of course) by any curious official with the authority to do so! Get real, diplomatic bags are, in the main used for transporting quality drugs for elite junkies in the ruling class – fact!

        I really don’t want to continue this discourse with you sunshine as your command of english is probably a reflection of your general educational background, grasp of historical fact and understanding of current reality in world affairs – ref –
        ” My mistake – I looked in the wrong spot?” Why the question mark drongo?!

        Also, ” Should you decide to become a little more courteous and civil then I may respond to YOU!!! demands.

        It’s YOUR you fuckwit – please pay attention to detail when you are dealing with serious adults.

        • m. Anyone who couldn’t be bothered giving themselves a name instead of using a single letter says much to me about their own imagination or real intentions.

          Where does one begin with someone like you who has probably been spoon fed everything that they assume to know?

          Your assumptions about myself will always remain assumptions based on your own ill-informed views.

          For instance you stated; ‘….you are obviously unaware of the US backing of the mujhadeen….’


          In response to that assertion it is you who fails to acknowledge that Iran, Iraq, Turkey, Lebanon. Syria and the Arab States all have their own proxy armies, but it is Iran that is the stand out in its training and equipping of PROSCRIBED Islamic terror organisations. The Mujhadeen are not a proscribed terror group and neither is ISIS, ISIL, Daesh or whatever one may wish to term them. Sure, the CIA via the State Department has fostered most of the above, but they are widely recognized as Islamic militant forces engaged in attempting overthrow the middle east for the geopolitical players who indirectly support them.

          BTW, are you even aware that we are now in the middle of the Fourth Great Islamic Jihad?

          And it is not just the US that is involved in this kind of activity. I would suggest that those who think this should broaden their knowledge base.

          Diplomatic bags are more secure than electronic means and that is why they are still used.

          Why the reference to Ned – isn’t he capable of responding to his own comments?

          Your own disregard for common courtesy and civility when responding to my comments tells me much about you. Perhaps if you could control that tempestuous urge to be right you may actually begin to learn a few things?

          But, that of course, is up to you.

          • Nemesis

            Reading through all your comments, you really are a piece of work.

            In the interest of not boring the pants off other contributors here I shall respond to your latest diatribe then say no more as I really do not like pissing into the wind.

            1) you outright refuse to respond to my original simple request to name the countries invaded by NK or Iran over the last 70 years – why?

            I think I know but i’ll leave it up to the readers to make their own minds up on this.

            Now to your latest drivel.

            “Anyone who couldn’t be bothered……….” This is a spurious tripe comment and so infantile it doesn’t do you justice.

            “where does one one begin…..” darling, I’m a published author with over 40 years research experience – nothing spoon-fed with me sweetie.

            I don’t have any assumptions about you other than the likelihood you are an ageing female with probable inferiority complex, poor educational standard and set views that will never change.

            What is this PROSCRIBED business? Pray tell who are the PROSCRIBERS? I think the answer to that will be the sum total of your argument.

            You just don’t get it do you that Israel is an apartheid, rogue, terrorist state.

            “Why the reference to NED – isn’t he capable of responding to his own comments?”

            Nemesis, you really are a bit of a dill. Do I detect a hint of dementia in there? Why on earth would Ned want to respond to his own comments? This is a forum love, you respond to other people’s comments. That’s how it works hahaha.

            Thank you for the reminder about civility and courtesy. I have to admit my performance in that area as regards to you has left something to be desired and less than my normal placid self.

            However, do you know what? I find very little civility or courteousness in bulldozing peoples houses with pregnant women and children inside or blowing up young boys playing soccer on the beach – how about you? It appears to me from your posts that you think this is all de rigueur!

            I’m done with this

          • m, says, ‘Nemesis reading through all your comments, you really are a piece of work.’

            Thank you, that means I have brought out for all to see your own intolerance for points of view other than your own.

            m then states, ‘ 1) You outright refuse to respond to my original simple request…………..’

            It was a demand, not a request. Go back and have another look. I don’t respond to rude demands, and I am guessing here, neither would you?

            You attempt to reframe the ‘conversation’ by putting forth questions that would on face value only provide negative answers – in other words you are not open to debate but wish to close any debate with your own contrived gotcha questions. If you are as knowledgeable as you believe yourself to be then you would already know that both Iran and NK have histories of interfering with their neighbors for political and financial advantage, but you seem to ignore that in your tunneled vision view of the United States as the only aggressive player on the planet.

            Your own promotion as a ‘published author’ says much to me about your own heightened sense of superiority when attempting to debate arguments – and I use the word ‘attempt’ because you have proven to me that you are no debater, but an intolerant individual who cannot logically argue their own stance when challenged.

            m, says, ‘You just don’t get it do you, that Israel is an apartheid, rogue, terrorist state’

            Typical view of the ignorant hard leftist that one. A person who has been spoon fed his/her history without resorting to seek out the other side of the ‘story’ because in life, there is always two sides to every story, but of course you appear to be quite happy wallowing in your ignorance and hatred.

            m, says, ‘I don’t have any assumptions about you……’

            Really? How about bigot, zionist troll, prick,Islamophobic, piece of work….I could go on but you know what you have assumed me to be.

            Are you sure this will be the last time you will respond to me?

    • May I guess which countries please?
      In expectation, I think the answer is Zero. For Iran it is way back beyond 70 years.
      There was an interuption in 1953 when the government in Iran was ousted, but they did not invade anyone.
      Then there was that Iraq attempt at something similar. But that fizzled.
      For some fun read E. Black’s book; ‘Banking on Baghdad’, going back from the late 19th century to 1925.
      But they are still trying, look up the pre 911 neocon plan to take down Iran exposed by General Wesley Clark to Amy Goodman in March 2007. ……… thus the present destruction in the ME. …… Syria is a staging post to take down Iran……. thus the present western financed ISIS proxy war.
      Maybe Iran will not succumb to easily……… could be fun.

      • Ned, don’t you think I already know all this? Don’t you think I know what the Globalist agenda is or how the CIA has set American and western foreign policy ever since its inception back in 1947?

        But let me put this to you, do you honestly believe that it is only the U.S. that gets itself involved in other people’s countries?

        For example; Let’s take Iran. Are you aware that Iran is the worlds most prolific Islamic terrorist supporter? Now, if you wish to compare tactics, proxy armies and body counts, the Yanks will win hands down, but just because they are more ‘practised’ at their craft does not lessen the impact of what Iran, Syria, Lebanon,Iraq, Turkey and the Arab States all get up to when undermining their neighbors via covert means.

        Would you believe that diplomacy between countries is but a peaceful aspect in a continual intelligence war? Do you think diplomatic bags which are subject to non – inspection by any country outside of who owns the bags may actually convey in them information that if made publicly available would cause international incidents in their day to day travelings that would in some cases cause wars to erupt?

        You and ‘m’ whoever that is, seem to regard as sacrosanct any country thus far that has not invaded another country without taking into account the often very violent and squalid history to those countries, and which are generally Islamic – almost like giving them a free pass because they are not American.

        That kind of thinking is very, very silly and is more in line with lack of info than in any real knowledge of how this world works.

        The world has been a dangerous place since Adam was a boy and all though out recorded history – so why would it be any different today?

        You should brush up on some geopolitics and learn how it has always been from day one that one country gets played against another because those who have controlled this world since ancient times relish in the power and wealth that conflict creates for them.

        And here’s another for you; who is it that controls the CIA and all western intelligence services?

        • I am not acquainted with you knowledge, so excuse I for being seemingly presumptuous.
          Excuse my apparent ignorance, kindly, prey tell: who controls the CIA and Western intelligence services. You proposed the question, do you know?
          From your comment in the last paragraph, I take it that you know or suspect.
          If you do not know, why ask me, I have no f’n idea?

          • Nee, I will assume your question is a serious one. Can I suggest that you start with Peter Dale Scott’s The American Deep State (2014). Scott has been writing on this topic for a very long time. All his books are richly documented with references to source material.

          • Nee, I put that question to you so that you may consider doing your own research!

            So, why did you bother responding to my comment if you believe I am an idiot?

            That says much to me about your real intentions!

        • I note that there has been a
          typo, née should be Ned, sorry.
          Further thoughts; ‘are you aware that Iran is the most Islamist terrorist supporter…’
          No I was not.
          But, if so from when were the Persians so!
          I seem to remember that the Ergon mob were terrorists when they attacked our commonwealth assets at the King David Hotel and following terrorism. Try the Lavon affair, Liberty etc.
          So I suppose terrorists are terrorists whereever they be and for what purpose they have.

          • ‘……. Iran … the most … prolific Terrorist Islamic terrorist supporter…’
            Perhaps you should update your perceptions?
            The disclosure of Hilary’s e-mails and public statements suggests that the US is the most prolifick terrorist supporter, via Al-Queda and ISIS.
            Right, they are not ‘Islamist’ but we support a proxy lot of terrorists it seems …… Who financed and armed them with leftover military hardware and Toyotas?
            Sorry if I appear condescending, I appreciate that you, being informed know all this, so I am addressing the uninformed for their information upon that the msm hides.
            Ta Nemisis for your inspiration.

          • Ned, in answer to your question regarding Persia. The Islamic revolution that overthrew the Shah was from memory in 1979 and it is from that year that the Shia Muslims who took control of Persian and renamed it Iran, set about undermining those non-Shia states throughout the middle east using their terrorist network tactics.

            Hence the big war between Iraq and Iran in 1984.

            The CIA via the State Department has been indirectly involved in supplying war materiel -sometimes ‘accidentally’ and finances to ISIS and some other ‘rebel’ forces, but this scenario is a two way street that you should remember, because it is not just the US that is playing this game. Russia is heavily involved as well with its own proxy armies.

        • I presume that because I mistyped Ned as née I am under moderation.
          None the less I have been able to take the time to re_read our Nemisis.
          Truly dear Nemisis, I am not to waste my time commenting further, you are an idiot. (Being as kind as I am able)
          At first I suspected M but now am in accord.
          Sorry for other readers, but I do not have the time to expand. Take your own counsel and examine historic truths.

  13. Nemesis said, on April 17:
    Why have you mentioned Al Haig? Are you aware it was his actions that saved Israel in 1974 from the Globalist Kissinger and his little plan to annihilate Israel using a sneak attack by Egypt, Jordan and Syria?

    Al Haig is a little joke at Gumshoe. When Dee goes overseas and leaves me in charge I say “I’m in charge here” as Al said when Reagan got shot (or should I say “shot”).

    I personally can’t imagine Haig doing what you just claimed he did because he struck me as being Always the Servant.

    As for Hank’s plan to destroy Israel, now you’re talkin’ — I can just see him doing that. I have heard, but can’t recall the source except i recall that it was one I respect — that the USS Liberty affair was not as it seemed. Maybe your claim is related to it.

    Let’s hear your source.

    • Mary, Look up the book, The Secret War against the Jews, John Loftus and Mark Aarons.

      As for the USS Liberty incident – it is as you say quite a different story that is revealed in the above book which contains an enormous amount of info concerning our current world situation.

      Haig was a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, as most administrations had been stacked with up until Trump’s election and D. Rockefeller’s demise. From memory he was the Secretary of Defence in 1974 and was well aware of the impending sneak attack on Israel – he organized 60 or so surface to air missiles to be despatched to Israel that virtually altered the sneak attack into a rout – maybe a change of heart through a guilty conscience?

  14. James,
    Yes, I have noted Peter Dale Scott’s work but not all his works.
    I shall update my knowledge in time.
    Thank you for the further lead.
    Some GS readers may also benefit, if they do not already know everything, as some attempt to have us to believe. (:-

  15. I don’t take the view that our politicians are stupid. I take the view that they are a very smart, bright clever people who know exactly what they are doing and why.
    For me, these people are either disloyal to Australia, the Australian Commonwealth Constitution and the Australian people or, they are intimated by a force greater than themselves and a force they don’t believe they can overcome. As a result of this they are implementing and external agenda that’s been dictated to them under a combo of inducements and threats on themselves and perhaps on their families.
    We see little resistance to the global agenda in Australia.
    Senator Culleton made negative references to banks in his inaugural speech and look what’s happened to him. He is fighting back and as a result Australia is in constitutional crisis but few are aware of this.
    I am beginning to fear for his safety because this brave man is fighting for our constitution which is on deaths door. If he were to be successful and get back into the Senate again, he will set back the roll out of the global agenda by many years and will therefore incur wrath of the elites and we all know what happens then.
    The more he fights the more concerned I become for his life or that of a member of his family.
    Not all wars are fought with guns.

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