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Striking Journos Worried about Democracy. Really???


Journalists on strike outside The Age building

by Dee McLachlan

Fairfax journalists are on strike.

Staff at the Sydney Morning Herald and The Age in Melbourne voted to walk off the job for a week after Fairfax Media announced cutting about a quarter of its newsroom — 125 jobs — as a result of a $30 million restructure.

The ABC reported:

“newspapers’ advertising revenues had slumped from around $4 billion to little more than $1 billion over the past decade…

“Fairfax… advertising revenues are increasingly sucked up by global digital giants such as Google and Facebook… [which are] taking around 40 per cent of Australia’s total $14 billion advertising budget.”

Sydney Morning Herald state political reporter Sean Nicholls is reported to have said:

“… a media landscape in Sydney and Melbourne where the only commercial media outlet you can turn to is a Murdoch media outlet, a virtual monopoly, that is an appalling situation and threatens the very pillars of democracy.

I agree Sean, that a Murdoch monopoly is appalling — but the “pillars of democracy”?

That’s a joke. The pillars of democracy were eroded a LONG time ago by the mainstream media — because mainstream journalists have refused to, or were not allowed to, report many crucial events honestly.

With Fear and Favour

In a 2014 Age editorial with the heading “Gathering the News Without Fear or Favour”, the editor of that paper wrote:

“In 1896 Adolph S. Ochs took over a struggling newspaper, The New York Times. As part of his plan to revive the title he released a declaration of principles, central to which was the goal: “to give the news impartially, without fear or favour, regardless of party, sect, or interests involved”. At The Age we continually strive to uphold such lofty ambitions, and we praise journalists everywhere committed to presenting news “without fear or favour”.”

In my article in 2014, I said it was a disgrace that these cashed-up news organisations profess to gather the news without fear or favour when they clearly report  many important topics dishonestly. There are many crucial events and revelations that the mainstream media will NOT touch — with the intention of keeping people dumb, and in the dark.

And a proportion of the population knows this. We understand that there are powerful people (somewhere) that prevent the ordinary, hard working Fairfax journalists from investigating or reporting any earth-shattering disclosures that would shake our governments and societies existing “reality. ”

Let me list a few:

1 – Building 7 – What about a double page spread investigating how a third tower collapsed on September 11, 2001?  The article would remind a hypnotized public that a 47-storey skyscraper just ‘pancaked’ in what looked like a perfect demolition job that afternoon. It could have reports from some of the witnesses, references to what people like the late Barry Jennings said, the transcript of Larry Silverstein’s (the lease holder) PBS television interview, and then a precis of scientific evidence.

2 – September 11 Attacks — The very suspicious way the two twin towers exploded outwards, the drills, the impossible phone calls, the missing trillions, the fake passport, the non-existent Pentagon CCTV footage — on and on. Fairfax have never dared to question any of these.

Why not start by interviewing Bobby McIlvaine.

3 – Port Arthur – What about some honest reporting regarding the events at Port Arthur, and report truthful evidence that does not fit the official line? Why doesn’t Fairfax do a story on Wendy Scurr?

4 – The Assassination of JFK – What about presenting the view of Sherry Feister — a long time prosecutor and expert in ballistics. Her data, based on rigorous scientific evidence, shows conclusively that Kennedy was shot from the front by a high-powered rifle, by a gunman standing at the south end of the Dallas Plaza overpass.

But the MSM (and Fairfax) keep promoting the official line.

5 – Retired General Wesley Clark – Why did Fairfax not report the revelations of this General in 2007?

Clark (Supreme Allied Commander Europe of NATO — 1997 to 2000) was told, during a visit to the Pentagon in 2001, of a secret plan to destroy seven countries. “This is a memo that describes how we’re going to take out seven countries in five years, starting with Iraq, and then Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and, finishing off, Iran.”

6 – A Banking Expose – What about a series of articles explaining to your readers how banks and central banks print money out of thin air — forcing governments and people to pay interest?  As Christopher Brooks (a dairy farmer) wrote in Gumshoe News,

“The money creation racket is in essence so simple in method and yet so vast in effect, it is almost impossible for the human mind to contemplate that mankind could be deceived with such devastating impact over so many generations.”

Maybe Fairfax journalists could explain how various presidents who opposed the central banks landed up dead, and how so many wars were started by the bankers.

False Flags

If Fairfax journalists had investigated the events surrounding the attack on New York and the Pentagon in 2001 honestly, then maybe you could have made a strong case that 9-11 was a false flag. (Do you know what a false flag is?)

And if the 9-11 attacks were reported truthfully, then maybe the wars on Afghanistan and Iraq could have been prevented. Over a million and half lives could have been saved.

You are happy to ask difficult questions when you talk budgets, whistle-blowers, political infighting, refugees etc., — all the stuff that does not really challenge the status quo. I could go on and on. In this article on John F Kennedy, James O’Neill sums it up, by writing:

“… in the face of this overwhelming evidence, that the official Warren Commission story cannot be true, [why] does the mainstream media persist in lying to us and concealing evidence?

“The answer, I suggest, is beguilingly simple.  The media does not exist as a vehicle for examining the truth, or posing tough questions, or even meeting its own purported objective of informing citizens, as they are entitled to be informed in a true liberal democracy.

“They exist, rather, as agents of the very forces that control our industry, our financial sector, and the huge military-intelligence-information industries that promote the narrow interests of a tiny fraction of the population.”

I agree. Fairfax and the mainstream media (MSM) exist to assist the forces that intend to enslave humanity in debt and servitude.

Political editor Sean Nicholls told media:

“The one-week strike action should be a huge wake-up to this company on what’s at stake.”

It is the journalists that need the wake-up call. As a regular Gumshoe commenter, Ned, wrote on a previous article:

“The MSM has permanently sidelined itself. It has lost all credibility and is not to be trusted. They are scientifically proven as being lying fakes. The MSM has not the guts to concede. The MSM presstitutes support more killing and home invasions in the Middle East.”

Instead of spending a week protesting on the steps of The Age building, maybe your time might be better served investigating how we are being entrapped by the central banks and the shadow elite.


Photo credits: ABC, and Fairfax


  1. Very well said Dee. If the Australian media had been doing it’s job, then Mary Maxwell and myself would not have to question, using our own resources, what really happened at the Lindt Café event or Sydney Siege as the media named it.

    • Talking about Bob M — I remember a theory that he was given a pair of boots (by the CIA)
      “Bob Marley died of melanoma cancer in 1981. He was 36-years-old. The official report is he contracted cancer after injuring his toe which never healed while playing football in 1977. The conspiracy theorists allege that Marley was given a pair of boots with a piece of copper wire inside that was coated with a carcinogenic substance that pricked his big toe by Carl Colby, son of the late CIA director William Colby. There is an eerie similarity between Marley and Castro involving poisoned shoes.”

  2. Another reason why some people like myself have given up buying newspapers, is that many journalists cannot spell correctly or don’t know the correct meaning of words that they use. The oral journalists are no better, quite often pronouncing words incorrectly, or using them in the wrong sense.

    So any grievance journalists have with their employers has been brought on by themselves and they will probably get little sympathy from the public.

    • Misuse of words such as “tragedy”,“radical” and “industry” testify an inextricable link between ignorance & social engineering.

  3. How many “journalists” are required to take the authorized stories from whatever central authority exists in Australia and present them to readers in the various localities?

    Maybe some of these people aren’t really phonies and will start their own small media operations and blogs, etc., and actually tell the truth.

  4. Poor Sean Nicholls (as one example) has been informed by me of building No 7 for years since he and another fellow did a story on building 7 .
    There were two articles on the one page of the SMH. One article was fair but the other qualifying article whitewashed questions about No 7 by running with the NIST ‘official’ BS report.
    Not sure which article was Sean’s, nevertheless he has ignored the matter ever since.
    Bottom line is that no Fairfax Journalist will be missed, they have never been of any real and serious consequence worldwide and have helped criminals destroy countries and kill million plus innocents.
    Journos; realise your talents, turn into a turtle and have someone place you upside down on a fence post. At least there you will be something and have a title: A Fence Post Turtle.

    • The name of the other reporter on building No 7 has come to mind, the best I can recollect, I think it was Rick? Fenely. Sad to say, I think Nicholls did the article along side in bold referring to NIST explaining the collapse with unscientific BS.
      Need to catch up on your Physics Sean ….. Poor form from SJC. (?)

      • Reflection is a great brain activity.
        I think the Fenely article was on Richard Gage from the architects and engineers site obtaining Utzon (Jnr) view on building No 7. Their was a photograph of Gage and Utzon at the Sydney Opera House. Utzon expressed misgivings about 7 and thought a proper investigation was warranted.
        Gage and Utzon together would place the article in November 2009. My guess would be the 19th November 2009 as the date of the article, being half page on the right hand side page of the smh.
        I now recall the morning I read it…. I was called a holocaust denier (supposed) because I referred to the article. Amazing how some professional people are serious idiots whose education and upbringing is deficient.
        By the way, it was not Jonathon Faine. Ref: Faine phone call with Kevin Bracken on ABC radio about 9-10th October 2010. 🤔

  5. Wait, when enough of them are out of work, with nothing to lose, no more fear and no favours to repay, you might have a shot at encouraging some/ one to become media whistelblowers and give us some inside scoop on how they came to be so ineffectual at reporting the truth and balanced stories.

    • My thoughts also.
      Way back years I commented somewhere that journalists should be filing material for their records relevant to any directions, threats or pressure from editors to not report information.
      In other words, to close down their investigations and stories.
      Well it is time to warm up the whistles …. For their children at least.
      Well journos for a start, who is going to try and report in the msm Rivero’s article; ‘all wars are banker’s wars’?
      If you are censored, screw the editors by publishing here on this site.
      Start the repprt:
      ‘….. I am a journalist with …….. years experience employed by a msm outlet. I recount for our democracy investigations and articles that I have compiled only to have the material banned by management……..’ Often the threats originated by business interests who threatened management with withdrawal of advertising ……. Etc.
      Some of the stories include such topics as ………. Etc’
      Come on jiurnos, we know many of you care, so do it.

  6. wow MWM you’ve made me find my glasses and report on news 24 coverage today-75 years anniversary of the battle of the Coral Sea – Trump Turnbull and Murdock–definitely worth checking out-turnbull i think-or was it trump-“we must be intrepid fearless and bold-unafraid–be prepared to think differently–I added Dare to Lead” then Murdock told us we owe “this success in war” to his father’s work -“so we might inherit freedom” he stated -or was it Trump-“the healing power of time and nourishment is the nature of democracy. Then trump -yes definitely Trump spoke of his major financial contribution to murdock and how it has paid off–then ther was his best mate the golfer –Norman

    • re msm today: saw me mate John Howard sitting with the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh–connecting the dots-I recall a story i read about Elizabeth sneaking off on V day and visiting the clubs-I remember V day and my grandparents ran one of those clubs–frank sinatra vera lynn boothby heath mountbatten — and then there is Howard Ruddock Abbot -interesting–are we all just pawns in the game?

  7. And would it surprise anyone to know which criminal Globalist Banks are the majority shareholders of Fairfax Media???
    Try HSBC 25.46%, CITICORP 17.09%,J.P.MORGAN 16.67%, NATIONAL NOMINEES 13.41%,BNP PARIBAS 4.79%.

    75% Global Bank Owned, which are all Primary Bond Dealers for the U.S.Feral Reserve trading in U.S.Government Securities(debt).

    Here’ the full list:


    Welcome to the Swamp. It’s an UNBELIEVABLY BIG SWAMP

    These idiot soon-to-be-out-of-work “journos” ought to picket the offices of HSBC, JPM and CITICORP. .

    • And how many radio stations does Fairfax control?
      Just a few: 2GB, 2UE etc.
      Right: so the criminal bankers control the airwaves of Australia as well!
      Bloody big stinking putrid swamp our msm ‘personalities’ swim in, feeding off the algae.

      • And check out the number of corporations in the ASX200 which are controlled by the same few banks. Nearly ALL of them.
        We are totally overwhelmed by the Swamp and the critters that live in it.

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