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False Flags and the Port Arthur Massacre


The all-too convenient destruction of the German parliament building

by Mary W Maxwell

Tomorrow, April 28, 2017, is the 21st anniversary of the killing of 35 people in or near Port Arthur Tasmania. Last year there was quite a buzz for the 20th anniversary. This year all is quiet.

At GumshoeNews I have a False Flag series going. The cases dealt with so far are Operation Northwoods and Operation Desert Storm (assisted by April Glaspie). May as well have one on “Operation Port Arthur.”  First, I will try to put PAM (Port Arthur massacre) in perspective with other known false flags.

False Flags in Perspective

In a false-flag set-up, an overseer causes a harmful incident to take place and claims the incident was wearing the flag of a foreign, or undesirable, group. This, naturally, justifies action against them.

Some of the best known false flags are the firing on Fort Sumter (by “parties unknown”) that started the War Between the States in the US in 863, and the “sinking of the USS Maine” that got the Spanish-American war underway in 1898.

I recall my father, born in 1899, saying that he was embarrassed in school at having to wear a soldier costume — because he was tallest boy in the class – in a 15th anniversary celebration of that war.

As to the spoils of that war the official historian in the US State Department says (at history.state.gov):

“U.S. victory in the war produced a peace treaty that compelled the Spanish to relinquish claims on Cuba, and to cede sovereignty over Guam, Puerto Rico, and the Philippines to the United States. The United States also annexed the independent state of Hawaii during the conflict. Thus, the war enabled the United States to establish its predominance in the Caribbean region and to pursue its strategic and economic interests in Asia.”

Of course Dad was not embarrassed about the war’s having been started by a false flag, as he would never have known that sort of thing. He was just shy about the costume!

The next famous FF is the sinking of the RMS Lusitania in 1917, and the Reichstag fire in Berlin of 1933. The former helped bring America into “the Great War” – what a name – and the latter allowed Hitler to blame the Commies.

We have noted before that some people have said “Port Arthur was Australia’s 9-11.”  But, chronologically it is more correct to say “9-11 was America’s Port Arthur.” So let’s think about this for a minute.

How High Is Up?

Apparently there are people in this world who are so “high up” – if you could call it that – that they can “script” an event and make it happen. They get people to carry it out by specific instruction, and some others get caught up into it, typically as victims.

Going back to the firing on Fort Sumter, all that was required was for a few volleys to be heard, and then there could be speculation that “the South” had done it. So the war was on.

As for the sinking of the American Navy ship, the Maine, in the harbor of Havana Cuba, all that was needed was an enemy. The media mogul of the day, Randolph Hearst, is credited with stirring up emotions in his newspapers and before you know it, there was a war against Spain.

Gosh, I just noticed how well the rhyme works. “To hell with Spain; remember The Maine.” Do you reckon maybe the ship was given that name in the first place with an eye to events down the line? “To hell with Spain; remember The Vermont” just would not have cut it.

On Being Admitted To

Speaking of South America, we learned a couple of years ago from a list of “admitted to” false flags, that the nation of Colombia suffered a particularly awful case. As reported by Wikipedia (of all people!):

“There was a series of murders in Colombia, part of the ongoing armed conflict in that country between the government and guerrilla forces of the FARC and the ELN. Members of the military had poor or mentally impaired civilians lured to remote parts of the country with offers of work, killed them, and presented them to authorities as guerrilleros killed in battle, in an effort to inflate body counts and receive promotions or other benefits.”

But then, as we saw from the “admitted to” Northwoods memo, dressing up as the bad guy is Standard Office Procedure.

At this point, one must pause to note that the admitting-to factor does not make much impression on people. I say it’s because nothing ever follows by way of punishment.

Of course we never expect a group to punish itself when the misdeed – the false flag deception – has resulted in a gain. But even when the killers and the killed are both in the same nation, nothing seems to happen. It’s Ho hum city.

What Really Happened at Port Arthur?

Although Dee McLachlan and I have co-authored a 2016 book entitled Port Arthur: Enough Is Enough, we really haven’t got much knowledge of how it was planned and carried out. We mostly spent our ink knocking down the official story as being ludicrous.

Port Arthur qualifies as a false flag to the extent that a violent activity took place and it was all “down to one man,” namely the 28-year-old Martin Bryant. He was considered to be intellectually handicapped, had no police record, and was described by friends as a gentle soul. Clearly he didn’t do it.

This case is not a strong example of a false flag.  The nation didn’t proceed to declare war on Martin Bryant, or on low-IQ citizens, but on gun-ownership.

McLachlan and I realize that the case we make is missing many parts. Conceivably one could give a more generous interpretation of the events of April 28, 1996. One could say the capture of Bryant was a case of mistaken identity. Police got the story wrong and then never bothered to pursue any other possibilities.

I am not so generous as to believe that; I think many bits of the 1996 court case and follow-up studies bespeak a conspiracy.


So, let me speculate what really happened. I think Martin was chosen as a child, as part of the Tavistock stuff run by Dr Dax in Tasmania, to play some role later, maybe as a real killer. I think the Dad, Maurice Bryant, was bumped off in 1993, and that Martin’s employer and benefactor, Helen Harvey, was bumped off in 1992, as a way of getting control over Martin.

(Note: Martin’s being handled by Tavistock is documented, but “murders”of Maurice and Helen have no proof whatsoever.)

On the day of the massacre Martin did not have to perform any shooting but only to wait in the Seascape cottage to carry out what was drilled in advance. This consisted of his reading a script.

Meanwhile back at the Broad Arrow Café, someone else – it may have been more than one person – carried out the shooting of 20 or more people. The same man then drove up the road and killed some more and then drove further up the road to Seascape, which was a B&B.

It is seldom mentioned but Stewart Beattie explains in his book A Gunsmith’s Notebook on Port Arthur, that the man alighted from his car before going onto the driveway at Seascape and took shots at four cars passing by.

Beattie deduces, since one of the road victims was the wife of a Canadian embassy staffer, that she was meant to be killed and that this was aimed at exciting the people of Canada to pass gun-control laws. (She did not die, was only wounded in the hand.)

By the way, Beattie’s book exists only in electronic form and is catalogued as one of the holdings of State Library of Tasmania. That same library is also please to host the Maxwell-McLachlan book. Yippee!

Where Was What’s His Name?

Other speculations have been put forward about the day’s event – on April 28, 1996. One is that a prominent member of the Tasmania police, who never officially came to work that day, was in fact inside Seascape cottage supervising the events.

All it would take is a short interrogation of him as to why he is not on the record that day. This would be followed up by a questioning of all his colleagues, as to what they knew of him, or saw of him, that day.

Up until this point those cops, as individuals, have had no forum for stating their opinion about this. Surely they can’t come forward to the media as there is no such media, if you know what I mean. (Well, there’s Gumshoe now, and a few others, but there were none back in those days.)

Another speculation is that a cop inside Seascape supervising events could have escaped the fire next morning by exiting, when it was still dark, by helicopter – the place was loaded with helicopters – or simply by boat. The east side of Seascape is on the water.

The Hard Part

Personally, I have taken the easy way out of dealing with the Port Arthur false flag by concentrating on legal matters (and by putting on comedy shows!). It is as easy as pie to show how the Court fouled up. I now must discipline myself to look harder.

The logical deduction is that the people who planned 9-11 and the people who planned PAM are the same. Most likely, Port Arthur was a try-out for 9-11. Other tryouts for 9-11 include the 1995 bombing of the Murrah Bldg in Oklahoma City, the 1993 bombing of the basement of the World Trade Center, and the 1992 crashing of an El-Al plane into the wall of an apartment building in Amsterdam.

Many writers say that the main purpose of PAM was to take away the guns from gun-owners n Australia. Certainly that mission was fulfilled. But the day’s events, and the aggressive cover-up and bamboozling of the public, also set precedent.

I mean it was a “job well done” and must have made it easier for authorities and media to plunge in, regarding such events as the Boston Marathon bombing in 2013 and the Sydney siege in 2014, not to mention the array of school shootouts such as Columbine and Sandy Hook.

In those cases, with the exception of Sydney and Boston where a radicalized Muslim (can you imagine) was seen as the culprit, the blame was on “nut jobs.” By now the planners of massacres must be feeling assured that folks will accept any crime if it is chalked up to a person with mental illness.

(Eeks, wait a minute – you don’t think, do you, that mental illness has been engendered and cultivated for the purpose?)

Has Anyone Seen SAC-PAV?

As I said, it’s hard to tackle the true facts rather than laugh at the false facts. The true fact is that SOMEBODY DID PLAN AND CARRY OUT A KILLING OF 35 PEOPLE, mostly Australian tourists, on Sunday afternoon in the autumn of 1996.

I think it was SAC-PAV. That is a government agency similar to Homeland Security. It is a federal Australian overseer of Special Operations Groups and other kinds of special forces police. The name SAC-PV almost gives it away. The acronym stands for Special Advisory Committee for Protection Against Violence.  Oh please.

Where are they? Have you seen them? Do you know what their job is?  Do you know who appoints them?  Do they have any relationship to Australia’s Commandos or the SAS (Special Air Service? What kinds of events trigger their getting involved? Surely a massacre should get them involved.

I noticed during the Sydney siege that the Australian Defence Force and the Australian Police both said their policy was hands-off, as the State Police of New South Wales was capable of handling it. But the gunman, Man Haron Monis, had said “Australia is under attack.” Isn’t that enough to allow the army to be called in?

It would be good for the public to get clued in as to who is supposed to protect them.

Or get clued in as to who is supposed to massacre them, as the case may be.

— Mary W Maxwell is the author of Inquest: Siege in Sydney. Note: the acronym for that book is ISIS.




  1. If you google “anniversary of Port Arthur” you will see many a tall tale. But at least ABC prints some wise comments – NOT.

    ANGELA P :
13 Jul 2016 
– This story made me feel sad that all those innocent people died, but on the other hand i am glad that pushed the government to enforce the Gun law.

    ZAK :
05 Jul 2016 — 
its so sad how many lives where killed

    MAANHA :
20 May 2016 — 
I’m happy he is never going to be let out so he can’t take more lives away! Australia is now one of the safest countries in the world!

    POLI :
18 May 2016 — 
Sooooooooo sad

    HANNAH :
12 May 2016 — 
I feel so sorry for all those people who were killed and I’m glad that he is gone away for so long so we can live our lives without having to worry about him again.

12 May 2016 
– I’m sorry to all who live in port Arthur how could this happen

    BRIDIE :
12 May 2016 — 
Its terrible that just 1 man could kill 35 people and injure 23.

12 May 2016 
– I reckon they should ban all guns so we don’t have to hear tragic news

    [I did not cherry-pick. They are all like this — MM]

        • I hate this song.
          Probably because I have never heard it sung by other than Burl Ives. That goes back to the late sixties.
          I am happy with my problem.
          Btw. My download does not extend to hearing ‘my problem’ again.
          Don’t you dare Mary!

          • Just as I did not understand “packing” I do not understand your “problem,” dear Ned. So — luckily — I won’t be able to tease you.

            Oh, now i get it! Your problem is Burl Ives.

            It’s surprising he would sing such a song. How about “Little Grass Shack,” do you like that one? Perhaps Aloha Oe? If you ring my Sis in Boston and sing it she will harmonize.

        • Very sweet! I love Burl Ives’ version. Hank Snow, Pat Boone, and, of course, Don Ho also have versions of this. Seems like the same melody as Tiny Bubbles. Oh, and Slim Whitman has done this too!

      • I’ve always found so-called “missionary work” a particularly heinous, disgusting thing. I know a lot of people do this as part of their church’s program of service. To go to a place where the people are kind and trusting for the very purpose of destroying their culture and their freedom is beyond repugnant. I suppose it would have been hard to prove that all of this missionary work was connected in some way since it was accomplished through different churches. But it seemed the same to me, from the outside. People working from the arrogant assumption that anyone who didn’t follow the same beliefs as they did must be an ignorant savage, and yet that was only the superficial view. Those in the inner circle knew what they wanted to accomplish — to separate all native peoples from as much of their own soul as possible so that they would become more manipulable by the “PTBs” and may even be used to help suppress other countrymen.

        Now we can look back (as well as look around) and see what was/is going on, but I feel sorry for people who believed in what they were doing as “God’s work.” Unfortunately, as it turned out, the “God” whose work they were accomplishing was that of the great pretender, and certainly not the benevolent, or at least neutral, being or force that they might have assumed. And, sadly, there are still many people being manipulated by this great pretense into doing evil in the name of good.

        • Speculator, in your denigration of religion per se, I believe you have forgotten that those ‘missionaries’ also did much good in bringing a sense of balance and modernity to this world for those, who for reasons only guessed at, were left out of what the Bible has to say, and especially in Christ’s message that should at least be given an airing amongst the primitives.

          If you differentiate between organized religion – of which I have an abhorrence of – and one of the world’s oldest books (Bible) that was never meant to be the sole possession of any organized religion, then you may also admire that many of those ‘missionaries’ were Christians first and church followers second – and if you can compare and then understand the difference between that thinking and the blind obeisance of the ‘Sunday Christians’ and their outlook on life, then you will also understand that the thinking of both types of individual are world’s apart.

          It is organized religion that does the damage to Mankind.

          • Nemesis, if you weren’t so quick to criticize and correct people, you might have more time to digest and understand the meaning of someone’s comment and realize that your corrections are not necessarily warranted or desirable.

            Did you watch the video clip in question?

          • Speculator, your critical denigration is a general reference and does not indicate you targeting any particular video or historical event.

            This site is a public forum where comments get to run the gauntlet of public opinion. I am just as exposed to that type of ‘correction’ or criticism as you are.

            Did you read my entire comment?

          • Dalia Mae, that is an over simplification of history as it is generally recorded.

            It is human nature in advanced civilizations to get to exploring the world around them – are you saying we should all have stayed in our caves?

    • “MISHACK :
12 May 2016 
– I reckon they should ban all guns so we don’t have to hear tragic news”

      Facepalm moment if I ever saw one.

  2. Mary, you mention, helicopters, “the place was loaded with helicopters”. During my research I came across a comment by another researcher that at that time in Tasmania, the state police were not allowed to fly their helicopters at night. That means that the copters mentioned were military.

    Hey, what were military helicopters doing in Tasmania that weekend? Also this was only a short time before two Blackhawk helicopters flew into one another in Queensland killing all aboard. Sounds familiar?

    Those US marines that supposedly shot up Bin Laden in a compound, suffered a similar fate. I think that their chopper exploded in mid air a few weeks later, with those marines aboard.

    • Mal, I am only vaguely familiar with the Qld crash (Townsville I think), I have heard it’s a sore spot (thank God) with airmen.

      Re the Bin Laden episode, I never saw a good source on that one. Did you?

      You have brought to my mind a quite similar thing during jimmy Carter’s presidency. Perhaps it was an attempt to re-capture the 52 American hostages from Iran in 1979. Carter announced that 7 men sent on a mission in a helicopter had died because of a wndy sandstorm. Or something. Hmm.

      I wish we had a lot of young readers at Gumshoe who’d say “We don’t know what he hell you Oldies are talking about.”

      OK Youngies, what aboiut Chris Lorek? Fell out of a training helicopter near Virginia Beach. 2013. Check it out.

    • I remember this day well, and living there was a frightening thing indeed to here this on the news. The cops had the air smothered, there were so many off them the guy reporting from the ground could hardly be heard. Night came, cops were not there at all, apparently, so yes this would have to be military…..

  3. Man, this is funny. After mentioning the history of the US’s imperial thrust in 1898, I thought I should see what the Dept of State says about the US takeover of Hawaii. Here it is:

    “Annexation of Hawaii, 1898
    Notice to readers: This article has been removed pending review to ensure it meets our standards for accuracy and clarity. The revised article will be posted as soon as it is ready. In the meantime, we apologize for any inconvenience, and we thank you for your patience.”

    I wonder how long it has been “pending review.”

    • The benchmark of US imperialism was the so-called civil war of 1863. The fate of the beast is pending a re reinstatement of the respective independence

        • Mary, you mention ‘gun control’ as in the Gun Buyback Scheme as being successful. At the time of the Port Arthur Massacre there was an estimated three million plus – and I guess no one will ever know for sure – firearms in Australian civilian hands, many of them semi-autos that our ‘authorities’ like to term, ‘self loading’ – how PC is that one? I guess they haven’t been able to think of a name changer for the fully automatic rifle, unless one takes the term ‘assault rifle’ into consideration?

          The firearms my colleagues and I took over the counter at that time were mostly single shot low calibre weaponry, generally of the air rifle .177 and rim fire .22 rifle. Very rare was it when a semi-auto high powered rifle got handed in. According to sources there were 650,000 firearms and slug guns handed in which then left the remainder of ‘anyone’s guess’ still ‘out there’ in Australian civilian hands, probably buried in back yards and old sheds waiting for the time when they will be needed – and I have no doubt that they will be used.

          Since that 1996 Gun Buyback the nagging question for government intent on disarming the public of their semi-auto weaponry (and one needs to remember that is the type of weaponry that was targeted) appears to have borne fruit with the suggestion that another ‘gun buyback scheme’ be set up this year – such is the stupidity and obeisance to outside influence that now runs our Australian government.

  4. Who is supposed to protect the public ? Wouldn’t it be more to the point to ask “Why weren’t any of the folk who sat down to lunch, 21 years ago, in the Broadarrow cafe, packing?”

      • Mary,
        Try ‘armed’.
        I think Berry might be of the view that, considering the vocations of the gathering in the cafe, one might expect someone to be armed…….”packing”!!
        Now, if some or one was armed and on the ‘lawfull’ side, then how many lives may have been saved?
        Interesting question.

  5. Just a inquiry as to the reference of Tavistock? address, is it in Belsize Park, North London? Finchley, North London? or the East End? we know Freud is the figurehead, as to the question as it is Tavistock Center and another Tavistock something?one is concerned with relationship counselling which I am unsure if this is a front, the establishment of Tavistock was for returned soldiers suffering from WW2, which had as I understand it finance from Rockefeller, around 1947-48, for mind control of the masses? I understand RDLaing was president around the late 50s, of what I thought known as Tavistock Human Relations? this was around the time he had the book, Divided Self, it is somewhat mysterious as to what role the Belsize Gardens, premises played? I had attended a number of seminars with Laing and a small group at a address in Belsize Lane, Why has played on my mind since then is whether Laing knew that the CIA was connected with Tavistock, the point is I could go back to inquire with some of those connected with Laing, but seeing as the end of a chapter being somewhat a dark moment in time would I think be a awkward and whether any are alive from the 1967s.

    • Don, I think the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations is sort of independent. They turned out a journal called Human Relations. Maybe they still do. I can’t research it at the moment. Runs in my mind that John Coleman said the Institute (not the clinic) is in cahoots with Stanford Resaerch which did [does?] mind control stuff.
      John Coleman’s Conspirators Hierarchy is at archive.org I thnk.

      Wish you would write us an article about Belsize!

  6. With the NSW police announcing their new “Lone Wolf” squad, we should all feel safe now knowing there will be less attacks from these mentally ill wolves. Insert sarcasm here.

    • Another joke pretending to keep us all safe while those who think these things up willingly aid and abet our sworn enemy.

      I hope the Commissioner of lies and his PC Police Minister sleep well at night knowing that what they are deliberately avoiding in doing will impact on THEIR family’s some time down the track!

  7. When does the Victorian Coroner’s hearing on the Melbourne ‘run down killings’ commence?
    I trust that the all embracing police investigation of the ‘lone wolf’ has identified, the “man in blue’ and the personal in those silver commodores following the culprit together with their log books and radio transcripts, if any.

    • Taking bets. Which will come first in Oz:

      The outing Ned describes for Blue Man (2017),

      The realization of how many peeps other than Monis were involved in the Lindt thing (2014 — how tempus fugit!)

      Bryant exiting Risdon, not feet first (1996)

      Fiona Barnett gettig some prosecutions going (2013)

      • So many mystrys the inernet sleuths have exposed and to examine.
        Poor false flag perpetrators now have to contemplate the awakened peasants. (Piss ants!)
        Poor; globalist killers, msms and pollies; curios peasant deplorable piss ants are a nuisance and breeding.

  8. Nemesis, Apparently, there’s no way to reply to your most recent reply to my reply. My comment was a reply to Mary’s comment regarding the Hawaii’s Last Queen video as is not totally clear but can be followed with a bit of effort by the boxes within boxes of replies. It does get a bit difficult to follow sometimes.

    I didn’t realize this was a public forum. I thought it was owned and moderated by Gumshoe News and that we were here more as supporters than adversaries, but if you are correct, then I apologize for being mistaken.

    I did read your entire comment and while I appreciate where you’re coming from, I guess it would have been helpful if it had been obvious which comment my response was replying to so that you could have had a clearer context for your comment to me.

    I have already considered my feelings on the subject and do not admire missionaries even though they may have been under the impression they were doing good work. They really weren’t doing good work and all would probably be much better now if they had stayed home and not interfered with other people’s lives and cultures. Jesus’ word was never meant for such people as the native peoples of Hawaii and other native cultures. When you understand that the message was given to those whom it was intended for, then you might see that sending misinformed missionaries around the world was actually, as I mentioned previously, malevolent interference.

    • Speculator, this site is open to anyone who wishes to comment.

      Doesn’t that then make the site a public forum?

      In regard for your dislike of ‘missionaries’ I would just like to add that my research has taught me that humanity has much history that will never see the light of day while Western civilization remains under the yoke of oppression by a small few. In technical terms, we have been denied much that could alleviate our day to day drudgery and reliance on fossil fuels.

      I offer Nicola Tesla as exhibit A.

      Those ‘primitives’ that ‘missionaries’ put their own life aside for, in most cases, are part of human kind and their own histories point to world cataclysmic events that destroyed much of what has gone before us. Their folklore also tells us of a far more technically superior world then the one we now live in, and that their own ancestors were part of that world.

      I offer Graham Hancock’s book, Morning of the Magicians, as exhibit B.

      Christ makes clear that his message was for all Mankind, not just those he got to preach to.

      Should we leave those ‘primitives’ to slowly die out from disease and inbreeding or should we offer them a chance to better themselves and to help them understand that all human life has a wider purpose to it than just being hunters and gatherers?

      The fad today is to denigrate and forsake what Western civilization has achieved thus far, and even under that yoke of oppression that still grips us. People and countries are still able to obtain much through life so why abandon their own logic to join in a guilt trip about past ‘wrongdoings’ that then paints a whole race (white) as evil minded while making unwarranted victims of other races. When a guilt laden agenda only concentrates on the worst aspects to any civilization while deliberately omitting the many benefits, advantages and security that civilization has provided to the common good, and is still able to provide to those who are in need of such advantages, then it should be obvious to most that the agenda is designed to be deliberately destructive.

      PS. this comment is no reflection to what occurred in Hawaii.

      • “Christ makes clear that his message was for all Mankind, not just those he got to preach to.”

        Would you care to point me to where this particular information is found precisely (chapter and verse)?

        • Speculator, you zero in on what Christ has uttered? Does that then mean your whole premise for criticizing missionaries is what Christ may or may not have said?

          The source you seek is obvious, but you require me to guide you to it and then to quote it? If you are feeling extra lazy, you could also try the internet.

          Anyone interested in pursuing Truth should do their own research and will not solely rely on what others tell them or what they ask of others to provide them with.

          • With regards to truth and research, the four gospels were written by hose who never directly witnessed Christ we are informed, considering the four writers would have to take account from others as what was purported?
            Having myself read from the heretical gospels of known gospels in the early 1970s, such as the Red Sea gospels, I note the differing style of these gospels to the biblical St James version, considering non of us were witness to Christ at his time of living, as far as we know, what the truth is can only be interpreted by each of our perceptions as to what we think is?
            I found the heretical gospels a valuable insight to what is not within the official documentation, such as Christs compassion as a comment on animal cruelty.
            Here we are now widening the stones that may have been overlooked by the Vatican, as to what is the question of truth?

          • Thank you for this. It’s very true. The four gospels, called canonical gospels, are the only ones selected by the church authorities as legitimate. Because the church authorities chose these four over so many others, I know that they’re probably not the most truthful. I haven’t read them all, but I reserve the right to interpret everything I consider questionable according to my own standards.

          • I don’t require you to do anything at all. I don’t need your correction, criticism, advice, or opinion about my opinion.

          • donwreford, there is much to suggest regarding how the New Testament became formulated that would put the most ardent of investigators to task, but there is also much evidence that has been uncovered by some that refutes what is now determined by many to be Gospels that were written far too late to be of any relevance let alone substantive value.

            I would point those who wish to seek further guidance concerning Jesus Christ and his impact on us all, to visit the website info@archaeologyanswers.com and purchase a fairly inexpensive ebook titled, Stolen Identity.

        • As far as I know the St James version was endorsed by the church some considerable time ago before the finding of many heretical texts found, the Vatican is unable to know all the texts now found, I suggest the church has a limited understanding of texts, also are a questionable institution of political intrigue.
          Your standards are not being questioned? what is questioned is the texts.

        • Speculator stated. ‘I don’t require you to anything at all. I don’t need your correction, criticism, advice, or opinion about my opinion.’

          Like I have mentioned to you before, this is a public forum and if anyone is prepared to put out comments on what their opinions, beliefs or suppositions are, they must also expect to be criticized by those who find that they do not agree with their comment.

          You need to grow a thicker hide.

  9. There seems very little comment on the Government removing PTSD as a potential workers compensation claim in 1995.

    Very convenient change in law considering the trauma that was going to occur in a government owned building in 1996..

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