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Lying about Vaccinations — “Ought to be a Hanging Offense”


Measles outbreak in Minnesota among the Somali population

by Dee McLachlan

“These are the facts: Vaccines don’t cause autism. Measles can kill. And lying to vulnerable people about the health and safety of their children ought to be a hanging offense.” Boston Herald 8 May, 2017

An article by the editorial staff of the Boston Herald concluded that those lying about the safety of vaccines to immigrant populations should be hanged. Quite extraordinary!

The article was a commentary on the Somali community in Minnesota loosing faith in vaccinations — with the vaccination rate falling from 92% to 42% over a decade.

Why the Somali Community Lost Faith

Back in 2009, and updated in 2012, Marina Jimenez wrote in the Globe and Mail an article entitled, “The Somali Autism Puzzle” —  about a Somali mother in Toronto. It featured Idar Hassan, who had immigrated in 1991 and called her third child Ali.

“Beautiful and alert, Ali could say “dada” and cruise around the living room, hanging onto furniture, by the time he was eight months old. But a few months later… ‘It was like everything went black. The switch went off’ …[and] Ali was diagnosed with autism.

“Ali’s parents had never come across this condition back home in Kismayo, a city where children run in the streets and everyone knows everyone else’s business. ‘In Somalia, we had kids with Down syndrome and cerebral palsy. But nobody had ever heard of autism…’

“In the past decade, Ms. Hassan, an articulate, elegant woman… has met more than 30 Somali families in Toronto with one or more autistic children… The condition [autism], which Somalis call the ‘western disease’ or the ‘disease from abroad,’ appears to have struck their community with a particular vengeance.

“…higher-than-expected rate of autism among the children of Somali immigrants has been identified in two cities with large Somali communities: the Swedish capital of Stockholm, and Minneapolis, Minn.”

The odds on a roulette wheel are 1:37. It is difficult to imagine how bad these odds really are.

One in Thirty Two

A study by the University of Minnesota, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the research and advocacy group Autism Speaks — reported high rates of autism: One in every thirty two (1:32) Somali children and 1:36 for white children in Minneapolis — compared to a national average of 1:88 (2012). As autism is skewed towards young boys, the statistic is even more shocking — 1 in every 20 Somali will be diagnosed with ASD.

Minnesota has, allegedly,  the biggest Somali population outside of East Africa. Anne Harrington, an early childhood special education coordinator for the Minneapolis district, is a specialist on the topic. She says:

“[In Somali children] It is the more classic forms of autism in general. It is the more severe forms of autism that we’re seeing in our Somali babies that are born here…

“If they’re having more children, many of the siblings also have autism. We have a number of [Somali] families who have two children on the autism spectrum and sometimes more… it feels like this is too specific [to Somalis].”

But the Boston Herald “Hanging” article does not want anyone to question the safety of vaccines. It seems they don’t want people to be informed when their kids (from Africa)  get loaded with vaccines. They focus on:

“The disgraced British doctor who once reported a link between vaccines and autism — which was deemed fraudulent and cost him his medical license — has met with families…”

The Independent writes that anti-vaccine activists sparked US state’s worst measles outbreak in decades. They write:

“A 2014-2015 measles outbreak infected 147 people in seven states and spread to Mexico and Canada.”

But let us look at numbers then.

How many people live with an autism spectrum disorder in America?  3,500,000 — according to Buescher et al., 2014. One in every 68 people.

Four Corners reported in 2012:

“Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is the fastest growing developmental condition in the western world… Fifty years ago it was considered rare, affecting one in 10,000 children. Now the number of children being diagnosed with ASD in the United States is one in 90. The incidence is also rising dramatically in Australia.

“To add to this troubling picture… there’s evidence that ASD rates are much higher in some immigrant populations. So much so that ASD has become known as ‘the Western disease’.”

(In 2014 CNN reported it to be 1:68 —  a 30% increase over a two year period.)

A commenter on the Boston Herald article writes:

“…One known risk factor for catching measles is a deficiency in vitamin A, and research has found that a higher percentage of children of African descent are deficient in this vitamin.

“…Dr. Andrew Wakefied, who has been vilified and made the scapegoat for the entire “anti-vaccine” movement, did not “link vaccines with autism”… Wakefield merely reported what most of the parents told him, which is that their children’s autistic symptoms began shortly after they were given the MMR vaccine. Dr. Wakefield was not anti-vaccine, in fact he strongly advocated for vaccination against measles… [that it is] safer to give separate measles, mumps and rubella vaccines rather than the combined MMR shot. Right after he made this recommendation, the UK decided to make the individual vaccines unavailable.” 



  1. Dee, in my book “Consider the Lilies” (free download at maryWmaxwell.com), I quote a Dad of the Somali-autism community. He wrote this five years ago at Age of Autism.com. The Dad is Abdulkadir Khalif. The boy is Abdimalik:

    I am a Somali parent, resident in Minneapolis and a father of a 6-year old. He is still non-verbal and horribly dysfunctional. My son grew up a healthy and bouncing baby, started speaking a few words by the time he was about 15 months.

    He waited for me at the door everyday as I got back home from work and welcomed me. He raced down the stairs and hugged me, then held my hand and led me inside. I looked forward to those moments, and they were perfect moments as they relieved me of the day’s tensions and workplace frustrations.

    Then one day, I came home and he did not welcome me as was his wont. A few days earlier, Abdimalik got his 18 months MMR vaccine as scheduled. On all subsequent days after that, Abdimalik went from one extreme behavioural problem to another, like tantrums, biting, sleeplessness.

    I will never accept the notion that a doctor who doesn’t know what causes autism can still tell me what does not cause it.
    – end of quote from Kalif

    Abdimalik’s age now is about eleven. Fathom it.

  2. A lot more information may be found at:
    Research the real figures that are being paid out for vaccination damage.
    May be it is time to hang the daily telegraph editors for their deceptions and have the msm declare how much they are being paid by the pharmaceutical cabal.
    By the way, I have had my hooping cough vac recently.
    All I want is vacs facts to be exposed and all contents of the vac to be advised upon honestly,’based with updated informed professional knowledge from the injector?
    No Mercury, no aluminium etc. do we not have the right to know what they are injecting into our body?
    Well, every patient should be professionally advised, that is what the f’n doctors
    are expected by their patients to know.
    Stuff the journos, they are on a political agenda and are not equipped to be in the consulting room.
    Piss off, Daily Telegraph.

    • PS.
      I have read reports that lead is also in some vaccines.
      Now Mr. MALCOLM Turnbull, Prime Minister of Australia; kindly stand in parliament and explain to the Mums and Dads how lead and/or mercury and/or aluminium defeats bugs and has no permanent adverse affect upon ‘new born’s’. Kindly do your research to avoid appearing has an idiot.,,,,,,,,, get your instructions from Daily Tele journos,
      While you are being briefed, ask your new world masters why the preponderence of autism has developed over the last decades.
      Not interested in examing the problem and likely causes Prime Minister? Oh well deny entitlements to mums and dads who suspect the pharmaceital profit injectors imposed by your masters and force them (mums and dads) into their new world order agenda ….Dealth by stealth.
      Oh well, just show your incompetence about reality with building 7 that I raised with you outside Edgecliff station in late 2004.
      Wonder why the public, slowly being informed realise that our politicians are fake and their interests do not apply to Australia’s sovereignty and interests.
      Whilst we are here Malcolm, i hear that you are considering sending more of iour boys to die in Afghanistan, did we not do that back in the early 200s?
      Waste of time communicating with you on this. Just appoint big Julie as a Field Marshall and send her to die for the bankers and then put up your legs in Point Piper, have a briefing from John Howard on Iraqui wmds and a coalition of kiling and then get back on Q and A, with a smile and be the people”s friend,

      • Malcom Turnbull has everyone’s best interest at heart. Especially his wife Lucy. Last I heard she was a chairman for a vaccine company. All the more reason to push for vaccines. I’m guessing they’ve invested wisely into the company and created some loop hole to avoid a conflict of interest. Just more money for him to send to his Caymen Island bank account.

  3. Our polies should be commended for unveiling the nature of the pro-vax movement.

    I am, of course, referring to the fact that physical coercion is being exclusively applied to the progeny of the lower socio/economic sector,thus destroying the entire contagion argument.

    Someone evidently got hold of the wrong end of the Housos stick!

    A few gems:

    An Act to provide for the payment of certain pensions, benefits and allowances, and for related purposes(such as medical experiments ?)

    HUMAN RIGHTS (PARLIAMENTARY SCRUTINY) ACT 2011 – SECT 3 Definitions (1)  In this Act: “human rights ” means the rights and freedoms recognised or declared by the following international instruments: (c)  the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights done at New York on 16 Dec ’66 ([1980] ATS 23)

    International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights PART II Article 2 1. Each State Party to the present Covenant undertakes to respect and to ensure to all individuals within its territory and subject to its jurisdiction the rights recognized in the present Covenant, without distinction of any kind,
    Article 26 All persons are equal before the law and are entitled without any discrimination to the equal protection of the law. In this respect, the law shall prohibit any discrimination and guarantee to all persons equal and effective protection against discrimination on any ground such as race, colour, sex, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, property, birth or other status.

  4. About a month ago my mother , on the encouragement of her doctor , got a flu injection . Before the needle she was in good health . Her GP actually commented on how well she looked .
    Ever since that day her health has been getting worse with pains all over her body .
    A few friends have said , that also after getting injections they experienced unbearable aches pains flu sickness .
    Once upon a time , you could trust your doctor . These days most work for the pharmaceutical kabal and not the people .
    Everything is not as it seems .

  5. The Somalis evidently have a gene that makes them particularly susceptible to a certain type of toxin damage.
    The report, like most Gumshoe articles, simply proves that the culture of the Age isn’t evidence-based.

    Parents who reject any vax program shouldn’t have to prove anything. “I don’t have enough information” should suffice.

    • Berry, that may be so (about the genetic susceptibility), but did you notice Dee’s statement:

      “One in every thirty two (1:32) Somali children and 1:36 for white children in Minneapolis — compared to a national average of 1:88 (2012). ”

      I am intrigued by the 1:36 for white children in Minneapolis.

      If Minneapolis differs so grealy fron the national average, there must be an environmental factor. Of course that could include the vaccine itself.

      Do you recall in the big polio-shot push of 1955 there was a “bad batch” of vaccine that killed about 200 people? They (allegedly) tracked it to the Cutter — or maybe Cutler — manufacturer, so the biggies did not get sued.

      Anyway, I learned fron the book by Virginia Livingston, MD, that she was given a special gift of a vial of that batch to inject into her daughter, which she did with sad results. (Virginia was being punished for pleomorphic treatment of cancer.)
      In those days one would not express one’s “paranpoia” by saying it was deliberate.

      But in Wendy Hoffman’s book, The Enslaved Queen (2014), she says she was given polio by a doctor to prevent her from dancing. Sure it sounds far-fetched, but please buy that book and you will believe her.

      Re Virginia Livingstone, Ed Addeo has written a new book about her called The Woman Who Cured Cancer.

  6. In the sixties I and my three siblings got all the childhood diseases. Our homemaker mother in turn nursed us back to health with the assistance of our home visiting doctor. Since those dark times progress has kicked in and put mothers to work to pay taxes. Sick kids now must line up with frazzled mothers in a crowded evening surgery for 10 minutes to see a drug (prescribing) addicted doctor for a quick hit to get them to sleep to 6 am when mothers will have to get them up to drop them at child care on her way to some miserable psycho addled work place. No wonder there is no time for nature and nurture to do their work anymore. And government makes this appalling situation mandatory. Pity there Is no vaccine healers can stick in government bodies that will help get their heads right. So humans once immune from the life sucking bacteria like entities that rule authority’s shallow minds can take their first tentative steps back to life.

    • Mick, if you’ve got a minute would you please elaborate on this:

      “So humans once immune from the life sucking bacteria like entities that rule authority’s shallow minds can take their first tentative steps back to life.”

  7. The movie “Vaxxed” is a must see for all readers.

    It is compelling info. on the safety of vaccines, the statistically geometric progression of the RATE of increase. Decades ago, autism was 1 in 10,000. Today it is around 1 in 50. According to Phd Statistics experts, by 2025 it will be approaching 1 in 2.
    And the rate is still accelerating.
    Why? Try a wild guess.

    What young couple would take such an insane risk? Population control?

  8. Before I was 8 years of age I had measles. No doctors.
    Sometime in the latd 80s I had chicken pox (per doctor and no medication) and still managed a day before a jury whilst my client slept in the dock. (He was up all night with a sick child the night before)
    I think he was convicted because I was clearly ill and he appeared not to care, it was his third trial on the same indictment.
    Next day he was given a bond, I managed to drive a couple of hundred ks and next day survived in some bath smelling of bitumen.
    Maybe I died and all this is a dream. Should have been vaccinated!!!

  9. On the subject of vaccinations, I once read a quote, and I wish I could find it so that give the well deserved attribution for such wisdom:-

    “If you believe in vaccinations, then you cannot believe in the divinity of Man’s body.”

    I wish to pose a question to all, including the ‘vaccine herd’ and their drovers (junkies and pushers):-

    If any life form is to come into existence, does the environment have to be 100% supportive for that life form as a precondition to that ‘coming into existence’, or not?
    By way of extreme example;- Could a carbon-based, oxygen-breathing life form come into existence in an environment of silicon-based, methane-breathing life forms. Logically the answer would have to be a resounding NO!

    So if the environment was 100% supportive of Man – Homo Sapiens coming into existence some 1.5 million years ago, and for only the last 100 years we have NEEDED all these toxic waste products of Big Oil and others pumped / fed into us AT PROFIT, the big question is WHY????

    Where did all these supposed ‘nasties’ come from?

    Prof. Michael Zimmerman, Manchester University said in 2010, that they had failed to find ANY TRACE of cancer in Egyptian mummies. But the evidence is mounting to build the case linking vaccines and cancer. Then, to really ensure the coup de gras, spread glyphosate everywhere – on the land, in the water, in the food and even into the vaccines through the gelatin on which the live viruses are grown in the laboratory, and potentially through some of the adjuvants that are added (for what reason) to the vaccines.

    Man, and all Life, are under attack by Greed.

  10. I was a child in the 1950s. In those days there were, as best as I know, 5-6 vaccines. I remember getting one or two injections at school every few years, not sure what they were for. As did many others who lived on dariy farms in the area, we did without flushing toilets etc. Personal hygine was not the best, we drank out of the river, pools of water in the paddock and well water. The whole family had a bath at night in the same bath of water topped up with hot water from the dairy carried to the house in used 20L oil drums made into buckets.
    At no time did I or anyone I knew at school get sick and have to take days off school due to tummy upsets or longer term issues.
    These days there are numerous vaccines and it seems we aboslutely must have every single one of them if we listen to govt, doctors and vax companies. I wonder just whose side are modern doctors on with regard child health.

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