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A New Legislator on the Horizon?


Elvis has left the building

by Mary W Maxwell

This is a private letter to the Gumshoe Faithful. All others, please avert your eyes.

Dear Faithful, I have left the building. I have departed Oz, maybe never to return. I found out about a job opportunity, and, as the shades of night are falling fast, I thought I had better go for it.

Here’s how I found the “job offer.” On May 1 (“May Day! May Day alert!”) there was a headline at Yahoo that said “Disbarred judge seeks election to Senate.”  I figured he must be one of us, and that the disbarring was punishment for a dissident, per usual.

Clicked on the article and was fascinated to learn that it was the judge who had put a monument of the Ten Commandments in his courthouse. I am OK with that (although I thought he had put it out on the front lawn).

I think any display of how we historically arrived at the principles of law would be OK. Why not? In fact for at least a day after reading that the offending judge was running for Senate I calculated “I can go over and help him.”

So I started to fool around with the state website (Alabama, which is on the Gulf of Mexico and was hard hit in 2005 by Hurricane Katrina, ahem, ahem, ahem).

By the way, the judge is Roy Moore, and he is an elected judge, as is often the case in America, not an appointed one.

Then I read up on the snap election they are having – it is to fill the vacancy left by Senator Jeff Sessions, as Trump appointed him to Cabinet as Attorney General. I hear Sessions is a good man. (A different person with the name Sessions was head of FBI a while back.)

As you may know, none of the US “ministers” is in “parliament.”  They are laypersons on the outside. Recall my article six months ago, on “Picking My Cabinet”?

So, one thing leads to another, especially for a chronic Web surfer, and next I found that the new governor of Alabama, a lady, is the one who set the snap election to be this year instead of next year. She had only been governor for 2 weeks at this point.

She was lieutenant governor and the governor was asked to step down. He is a dermatologist and was accused of this, that, and the other thing. So there, on our beloved Youtube, we see Gov Ivey, age 73, acting like the Lion Queen. I mean acting like a decent leader who knows what “leading” means. Gosh.

I start to like Alabama. So I look in the mirror and see “candidate” written all over my face. I raised the subject with a friend in Adelaide who pretty much told me to take my meds. Naturally that only strengthened my resolve.

Next I go to the website to check that I am qualified. Of course I knew I was constitutionally qualified (US citizen over age 30) but maybe there was a loophole in the state law? Nope. No loopholes.

The filing deadline for candidates is May 17. So in order to pop over to the USA, I had to act quickly to close down my abode in SA. Such a task! Long story short, I packed (no, Berry, not “packed”) and am now out the door.

Maybe I should have “packed.” Things could be rough ahead for a girl (age 70) who is deluded enough to think she could sit in the legislature of the Great Republic. But I seem to recall my mother saying “God gives you what you need to get through.”

Dee prettied up my campaign website, and made me look “potential.”

Thanks — bigtime!  The support I have got since I joined Gumshoe in December 2013 (with my article “An Australian Defense of Marriage”) is probably what made me sassy enough to take this step. So now I am living in Montgomery, AL, and have today filed the paperwork to run for the job.

The pay is a hundred and seventy four thousand times what I get as Gumshoe’s Al Haig. Which is not bad, really.

Postscript: Y’all should not fret that I will let “Martin” down. Of course I won’t do that.

Here’s the baby: https://www.maxwellforsenate.com


— The above article is precisely Mary W Maxwell’s 300th article at Gumshoe




  1. To Gumshoe Readers.
    Mary will soon have a “testimonial” tab on her website, to enhance her journey towards the Senate. You can post a testimonial as a comment here — or email me (dee@thepicturetank.com) and I’ll upload them on her website.
    Good on you Mary.

    • The Alabama race has begun. 12 elephant, 8 donkey (3 chicks). The Primary is August 15.

      Will Boyd, pastor, former Greenville, Illinois City Councilman/ Vann Caldwell, County Constable and perennial candidate/ Jason Fisher, businessman/
      Michael Hansen, activist and nonprofit executive/
      Doug Jones, former US Attorney for Northern Alabama/
      Robert Kennedy, Jr./ Brian McGee/ Nana Tchienkou

      James Beretta, physician/ Joseph Breault/ Michael Hansen/ Randy Brinson, gastroenterologist and activist/ Mo Brooks, U.S. Rep./ Dom Gentile, businessman/ Karen Jackson, attorney and perennial candidate/
      Mary Maxwell, candidate for NH in 2006/ Roy Moore, former Chief Justice of Alabama/ Bryan Peeples, businessman/ Trip Pittman, State Senator/ Luther Strange, incumbent U.S. Senator

    • Dee, as I recall being informed by older Aussies, back in the ’70s, that ‘Australia is now the 51st. state of the USA!’, we Gumshoe followers should be able to cast votes for Mary after all!

  2. That’s one way to close down someone who’s posting good stuff.
    Offer them a job, then hold it over their heads to ensure they comply with the establishment.
    Does this also mean, gumshoenews will be toned down now to conform ???

      • Interesting Eddy,
        My career plateaued for nearly a decade. About 18 months ago, just as Gumshoe was getting some traction… I got a movie job… have never been busier. (unfortunately have to pay the bills) Maybe its just the Universe —

    • Eddy, Eddy, there’s no “job offer.” I was being metaphorical.

      It’s the same offer that is made everywhere — as only you would know, namely the offer to TRY to find a quorum of peeps to see the world as you see it.

      Whilst I am not overly optimisitc, I am not dead pessimistic.

      As for “gumshoe news being toned down to conform,” I think hell might freeze over first.

      Eddy, if I “get the job,” I am inviting you to tea in Warshington.

  3. Mary, if you stir them up in the US as you have attempted to do “down under”, you will be doing well and providing a service to the World. US’s gain is Australia’s loss.

    • Che-eh eh eh eh eh ri ba-i-bee.
      Don’t be too sure I won’t write for Gumgum from abroad. So how will you even know I have gone?

      I can hear you when you’re not around. Try this:


      (quote unquote Cherri’s song on Youtube)

  4. The Walkley mob arranged this.
    They knew Mary was the only worthwhile candidate and had to transport her to the colonies out of contention for the fake-brigade. (:-
    All the best Mary. Keep in touch.
    As an aside, how many have had Mary in their presence? If you have not had the honour, so unfortunate. The msm has had numerous opportunities but failed to inform of so much enlightenment and joy, ABC Q and A and that Faine person, our loss
    to your deceit and betrayal of our Australia. You have failed the Australian public with a true discussion and expression of our democratic principles.
    So ABC bring on that 26 year old Yasmin (sp) Character at public expense to do better than Mary who contributed so much for no stipend whom you ignored.
    A great loss to Australian debate and our democracy has occurred with Mary’s departure. MSM and all, combined will not be able to fill her shoes. She was/is no fake.

    • Nedski, I have been in your presence only once, and had the urge to hug you but thought it might not be Kosher so to do.

      Do you recall the lady barrister we bumped into outside your chambers? She has since been drummed out of business by The Powers That Be — because she represented a small Plaintiff against a BIIIIGGGIE corporation. Yup, it didn’t even involve police, murder, terrorism, or pedophilia. Just little against big.

      And thus is the state of rule of law in our dear legal profession.

    • Ned, Sending 6 of Mary’s books to various people at the ABC with a note… “Aussie standing for US Congress writes about the Royal Commission”

      • Dee, please send a copy to National Library and to Vic State Libe — they were super-cordial about receiving “Inquest: Siege in Sydney.” The State Library of SA has all my stuff, even unto the 40-page playscript of “Moot Court Trial for Martin Bryant” — but they don’t have Deliverance! yet, so kindly supply one.

  5. Ballsy move girl! Does this mean we should refer to you as “Candidate” Maxwell or Senator Maxwell?

    Good luck Mary and God’s speed.I hope the Americans are ready for a good stirring up.

  6. Hail Mary, Ave Maria, Yishar kochacha, May your strength be enriched, Power to you, Deadly eh cuz, Goodonyah.

    Palya lingku and thank you Train stations and pumpkin soup will always remind me of you.

  7. I just want to post my sincere thanks Mary for all your work to make my country a better place.. and I hope the Alabamians recognise an opportunity when they see one, for their sake.
    Also dee, much gratitude for all your work and for putting together your insightful, inciteful website, … and all the commenters for their thoughtful passionate intelligent reasoned contributions that all makes gumshownews.com a unique and valuable compulsory bookmark.

    Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou.

  8. I could not comprehend as to why a American should be here in Australia? Mary did not seem to me to be part of the Australian culture, or her jargon just seemed different, I had difficulty in interpretation her writings or meanings, but most likely I am not in the class of jargon used as most gumshoe readers and writers seemed to understand.
    One thing I know she had a tremendous ability and energy to comment on a wide variety of subject matter, however Mary was always a mystery to me, I have no doubt to those who come in contact with her will be enriched by the experience.
    I am sure America will benefit by her being there and if Trump is impeached I would think Mary as president would be a far greater asset than Trump,
    Always been a good educator to me.
    Bon Voyage.

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