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Analysis of 9-11, Part 11: What Happened to America Airlines 77?


by Dee McLachlan

The FBI has recently made public several photographs inside the Pentagon just after flight AA 77 allegedly flew into the building on September 11, 2001. The images are now posted to the FBI’s records vault, and give a “new look” into the destruction (by the plane).

Flight 77, a Boeing 757-223, was allegedly hijacked by five men. The flight took off at Dulles Airport at 08:20, with the transponder being switched off at 08:56 hours. The plane then allegedly crashed into the Pentagon at 09:37:46 hours — killing all 64 people on board, as well as 125 people in the building.

The FBI Photographs

There are so many unanswered questions. Considering it it the most guarded building in the world, the FBI should have settled this once and for all and just released all the CCTV from the Pentagon, and surrounding buildings.

Below is a pictorial comparison between other planes into buildings crashes, and the released FBI photographs.

A Crash in Lagos

A passenger plane with 147 people on board has crashed into a building in a densely populated area in the Nigerian city, Lagos.

The National Post wrote “The plane did not appear to have nose-dived into a building, but seemed to have landed on its belly. It first crashed through a furniture shop and then into residential buildings…” (It was obviously not doing the speed of AA 77.)

Manas Airport

In January 2017 a Turkish cargo jet (below) has crashed (trying to land in poor visibility) near Kyrgyzstan’s Manas airport, damaging 15 buildings and killing at least 37 people.


On 21 December 1988, Pan Am Flight 103 exploded 31,000 feet over Lockerbie. The 259 aboard the 747 were killed, along with 11 people on the ground. A massive crater (below) was the result of a part of the fuselage plummeted to earth.

Back To The Pentagon

 Pre-collapse photograph sourced from Wikimedia

Post-collapse photograph found om the Internet

The Boeing 757 200 series is 155 feet long (47 m). It has a wing span just over 124 feet (38 m) and the height of the tail is 44 feet (13 m). It can carry 11,276 American gallons of jet fuel and can reach 600 mph. The seating capacity can range from 186 to 239 passengers.

More FBI Photographs 

Below are more photographs released by the FBI of the aftermath of the plane hitting the Pentagon.

I was hoping to spot one of the plane’s 200 seats.

And, just to confirm — let’s add the plane’s ID (like Satam Al Suqami magical passport).

We await the release of the CCTV footage from the many cameras that guard the Pentagon.



  1. Someone did find a seat.
    “While searching through wreckage inside the building, firefighters Carlton Burkhammer and Brian Moravitz “spotted an intact seat from the plane’s cockpit with a chunk of the floor still attached.” Burkhammer also “spotted lime-green pieces from the interior of the plane” within the building.

      • Dee, I mentioned some time ago that all the evidence indicated that it was a 737-200 series aircraft that hit the Pentagon. Unfortunately, the port engine that did not penetrate the wall is not shown in the pictures you provided a link to. However, there were pictures of a wheel in the Pentagon and another picture of a 757 wheel for comparison. OK, compare the wheels, count the ‘spokes’ on the 757 wheel and then on the wheel inside the Pentagon.

        The Pentagon wheel is smaller.

        That in itself does not prove anything, perhaps there are different size wheels on a 757, however, it does indicate that the wheel inside the Pentagon is NOT like the 757 wheel that is pictured.

  2. An airliner could not have possibly fitted into the hole in the Pentagon wall. There were no wings or damage to the building where the wings would have made contact.

    An aircraft of that size cannot stay airborne at the height this plane was supposed to have flown at, to get to this destination.
    There were no skid marks or furrows out on the Pentagon lawn area.

    • The Shanksville “crash site”(cough) shows a smouldering hole in the ground. Even the coroner stated that “he stopped being a coroner 20 minutes after arrival because there were no bodies”.
      No wreckage, engines,debris,no nothing.

      At what point do we collectively say,” OK,I get it. We’re all being played for fools”. But that would mean society would have to grow up. Not much chance of that.

  3. A partial analysis of some of the shenanighans on 9/11 by an anonymous insider.

    “A lot happened on 9/11, and a lot of people were involved. It was more than a Policy Coup for further herd submissiveness. ‘False Flags are propaganda, creating narratives for perception management’.

    Two mini-nukes were constructed each in Towers 1 and 2 elevator shafts. Building 7 had been fitted for controlled demolition. (A world-renowned, Dutch demolition expert, Danny Jowenko, agrees that WTC 7 was a controlled demolition, which would have taken weeks with a large team to wire up. Mr Jowneko was mysteriously killed by a hit and run driver shortly thereafter)

    Teams of shooters worked through certain floors of Towers 1 and 2 and Building 7. Preplanted explosives and incendiary devices were remotely detonated.

    The day was planned as a Military Drill concerning a plane striking a high rise building in New York City, and a plane aimed at The White House, to be shot down at Shanksville, Pennsylvania. GWB, Cheney, and Rumsfeld, were only aware of the drill, prior to the event. GWB was aware of certain ongoing financial aspects. But did not link them.

    There was no plane at Shanksville. A rocket was fired into The Pentagon.”

    It sure looked like a rocket/missile strike to me, but what would I know.

    For a much more detailed analysis of 9/11, one might like to read this paper:


    • (:- , (:- ) ,
      Not sure about the missile, but see the 4-5 frames from the carpark……………Now why do they not show us the real thing?
      Malcolm T, PM of Australia and all the other “duped” toadies! You all awake yet?
      Beware the Bogans.

  4. Another go!
    “……..they should have released all the CCTV videos from the Pentagon and surrounding buildings…”
    As for the Pentagon, inquisitive Dee, they did and the 4-5 are here:
    Geez Dee what more do you expect? Just lump these photos and go away.
    Just accept the official government tin foil hat nutters 911 conspiracy theory and believe that the government is here to protect you. TRUST YOUR GOVERNMENT.
    Surely: our servant politicians, the MSM, the ABC, SBS and all the shock jokes of the world must be recognised as being more inteligent and trustworthy that the average Aussie bogan conspiracy theorist?
    Just look at the intellect of some of the official 911 conspiracy acceptors. ……..Malcolm Turnbull, our Prime Minister and past lawyer, Rhodes scholar etc., does he impress as an idiot? Jonathon Faine of ABC Fame, another ex lawyer trained, like Turnbull and Julie Bishop as a lawyer in objective examination
    of evidence………..would they be idiots or dupes?
    The trump genious of course is Australia’s Mr science: Dr Kay. Now surely he know knows thing or two…. just ask him about building No 7 and he will confirm the official NIST report, that it just fell down due to thermal expansion of the joist at column 79, bringing the whoe 47 stories down in 6.5 seconds.
    Dee: Dear Dee just learn to trust YOUR GOVERNMENT and you will feel much better and be happy to identify with the fools who still think that 9/11 was done by well 19 trained and selected Arabs hijecking 4 planes with box cutters, overpowering the trained pilots, meandering around the US skies for an hour or so and the Pentagon ace pilot hijeacker just lucky enough to wipe out the bean counters of the ONI looking for Rumsfield’s missing 2 trillion dollars.
    Oh bugger it, just accept the official nutters conspiracy summed up here:

  5. It was incredibly easy to plant pieces of a 767 after the event, but apart from the physics disproving the plane either flew close to the ground at the alleged speed and then produced a few scraps of the alleged flight we have sworn testimony from the FBI.
    At the trial of Zaccarias Moussaui the FBI gave detailed evidence of all the alleged phone calls from the allegedly hijacked planes.
    Recall that a large chunk of the descriptions given of the alleged hijasckers was made up from the detailed phone conversations that Barbara Olsen held with her husband the Solicitor General. Mrs Olsen was a passenger on the alleged Pentagon crash plane.
    The FBI said that Mrs Olsen made two attempted phone calls from the flight. Each lasted ZERO seconds. That blows out of the water a great chunk of the official conspiracy theory. It is why you will search long and hard for any account of the FBI evidence in the msm.

    • And the only report, from my recollection, of the alleged use of boxcutters by alleged hi-jackers comes from?
      Mr. Olsen of course who claimed that his wife told him about the box cutters in a telephone call whilst in the hi-jacked plane.
      Then of course there the other calls from alleged hi-jacked passengers from planes that could not facillitate a contact.
      Check them out, there is one doozey; fellow ringing his mum and making sure she knew it was her son ringing…..’ …. you do believe me……’
      Another by a lady and at the end there is a whisper from a third party; “…….. you did great”. From my recollection years ago.
      Put all the dots together pollies and msm; the official tin foil hat 911 conspiracy theory is bullshit.
      The calls Indicate that passengers were not on at least some of the aircraft in the air.
      What really happened to the passengers, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull?
      ABC Jonathone Faine: you there?
      We are surrounded by idiots and dupes or complicit criminals aiding and abetting mass murders.

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