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Persons of Conscience React to Syria’s Plight


A bombing in Syria – picture it happening in Cairns or Newcastle

by Mary Maxwell

This article takes off from a comment Phil Hingston made in response to Dee McLachlan’s article “A Syrian Quarry vs Trump Tower.” Hingston wrote:

“Now that we’ve witnessed the murder of an infant at the hands of the White Helmets/Deep State/Banksters, we ought to be able to grasp the evil facing us. This really is just as simple as good versus evil. Everyone can now choose their side. And in an age of information overload, ignorance is not an excuse.”

Even if ignorance is not an excuse, it’s probably slowing down any public protest. How can one figure out what is going on? As has been amply argued at Gumshoe, especially by barrister James O’Neill, “Canberra” constantly lies about international politics, and is totally secretive as to its real guiding policy.

And at Gumshoe, Dee keeps hammering away at the fact that media are not in business to educate but to mis-educate.

Phil Hington’s comment seems intuitively correct. There is a right and wrong in the air today – you can’t miss it. Phil also alerts us to the dire future for ourselves if we don’t have a way of preventing this violence.

I can’t offer any expertise on Syria’s difficulties. I assume that World Government’s plan to knock out the Middle East (including Israel, by the way) is proceeding according to plan.

Just as Orwell held that “the purpose of torture is torture,” most likely the purpose of violence in the Middle East is violence in the Middle East.

Of course that is why we had better wake up and oppose it.

A Potted History of the Conflict in Syria since 2013

You will recall that the US attacked Iraq in 1991 over the (orchestrated) issue of Saddam’s invasion of Kuwait. There has also been, for decades, Israel’s bombing of Lebanon and its own territory, the Gaza strip. Presently there is starvation of the people of Yemen, purportedly owing to a famine.

The US’s war on Afghanistan began in October 2001, possibly in response to one man believed to be hiding in Afghanistan after he destroyed New York: Bin Laden (jokes).

The Australian Parliament voted in March 2003 to help out in Iraq, whatever that means – in defiance of huge numbers of persons on the street of every capital city saying “Vote No.”  Remember that?

As for Syria, the action dates to 2011. By 2013 there was a chemical weapon attack in Damascus, in the Ghouta neighborhood, that killed 300 people. I have no idea who did it. But in reaction, Syria’s president Assad allowed UN weapons inspectors to have a look.

We need to acknowledge the presence throughout the area of a hard-to-identify bunch of guys called ISIS or the Islamic state. The BBC reported:

“In June 2014, Islamic State of Iraq and Syria militants declare ‘caliphate’ in territory from Aleppo to eastern Iraqi province of Diyala…. In September, 2014 the US and five Arab countries  launch air strikes against Islamic State around Aleppo and Raqqa.”

Quickly move to 2015 when the Kurds and Turkey has some involvement. By May, the Islamic State soldiers caught everyone’s attention by destroying ancient monuments. (Surely this was not for some religious purist reason, but to add to the flavor of horror. Maybe it was even meant as a test: “Will highly cultured persons present a challenge?  Negative.)

Russia and Rebels

Later in 2015 and 2016 we hear of Russian interest in the matter and we hear of rebels. Sorry, I can’t figure out who the rebels are. Maybe they are genuine, native opponents of Assad’s leadership. To give an opinion I would only be guessing – but please consider that most civil wars have outside help or outside instigators.

By now we in Australia are learning – based partly on the Malaysian airlines MH17 crash and Julie Bishop’s unjustified adoption of the position that Russia shot down that plane – that the US is determined to paint Putin as the enemy.

Personally I think that sounds like a perfect Orwell plan to start WWIII. So indeed we have to worry about this — and put our worry to good use. (Note; notwithstanding the above I m no Putin fan.)

Trump’s Surprise

The recent event – the US’s air strike against Syria — came 78 days after the Inauguration of Trump as president. “The Donald” had spent years tweeting that the US has no business bombing Syria. So it’s anyone’s guess what got him to change that approach (if he ever really meant it).

The strike was a sudden event. Something took place in Syria in which chemical weapons – alternatively described as sarin or organophosphates – injured many people in the northern village of Khan Sheikhoun. We saw children suffering.

I can’t help remembering the lady who told Congress in 1990 that she had seen Saddam’s troops go into a hospital and take babies out of incubators and lay them on the cold floor. (Not).

At Gumshoe, on April 9, 2017, Editor McLachlan strutted her knowledge of movie scenes and pulled apart the scene in the Sheikhoun quarry, implying that the activity was a set-up.

To mention one fact: the workers allegedly spraying kids with water to relieve the sarin poison were themselves walking around in bare feet. Dee’s article is a world first and is very important by the way!

James O’Neill’s View of the Concealing of Oz’s Position

A year ago, on March 22, 2016, barrister James O’Neill penned an article at GumshoeNews.com entitled “What Exactly Is Australia’s Policy [on bombing] in Syria?”

Seems a reasonable question, doesn’t it? I quote James:

When the Australian government announced in August 2015 that they were going to consider the legal ramifications involved before committing to a decision, they omitted two crucial facts: [1.] Prime Minister Tony Abbott had already solicited an invitation from the Americans to join the bombing campaign. [2.] the legal opinion had been sought and obtained a year earlier.

In mid-September 2015, without any parliamentary debate (then or since) Australia committed itself to yet another war on behalf of the Americans.  Bombing raids –“sorties” — commenced almost immediately.   In September 2015, according to [Australia’s] Defence Department’s own website, there were 18 sorties into Syria.

… missing from the mainstream media’s purview was the significance of the Russian military intervention at the end of September at the invitation of the Syrian government.  That government is the lawful and internationally recognised government of Syria.  The Australian media persist however, in referring to it as the “Assad regime.”  [Emphasis added]

As for historical context of Syria’s troubles, here is O’Neill describing an article that Robert F Kennedy, Jr wrote in 2016:

Kennedy points out that CIA meddling in Syria began in 1949 and has continued unabated since then.

The current campaign of destabilization against Syria began in 2000 when Qatar, which hosts two major US military bases as well as the headquarters for US Central Command, proposed a major new pipeline. That pipeline was planned to run for 1500km from Qatar, through Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Syria and Turkey, from where the gas would be shipped by sea to the European market….

It has long been a geopolitical aim of the US to destroy Russia’s capacity to meet European demand for gas.  That Russian gas has been piped through Ukraine.  Part of the wider plan therefore was to overthrow the government of Ukraine, which was achieved in February 2014.  The further demonization of Russia was achieved through the shooting down of MH17 over Eastern Ukraine in July 2014.

Again the Australian mainstream media have shown no interest in determining the facts of that event. [Emphasis added]

Come on, everybody, get interested!

O’Neill observes:

It is well documented now that the favoured technique for disrupting and overthrowing uncooperative governments is the use of proxy forces. …

Even when the Russians, through satellite and aerial photography, showed the two-way supply chains between ISIS occupied territory and Turkey, our Foreign Minister was not moved to comment. Similarly, when Israel admitted treating wounded ISIS fighters in its military hospital in the occupied Golan Heights the Australian government extended Israel, yet again, the courtesy of looking the other way. [Emphasis added]

Who Cares?

So there you have it. Oz’s democratic rulership is in disgrace. In the last few years I have seen, on only one occasion in Adelaide, what might be called a public protest to the Syria policy. Namely, a lady was standing outside David Jones in Rundle Mall holding up a handwritten sign that said “Stay Out of Syria.”

I’m not knocking it. She may have influenced many passersby.

The Utter Criminality of the Media

Please see my Gumshoe series “Are Media Lies Criminal?” The answer is yes, sometimes. See also Dee McLachlan on the ABC’s squelching of debate on many important subjects such as foreign policy, 9-11, and vaccinations. Here she quotes journalist Derryn Hinch who has since become a senator. He wrote in The Age on January 11, 2015:

“Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has gassed and bombed hundreds of thousands of his own people. Australia must not soften its stance against him. In Washington, London and Canberra, Western leaders have described Syrian President Bashar al-Assad as an evil, bloody, power-crazed dictator, guilty of crimes against humanity, who must be overthrown. US Secretary of State John Kerry has said: “What he is doing is outrageous, unconscionable, unacceptable, disgraceful, craven.”

Oh my.


Recall that this article began with Phil Hingston’s proclamation

“We ought to be able to grasp the evil facing us. This really is just as simple as good versus evil. Everyone can now choose their side.”

I’m here to catalogue what we can do. We can do what the three Gumshoe writers have suggested. That is, like Dee, we can crack down on the media. She does it regularly and you can, too. At the very least show your friends the awful lies. Phone in to a radio show, starting out with an innocent question but one with a sort of bayonet in it.

Like James O’Neill, we can hold parliamentarians, not to say frontbenchers, accountable for what they do. What do they do?  They lie. They kowtow to globalists. They go against the legal advice of their own staff. They completely fail to engage the public in decision-making, in fact they suppress debate. They send troops to do things that are first of all not in the national interest and second of all are cruel and outrageous.

Like Phil – and like the lady on Rundle Mall – we can “choose sides.” You really should choose sides, as the alternative is to feel like a mere spectator at a horror show.

Have you noticed that hardly anyone talks about the future anymore? I am pretty sure it’s because we subconsciously turn our mind away from something that is too dire to think about.

So what is making it dire? In part, your silence.

Last month I attended a meeting on indigenous rights. The Aboriginal lady who opened the session offered a word of advice to law students of indigenous background, namely:

“Be curious, and don’t stop being curious. Ask questions, and don’t stop asking questions. Take the initiative, and don’t stop taking the initiative.”

Sounds like it would apply just as well to all Aussies!


— Mary W Maxwell lived in the Middle East from 1988 to 1993. She thinks Middle Eastern people are as “normal” as anyone else. In other words they are our brothers and sisters.




  1. I met a Syrian refugee a few months back at a car auction in Sydney. He was working as “security”. Pretty nice guy and spoke pretty good English. He said he was a Christian. I asked him how the Syrian Christians get along with the Syrian Moslems and the Syrian Jews.

    He said matter-of-factly, “We are all brothers”.

    We are being played by The Powers That Be. Our media and politicians are playing us for fools.

      Here is part of the proof: (using the false flag mass murder on 911 as an excuse)

      Means that: “our media, including the ignorant self opinionated self rightous claiming, ABC hypocrites and politicians are aiding and abetting calculated, planned mass murder, wholesale destruction and theft”…………………………since before 2000, over 17 years of invasions, mass killing and destruction. [to be continued till when? For whose purpose?]
      Hitler would be turning in his heated ‘grave’; wondering; “Why me? What did I do wrong”?
      His ‘grave’ will be overflowing in due course.

    • Phil, I add this to your story. Many years ago I went to the funeral of a man who had brought heavy woes to his family. (Not his fault but heavy nevertheless.)

      The sister got up to read the eulogy and started with “He wasn’t heavy; he was my brother.”

      Phil, thank you for saying we are being played. Every day in Yahoo news headlines there be some new in-family quirk of violence.

      Even it it really happened (which I doubt), how did Yahoo learn oif it, and what is the point of their telling us?

      Like you say, re Syria.

  2. We Australians have had it good for a long time now, not as good as it should have been, but better than anywhere else in the World.

    Times are changing, going downhill, but not quick enough yet for the complacent Aussie to notice. However they are going to be woken up very shortly.

    It appears that many will soon lose their most important possession, their house and all the finance that they have put into it. When the financial bubble occurs, as is predicted by many in the financial industry, hundreds of thousands will not be able to make repayments. They will immediately be thrown out onto the streets by the avarice banking industry.

    It will then be too late to listen to us “doomsday” narrators. The only thing left to do then, will be to take up arms against the known evil ones. In other words an armed revolution which will cause a massive loss of life.

    That is when most Western people will realise, the conditions under which the people of Syria have been living since the war in their country was started by the US.

    • Why say we must take up arms. Why not get the well-paid cops to do it, isn’t that their day job?

      I’ll bet there’s many a cop who hates to be told to give VIP treatment to the Bosses of Evil. (And cops have probably got it figured out pretty well who those are.)

    • L.O.L. Quote, ” The only thing left to do then, will be to take up arms against the known evil ones. ” Unquote.
      Sorry, Aussiemal, I do not wish to be derogatory, but seriously ? “take up arms” ?????????
      IN AUSTRALIA ?????????
      A country that has turned over the proverbial rocks to ensure it’s citizenry are not in the possession of such arms in the first place ????
      And, consider too, why our successive Governments have seen it in their alleged wisdom, to remove said arms in the first place ?????? Under the guise of less folks being victims of said arms ??????
      And the other thing for sure, we can’t use pitch forks and shovels either, because very few Australians even know what those items are used for.
      So, pray tell, could you elaborate on your post, clarify exactly what you mean by the words, “taking up arms”?
      Many years ago, I predicted Australians would stand quietly by, whilst their own ALLEGEDLY elected representatives, slowly inserted the knife into their backs, ensuring no one would feel the knife going in, until they were left on the streets destitute, not knowing from whence their next meal would come from, or how they put a roof over their kids heads.
      You believe, they’d “take up arms against the evil ones ” ???
      Sorry mate, that’s just not going to happen, who is then going to take care of their kids and families survival ??????????????

  3. Persons of conscience react………….!
    I read little reaction here ……. five comments.
    I find it fifficult to perceive that at least two or three of the msm journalists of our ‘free press’ have not been monitering gumshoe and the comments, plus our paid for protectors against terrorist evil.
    Msm around the office water cooler and latte machine:
    1 I came across a strange Aussie site based in Victoria.
    2 what site?
    1 gumshoe something.
    2 right another conspiracy mob.
    1 maybe we should follow it, readers are responding to the articles with an ‘operating’ mind.
    3 gumshoe? My office pc has band that site
    2 good, they must be nut cases, someone told me that they question 911 and the ABC would not lie, Jonathon Faine is the best, love his 72 hour shadow.
    4 ” back to work you wasses, or you will be one of the 125 fired for eaven thinking and reading treasonous 911 conspiracy sites. We are going to war for democracy and our way of life so listen up, that is management policy, …….invade, thieve and kill.
    If you are not with killing, clear out your desk and piss off and let your kids starve, you will be denied any income and your kids will be peasants.
    Comply or die’,, that is the official policy here. By the way, any in house f…g will be referred on to ….. screwing is ok and a delicious distraction for the peasants, but do not mention the mass murders on 911 or general Wesley Clarke’s expose’ to go invade and kill across the whole of the Middle East, planned before 911″.
    ‘Sports editor: in my office now we have thirty pages to fill for tomorrow’s edition……get the latest NRL cocaine scandal to lead?

  4. Sadly , for the past 103 years ,our men and now women have been mercenaries , with no or little payment , in wars across the oceans defending our way of life . And what has that lifestyle become today in Oz – perpetual debt slavery for the majority .
    nb ; each bomb dropped on the innocents costs $50,000 plus .
    Our leaders knew these figures before we did . Complicit in murder and destruction overseas and here .

    • 56, my personal experience with the Australian people, leads me to believe, they ALL SUPPORT these actions emanating from our various Governments.
      Unless of course, their youth become victims of these policies, only then, will you hear a very subdued murmur of dissent.
      Only yesterday, I was discussing Vietnam veterans preponderance to inflate their experiences in Vietnam during that war, to make out that their actions were some sort of grandose event with high morals, when in fact, they were nothing of the kind.
      I had to explain to these people, that without such veterans looking at their experiences in such a manner, they’d be unable to sleep at night because of what they were willingly involved with. The ones who could see those actions for what they really were- and are today, are the ones who speak out, but no one wishes to listen, because to do so is impunging the so call Australian spirit.

  5. The “media” consists of what appears to be separate countries and organizations, while all of these entities are actually arms of the propaganda network of the New World order. There’s actually no rational reason to expect them to do anything but disseminate NWO propaganda. The only truth tellers are independent organizations and individuals.

    Similarly, the military is in the “business” of protecting the “interests” of the so-called elites and their agenda. They don’t tell the all of the people who join the service what their real job will be, but some members are figuring this out. The same is true for the police. To put it simply, their purpose is to protect rich people and their stuff.

    The education system miseducates and dumbs us down; the “justice” system causes injustice; the health care system, along with their partners in the chemical/pharmaceutical/agricultural industries causes ill health; the mental health system, along with their partners in the CIA, etc., cause poor mental health with their mind control, drugs, and other methods; all for the purpose of protecting the NWO agenda and rich people’s stuff and put the rest of us down so that we can’t interfere with their program. Every system of government, including political, in place is for this purpose and no other, even though the stated intentions are otherwise.

    I agree with Phil that this is really as simple as good versus evil. (I’m currently reading the Book of Ezekiel from the Bible, which I’m finding fascinating and very relevant as well.) We’re not going to be able to correct their wrongheaded ideas because this is quite huge and very ingrained, although there may be some who will turn away from the evil if given a reasonable opportunity (like the Dutch financial whistleblower), and we can’t “take up arms” (unless on a suicide mission). What we need to do is to make them and their agenda obsolete and irrelevant by managing our own lives in the most ethical and moral ways that we can and by leaving their false systems behind us. There was a recent article by Anna von Reitz discussing the history of common law in the United States. It seems like there was more to it than what appears as the last (most recent) article listed on her website, but I haven’t been able to locate the email that I read which contained it. Regardless, she has some very interesting things to say that seem worthwhile to me. http://annavonreitz.com/

    I was reading an article earlier today discussing the history, ownership, and goings on in the oil and gas industry. Very interesting! And I believe it relates to and expands on what this Gumshoe article is about. https://hendersonlefthook.wordpress.com/2014/08/03/the-four-horsemen-behind-the-oil-wars/

    “I can’t offer any expertise on Syria’s difficulties. I assume that World Government’s plan to knock out the Middle East (including Israel, by the way) is proceeding according to plan.” In response to this statement, I link this article about the Greater Israel Project that discusses plans for the Middle East that have been in place for many years. http://www.globalresearch.ca/greater-israel-the-zionist-plan-for-the-middle-east/5324815

    I think a couple of things we need to ask or understand are: (1) who is responsible for causing the destruction in Syria and elsewhere? (2) why are they doing it? (3) how are they able to facilitate their activities? If there’s anything we can do to remove ourselves or our “fingerprints” from any of that, then we should do it. But, other than that, I don’t know what we can really do about it either in the near term, except for trying to share the falsehoods with people who don’t seem to know but show some willingness toward learning.

    • You have put it so well, Spec.

      I think male pride is a hindrance here. Say you are a cop who figures it out (as you mentioned). The guy does not want to give up his pride. Of course he also doe not want to stop being able to put food on the table for his kids.

      Spec, can you think of a way to lure him to stop being the sevant of the World Order? I am sure we can appeal to his pride.

      • I feel like understanding what’s really going on, and how long and why it’s going on, should be enough to put a sane person’s pride in its proper place. This is a process, of course, and takes time to complete. I would actually think pride would lead one to no longer want to be a servant or dupe of people who seek to destroy others (including oneself and loved ones) for the sake of their malevolent agenda. On the question of survival, it’s very difficult to step out of the rat race when you have children and others who depend on you to provide for them. But there’s much that we can do for ourselves, such as learning how to repair things instead of throwing them away and buying something new, growing gardens, and building relationships with neighbors and others where we can cooperate to get the most out of our combined efforts and various skills and talents. This hasn’t caught on in a big way yet, but I think it will by necessity in the fairly near future. And it’s gives quite a good feeling of pride in real accomplishments when you realize what you are capable of and what you can accomplish without so much “help” as our present society seems to want to provide. So just stepping back from the rat race while working through the process and meanwhile learning how to do things on our own are steps in the right direction, I think.

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