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Australian Critters Dragged From the Swamp


by Phil Hingston

You can’t make this s–t up.

Aussie taxpayers and citizens have, in the last days, been exposed to a bona fide Australian Swamp Critter. None other than the Deputy Commissioner of Taxation, Michael Cranston. He has been charged with being involved in a tax fraud perpetrated by his son, daughter and various unnamed individuals, amounting in total to around $165million.

Evidently, an additional 4 unnamed Australian Tax Office officials have also been summonsed to court to “please explain” why they too should not be sent to prison.

Michael Cranston: Deputy Commissioner of Taxation

Michael Cranston worked at the Australian Taxation Office for over 30 years. Part of his bio is as follows:

“Michael joined the ATO in 1977. He has worked as Deputy Commissioner Case Leadership, Deputy Commissioner Serious Non-Compliance focusing on serious abuses of the tax system.” 

Talk about the Fox guarding the hen house!!

The loot appears to include 18 houses, a couple of aeroplanes, 12 motor bikes, 25 cars,  $15 million dollars in cash, over 100 bank accounts, jewellery, art and firearms??,(why do they need firearms), vintage wines  and a luxurious lifestyle only afforded by “The Elite.” The son, Adam was arrested in Bondi and his sister, Lauren, was arrested at her country estate at Picton, just outside Sydney.

Not a bad haul.

In fairness to Mr. Cranston, it is being implied by The Guardian that he was only trying to access information about the investigation of his son’s activities — and that he was not a party to the fraud.

“Our ABC” puts it like this:

“Michael Cranston will be charged with abusing his position as a public official relating to the fraud, although he is not believed to be a conspirator. Adam Cranston, 30, was arrested at his flat in the affluent beach suburb of Bondi and has been charged with conspiracy to defraud the Commonwealth.”

Yeah right. As if dad wouldn’t have noticed that junior was accumulating seriously expensive toys, houses and planes.

And his son seemed to have an unending supply of available cash at his disposal. If you seriously believe that, I have a bridge for sale in Kathmandu!!

These  reprobates however, made a serious miscalculation. Whilst the government and other members of the Australian Swamp are more than happy to loot the Australian taxpayers and citizens, heaven help anyone who “defrauds” the Australian government.

“Just us” has been served.




  1. It seems impossible a father would not notice his son’s lavish dollars being flashed about — especially if you are “the” tax man. Tax men are trained to smell this out. This is astonishing — and is probably the top of the tip of the iceberg.

      • Mary,

        Who would know how he grovelled into his position.??

        One could just as well ask “How does an Air Vice Marshall get to be an Air Vice Marshall and help WASTE billions upon countless billions on POS Lockheed Martin F-35 Flying Turds!! How did Sir Rolf get an Order of Australia and a Knighthood from Her Majesty!! only to be busted raping kids. (did he lose his awards?)

        The Swamp moves in mysterious ways and seems to look after its’ own very well. That is, unless you steal from The Swamp, in which case it will eat its’ own children.

        • Sorry, Phil, funny but not good enoough. I want to know the name of the person who appointed him.

          And while you are at it, please find out who appointed the Air Vice Marshall. These are important leads re Gumshoe’s attempt to get past the media blackout. You say “the swamp moves in mysterious ways.” I say let’s de-mysterious-ize it.

          As for the removal of Rolf Harris’ Order of Australia, please write to Governor-General Peter Cosgrove and ask for that to happen. His Excellency can’t very well turn you down as the miscreant is actually in jail.

          (Or so we are told…)

    • Dee,
      Years ago the ACT coppers sniffed ouf the drug dealers by searching out those who owned a porsche.
      Pity a average dad could not work it out.
      Then have a look at the US represenfatives who have emassed fortunes on their pay scales.
      Gillard handed the Clinton ‘foundation’ tens of millions of banker’s money (40?) that the Aussie taxpayer has to pay back with interest.
      Yep, the swamp is pretty full of stench.

  2. At last one of them has been caught. Roll on, roll on. There are many more to be caught. Mr Taxman, a fisherman doesn’t give up when the shoals of fish are around. Now dip your net into Parliament House in all states.

  3. Any info re the lead-up ?

    I’ve never managed to find anything beyond the standard ABC fare re the 2012 Customs hiccup.

    The overwhelming impression is that such scoops are just another facet of a mafia-style set-up.

    But it is encouraging to see any sort of chink in the united-front facade.

  4. What a hoot!
    Now someone look at the scam some of our politicians get up to. Like taking turns being appointed for a 24 hour gig as acting PM so as to knock up their superannuation entitlements etc.
    I have raised this here before but nothing followed up.
    Over to you SMH.
    BTW I actually bought the SMH today and the reports look like a good job.
    This whole thing is reminiscent of the 1970’s bottom of the harbour (Sydney Harbour) scam with straw company’s and director’s records making friends with the harbour fish.
    Not much new in the world of crime.

    • Ned, it is my fault for not following up as I said I would re the 24 hour PM job. I did write to the remuneration tribunal, but they sent me somewhere else and then I happened to loose heart.

      On this side of the big pond I seem to have got my heart back, quite unexpectedly. Anyway, when I can I will do the 24 hr PM inquiry.

      To those who don’t know what we are talking about, many an MP has been secretly appointed “acting PM” for as short a period as one day, in order to increase his/HER already large “retirement pension.”

      Sorry but the idea of a retirement pension for elected reps is actually worse than the little scam of the 24hr PMs. Oh and by the way IF it is true about the 24 hours, each person has to be sworn in by the G-G. ‘Mazing.

  5. Michael Cranston, is above the law, how is this possible?he knows to much about the system and has not only a obligation to those within the system, knows he may have a accident if he is non compliant to those whom has to answer to.
    Mr Cranston knows to much about the tax system of not only those who are within the system but more so those who are involved with tax evasion such as politicians and those within the elite, whom we the public have little to no knowledge of how their culture works.
    Nevertheless what is known is we are being duped and are outsiders to the inner workings of a deviant and corrupt establishment, this is not to say all of establishment is within this protocol, I have no doubt some do have a conscience, unfortunately many within this domain are silenced for a variety of reasons? such as fear of coming out and losing their job.

  6. The SMH reports “Deputy Commissioner of the Australian Tax Office Michael Cranston allegedly borrowed and drove some of the expensive sports cars that his son bought with the proceeds of a tax fraud worth at least $165 million.”

    “Gee son, you seem to be doing very well from your job stacking shelves at Woolies. Can I borrow the Lamborghini tonight??”

    Yeah right…

  7. Fake news, disinformation, misinformation, obfuscation, downright deception, it is all so hard to work out.

    the nepotistic swamp is overflowing.. not just the tax office.. but in all areas of business.. commerce…government ..i can hardly keep my head up

    but.. ill just post this here, as it may be slightly relevant..

    more learned folk might like suggest if this is a concern or not

  8. The system as it now stands is wholly corrupted and the Cranston’s the Gillard’s of the system, whose own hubris exposes their criminality, are but the tip of the whole rotten edifice.

  9. “Clinton Cash” is a must-see documentary on how politicians scam us. Spend an hour and forward it to ALL of our elected representatives, just to let them know that WE KNOW, and are bloody sick of this of this bullshit.

  10. Phil,
    You have arrived at Mike Rivero’s site in Hawaii.
    20th May at 9.45 timeline at:
    As you scrolll down his headlines, note the research carried out that ‘some’ journos drink too much and have half an active brain. (My interprtation)
    So who needed a study to determine that?
    We have heaps of lab’ samples in our own mass media, ABC, SBS and with all but the odd shock joke.
    Of course we have our own studies that on an international scale, demonstrate that our prospective mathematicians ( and spellers?) and science students are intellectually deficieent.
    Yep, not likely that we have a journo who could even perceive the gravitational realities demonstrated by the collapse of building No 7 and report the truth.
    The country is clearly following the Dr Day agenda to servility led by the bankers, our politicians and bureacrats.

  11. We had one of those in France: he was tasked with bringing in tax cheats. And whaddyaknow? When accused of fraud he, Cahauzac, was everywhere on the telly saying “eye to eye, I never did…” he swore in parliament, too, everywhere. The journalos researching the story said (afterwards) they’d never had so many calls from folks confirming a story. The worst part was that his illegal offshore account was opened for him by a Nazi rowdy and he was related to half the Le Pen family. He once said, in a TV debate: Public Money doesn’t belong to anyone….” Catch his drift? Hollande’s another one. He’s not president anymore.

  12. A peculiar request to be suggested and put to four taxation officers stating why should you not be sent to prison? here we assume this being a indictable criminal act, many reasons come to mind as to why one should take a position of not going to prison? I have to get back to my desk for more important matters?
    If criminals are to be a authority as to why they should not be have certain outcomes of law enforcement, is a liberal path thwart of the justice system being compromised and having a profile that is a welcomed outcome by criminals.

    • In 2012 -14 I was a 1st hand witness to a face-off with Customs that pinpointed the very same elements;must be a few of us who aren’t prepared to just roll over & die

      As mentioned earlier, Cranston strikes me as being nothing more than an average brain-dead bureaucrat. Seems to me that the entire shebang is nothing more than an attempt to draw unwanted attention away from a much more uncomfortable/pressing “problem”.

      • “government” really hasn’t ever been anything more than the biggest fear in the room: the elected rep/guardian angel concept is seriously woo-woo.

      • Oh, it’s a big problem alright Berry. With the Manchester Islamic terrorist attack killings just being drip fed to the ghoulish public, which is just like keeping score in the Roman arena in days of yore, no one it seems is paying attention to why these ‘events’ continue to occur.

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