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Passover, Wendy Hoffman, and the Law against Slavery


The feast of Passover (Pesach) is from April 10-18th this year

by Mary W Maxwell

It says in Exodus 12:17, “And you shall observe the Feast of Unleavened Bread, for on this very day I brought your hosts out of the land of Egypt.” Did the Egyptian slavery of Jews ever take place? Probably not. In Haaretz.com of April 11, 2017 we find:

“Here’s a question for you: what do actor Charlton Heston, DreamWorks animation studios and Former Prime Minister Menachem Begin all have in common? Well, they’ve all, at one time or another, perpetuated the myth that the Jews built the pyramids. … Even if we take the earliest possible date for Jewish slavery that the Bible suggests, the Jews were enslaved in Egypt a good three hundred years after the 1750 B.C. completion date of the pyramids..”

Pyramids or no pyramids, it’s very good to have an annual celebration of “freedom from slavery.” Or, should I say, it’s good to be reminded at least once a year that slavery exists.

I have been re-reading what I consider the book of the century (so far!): Wendy Hoffman’s White Witch in a Black Robe. It is about her personal slavery which began in New York when she was an infant in 1943 and ended in Baltimore when she was more than 70 years old, in other words after 2013. Psychologist Alison Miller of Canada is the person who has rescued her.

Wendy Hoffman was not “trafficked” as a child slave, at least not on the sense of being sold or rented out. She was however transported to many holy places – apparently including Jerusalem and Vatican City – to participate as a “child queen” in the Illuminati. Her comings and goings involved an incredible amount of torture and personal degradation, as ways for other people to control her mind.

Crime, Crime, Crime

I will get back to her story later. The subtitle of Hoffman’s book is “A True Story of Criminal Mind Control.” It is very helpful to think of the criminality involved, as it makes it possible for us to do something about mind control.

When discussing the US government’s MK-Ultra program involving torture of children, or Australia’s experimenting with “Deep Sleep” at Chelmsford Hospital, the tendency is to be put off by the official status of the persons committing these crimes. Or to ignore the crime altogether and just chatter away about the legitimacy of covert operations.

No. The simple matter is that one person is brutalizing another and that is a crime. And slavery, too, is a crime.

Since 1995, Australia, at the Commonwealth level, has a codified criminal law, and Queensland, Tasmania, and Western Australia have adopted the Commonwealth model as their state law.

As noted by the Australian Institute of Criminology (at aic.gov.au):

“the recently enacted Crimes Legislation Amendment (Slavery, Slavery-like Conditions and People Trafficking) Act 2013 expands the existing range of offences against slavery and human trafficking by establishing new offences of forced labour, forced marriage, organ trafficking and harbouring a victim. It also extends the application of existing offences of deceptive recruiting and sexual servitude so they also apply to forms of servitude and deceptive recruiting outside the sex industry.”

That 2013 legislation now appears as Section 271 of the Criminal Code Act 1995. It is ENFORCEABLE TODAY.

In the United States, the Constitution’s 13th amendment, ratified after the Civil War, prohibits slavery. Congress also legislated some of the particulars. For instance, in 18 USC 1583 we find:

(a) Whoever—

(1) kidnaps or carries away any other person, with the intent that such other person be sold into involuntary servitude, or held as a slave;… shall be fined under this title, imprisoned not more than 20 years, or both.

Britain has the Modern Slavery Act of 2015. Its Parliament has enacted specific provisions to curb slavery in factories owned by Brits abroad. Hence, as noted by icti-care.org:

“From 31 March 2016, any UK-based toy company or international toy company with a business presence in the UK, and which has a global turnover of more than £36 million per year, will be required to report annually on the steps it has taken to identify and address the risks of forced labor and trafficking in its workforce, its supply chain and the workforces of its business partners and contractors.”

Wendy Hoffman – and Her Many Fellow Sufferers

I will now attempt to report what Wendy has to say. White Witch in a Black Robe is her second book (Karnac, 2016). Her first was The Enslaved Queen (2014). By the way, she has also written a book of poetry entitled Forceps but I haven’t seen it. Bet it’s a humdinger.

Wendy has a beautiful soul. You might wonder how this is possible. Allow me to skip over particulars and make some broad statements of what was done to her.  It will sound fantastic but I have spoken to at least five Americans and 2 Aussies who have had similar experiences. I believe it occurred very much in the way they say it did.

  1. They were “got at” as babies (in the 1940s and ’50s).
  2. They were given terrifying, painful experiences to make part of their mind “split off.’
  3. The off-splits had names and personas. Those “people” were frozen at the age in which they were produced. Thus, say, Wendy may have within her a 12-year-old boy even when she is an old lady. (A boy? Yes, they all have “people” of both sexes.)
  4. Those split-off people have functions to perform at the direction of the handler. When they so perform, the “front person” (the real Wendy) is unaware of it all. Yet if you were watching the performance, it would be the body of the front person doing it, of course. The splits have no “corpus.”
  5. The handlers are well trained in “positioning” the splits into different locations in the brain. Or at least they tell the victim that is what they are doing. “Here, I’m putting Billy near your left ear” — and then when the handler wants to call Billy up for a task he is somehow able to do so.
  6. Even when no handler is present, the child may have been trained to do certain tasks upon noticing a combination of three things – e.g., a certain song, a certain color, and a person saying a key phrase.

That’s all I dare list for now as I imagine you don’t believe this stuff. I am sure I would draw the line at the “splits” having their own personas and tasks – and ages! – but I have seen it.

The reason I would say that “Billy” is nonsense is that I would have thought he needed his male body and male brain to do what he is being asked to do (typically to act as a killer-soldier) but apparently one can be trained to cross-sex in that way.

The whole procedure of splitting the mind, via terror, was possibly known and used centuries ago.  It results in a person being enslaved and yet not being conscious of it. You can read about it in the biographies Brice Taylor, Kathleen Sullivan, Ann Diamond and others.

The Law Again

You know me. I have no desire to just examine these things. I want them stopped. Passover is the celebration of the end of one episode of slavery. Another is the 13th amendment, or the earlier 1863 Emancipation Proclamation by president Lincoln “that all persons held as slaves [in the southern states]  are, and henceforward shall be free.”

When we gonna have a celebration for the end of this horrific and oh-so-well-hidden practice of controlling people’s minds?

Probably the most important two things are taking place.  Survivors like Wendy are recovering their memories – their autobiographies – and people such as me and thee are finding out about what went on. That is a big improvement over the status quo ante.

But it is easy to be saddened and overwhelmed and think you can’t do anything. Not true. I assume there are plenty of children, or new adult recruits, who are being tortured and mind-controlled. Who will help them? You can help by cracking down on the ones who are doing it.

For Americans the relevant law quoted above is 18 USC 1583  “Whoever kidnaps …with the intent that [the person] be held as a slave…shall be fined or imprisoned.”

To make that happen you have to file a complaint with police. In the past many such complaints were filed and not acted upon, as it was easy to dismiss the story as not credible. It’s no longer possible to say that the many Wendy-type stories came from the imagination. They came from real experience.

Australian Law

The criminal law in the three southeastern mainland states – VIC, SA, and NSW – consists of the common law plus various statutes. The law of the Commonwealth, and of the other three states and two territories, has been coordinated into a Code since 1995. I mentioned Section 271 re trafficking, but that is not the only way to clamp down on the miscreants.

In a recent article I described some of the brutality that at least 14 children suffered in The Family that was “mothered” by Anne Hamilton-Byrne in Victoria (It was a cult not a biological family.)

Wikipedia describes Hamilton-Byrne as “a charismatic yoga teacher who gathered a number of followers around her who believed that she was the incarnation of Christ.” Forget it. She was not a charismatic yoga teacher. She was performing experiments on the minds of children at he behest of someone else – probably Tavistock.

There was an exposé of the events at the Family’s property – a house called UpTop. I said this in my March 28, 2017 article:

Secrecy may have been needed as the adoption papers were not according to Hoyle. A solicitor, Peter Kibby, later said he forged some of them. It seems that some of the babies were grabbed from mothers.

In 1993 Anne and her husband Bill Byrne were extradited to Australia but no charges were brought regarding the abuse of the children. They each got fined $5000 for some sort of fraud. Bill died in 2009.

Sarah Moore (one of the 14 kids) asked, in her 1995 book:

“Why did she subject us to the bizarre and cruel regimen in which we grew up? Was it to demonstrate that she had the power to create a generation that would be reared with her beliefs and believing in her? I suspect perhaps that there were more sinister motives than these alone.”

Sarah Moore, at age 17, had escaped and reported to police that at least one child at UpTop, Cassandra, was being starved to death. So why were the Byrnes not even charged with child abuse? Plus there were many other crimes on the books in Victoria that year (1987) that could have been invoked.

What is needed is better solidarity between the survivors and the public.

Or — and I hope this is not too radical a suggestion — better solidarity between the survivors and the police.

In her book White Witch in a Black Robe, Wendy Hoffman says that she could sometimes detect (or at least guess) that in a particular city all the police were “in on it.” If that is true of a particular city in Oz, I presume there’s no hope for a cop to break out and tell. He or she will be killed.

Many probably have been killed — it’s easy to do: “shot in the line of duty.” But where there is not such utter corruption, I think there could easily be a couple of cops getting together and saying Hey, do we really want little children to be tortured?

Just think, O Cops, some day you may be the subject of a national or international celebration! A bronze bust of you may appear in the public square. You will have freed the slaves – no mean feat!

“And you shall observe the Feast of Unleavened Bread, for on this very day I brought your hosts out of the land of Egypt.”

Pass the matzoh, please.

— Mary W Maxwell has an ecumenical streak

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    • definitly 1943 because she was 4 years old when she was sold to Doctor Mengeles in 1947-see The Nazi Purchase. Can you put up a preview of  Wendy Hoffman, The Enslaved Queen: A Memoir about Electricity and Mind Control.

      • Dear Diane, I will try to do that. But anyone can go to amazon.com, search for any book, click on it, and then choose the “Look Inside” option. That’s how Speculator did it, above.

        • Dear Diane, Wendy Hoffman has been mentioned several times at Gumshoe. So just go to the search engine above and ask for “wendy hoffman.”

          But now I add this: I gave a copy of Wendy’s first book, “The Enslaved Queen,” to the Royal Commission (on Child Abuse). I only handed it in at the desk in Sydney, addressed to Justice Jennifer Coate. I did not think that would be considered an official submission.

          But recently I emailed a piece of info to the RC and got a reply saying “Thank you, your comment will be added to what you previously submitted.” I have no recollection of submitting anything previously. (Granted, I have published at Gumshoe an open Letter to Justice McClellan, but I don’t think that counts.)

          Thus I deduce that the “Enslaved Queen” book is part of the RC’s collected literature. Wow. Having now been uplifted by that thought, I shall buy a fresh copy of “White Witch” and send it to the RC.

          “White Witch” is utterly remarkable for explaining the neuroscience of how Wendy’s mind was controlled.

  1. When in the 60s, their was a strong link between Tavistock and yoga and many other religious disciplines such manuals were the Dhamapada, Hinduism, Sufism, Upper and Lower Buddhistic ideology Hatha Yoga, and a general sprinkling of cult material, in my view for one thing to bamboozle those who have either been seriously wounded within of to maintain a superior controlling ideology of the mind.
    All the same same this ideology is world wide and is particularly relates to Australia, in terms of a widespread culture of mind control.

    • Wow, thanks Don. I note Anne-Hamilton Byrne gave the kids loads of yoga and loads of LSD. So I venure to guess that she was “hired” by Tavistock to experiment with combining those two things.

      I also noticed that her kids were not involved (as MK-Ultra were) in porn movies or child-prostitution. If anything they were prudes.
      Again, I wonder if this was experimental.

      (Forgive me for sounding businesslike about such horrors.)

      • I have not heard of MK-Ultra and porn, but RDLaing, was involved with LSD, and this combined with alcohol and other drugs seriously affected his integrity and also his associates such as Arthur Balaskas, who was a sort of right hand man, also he was for some time on British TV as a yoga instructor, also into big time drugs including what Laing was into and cocaine, I became involved with this group which I would describe as a cult, because I came from such a straight biological family this group appeared hip.
        The acid I had supplied from one of the Tavistock councilors was pure liquid LSD, it was devastating as it completely disconnects your identity from the society you come from, this acid was I would say in a quantity of hundreds of trips,
        In my opinion the time was of the hippies, and the financial establishment saw this as a threat to establishment if it became a mature movement, this is why the CIA and MI5, became active against this movement, I had MI5 visit me to close down my business in 1968, I had no interest in politics and was shocked that I was not charged with any crime and found this threat of being targeted a frightening experience.
        If Anne-Hamilton Byrne did have acid at a very young age she is a victim of circumstance and as such can not be responsible for her fate as one can experience states of a mystical condition.
        As you can see in the 60s having many gurus and so on even Laing had one in India, I met him he was a bastard, fucked Utha, Laings wife, all the same she was prone to affairs, Laing was just a ego trip of Utha, but then most of this time was a mix up of a egotistical charade but also a serious movement for a few.

        • Don, I do understand that Hamilton-Byrne was a victim. i also know for sure that Dubbya was a victim, but it is very unpopular to show pity to such “leaders.”

          There are ways for even the most cruel people to reconnect to their soul. Alison Miller, who was the therapist that made Wendy’s reintegration possible, is author of “Healing the Unimaginable”. I have only skimmed it. It’s in some libraries and one can get it on Interlibrary loan for $14 postage.

          I am sorry for you being sent on “trips.” This whole thing is very sick. But I am sure we can “knock it from its perch.”

          • Don, I just recalled that in Sarah Moore’s book, “Unseen, Unheard, Unknown,” she says that a guru was very kind to the children. She was always happy to be in his company.

            Anne frequently traveled to England and even when she was in Oz she only deigned to visit “her” children on weekends.

            Another thought that has just come to me is that someone twigged over my mention, in the co-authored book “Port Arthur: Enough Is Enough”, that the massacre was likely a Tavistock product as it involved Dr Dax.

            I said above that it’s unpopular to be forgiving of Bush but also the many bastards who did the PAM are probably “eligible” as they may very well be automatons.

            Whew. This is turning into quite a Passover.

    • I can’t see that any weirdo fringe group has ever been any more abusive than Mr. & Ms. Average Normal-Decent.

      If you don’t teach your kids to stand up to oppression your teaching them that its O. K. There really isn’t any neutral ground.

  2. “O my country, so beautiful and so lost….”

    Just think how we (oldies) were brought up to think that the last word in un-freedom was the Soviet Union.

    Oopsies. wrong-o. THANK YOU, WENDY HOFFMAN.

  3. The process by which the children of Israel became enslaved is really interesting.

    The most common form of enslavement in Australia is also debt. Not many souls understand that owing means some Pharoah or other owns a part of you. Even fewer grasp the fact that the back-up army has already been drowned:

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  5. I’m reading the Amazon preview and find myself hooked. So many thoughts come to mind. The movie “Sybil,” the TV show “Stranger Things,” other people I’ve listened to, like the young brother and sister from Hampstead Heath, and then finally the idea that we all may be suffering from this sort of split and our unconscious minds may be where our unknown pieces are, along with the too-painful-to-remember memories of past traumatic events and experiences. And I also think those who perpetrate the horrible acts described are also victims whose natural sense of compassion has been compartmentalized. And then I imagine that the times we’re going through now may be part of our individual and collective healing and reintegration. (That’s just how my mind works.)

    I don’t suppose Amazon will allow me to read the entire book in this preview mode, so I guess I’m going to have to buy it. I was hesitant, but I’m glad I read the article and read some of Wendy’s book. Thanks Mary.

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