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Deliverance Has Been Delivered


Front cover

by Dee McLachlan

Is anyone getting tired of the fabulous new books from Gumshoe writer Mary W Maxwell?

I have known Mary for several years now, and have never met a writer so relentless and persistent in putting her astute thoughts on paper.

The courier showed up at my door yesterday with a carton load of her latest — Deliverance! 

And what a stunning log line:

“A royal commission and ‘pizzagate’ reveal society’s hidden controllers”

The book covers the Australian Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse. Part 2 is called “Pizzagate: They Stand Incriminated”, Part 3: “Tavistock, Social Engineering and Lucifer”, while a final, fourth part tries to trace the human nature of these bizarre behaviours (“Considering Humanity”).

Mary writes :

“As to who is running the show, I think it suffices to watch who attends the Economic Summit, the Bilderberg meetings, and so forth. And when you see that normal legal procedure is not being followed, you can deduce that the courts are ‘not allowed’ to be independent.”

As always with Mary, what is needed is a wielding of the law. She shows how the law let Fiona Barnett down. In Australia today that is unforgivable.

This is the back cover.

Back cover

I am posting the whole book PDF in Column Two for your reading convenience. But take note, enormous tragedies are recounted here.


  1. Trump has sacked FBI chief Comey.

    Presumably this is for the media’s benefit, so we can all try to decide between– Option 1. Trump is skeert about Comey’s exposure of Russian influence in his election. [Fascinating in itself that an member of the “DOJ” (Comey) would take a position anti-White House. I mean seriously, folks.]

    or Option 2. Comey went bye-bye so Trump could get a new person (he’s already got Jeff Sessios as Atty Gen) to deal with Pedo-gate.

    Can anyone help promote my book please — Deliverance! If you recoil from the subject of pedophilia — and who wouldn’t — don’t recoil from the ramfiations of all this. This is our best chance — our last chance? — to break the spell.

    It’s not really new info — Brice Taylor’s detailed book has been on the market for 22 years, and no one has even taken H Kissinger to task for what he did to Brice.

    For whom does Hank work anyway? This is urgent.

  2. I have not read it but think it will be worth the time.
    kindly send a copy to Mr. Paul Barry of ABC media watch for a ABC media watch comment and another to Senator Derryn Hinch at Parliament House with my compliments.
    Send me (Ned) the bill for the books and postage together with a copy of your accompanying message to them…… or post a copy here so we can all be aware that they have been informed.
    David Ray Griffin once ‘observed to me in regard to the official 911 conspiracy fantasy, the gem: ‘politicians and media Faine ( just realised: a spell error or pun, but not planned!) ignorance so that they do not have to do anything’.
    I think Faine is better than feine. Ha!
    Well ABC, Hynch et.al., your court! Faine ignorance now!

      • Brilliant work MWM—Thank you. May the force stay with you.
        Any chance of sending copies to the five Aboriginal senators/ parlimentarians. This is all part of their lived history and their families and communities history. Despite their different political persuasion they understand the relationship between the oppressed and the oppressor they share a common thread and bring a different perspective and awareness to these matters. They know of royal commissions, genocide, murder, medical experiments, child traficking, paperless arrests, deliberate media misinformation and the great Australian silence.The Big Lie. They have also experienced the blackmail entrapment ploys, threats to comply and the shredding of evidence. Shreddergate the Heiner Affair comes to mind.
        Also copies to therapists and mental health institutions??.
        Am on the road again–work to do.
        I also ask for any news about Fiona. Stay safe and alert and thank you Gumshoe News we are validated

    • Ned, I’m thinkin’ maybe we should compile a list of Hopeless Cases. that is, persons on whom no postage should be spent. (But I take your point about Faine and Hinchie and I think Dee should in fact spend the fourteen bucks for “reciept signature requested.” This can be evidence in a criminal trial.)

      We all know, do we not, that misprision is a felony? Faine and Hich qualify by their job description, but in fact any layperson can be charged with misprision (old name for failure to report a crime.)

      Ned, what I man about Hopeless Cases is that there really is no hope now for either Hinch or Faine to become reasonable about 9-11. And the other day it actually struck me that maybe their unreasonableness is not intentional but is emotional. Many people can’t bear to have their worldview upset.

      • ‘Some people cannot bear to have their worldview upset’.
        Then they should not; serve on juries, be in the journalist profession,
        be lawyers, judges, etc., but particularly they should not be politicians.
        The challenge is to expose them and have them usefully employed digging fence posts for their turtle mates to rest upon wondering what they really are and for what purpose they have been brought into existence.

  3. Congrats Mary! once again, with your integrity and patience, run for Prime Minister, then we may have a sensible lawful country.
    May I suggest, a copy goes to Vanessa Goodwin! its all relevant…….

  4. Mary many thanks for the book you are a fighter for humanity. I will do everything I can to promote it.

    Larken Rose has begun a project called Candles in the dark https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B6jXbNt6LKs
    I hope to learn more about how to reach people and Larken believes he has learned how to do it. I have offended many people with truth, verifiable facts, and perhaps one day they will have an effect but I am open to tyring new ways.

  5. Funny how things go. Only in recent days I watched this video of a 1%er blow the whistle on what he discovered when he made investments for the elite.
    He states there are 8000 to 8500 people who run the world. He gets a little teary when talking about the child abuse part of it.
    “Pizzagate Pedogate Dutch Whistleblower Real Big Money Revelations by an Insider.

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