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Blowing in the Wind!


Picture and caption from The Age regarding a story at Pacapunyal Base

by Cherri Bonney

One feature of Port Arthur and other prominent events that are used to promote an established agenda, is the way the public is expected to pass over certain items of information as if they were not problematic at all. All the crappy footage of a blonde shooter off in the distance was passed off as Martin Bryant.  Virtually nobody took stock and said, “Hang on, I can’t actually see this person’s face.”

It’s the same with the ASIO, fooling the public once again, (Oh I can’t stop laughing!) NOT!!    We can’t actually see the shooter’s face — though, these days, with all the ability to fake footage, perhaps it doesn’t matter. Still the government sure isn’t taking any chances. 

If people are dumb enough to accept “gov” without questioning, gov is not going to make work for itself by providing more information than it needs to, are they!  It’s been pointed out that at Port Arthur there should have been photos taken by the many people with cameras on the spot.

I don’t think the Port Arthur Massacre (PAM) was faked, but I note that with the Parramatta shootings, there would be much more CCTV footage than has been released, plus some mobile phone camera footage. Where is this?

People from military backgrounds have questioned Port Arthur. As I understand, the massacre was carried out in a military-style execution. Most pre-military people do not know how to do such things until trained. I don’t buy that a person with an IQ of 66 and mentality of a child would be able to carry out such operations! How many people count the rounds in their chamber?  A trained person might do so.

Guns Going Bye-bye

You can live in fear of crime (rape, burglary, beatings, murder….) ALL THE TIME !!!  put in place by a tyrannical government (Australia, N. Korea, China, Africa, Sudan, etc.) while you’re knowing full-well that criminals did not turn-in their guns.

Politicians say “Look at us!….We stopped a few school shootings.” That’s the most ignorant anti-gun argument that I’m aware of.   It was bribed politicians in Europe and USA that made the laws restricting protection for our school children — which sent the ALL CLEAR signal to local psychos who had been looking for a massacre kill zone.

It was the intent of government to disarm schools in order to cause massacres!!!!  How can we know this to be true? Because these bribed corrupt politicians made sure that their own chambers and working GOV buildings were armed to the back teeth — communicating to psycho-shooters that they had better not try it here.

Gun control is called a deterrent. There was never any need to disarm good citizens nor school workers, full stop. It was our own corrupt Gov. that made bad laws making those who wanted to protect our schoolchildren into criminals!

Watch this line of odd numbers: 1357911. Think September 11th. That’s 9-11. Many things occur on the 13th of May as well.  K is the 11th letter of the alphabet. So KKK is 11 11 11. Three times eleven is 33, as in 33 degree masons. That’s who I think is behind what ‘s going on – the 33rd degree Masons. We are being played for fools.

The Takeover

Today the elite need to enslave ALL the manufacturing workers of the world — because the world banks are financing another war (clever aren’t they?).  Nukes are blowing in the wind! A new song — Peter Paul and Mary, eat your heart out.

I call them the FEP – financial elite psychopaths. They bribe and threaten our elected so called  ‘leaders.’  The voter agenda was dropped long ago!!! The typical process to enslave a free country begins with the GOV creating threats from other nations.

Rather than address the threat, just continue to escalate it and slowly build-up a (NO OATH) FEP controlled security force made possible by a bribed Senate Force.

This security force (paid for by taxpayers) will then turn on the citizens that helped build it.  This is why the elite do not fear planting the seed of Sharia Law in the West.  They plan an awesome armed helicopter and drone force capable of exploding any building in any city.

Those who are technical designers can easily see the future enslavement utilizing Big Brother Tech to track the public. Not to mention very effective firepower to quickly remove dissidents.  “Just watch your TV now. And continue your brainwashing.”

Most of what we know about Port Arthur was CIA operative work, I believe. SOG snipers were there, using strategies similar to those used in certain American massacres.

Don’t forget the Hoddle Street shooting that happened in Victoria shortly before Port Arthur. I say we’re being set up for internal conflict and tension-increased by job shortages. How can we afford a high intake of immigrants when all manufacturing is going into China/India?

Look at all the extra troops in north Australia, mock training, extra Military presence, jets flying around NSW, helicopter drills being done in Victoria. When they train like that you can assume something is going down very soon.

We have to remember it is rehearsed and planned. There are many key factors why we were disarmed and why America is now being disarmed also.

The massacres we keep harping on are CREATED BY OUR OWN GOVERNMENT. Listen to this woman who lived in the time of Hitler relate that the Austrian government followed Hitler’s plan to enslave, then murder all who refused to comply.

No need to panic, though. Hey what ever happens, we can only put up a good fight if we have to. Try to stay calm, keep a happy face. Where there’s a will there’s a way!  (Good ol’ Aussie way, Mate)

Personally I reckon we don’t have as long as we think. Maybe there’s an Operation Clean-up, developed by those lovely Masons as part of the depopulation strata?

But never give up, whatever you do!

— Cherri Bonney is a patriot in Perth.





  1. Kitty Werthmann, welcome to today’s world. If Hitler’s programmes were so vile, why is his arch enemy, Zionism, implementing the very worst of those programmes?

    These creatures (Zionists) keep telling us how evil he was, yet have implemented, through their servants, our politicians, his supposed agenda for the Western World to follow.

    • Yes its all evil! what makes me angry is how this happens right under our noses, basically the world is run by Paedophile’s, even Hitler let this happen, now its thousand’s of times worse. Black opps at Bohemian Grove, Satanism, Freemasonry and yes Zionism, its called the New World Order…..Thanks for your comment…..

  2. That picture of 30 odd guns:

    According to the respective Sept ’07 Age article Ian Dudley Read was, quote “the registered owner of 65 guns and another 35 or so that were unregistered”

    So what, exactly, was the legal status of those in the photo? Why is it that EVERY msm firearms spiel is always so full of holes ?

      • It looked like an interesting gun collection. There were some older military rifles there, but also a number of well known ‘survival’ rifles (.22) and some black powder Colt .36 pistols, a Luger, lots of interesting stuff. It is a shame that the PTB will probably destroy all of it.

        Well, sometimes they don’t. I’ve run cases where the confiscated firearms somehow end up as private firearms of the Police at the range. Hopefully, that will happen with this case, it would be a shame to destroy all that history and the practical firearms that could be put to good use.

        • I’d rather see them destroyed than in the hands of a self-declared enemy.

          10 years ago the WA Po stole 3 licensed guns from my oldest son on the basis of “failing to store” them correctly. The corresponding Prosecution Notice cited S. 23 of The Firearms Act (WA)( failure to secure other than by way of storage) but the charge was upheld regardless.

          When it comes to anything that could possibly be used as a means of self defence the law means absolutely nothing.

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