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How Can We Live? Part 1, Starvation in Yemen


A child in hospital in Houdieda, a port city in western Yemen

by Mary W Maxwell

Don’t rate your children’s chances by your current position in the social system. All could change rather drastically before they reach adulthood. In fact, don’t even rate your own chances a decade hence according to what you’ve always been accustomed to. We are in a period of upheaval.

I’ve lived my life in what I consider to be unbelievable luxury – I have never wanted for food, shelter, clothing – or social events, education, security, music, etc. It all fell like manna from heaven into my life. No, wait, it didn’t fall. The system I lived in somehow saw to it that I would have all those things.


Comparing Homo sapiens to other species is helpful. It’s always easy to find out what a particular animal requires. Just observe it for a few days and find out where it gets its food and water, and what interactions with other species and conspecifics are involved.

No System

Usually there isn’t any system in place for animals – I mean there are no food kitchens, no supermarkets, no phoning out to have meals delivered. Just as there were none of those things for humans until fairly recently in history.

For a long time we got our food straight from the earth. There may have been local arrangements for sharing, as is true also of the wolf species (and is of course the norm in social insects — ants and bees). So if four men captured a bear by mutual effort all four and their families might enjoy the bounty.

No power arrangements had yet come about. However, there are differences among individuals in skills, in aggressiveness, in deceitfulness — so one’s ability to get the needed nutrition may have been other than “equal.” (Note: non-human animals do not aim for equality but for their own survival.)

Early Systems

Certainly by the time agriculture was invented – the sowing of crops – people were interdependent. The person who pulled the plow, or organized oxen into doing it was a “specialist.” The same fellow did not fish, pick fruit, or gather fuel (firewood) for cooking the food. Other specialists did that.

The domestication of plants is known from about 10,000 years ago and of animals, such as cow and sheep, from 5,000 years ago. Barter must have accompanied that change. “I’ll give you A if you give me B,” and open markets later.

The domestication of people – if we may call it that – also took place. When the mode of food production is crops and livestock, one no longer gets food directly, and individually, from the earth. One has to negotiate with the whole group.

It seems to me that the norm in human history is for food distribution in any system to be universal. That is, the society sees to it that bodies are not falling on the ground from starvation. Everybody is seen to be “entitled” to subsistence.

Serfdom, Slavery, etc

Thus a system of serfdom may come about in which the “owners” arrange to have the best things for themselves and see to it that those who produce the goods for them are kept in reasonable health.

Soon a “philosophy” will be found to match that reality. The rich will know that they are the best people around, and the poor will know that they are not worthy of having the things that the rich have.

It does not take much development of that sort of control-in-situ before a philosophy of slavery emerges. As the slaves are no longer members of society (but are chattel) the rules of human interaction – such as do not kill, do not rape – are called off.

Moreover when one whole nation or tribe conquers another, the vanquished may automatically become slaves of the victors. Perhaps they are sufficiently glad not to have been killed off.

Coping with a Low (or High) Status

I am guessing that the human ability to fall in line with the regime of slavery is built on a psychology that has been present since mammals evolved. Many mammal species have hierarchies — even birds have pecking orders.

The goal for each individual is to find a place – be it high or low. It looks to me that we humans have this psychological instinct. At conception there is no telling where we will end up in the hierarchy – slave, slave-owner, whatever. We possess the means to be high or low.

Also, the “philosophies” that I mentioned are important. If you are born into a class or caste that justifies its position by a story – maybe a story of your holy origin, or a story about the universe (Hindus look forward to reincarnation in a different status) you may be able to cope with poverty, if you are on the low end, or cope with delivering cruelty if you are on the high end.

Fast Forward to the Last Hundred Years

We who were born in the 20th or 21st century in Western countries were not told that our future would be as perilous as is the life of a Yemini today. We would not starve. We’re smart! We have Big Government! Most of all, we have money!

Yet it is obvious that just as the first humans needed food and water – just as all mammals need food and water – that is something that has to be taken care of. Each of us is vulnerable to starvation – depending on what system is in place.

Our present system could fall apart at any time. If that happened, how would you get your food? With money? How would you get your money? And does it have any intrinsic value?

Could you get food by bartering, such as handing over your diamond ring for a loaf of bread? Not if there were no loaves of bread around.

Access to nutrition depends on the society acting like a unit. Today we have no choice but to live in a society. Indeed we are huddled together by the millions in large cities. The society needs to make intelligent decisions in order to see that people get fed.

If you think our society does not have leaders to deal with that, you had better become a leader right now. Indeed if you think you have leaders who are deliberately planning to cut off the food supply, you had better be vocal about that and suggest a remedy.

Once the food supply is cut – as seems to be the case in Yemen and Sudan today (though it is being blamed on a famine) – you won’t have the strength to fight for anything.

— Mary W Maxwell is the author of Human Evolution


Photo credit: Qz.com


  1. Very few in the Western World, believe that it can happen to us. Our politicians wouldn’t allow such a situation. These politicians and their bosses are the very people in our society that will deliberately create such chaos.

    They are creating this very situation in Yemen and places like Afghanistan and Syria.

    The control of weather by the US navy, is a programme to create both floods and drought, to bring about a shortage of food. When people are short of food they will do anything commanded of them, even kill each other for what little food that is available.

    • Gee, you’re cheerful today, Mal.

      Some friends in Dubai have just told me that “cloud seeding” is causing headaches or colds there.

      We ought to get on toop of this. Thanks, Gumshoers.

    • Now that most of our food is in the hands of a few multinationals — one wonders what the future holds when a society needs to rise up against the madness of those controlling us.

          • Yep. I wonder how many of the ordinary people who go to their community Catholic churches understand Latin. I’ve been to a Catholic wedding or two, but I don’t think I’ve ever been to a mass. I’m guessing they probably only do this type of mass when church is populated with those “in the know.”

    • “Very few in the Western World, believe that it can happen to us”.

      I think the Germans, French, Swedes, Greeks, Spaniards and many other parts of Europe are beginning to realise that “it can happen to us”.

      Fortress Europe is no fortress. Indeed, bad policy is a bitch and will eventually come around to bite the disinterested citizens on their collective arses.

      Same here for Oz. Wake up sheeple. We are being played by psychopaths in suits, Phd’s, and perverts.

  2. You’ve got to love Kissinger.(sarc)

    ” Who controls the food supply controls the people; who controls the energy can control whole continents; who controls money can control the world.
    Henry A. Kissinger

    At least he was up-front about it.

    How is this old Nazi-Zionist-Globalist coot still breathing?

    • And Rosthchild is reported as saying, something similar; ‘so long as I control the money, I do not care who runs the goverment’.
      So pollies, it seems that you lot are mere prostitutes run by the controlled globalist totalitarian msm prestitutes.
      Know thiy place Malcolm! As you are aware, who your master be.

      • A unfair comment on prostitutes, some are forced culturally to perform and other problems that are questionable as to any inference that women are comparable to Rothschlids, I best include men although most, I would say are the fair sex? Rothschilds finance company are in my opinion not the same insofar as the financing of war for the purpose of the destruction of often the innocent as can be seen in Syria, for power and corruption.

        • Don, You said: “Rothschilds finance company are in my opinion not the same insofar as the financing of war for the purpose of the destruction of often the innocent as can be seen in Syria, for power and corruption.”

          I don’t know what you mean. It sounds important. Please tell.

          • Looking at the IMF and World Bank, complicit in financing war, the World Bank is a secretive organization, many believe Globalization is for control on a countries assets and culture, when Britain paid off its loans to America banking interest payments in 1957 or so, education and health was free, as the banking system supports despot governments also a policy of British colonization or a continuation of colonization of oppression of the masses at home and also the destruction of the environment and natural resources of the third world, this also had the effect upon unions and the stagnation of income to the lower and middle classes with the result of the rich running politics with payments made to get subversives in such as Trump.
            Most likely Mary Maxwell you are in part of the subversive and controlling ideology through a concentration of academic cleverness and having the ability to confuse Gumshoe readers, Gumshoe could well be run as a subversive to confound individuals and may well be backed by CIA, MI5, and organizations backed by Tavistock and Rockefeller, and the Rothschilds.
            As can be seen on Grand Design, a Rothschild having won a prize of the year for a building considered a master piece, personally I thought it a shit building, showing how deviant even TV programs such as Grand Design can be, as you see this cripple Rothschilds gloat over his master piece of the dog painting, hoping to enter a upper class system and having in spite of his purchase a reluctant old wealth upper class unimpressed by his purchase, having got his wealth from a deviant practise’s such as usury.
            As can be seen today many know that what is going on in and on our planet is suspect, it is possible that the many analytical possibilities are difficult to comprehend as a result of a criminal elite controlling most if not all media outlets.

          • Don, I agree that all groups, including Gumshoe, can be engaging in deception. It is certainly part of the drill for the Cabal to “get in there” with every truth movement and control it.

            You will never be able to know that I am (or am not) a baddy. But I am able to know it. Anyway you can make a few guesses. Such as: would I have just asked you to clarify your point, if Obfuscation is my sport?

            Here are some websites that I think are infiltrated: infowars, common dreams, peekaytruth. Here are some that I trust:
            juscogens.org, truthergirls, mcmurrayreport.com.

            But even those can interview people who then tell lies.

            P.S. A better name for my “concentration of academic cleverness” is: slogging. I have been slogging nonstop since 1978. But then, I suppose, if I am enslaved by mind control I would gladly do the hard yakka.

            In short, you’re right.

  3. I refer to the MOAB, bomb or The Mother of all Bombs? the cost ot this manufactured item is put at one hundred and seventy thousand US dollars upwards, the cost of transport from America and cost of delivery possible double this amount this is a conservative estimate and more in the region of one million dollars overall.
    The result according to Western Media is 35 ISIS terrorists killed, I now move to the V2s used by Germany in WW2, the cost of these weapons to Germany being expensive in terms of shortage of materials for weapons at this time for Germany cost more to deliver and manufacture than damage to British housing stock.
    The entwined personal money of Trump and associates in stocks and shares such as the manufacturing of weapons is alarming, the cost of killing a terrorist at some thousands of dollars a head and those who profit from this activity is a obvious abuse of power and authority.
    If we look at leaders today such as Turnbull, Trump, Putin and those such as Blair al have their snout in the trough of a elitist group who are as never before working for money for not only the super rich but having a understanding the politicians will make money and have the promise they may if they obey become all part of the super rich and as resources become in short supplies they will be looked after to pay for a quality of life that the tax payer can only dream of as this widespread group of taxpayers become increasingly malnutritioned, will lack energy to change their fate and become all part of a history that future archaeologists will find a worthy subject for a PhD.

  4. Mary , good factual writing and complimentary comments as always .
    Yes Dee , now that multi-nationals own grow and package all products from the farm who knows what we are eating .
    Grass grows everywhere with little rain yet we feed our cows with “dry food” just like chickens all in giant sheds with no sunlight . Go for a drive in the country and take note how the paddocks are bare of cows .
    How different this landscape has become to the one of my youth . We , in the “civilized” world consume and waste knowing that the majority starve and suffer from wars and malnutrition directly caused by our leaders of deceit .
    Our creator has provided enough for everyone but sadly technology is destroying everything in its path .

  5. The people responsible for this are our mates and it is ok.
    They are our allies and it is ok.
    Just ask our pollies in Canberra, it is ok.
    Just ask our msm, it is ok they, are not responsible.
    Just ask Madeleine Allbright. Killing 500,000 children in Iraq was ok, ‘it was bad but I think worth it’.
    The coalition of the Howard’s coalition of the killing was mistaken but worth it.
    Just ask the neocons who planned taking down 7 countries in five years,it is worth it.(still!)
    Just vomit next time Our politicians ignore their responsibility, it will be worth it.
    Sickening to think that people would actually remain in the same restaurant if Howard, Turnbull, Bishop, Dowling et. all.entered.

    • Sorry: Downer!
      Not to omit Turnbull’s sickening hypocritical Easter message about ‘love’ being referred to in his Easter message.
      Love of bankers is what he was referring to?
      Well Malcolm, we have reports of what Jesus thought of the bankers, he took out a whip and overturned their tables.
      If you want to follow Jesus, take out the bankers.

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