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Whistleblower Exposes the Luciferians – An Elite Club That Hates Humanity


by Dee McLachlan

I was alerted by one of Gumshoe’s followers to the video below — in which a Dutch whistle-blower talks about those people that hate humanity. For me, the man seems genuine. And what he tells us rings true.

Yes, it is clear we are being controlled by psychopaths that have absolutely no regard for people and populations. It seems like we are being controlled by a few possessed with evil. And we have been brainwashed into believing that this nightmare of environmental destruction, constant wars and dire poverty is natural. No, it is a consequence of greed and hatred on a grand scale.

Are Fiona Barnett’s revelations only the tip of the iceberg here in Australia?

One only has to wonder how many of our politicians in Canberra have been subjected to satanic-type blackmail.

This is the transcript from 22:04 of the video below:

INTERVIEWER: Can you tell me the worst thing that has happened that caused the tipping point in your situation?

WHISTLE-BLOWER: …you get so deep into these circles and you sign a lifetime contract, not with blood or anything, to never disclose names of companies, organizations or people, I think that is why I am still alive. You have to stick to it.

…Let’s put it this way, I was trained to become a psychopath and I failed… My conscience came back and the most difficult part for me was, because I had such a great status there. I was a success. I was trusted with the people playing at this level. To put it carefully, most of these people followed a not very mainstream religion. So you have Catholics, Protestants, all sort of religions. These people, most of them, were Luciferians…

…for these people, it is truth and reality and they served something immaterial, what they called Lucifer. And I also was in contact with those circles, only I laughed at it because to me, they were just clients. So I went to places called Churches of Satan.

INTERVIEWER: So now we are talking about Satanism?

WHISTLE-BLOWER: Yes. So I visited these churches, just as a visitor, dropped by, and then they were doing their Holy Mass with naked women and liquor and stuff. And it just amused me. I didn’t believe any of this stuff and was far from convinced if any of this was real.

INTERVIEWER: It was just a spectacle to you…

WHISTLE-BLOWER: Yes. In my opinion, the darkness and evil is within the people themselves. I didn’t make the connection, yet… it amused me greatly to see those naked women and other things, it was the good life.

But then at some point, I was invited… to participate in sacrifices… abroad. That was the breaking point. Children.

INTERVIEWER: OK… You were asked to do that…?

WHISTLE-BLOWER: Yes. And I couldn’t do that…

…the purpose of the whole thing, eventually, in that world, is that they have everybody in their pocket. You need to be susceptible to blackmail. And blackmailing me looked to be very hard if I look back on it. They wanted to do that through those children and that broke me.

…Unfortunately, the truth is, that worldwide, they have been doing this for thousands of years.

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  1. Dee, it’s good to hear someone say these things in a language other than English.

    If I may reiterate: Fiona Barnett says she told the Royal Commission what was going on, a few years ago, AND THEY HAVE DECLINED TO ACT.

    If citizens reading this want to have an effect they should contact the Commission (which has huge messages of welcome on its website) and lay down th law to Justice McClellan.

    Very likely many people working in that RC group — in Sydney — do not wish to be silent and timid. They are hoping, say, that Fair Dinkum will wield his pitchfork.

    You can truly make the difference. Let’s inundate them wuth the new Dutch video. It has tens of thousands of hits — this is not a secret.


    • Mary, how can we be certain that McClellan himself is not involved in it, that the gophers and the entire commission are not in on it?

      If that commission was truly concerned with child sexual abuse, instead of trying to eradicate the influence of the Catholic Church, they would have had the Grand Mufti over the hot coals by now.

      This is Gillard’s commission and her appointed ‘justice’ is probably just as corrupt.

      • The best way of protecting a major investment in a disease is to attack the most obvious/embarrassing symptoms.

      • Me on Justice Peter McCllelan:

        1. I have seen him in action many times and he looks sincere.

        2. He probably has controllers; they all do.

        3. His big sin so far is shutting up the complaints of Fiona Barnett. (I suspect she is dead, by the way.)

        4. “Peter” is a human being like the rest of us. He must make up his mind whether to give in to fear or act responsibly.

        5. It is the job iof every adult Australian to support him against his controllers and to push him to expose the real pedogate.

        6. Don’t worry about the Grand Mufti or Pell. Worry about war. If we don’t catch the ones at the top TODAY they are going to treat us to another world war. It is their now-proven habit.

        7. That fact should come up every day at Question Time.

        Note: it would not be “rude” or “disloyal” for an MP to say “We read that Prince Charles and baby-killer Jimmy Savile were close friends. We want to hear the Prince of Wales condemn Savile now. Is that asking too much?”


      • Nemisis, I’m inclined to agree with your comments on this one.
        The FACTS are, that pedophilia in Australia has been reported many times in the past to the authorities who have always, turned a blind eye to the complaints.
        I recall around TEN YEARS ago, there was a lady in N.S.W. who collated all these crimes and reported them to the Police, who usually wrote her off as a crack pot, and failed to even investigate just one complaint. I also recall, she had a web site, though the name of it escapes me these days. I used to follow it for quiet a while, but when I saw the corruption and deliberate avoidance of the authorities to treat those reports as genuine, I saw where it was all going.
        I’ve been asking myself for many years now, WHY would our politicians and authorities turn a blind eye to their duties and serve others that are not of the national interest ???
        Money cant be the answer, after all, if you already have millions, what’s the point of gaining more millions that you cannot spend in your lifetime ?
        Then we have the excellent case of the German leader, whose phone was bugged, and she totally ignored this spying, never taking any action against it.
        A really weird way for a leader to behave. So what was stopping her from blowing her top and demanding justice ???????????
        Could it be, she is being held captive, by using her past indiscretions against her ????????
        The same goes for many politicians around the World today, all seem to be doing heir utmost, to bring about a situation that would devastate the earth and mankind, rather then concern themselves with their constituents interests.
        Take a good look at what is going on in Venezuela today and even Yemen, yet the folks who should know better, zip up their lips and stay silent.
        WHY ?????????????????????

        • Eddy, you are on the right track, however, I would caution about blaming police for lack of response to that woman who operated that blog. In the pursuit of criminality the police need hard evidence and personal statements from complainants – if the woman could not provide that then of course she would be fobbed off.

          Look up the Beaumont Children and see how that case has been ‘mishandled’.

  2. Thanks for putting this up on your site! It seems sincere to me too. This adds to the knowledge base that we can share with newbies.

  3. You really need to watch September clues.


    Trust me, its the most important 9/11 film.

  4. The internet is the one anarchical medium they cannot control. They may be extremely wealthy and have accelerating income streams – as our population of global workers and tax payers keeps growing, but the individuals still grow old, weary, mad and end up dribbling in their 5 star nursing homes. The cycle does break in places and child protection is the key – a large vigilante group of child institution auditors may help until it gets infiltrated and white anted.

  5. Dee, stuff like this will never make the mainstream – the influence over them is just too powerful at this time.

    Trump is beginning to learn just how powerful they really are, but the light of TRUTH once it gets out has a sanitizing effect on those who are subject to participating in such evil through blackmail. Let us pray that what is being exposed brings forth some of the players in this barbaric paganism who can realize the evil that they are now involved in, and wish to no longer participate, to tell their stories.

    If this can ever be put out by the MSM we will not only have a revolution that will destroy those who are at the top of the heap but we will get to reset how we allow ourselves to be ‘governed’ from then on.

    • Even if it did reach the masses through the MSM, how many of them could conceptualize it? It is very difficult getting the dumbed-down populace to understand things that can be proven by facts and logic in objective reality (the facts of 9-11, Port Arthur, etc.), but to discuss metaphysical concepts that are mostly subjective, Crikey what a job. You all know how hard it is to have an intelligent conversation with a ‘sheep’ about, say 9-11, what method can you use to explain consciousness, out-of-body, Lucifer and evil? These are concepts that must be EXPERIENCED in order to know – you can’t communicate the concepts intellectually.

      I noted his comments about keeping the human population divided. With ‘identity politics’ being all the rage now, it will be a long time before the human species starts coming together. Actually, I expect a comet to arrive before that happens.

      • Pursuant to my post of how to get the ‘sheep’ to start waking up to the nature of reality, there is the ‘Mandela Effect’ (ME) that someone on the fence could research. It could be used as a stepping-stone to engage in further research.

        The ME is different to individual units of consciousness, so it may take some looking into before the ‘penny drops’. My a-ha moment came when I saw that ‘Dolly’ in the Movie ‘Moonraker’ was no longer wearing braces. Also the Rock of Gibraltar is no longer an island at the mouth of the Straights of Gibraltar, it is now attached to Spain and past the straight/s.

        Once a person understands that physical reality is an illusion, then they begin to realize they are not a human having a consciousness experience, they are consciousness having a human experience.

        For the Luciferians, the focus on physical reality becomes a trap of their consciousness, a trap that they willingly submitted to. The ‘whistle blower’ reached a point of commitment he wasn’t willing to pass.

        • Terry, perhaps if we weren’t born as individuals into a world designed for the individual to learn from, we could become like collectivist Communist China or part of the Muslim Ummah?

          Wouldn’t that be great!

          I’m quite content to be an individual who gets to actually think with his own mind rather than what passes for ‘informed’ today as an indoctrinated and programmed part of the Collective that we are all being herded into.

          In my opinion, the media will never ever get back to what it once was supposed to be, the Fourth Estate, a body charged with overseeing the other three, political, police and judiciary, that were always open to corruption and abuse of power.

          But as history now shows, it has been the Fourth Estate that has become the most widely corrupted.

          But such is the fickleness of some who are too easily manipulated if they have chosen to abandon all principles and morals.

          On the ‘Mandela effect’. In my years of ‘blogging’ (over a decade) I have witnessed a huge awakening in the general human psyche to something that is realized to be wrong. The problem is in exposing to those who now have their radar up to exactly what is wrong – as you point out.

          And we won’t get any assistance at all from the current form of media.

          So, has anyone thought about putting up a people’s TV and radio station, an alternative media for an alternative thinking public completely away from the hands of the Globalists?

  6. Not that I’m a massive fan, but David Icke and Alex Jones have both been insistent that this is going on for years. They’ve been saying that a massive, powerful, world-wide, paedophile group exists that sacrifices children and includes extremely high-ranking people from government and media. Both Icke and Jones have been ridiculed by MSM but 90% of what they’ve said has turned out to be true.

  7. It looks like there are seriously hard people actually doing something about this pedophilia atrocity. Fed up elements within US and international special operations units have taken matters into their own hands. Hopefully there are decent folks withour our intel and retired military who will step up to the plate as well.

    First thing is to expose this psychopathic criminality. This helps!


    It’s encouraging to know that decent people (with especially useful skill sets) know and understand what the hell is going on and have taken steps to help expose this criminal atrocity, but also to liaise with other groups to strengthen their efforts.

    I’m optimistic that, THIS TIME, this depraved filth will not be allowed to slither away and be swept under the carpet. The world will only be a better place for it!

    • Bewdy, Phil.
      May I remind that during the Franklin (Nebraska) pedophile affair many years ago Alisha Owen, age 21, was sent to prison for perjury for making “false” allegations as to her abuse? I just went to check on the spelling of her name and noticed a link to “moral panic” Here it is, folks, as defined on Wikipedia:

      “A moral panic is a feeling of fear spread among a large number of people that some evil threatens the well-being of society. A Dictionary of Sociology defines a moral panic as “the process of arousing social concern over an issue – usually the work of moral entrepreneurs and the mass media”. The media are key players in the dissemination of moral indignation [but I gasp!], even when they do not appear to be consciously engaged in crusading or muckraking. [more gasp]

      “Simply reporting the facts can be enough to generate concern, anxiety, or panic [swearda God]. Stanley Cohen states that moral panic happens when “a condition, episode, person or group of persons emerges to become defined as a threat to societal values and interests”. Examples of Moral Panic include the belief in widespread abduction of children by predatory hebephiles or paedophiles, belief in ritual abuse of women and children by satanic cults [ewe bet] the War on Drugs, and other Public Health Issues.” [maybe vaccination??]

      Somebody better tell Alisha Owen she can sue for malicious prosecution. I mean the prosecuor had to know, right?

      • It seems that prosecutors are almost always evil creatures who are deeply involved in the wrongful prosecution. How could they not know — or the judges for that matter?

  8. The ABC’s Paul Barry knows how to handle reports of evil doings.
    and as indictaed by many of the comments, the public know how to deal with Paul Barry and our billion a year fake ABC.
    By the way, now who knows where Fiona is, do you Paul …anyone at the ABC? Surely (????) they interviewed her prior to the media watch commentary and know of her contact details.

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