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  1. I had no idea the Oz government was engaging in this type of activity – http://www.globalresearch.ca/australian-academics-witch-hunted-for-challenging-us-lies-on-syria-attack/5585234

    I found the article on the ‘net as I don’t watch TV or read the MSM newspapers. “Our ABC” LOL!

    Send Tim Anderson a link and let him know we are paying attention. Hell, maybe he’d like to research the Port Arthur Massacre and get a better grip on what ‘his’ Australian Government has been up to.

  2. Comments to James O’Neill’s article on Syria are getting out of hand. (Up to 86 so far). April 17th marked the nee of nee, so to speak, allegedly a virgin birth. I mean re-birth.

    So I thought I should check out the definition. I checked it out but still do not understand. According to “Urban Dictionary”:

    Oh Shit, i got my nee nee caught in my zipper. Damn, i have a small nee nee. Dude, i slapped that prostitute with my nee nee. Stop being a nee nee boy.”

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