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The Adventures of Tex and Rex


The aftermath of the ‘Mother of all Bombs’, a GBU-43 (MOAB)

by G5 ©

I work from raw Intel. I remain purposely aloof. I am advised that at the moment it appears as though the doyens of the “Alternative” are running a week to two behind me. Now I wonder why that would be.

American and Afghani ‘officials’ have declared that ‘no civilians’ died in The Good Friday Celebrations. We can only suggest that Tex and Rex phoned ahead and checked the identities of all those in the rabbit holes in the former great mountain of ISIS. How else would they know. Any women or children who may have been an issue — were fully paid up and inducted members of ISIS.

Or perhaps it was all just a bit of earth moving after all. The camel herders on the next hill certainly had their day upset.

So what was the point. About the same as hitting an airport in Syria, or dropping anchor off South Korea.

No casualties were reported for The Shayrat Airfield Attack by America. As only 23 of the 60 fired Cruise Tomahawks from the two destroyers in the Mediterranean (more or less) reached the target — and it being a military establishment, the personnel would have evasive protection available.

Apart from the fact that The Tomahawks would have been ‘sighted’ early — with probably enough time for the targeted to have morning tea.

Mattis, not wanting Tex and Rex to own all the glory, decided to turn the act into The Three Stooges. With zero legitimate Intel, he unilaterally declares that The Syrian Air Force suffered a 20% loss. Apart from compounding An Act of War, on what basis could he rationally make such an absurd claim? He follows in with alleged damage to Ammunition and Fuel Supplies at the base. All of which was rectified by Russia within 48 hours.

There are all kinds of numbers coming out of Afghanistan. All nonsense. American sources are claiming 94 to 800 dead — depending who is asked. The Danesh are claiming none. Who cares. Was there a body count. Was there a register of those in the tunnels.

If America does not want to be treated as The Village Idiot, it should stop behaving in that manner. Trying to divert its War Crimes and Acts of War in Syria, won’t be achieved by sabre-rattling at North Korea, or dropping anchor of South Korea. Nor is it going to happen by blowing up a mountain in Afghanistan. America has gone totally overboard with its frogshit over the past two weeks.

Were the Tribal Danesh, really ‘Terrorists’? And if they were, and if Achin in Nangarhar was such a stronghold — why wasn’t it hit before?

Khogiani (a number of names) is a source of bad Intel to The West.

During WWII Stewart Menzies (SIS) covered John Cairncross (who never knew), so he could feed Russia with Bletchley Intel concerning German ground strengths and movements. It was essential for The West to sustain Russia with the Intel it had no means of obtaining at that time.

Churchill was necessarily kept uninformed of SIS decisions and actions. Russia was essential to an allied victory. Churchill was living in empire days.

The problem of Russian Double Agents emerged with the Philby Affair of the Cold War. The agents concerned were trapped in the middle of nowhere. Now Russia was an essential ally. Now Russia was The West’s biggest enemy. All well known to SIS.

[Peter] Wright’s book [Spycatcher] is such a load of the proverbial. It had to be a hit with the clueless. Turnbull defending it was a perfect match.

On Monday 3/4/2017: Air Force planes in Syrian colours destroy Maaret al-Numan Hospital. They are not Syrian or Russian aircraft.

On Tuesday 4/4/2017: The Syrian Air Force, on the basis of bad Intel, strikes Khan Sheikhoun village. Civilians were moved into the area, ISIS military were moved out, after canisters of fresh (deteriorates in weeks) Sarin (“G series B”) were positioned for detonation. A False Flag, War Crime by America?

On Wednesday 5/4/2017: Air Force planes in Syrian colours destroy al-Rahma Hospital. They are not Syrian or Russian aircraft.

On Thursday 6/4/2017: America fires 60 Cruise Tomahawks at Syria’s Shayrat Air Force Base. An Act of War by America. 23 more or less reach the target.

In October 2015 — America and Russia agreed to work jointly against ISIS (the various radical, insurgent, terrorist groups, formed by America in a 2006 amalgamation). America and Russia were to advise the other if any strike against ISIS was planned — so that the opposing Russia or America could move their forces from the area.

Of such low quality was the frogshit Intel fed to Tex and Rex to facilitate the performance of the False Flag, War Crime — that they never knew of the agreement. They did not even questioned if Russian forces would have been present. The exact lunacy they perpetrated for the American Act of War, two days later. What would have been the consequences for America striking Russian Forces in Syria. If you think nothing … try again.

And remember the frogshit Situation Room PR photo released for The Peanut Galleries. It didn’t happen like that folks. Tex and Rex fired from the hip.

America was exposed at supplying Chemical Weapons to ISIS in Syria at the time of the Gouta American Chemical Weapons Attack on innocent Syrian, unarmed civilian non-combatants, in August 2013. Obama, Kerry, and Susan Rice lied incessantly — they stood with blood on their hands.

Also in the October 2015 agreement was a little something concerning American pilots in the Syrian War Zone. All Top Guns of course. It appears that they have a tendency to collide into each other. Now how could that be?

Russia has switched off that communications system. If the USAF is smart, it’s grounded in that tight theatre.

In the following week Rex is summoned to Moscow. He makes a diversion to Italy to check the temperature of European G7 members. The on off Putin meeting ends up billed as Rex’s ‘counterpart’ Lavrov. The USS Vinson Carrier Group One is moved off Korea for sabre-rattling. And America lets one go in Afghanistan.

The only concern was Putin moved for [Vladimir] Zhirinovsky. America was ‘gone’. That was internally resolved politically in Moscow. America keeps mistaking Russian inaction by Putin as a form of weakness. It forgets that there is a hardcore Russian hawk consortium that makes the American version look like the local lamington drive.

American Intel at this time is a worry. Pompeo, Comey, and Rogers are not performing.

The Syrian National Coalition, American puppet club, is the source of pro-American Syrian propaganda. And you could imagine the quality of that.

Then it became big missile upmanship week. North Korea parades monsters that actually don’t fly. But the silly Western MSM suck it in. Then Russia lets one off that makes the American one look like a penny firecracker — which it was. I have written variously about The Russian Arsenal, the Tsar Bomb, and other accouterments.

America enlivened its ISIS by its idiotic actions over the past two weeks. America destabilised Iraq in 1990 and Syria in 2011. If America is to be believed, it lost control of its creations — and now needs help to destroy them.

A current tragedy in Syria was a car bomb in Rashidin, killing a hundred people, and injuring many. The idiot MSM ran it as caused by Assad-friendly forces. One more American-caused False Flag. And many more to come.

Syria is a disaster – like everywhere America has placed its hand, at least since the end of WWII.

The economically enslaved Western Herds, never get it, and never will. They will continue to pay for generations into the future. They cannot be saved from themselves. And will fight to the death for their right to be terminally stupid.



    • I have no love for any of these people, but you can’t really argue with the Constitution. “Shall not be infringed” means exactly what it says and the Supreme Court does not have the right to re-write the Constitution, which is what happens in practice, to my way of thinking. Actually, nobody needs bazookas or assault weapons and I’d love to see all such weapons destroyed. Unfortunately, the people’s right to bear arms is based not only on protecting themselves from foreign enemies but also on protecting themselves from their own tyrannical government. It does seem a little bit humorous for Ted from Texas to make arguments about books and particular books when the purpose of the Texas Board of Education is to create works of fiction, fantasy, and propaganda and pass them off as educational materials for most of the country.

      Where’s the wisdom in these silly arguments? Somehow it almost always seems to elude the politicians.

  1. Dear G5, Aside form the particular Intel that you mention is the whole problem, which your article illuminates, of Behind-The-Scenes foreign affairs.

    Who is to know which groups an individual works for? They say when JFK was inaugurated in 1961 he then was introduced to his Cabinet, such as McNamara (Defense) and Rusk (State) – as though he did not know them and had not picked them. So who did pick them and would they then follow the directives of that person forever?

    (Apparently, yes. I mean logically, yes.)

    Tillerson was CEO of Exxon (and I think Condoleezza was, too). Can a man serve two masters?

    Any president would be under this handicap. I say a loyalty oath is needed.

  2. “They cannot be saved from themselves. And will fight to the death for their right to be terminally stupid.”

    Yep, that’s been my experience…

    • Affirmed……… saw a friend recently cover her ears saying; ‘No. No, I don’t want to hear’. She being a graduate for a scientific vocation for the last 50+ years. I thought she might understand the role of gravity bringing down building No7.
      Silly me.
      She is not alone, just look at our political leaders, professionals and the lying msm and their shock jokes.
      Yep, the right to be ‘terminaly stupid’!
      Pity they have managed to enable millions of humans to be killed, maimed and destroyed due to their; stupidity, ignorance, lack of intellect, absence of objectivity and deficient moral compass.
      Then they support, encourage and let our present politicians and msm to brain wash us, to run our lives and country.
      A whoop of chimps would do better.

      • I think stupidity sometimes derives from fear. And many of those with the greatest investment in the status quo may be the last to come around, if they ever do. I’ve pretty much stopped talking to people. It’s too frustrating.

    • A current exposed example of the ‘terminaly stupid’ are those who denied or ignored disgusting criminal paedophiles in their midst.
      Their stupidity is now their terminus.
      Now for the other terminaly stupid in our midst to be exposed for their criminality, as for sure they are worse than those who have protected ‘mere’ (as contrasted to our warmongering mass murderers and child killers) paedophiles.

  3. Of the 435 members of the US House of Representatives, fully 98 joined as co-sponsors of a bill to “audit the fed” It is called the Federal Reserve Transparency Act 2017 and has now PASSED THE HOUSE.

    Well, shiver me timbers!

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