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Terror in France and the Human Microchip Agenda


Police on the Champs Élysé​e​s, Paris 

by Dee McLachlan

Yet another (terrorist) attack in France, and the French are becoming exasperated.

The “fight against terrorism” has now become a major factor in the forthcoming French election, and an ABC article today claims “Vote for president could reshape Western world.” The people want solutions to radicalization, and the extended state of emergency.

Why has France been the focus of terrorist attacks over recent years? Mainstream media are explaining that Islamic State gave out a worldwide message to its followers in September 2014, singling out France.

ISIS (supposedly) said:

 “…kill a disbelieving American or European — especially the spiteful and filthy French…”

A few months later, ISIS released a video aimed at recruiting French Muslims — calling on jihadists to execute attacks in France.

But hang on, I thought IS was being funded and controlled by Western interests.

Attacks in France

I began to take notice of the attacks in France after the Charlie Hebdo incident (January 2015). It was  surely a false flag. The mass shooting at the satirical magazine was allegedly carried out by two hooded gunman — allegedly Saïd and Chérif Kouachi, brothers from Algeria.

They miraculously evaded police in Paris, but then 22 hours later, and — now having discarded their masks – they entered a service station to steal water and petrol with a rocket launcher (I described it as maybe a prop).

Here is Kouachi, openly shopping, wearing his “bazooka” on his hip. Below, some rocket launchers

It made no sense. (My article on the two brothers.)

Even more telling (in my opinion) is the fact that Helric Fredou, the Police Commissioner who was preparing a report on the Charlie Hebdo shooting, was found dead with a bullet in the head just hours later. The official story claims he committed suicide.

Many more attacks followed:

February 2015 – Three military men, guarding a Jewish community center in Nice, are attacked by Moussa Coulibaly.

June 2015 – The Saint-Quentin-Fallavier attack involved an Islamist delivery driver decapitating a man.

August 2015 – An attempted mass shooting occurred on a train traveling from Amsterdam to Paris — injuring four people.

November 2015 – The deadliest terrorist attack in French history. ISIS claimed responsibility for killing of 90 persons during a siege during an Eagles of Death Metal concert inside the Bataclan.

 2016 – Several attacks:

 — A man rammed his car twice into four soldiers protecting a mosque;

— jihadist wearing a fake explosive belt attacked police officers;

— a police officer and his wife were stabbed to death in Magnanville;

— then a 19 ton truck, driven by Mohamed Lahouaiej-Bouhlel, drove into crowds celebrating Bastille Day in Nice;

— two terrorists attacked a Normandy church during a mass, killing an 86-year-old priest; and many more.

2017 – more terror attacks, then a soldier opened fire on a man who attempted to enter the Louvre museum with a machete.  And now — “Policeman shot dead, two others wounded by gunman on Champs Elysees.”

This was all “predicted” — or prescribed —  back in 1969.

Two Insights From Dr Day

Three tapes on the “New World System” were recorded in 1988. They were Dr. Lawrence Dunegan’s recollections of a lecture he attended on March 20, 1969 at a meeting of the Pittsburgh Pediatric Society. The speaker was Richard Day, MD, and this is what was said about…

(1) Terrorism

“…Terrorism would be used widely in Europe and in other parts of the world. Terrorism at that time was thought would not be necessary in the United States. It could become necessary in the United States if the United States did not move rapidly enough into accepting the system. But at least in the foreseeable future it was not planned. And very benignly on their part.

“Maybe terrorism would not be required here [the US], but the implication being that it would be indeed used if it was necessary. Along with this came a bit of a scolding that Americans had had it too good anyway and just a little bit of terrorism would help convince Americans that the world is indeed a dangerous place, or can be if we don’t relinquish control to the proper authorities.”

It is extraordinary that Dr Day was claiming that the “system” would use terrorism to convince people that the world is a dangerous place, and thus persuading populations to relinquish control“.

Control to what, who?

Dr Day then outlined the ultimate form of control in his lecture. It must have sounded like pure science fiction to his audience back then in 1969 (before faxes or mobile phones). Dr Dunegan recalled this on…

(2) Implanted IDs

“…It was already planned that later on some sort of device would be developed to be implanted under the skin that would be coded specifically to identify the individual… and that this would have to be material on which information could be recorded and retrieved by some sort of scanner while it was not rejected by the body. Silicon was mentioned.

“There was some mention, also, of implants that would lend themselves to surveillance by providing radio signals. This could be under the skin or a dental implant, put in like a filling so that either fugitives or possibly other citizens could be identified by a certain frequency from his personal transmitter and could be located at any time or any place by any authority who wanted to find him.”

Will constant terror attacks slowly wear down a population into believing that personal microchips might be the answer to their safety?

This is possible in a compliant culture.

A European company has offered its employees this “opportunity”. At NewFusion, a Belgian tech firm, employees can opt in and get physical chips surgically implanted into their flesh (their hands) to access their building and computers.

So I wonder…

Are The French Being Targeted with Terror?

I’d say it would be hard to persuade the French to accept human microchips.

The French are known to be independent, idealistic and free thinking.

They are also suspicious of authority. It is interesting that a book on the “no plane crashed on the Pentagon on 9-11 theory” was successful in France within a short time after the event, selling more than a 100,000 copies.

And one more thing — they have reverence toward  the human body.

So, regarding human micro-chipping — I’d say if you could persuade the French, you could persuade every other culture.

Maybe “they” are targeting France, and trying to break the French into compliance. If France legislates for compulsory electronic radio frequency identity (RFID) human microchips in the future — the rest of the Western world will be a push over, and would follow suit.

Game over.



  1. Dr Day’s comments (or prophecies) — on a hundred topics — can be found in Part 2 of our book, Truth and Journalism (by Dee McLachan and Mary W Maxwell).

    He was not exactly a “prophet.” Richard Day, MD, was a Rockefeller insider. He said, in this same 1969 after-dinner speech to medical students and doctors, that the Rockefeller Institute had the cure for cancer under lock and key.

    That was 48 years ago. It is still under lock and key. Where other doctors, such as Nick Gonzalez, get around the problem by re-discovering older cures for cancer, the Rocky-types bump them off. Come to think of it, bumping off all rivals in the oil industry was a well-accepted Rockefeller practice even in the 19th century. (Yes, “accepted” is the problem.)

    Before Nick Gonzalez’s untimely death, he wrote a book “What Went Wrong” — reviewed at Amazon – describing how the (very expensive) FDA trial of his pancreatic-enzyme cure for cancer got sabotaged. Similarly, Dr Jeff Bradstreet, nearing a cure for autism, was found in a river last year. “Suicide,” you know.

    I discuss this in my book “Consider the Lilies: 18 Cures for Cancer and Their Legal Status.”

    Let’s not continue to be fools and “victims.” Let’s jump out of our trance.

    • English translation of French national anthem:

      Arise, children of the Fatherland
      The day of glory has arrived
      Against us tyranny’s
      Bloody banner is raised
      Do you hear, in the countryside
      The roar of those ferocious soldiers?
      They’re coming right into your arms
      To cut the throats of your sons, your women!

      To arms, citizens!
      Form your battalions
      Let’s march, let’s march!

  2. How much so called terrorism is generated by the 1% controlling elite for reasons such as controlling the mass population as a distraction of the real enemy the !%, however if the policy of this cult is out of control to the extent that certain factors have a consequence unforeseen, the uncertainty of terrorism in Paris and elsewhere must have a economic impact, many attacks are directed to places where the middle class frequent, you would be forgiven for the the affluent burrowing their heads in the trough of epicurism rather than seeing that not only are the third world of the impoverished are targeted but also the random attacks upon those who are educated at least educated within the formal sense of education rater than a say a education outside the formal restraints of university education or some would say some intermingling of becoming radicalized within the restraint of what is considered normal or being politically correct.
    The hippies of the 1960s considered by the elite as a evil for varied crimes such as war restraints, the CIA and organizations as MI5, were directed by financial corporations to embark upon a different strategy as the endorsement of consumption, high cost living and high cost of health, education, and belief in dream time of high cost space research as a avoidance of real problems on our planet and to sell the dream by authors such as Brian Cox, Hawkins, the Hubble telescope all interesting to the curiosity of those who desire knowledge but the underlying political ploy is a distraction of a highly organized crime syndicate that pollutes the mind of who is the enemy within.
    The controlling elite embarks upon the insanity of selling insanity to the public, as example some years ago maybe a decade I heard through the press the gas fields off Bass Straight had enough gas for one hundred and sixty years for Melbourne, we are now looking at a gas pipe line from Western Australia to the Eastern coast for transportation of this resource, it is this type of consideration by our government that many would think those who govern are incompetent in decision making are subversive to the public’s integrity? nevertheless these same politicians having difficulty in negative gearing policy because of their self interest in investment for personal gain, effectively decision making is for the the elite which is all part of the perks of public life.

  3. While there are now many who know via the internet of the criminal activities of the 1%, the question is, what can we do about it? Apart from trying to pass this information on to others, we are restrained in most cases by “the illegal laws” that this same 1% have had passed by the Western governments.

    The laws that wont allow supposed historical facts to be argued in a court of law, by presenting physical evidence. The law of libel and slander that was designed to be used for and behalf a particular group of people. No other group have this “legal” protection.

    Many of the 1% are known, and are acting far worse than any mafia organisation. Using bribery, blackmail, murder and threats of murder, they are given protection to carry out there insidious crimes by governments, police and the courts.

    This 1% have control of all types of media, the intelligence agencies, the central banks, the illegal drug trade, the pharmaceutical industry and the Western Governments, and therefore control of the United Nations Organisation.

      • Maybe 0.1%? and some estimates from eight families and four to eight hundred individuals? the point is the figure of 1% is those who are all part of the higher perk order, that if only a few hundred central controllers a arbitrary figure is used as those who would be all part of the system to stay with the status quo.
        If we take a look at Malcolm Turnbull’s wealth estimates of around just under two hundred million and I have heard as much as one thousand million dollars, as he is a unknown quantity is as you know is parking his wealth in off shore banking, thus secrecy is the key, of course he is relatively poor compared with say Putin, I have heard some estimates around 150 billion dollars or more? as far as I can ascertain I have seen figures of two trillion dollars Rothschilds, Rockefeller, well over 300 billion, could be in real terms a trillion.
        The point is the money is all part of estimates as the wealthy are a covert organization as to what they are about for obvious reasons, many would say this level of wealth as a primeval itch to grab what you can and to hold the carrot to the rest of humanity and to hold the many within ether dire poverty or struggling to survive as a healthy individual in terms of a physical and mental condition and to maintain this condition requires money.
        As some may have heard on ABC radio on the 21st April, a speaker of renown on the future of the rich to maintain high degrees of health and to manipulate most of the human race to be relegated to self destruction in terms of malnutrition and to become degenerated into a state of spiritual decline.
        When I started Manna, Erskine Rd, NW3, London in 1967, promoting organic food and vegetarianism, it was curious how I was visited by police on different occasions that later made me wonder if the political ideology of establishment was already working towards malnutrition.
        If those on Gumtree do not see a connection with overt riches of those who are involved with political power, and the decline of our planet in many ways that money could be used in a more constructive way, would suggest to me this site is infiltrated.

    • Mal, I agree with you except the bit about libel law only protecting one group. As far as I know it protects me and thee as well as the 1% (or .1%, as Dee says. Or 20% if we are all way off in our calculations.)

      In fact “famous people” have LESS protection from the libel law as they are considered fair game for criticism — if the behavior being criticized is part of their job, eg MP or cop.

      If you meant something more sinister, please clarify.

      • What I was suggesting is that the small proportion of the World’s population, being Zionists, have had legislation passed that prevents investigators from providing proof in court that the holocaust event, that is gassing of humans did or did not happen. If a person vents an accusation in regard to the lack of evidence of there having been a holocaust, that person is able to be charged and found guilty of libel or slander without any proof being required. He or she is then slandered or libelled as being an anti-Semitic, with no recourse.

        Again to my knowledge no other topic has such an embargo upon it. You are able to call out a prime minister as a crook and fraud. If you can provide evidence to a court then I would think that you are on safe ground.

        • Mal, if you are referring to Australia, I believe Fredrick Toben was told by the Human Rights Commission to remove anti-Semitic stuff from his website and declined to do so, and then got hit with a very expensive lawsuit in which the judge cited him for contempt of court. That act of contempt caused him to be in prison in SA for 3 months.

          (It wasn’t for libel as such, and as it’s a civil action, he didn’t end up with a criminal record from the experience.)

          However if you are talking about Germany the situation is more threatening. As you say, one had better not open one’s mouth or one will be charged under a law that has something to do with “dishonoring the dead.” I have read that 2,000 Germans per year get charged with that (regarding the holocaust, not calling their deceased neighbor an old fart).

          Since Dee said, above, that the French are feisty about rights, I offer this article about Robert Faurisson. He can’t enter Oz, in his old age, because he is a convicted criminal, the crime being, as you mention, opening his yap. Or brandishing his pen:

  4. Here is a reprint from the Yarra Ranges Shire Council letter to Residents, Yarra Ranges DNA Collecting:

    Dear Resident,

    As you know, we maintain a database of residents DNA for cross reference and identification should a catastrophic event, similar to last Summer’s Black Saturday, occur within the Shire.

    Your DNA is presently stored at a third party location (Secure Polygene Pty Ltd) which maintains strict security to ensure your personal anonymity. The nominal charge for this service is $35 per ratepayer and is currently included in your utility surcharge.

    Recent changes to the Victorian Privacy Act require us to inform you that we also keep on file real time satellite mapping of your residence for emergency services and own planning purposes.

    With the advent of the Royal Commission into the bushfire tragedy, one of the most important recommendations is being considered by Council for implementation prior to the onset of the next fire season.

    We are considering the implementation of MANDATORY GPS tracking for individuals who own a GPS enabled 3G mobile phone. For residents who do not currently own a device that enables GPS tracking, Council is considering providing, FREE OF CHARGE, a GPS device.

    Please notify Council within 30 days whether you currently posses a GPS device and if so its mobile number or, alternatively, let us know if you require a Council provided device to be registered in your name.

    With the DNA already on file, digital tracking and satellite location we will be able to quickly verify the location of all Shire residents in the event of an emergency.

    Yours Faithfully

    Sol Springer

    Principle Surveillance and Security Officer

    Note: I am unable to respond to individual ratepayers until my return from the USA on 31st August 2009.

    • You fairdinkum? Presumably a 2009 letter, if genuine, bit sus and:
      Could not get a result on a search of Secure Polygene Pty Ltd?
      A company search might be better, but not available to me.
      Need to know directors, secretary, CEO and shareholders.
      Need to see the contract/arrangement it may have with the Yarra … council.
      I note that a huge majority of residents of Yarra …. live in urban areas. From memory 3% are in the bush.
      Appears to be a bit of overkill to pay 35 per each resident ……. annually?
      Ratepayers should be asking for some transparency and detail.
      For how long has council held dna details and of how many?
      If this has legs, do visitors to the range have to undergo a dna swab for all?
      Will children be proviided with a free ‘visitor’s’ GPS gizzmo?
      Note that the police now have number plate reading facility in patrol cars and also at speed averaging sites.
      Comming soon; “your papers”!
      To be convinced, need a lot more to demonstrate authenticity.

          • Not to fussed about a chip on a passport, mine is boring them silly by remaining static for the last six years in a bottom draw.
            One day I will strir them up and take it to the office.

          • Oh go on, Nedski, drive it around the block. See what happens.

            But don’t leave it in the glovebox as you never know who will find it. (Also never leave your high school diploma on the back seat.)

    • If the above rate notice is authentic, what legislation gives the councils power to collect their ratepayers DNA illegally? If there is in fact legislation when was the referendum held to enforce that legislation?

      Under the Australian Constitution, there is no valid institution as local government. So how are they able to collect, legally information on individuals, such as DNA?

      When the most recent Federal referendum was held, a question was put to the Australian public, as to whether they wanted local government to be recognised as a branch of Government and there was a resounding, No vote.

      • Good point, Mal.
        Since you are the Main Letter Writer to Government on this website (or maybe share the honor with Berry?) why don’t you pen a missive to the relevant minister of Victoria? If a council is doing whatever, it is per the state’s authority.

        Years ago at a Liberal Party meeting I made a stink about a law (or was it just a “policy”) to swab arrestees for DNA, and put the results on file even tho the person may be subsequently not be convicted.

        Amanda Vanstone — who was federal Minister of Justice at the time? — I am not sure — replied in such a way as to say “Are you crazy, Mary?” No one else in the crowded room took my part. I think they just don’t understand.

        Think we better start extolling the value of privacy and anonymity and control of one’s body. Value! Value! Lookie here, value!

      • Hi Mal, the letter comes from one of my most trusted sources. I only received it a week ago and as such have not researched yet… It may shock people to know that when a baby is born they do a heel prick test (for genetic markers on certain diseases, etc). This is called a Guthrie card and is stored in Victoria by the Murdoch Institute at the Royal Childrens Hospital in Melbourne. How do i know this? Because recently we retrieved this card from the Institute on behalf our of child and now hold it in our custody. When we went to pick it up we were told it was being held in trust as a source for identification for use in emergencies such as the Bali Bombings (yes that is exactly what they said!!). The Guthrie card up until a few years ago was done without any permission or infact knowledge given to the parents (now they need permission from mother). The apparently started in Australia in 1966 and occur in each state.

  5. The chip is practicly here, it is in your credit/debit card used for most purchases.
    They want to ban cash transactions and cash itself. Search the reports.
    Everyone will have to give their money/salary/dividends to a bank. Yes that is right, when you put money into an account you have given your asset to a bank. You are a mere creditor and at the end of the que to collect. The bank can do what it likes with ‘its’ money. Ask the Cypriots.
    If in doubt look up what the G20 determined in Brisbane a few years back…………your ‘account’ now regards you as an investor!
    This all means that the banks have you suspended ………. by both ears.
    They will be able to deny you access to what they have taken.
    They can deny access for funds to even live.
    In Turkey, they are now getting citizens to turn in their gold jewelery in return for a piece of paper.
    This is all planned. Who is betraying us? Our politicians you silly people!
    Who runs the pollies and msm? It is ‘they’, the bankers, fascist corporations and those who own them.
    Take cash out of the bank, leave a little to cover bills, cut up the credit card…….minimise debt……..if you can. Note that privatetisation is a manourvre to transfer public assets to fascist profit corporations who screw us. Try INSURANCE, electricity and gas prices. Even we are being screwed when we park at our airports and hospitals.
    Wake up silly people, dump the msm and our traitor politicians and do not support products from the large corporation control freaks who now even want all water resources. A ceo of Nestle’ said we should all pay for water (his water; for example, that he drains in California for nothing)
    Nestle is banned in our household……one example being Uncle Toby”s Oats and no way would I buy Franklin (?) water.
    Remember, they are 0.1% we are 99.9%.

  6. Dee,

    As to whether the French are being “terror targeted” I think that’s obviously a given. Gladio on steroids. But spare a thought for the poor old Yanks. Multiple blackouts in New York, San Francisco and L.A No explanations, no nothing. Chaos for millions.
    And to add insult to injury, this weekends’ “Operation Gotham Shield”.(who makes up these wacky names)

    Yep, another “drill”, this time simulating a 10 kt nuke going off over New York/New Jersey. Yikes!!! Given the disturbing propensity for drills to “go live” over recent years, I’d be exiting stage left ASAP for a few days. It’s probably nothing, though.(GULP)

    But then, why did Obozo state his concerns about a nuke going off in Manhatten? Beats me.

    Anyone else on GSNews get that “batshit crazy” feeling in the pit of their stomach??

    • I don’t get it, Phil. What N-threat in Manhattan is Bongo talking about? Maybe we should let the Iriquois Injuns buy back the whole island back at less than what they sold it to us for, which “if I recall” was twenty-six bucks.

      Bucks? Wait a minute! How did bucks get into this!

      • You really must go to a hystrical website called mentalfloss and ask “Was Manhattan really sold for $24? Here is part of the answer:

        “In ‘Law in American History: Volume 1,’ law professor G. Edward White interprets the Manhattan “sale” from the Indians’ point of view as “not relinquishing the island, but simply welcoming the Dutch as additional occupants,” in the context of a property rights system that was different from the Europeans’, but not nonexistent. He thinks they “allowed the Dutch to exercise what they thought of as hunting or use rights on the island” and assumed continuing rights of their own, in which case the deal seems much better for the Indians than legend would have us believe.”

        Eddy Mabo (1936-1992) would be amazed.

      • Mary, How would I know what N-threat he was talking about. Just that he said it. Maybe he wants to be known as a modern day Nostradamus.

        But a drill is a drill is a drill. Gulp.

        And things are VERY tight when it comes to the financial and monetary system. Maybe they need a super duper,mother-of-all Pearl Harbours again.

        • And when I say a financial/monetary “problem”, I mean that “they” have used and abused the “fiat” money printing game past the point of saving. Check this out:


          They rig the competition to paper money by rigging the gold and silver markets. (Don’t want the sheeple to wake up to their scam) Currently the silver futures market has the largest short position IN HISTORY! Each “contract” they is for 5,000 ounces. When you sell 160,000 contract in a DAY, that’s the equivalent of the entire annual global silver mining production, IN A DAY. DAY AFTER DAY AFTER DAY.

          The biggest financial scam in history.

    • Yes Phill, these ‘coincidental’ outages are reported all over the reliable net news sites.
      One day a msm journo or shock joke will hear about it and report it. …….. not!
      In the meantime the msm will continue defrauding us by selling crap alleged ‘news’ paper.

    • Good friends ,
      did you see Malcolm and Mike on Kirribilli lawns yesterday on the idiot box . Why do ugly characters come to be placed in power . Sure our pm is a Minnie me but the Vice President looks exceptionally arrogant and intimidating . Did you see him the first day in black leather jacket and insignia ? … heavy
      These people are not our friends .

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