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Swamp Critters in Australia?


by Phil Hingston

During the recent U.S. election,  Donald Trump stated numerous times he was going to Drain the Swamp. He even had the devoted “Trumpsters” chanting in unison at rallies, “DRAIN THE SWAMP! DRAIN THE SWAMP!” It was sort of catchy, and hey, who wouldn’t want the Swamp drained? Let’s kick out all those corrupt politicians and bureaucrats, criminal banksters and their cronies. Let’s really clean this place up.

But what exactly is  “The Swamp” and how can we identify it.

The bad news is that it is ubiquitous and almost defies overt identification. The best we can seem to do is gain indications who might be part of the Swamp, by paying attention to associations and affiliations of individuals in public office.

Anyone who has paid any attention to the issues currently facing the world may have come to the conclusion that we have several imminent calamities awaiting us. Historical world debt levels, potential financial collapse, military tensions on many fronts,  including the Middle East, Ukraine, the South China Sea and now, North Korea, endemic  political and corporate corruption on a mammoth scale, VIP Global Pedophile networks and blatant propaganda, at least in the Western world. Fake News!! No doubt the reader can add many more issues of perhaps greater concern.

So how exactly does one “Drain a Swamp?” May I humbly suggest that the process of “Swamp Draining” may be akin to the process of “Elephant Eating”. One bite at a time.

Let’s take our first bite!

The Trilateral Commission.

An organisation set up by David Rockefeller and Zbigniew Brzhenski in 1973 to “foster cultural and economic relations between North America, Europe and Japan.”

Sounds pretty good in theory, but the Japanese economy crashed in the 90’s, as their stock market halved, and then halved again dropping from 40,000 to 20,000 and then to 10,000. Same for their property market. Too bad for their pensioners. They never recovered. They struggle on despite their hardships.

Europe is in all sorts of economic trouble and is currently experiencing disastrous  immigration issues.

The Germans, French and Swedes have never before seen so many of their female youth raped and assaulted. And they still scratch their heads and wonder why??? Could it be something to do with their immigration policies???  And as for the European Union, if it makes it to Christmas, it’ll be a miracle. Too many politicians,bureaucrats, rules, regulations, unproductive costs.

It’s a mess. I’d heard that in Brussels, there are over 10,000 bureaucrats on higher salaries than the Prime Minister of the U.K. Go figure.

And the Yanks? What can one say.

They’re so broke they have to save up to weigh themselves. And to add insult to injury, they may just be in the process of losing the “exorbitant privilege” of having the World Reserve Currency status.  This would be a shock to the average US citizen as they watch the costs of all imported goods skyrocket (which is nearly everything) — especially with nearly 100 million out of work, Government Debt exceeding $20 TRILLION, and the Federal Reserve cranking up interest rates. What could possibly go wrong???

So by any reasonable assessment, the TRILATERAL COMMISSION has been anything but a raging success. Unless of course it was never meant to be successful as to its publicly stated goals.

What if its true goal was to undermine the economic and cultural viability of the Western world in order to hasten the implementation of their wretched “New World Order”? Crazy, I know, but what if there is some element of truth to this ridiculous proposition?

Readers of Gumshoenews would be well aware of the lecture given by Dr.Richard Day in 1969 where he stated “that we have come so far and we cannot be stopped”. He was alluding to how “they” were going to slowly, but surely degrade Western society until a New (Communist) Society could be implemented — with them, and their friends in charge. Bugger the rest of us!!

With all of the above in mind, imagine my surprise (horror) to discover that we have fair dinkum Aussies , right here on our doorstep as members of this insidious organisation. And worse still, they’re currently all under one roof, right in the heart of our capital, Canberra. The Australian National University. More specifically, “The Crawford Institute of Public Policy”. Deftly guiding Australia’s policy over the cliff.

Let’s name them for the record. The Trilateral Commission March 2017 membership for Asia-Pacific is as follows:

Dr (Professor) John Hewson: Economist, Central bankster, think-tanker extraordinaire. (the late Sir Harold Knight, an ex-governor of the Reserve Bank of Australia, once told me personally that he thought as an economist, Hewson made a better bag carrier) Member of the Crawford Institute of Public Policy at ANU and a current member of the Rockefeller/Brzhenski Trilateral Commission. A perennial “expert” on all things economic and a Global Warming afficionado.

John Hewson

R.Quentin Grafton:  Another economist, Specialising in Water Economics and chairing some United Nations (UNESCO) committee on water, a member of the Crawford Institute for Public Policy at ANU and a current member of The Trilateral Commission. Another Global Warmer.

Quentin Grafton

Allan Gyngell: A member of the Crawford Leadership Forum at ANU and a current member of The Trilateral Commission. He was a Director General of the Office of National Assessments (ONA), affiliated with the Lowy Institute, an adviser to Prime Minister Paul Keating and a recipient of the Order of Australia.

Allan Gyngell

Michael Wesley: Director, Academic Outreach and Research, National Security College, Crawford School of Public Policy, ANU and a current member of The Trilateral Commission.

Michael Wesley

Fine, upstanding members of Australia’s Intelligentsia. Just a small part of The Swamp, but half the problem in draining it is to have an idea where the “Swamp Critters” live.

Marcus Tullius Cicero once stated almost 2000 years ago,

“A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within.

“An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself.

“For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear.”



Photo credits: ANU




  1. Phill,
    I fear that you have summarised our present predicament/s
    You refer to Dr. Day and the exposures. There be what has been planned and being implemented as I have observed since I was 19 years of age for the last 50 years. The pattern is clear to those sufficiently experienced to reflect.
    They (bankers and their mates) run the swamp and control the frogs…thus far.
    What do we do?
    No. Keep reporting Dr. Day’s exposure back in 1969.
    [ref: ‘NWO exposed by insider’ March 1969 and also here at gumshoenews.com ]
    Educate our children and expose our political treasonous traitors massaging their social hypocracy and inanely adored by the ignorant, encouraged by the derisive mass media simple minded presstitutes

    • Ned,
      As to Dr. Day and his cocksure prognostications about how “they’ve already got it in the bag” and they can’t be stopped, blah blah. That pompous old prick never lived to see the rise of the internet and citizen journalism, nor was he around for 21/12/2012 and the end of the Mayan thing. Absolutely convinced that something changed with human consciousness around about that time. Look at all the crazy stuff we’ve found out about in the last several years. VIP Pedo rings, financial crimes of banks, media and political criminality,etc,etc,etc.
      So stuff Richard Day and their New World Order and their child sacrifices, corruption and criminal behaviour.
      Anyway, Have a Nice Day

  2. What does R. Quenton Grafton know about water economics?
    We here in Australia need water to be dispersed from the northern part of our continent to the southern area, but you never hear these self-serving swamp dwellers push for it . Water from Kununurra to the Perth and Adelaide areas and from Northern Queensland to the southern eastern states is essential. But not a plan of the One World Government, known as the United Nations Organisation.

    Their only argument is that it is too costly to even think about. We can’t afford it. But these same Canberra-ites continue to bring in more migrants, knowing that there is a water shortage in southern Australia, and knowing the eventually disastrous results.

    We cannot afford not to bring water south.

      • And “sufficient” means no patronising ditties about using the stuff wisely, no charges beyond mains connection, NO RATIONING !

        Given Perth’s high seasonal rainfall every house could be built over its own supply; no guesses as to why it’s not happening.

    • Mal, Grafton probably know nothing about water, but I’ll bet he knows heaps about getting his snout in the trough.

  3. No one advances to positions with power and/or wealth unless they have been compromised with illegality or done evil and the controllers/blackmailers have the evidence, mainly with financial Insider benefits, recording/s or video.
    Look up Epstein’s Island and his activities.

    • Ned,
      We “old guys” gotta chill out. We know the problems. We’ve got to look for the solutions and not just bum everyone else out
      (with respect). Even my kids in their 20’s are aware of the problems. They need solutions.

      Suggest some constructive solutions to the obvious problems .Here’s a couple of suggestions. How about teaching Ethics and Morality. What about talking about Spirituality. Even mentioning “The Golden Rule”.

      Maybe Gumshoenews could have a “Practical Solutions” section.There is copious research on “The Cabal”. We get it. How about talking about how to get rid of “The Cabal”.

      Just saying.

      • Thanks, Phil. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s article written in 1798.

        The author, John Robison, says well-cultivated soil invites weeds and so we have to work harder on the weeding.


  4. Talk of “Draining the Swamp” is merely lip service. There is ONLY one way to Drain the Swamp, and it’s going to be very messy.

    Fiat currency printed out of thin air by the criminal Central Banks must be destroyed. Sorry to say it, but the Swamp is ubiquitous in our modern society.

    Fiat currency enables the Swamp.

    Kill Central Banks (the U.S.Dollar/Feral Reserve Note) and you kill the Swamp.

    No more mercenaries, no more ISIS, no more corrupt politicians, no more Cayman Islands “off shore” bank accounts, no more pedogate. What thugs will happily work for”Zimbabwean dollars”?? Answer: None.

  5. Free trade and globalism , in the past quarter century , has changed this nation and people sadly for the worse . The middle fair go has been replaced by 10%connected and 90% struggling. All real industries have bee erased along with the jobs that our youth were meant to inherit . The floodgates have been opened so that slave labour can be exploited (banana republic).
    How can our children borrow 1 million and then have to pay back 3 million for a house that can be built for 200k . With the majority of them working for 800$ per week (or less) if they’re lucky to have a job .
    More cranes in Sydney than all of North America !
    Building apartments blocks , that remain half empty , although purchased by the worlds new elite (90 million CCP members).
    Yes , we all know , that nothing can seemingly stop the evil of the military industrial .
    Pray for peace and have faith in the truth the way and the life .
    Hug your close ones and remind them that Our Heavenly Father is all about love and goodness for and to everyone .

    • “Nohing can stop the evil”.
      Why do I get the impression, 56, that you want to demoralize us?

      Where does “Our Heavenly Father” come into it? Does He feel there is nothing to stop the evil? Seems a bit odd.

      • Mary ,
        my apologies ” nothing can seemingly stop the evil ” .
        Yes we can make positive changes if we have faith and then the Helper will come .

        We the majority are unarmed ant they have all the guns that threaten the world with continuous wars and nuclear destruction.

        • And one more thing, 56.

          THE PEN IS MIGHTIER THAN THE SWORD! (so forget about them having all the guns)

          “No force on earth can stop an idea whose time has come”
          ― Victor Hugo

          The trick of course, is not to get shot while waiting for the great idea to catch on with the Sheeple.

    • Hey 56,
      Don’t worry about our kids not being able to get a foothold in the “Great Australian Dream”.
      With all the crocodile tear “warnings” about the overblown Aussie property bubble coming out of our Central Bank recently, I’d say it’s a given that our Fake, debt-fuelled property markets are riding for a big fall.

      Just tell your kids to stay out of debt, save like crazy, buy UNDERPRICED ASSETS (and bury them somewhere safe and anonymous at midnight), and then PATIENTLYwait.for the inevitable to happen, as it always does.

      I’ll have no qualms about young Aussies buying up half-priced houses and apartments from overseas speculators when this Ponzi scheme goes down.

      As for “Our Heavenly Father”, well what can I say other than I beg to differ as to whether nothing can stop the evil. As I’m finding out lately, God does indeed work in mysterious ways.He just seems to make us do a lot of the work, which is only fair.

  6. And just for laughs, how do they hide the obvious in plaln sight AND ridicule the messenger at the same time???

    They’re so clucking fever!

    • The traitors are still using the same modus operandi as in Cicero’s time. That seems like a pretty strong indication of a long-term conspiracy. Yes, it’s time to put an end to it once and for all. I haven’t come up with a solution yet. But then if someone did come up with a good solution and shared it with a large enough number of others, they’d probably be killed. It’s a big swamp and a bad, nasty mess. And most people still laugh at conspiracy theories.

      I know there’s a solution but I don’t think it will come from one person. I think it’s waiting just below the surface of our consciousness for the right moment.

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