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The Years Come and the Years Go, but Not Much Happens To Change Torture in the World’s Prisons



by Mary W Maxwell, LLB

Happy birthday, Martin Bryant.  I hope you got our card with greetings from nine Aussies in five states, plus one from New Zealand (link here). I hope the world will change soon and ordinary folk will wake up to the horrors that go on all around them – and which we could put an end to at the drop of a hat.

I decided to upload a prison-torture video. The second one that popped up on Youtube when I searched “torture in prisons” was from Russia. Don’t think I am trying to make a point about Russia. Just the opposite. I am trying to say that a prison is a prison. It doesn’t matter what country the prison is in — as “the country” does not control what goes on at the coalface.

The persons inside the prison – in many cases now employed by private corporations – have free rein, just as, say, abusive parents have free rein behind the closed doors of the home.

I said the Russian video was the second one that popped up. The US’s Guantanamo Bay prison was first on the Google page, and is connected to the CIA’s methods at Abu Ghraib.

Sorry if I’ve spoiled your day, O Reader, but you could put a stop to this and then not have to worry that it will happen to you. How put a stop to it? Renounce your politeness and over-optimism in which you say “Torture in prison is rare.”

Rare my arse. It’s the norm.

— Mary W Maxwell can be reached at ProsecutionForTreason.com



  1. Martin Bryant was born May 7, 1967. We sent him a nice card (sorry the link did not work; Dee will restore it). The good news is that AusPost Tracking says it was received at Risdon.

    And within Risdon they would not dare withhold it from the bithday man, right? I will send a copy of it to the prison chaplain, the ombudsman, etc. The card is 12 inches wide.

    Thanks to the Gumshoers who baked, or bought, or pilfered a cake. Or made one by hologram. Probably Dee did that.
    “Saves on eggs.”

  2. Put them in a uniform, give them unaccountable authority,and turn probably/possibly/maybe decent people into thugs.
    It even works with “scientific” test subjects to see whether normal humans can be coerced into inflicting pain on another human.
    The Millgram Experiment:

    We’re a strange species.

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