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New Book Exposes Israel’s attack on the USS Liberty — “Erasing The Liberty”


There is nothing like an eye witness account. And as the author of this new book writes,

“This book is dedicated to my fallen shipmates and to all patriotic Americans who, when they read it, will come away shocked and dismayed as to how the U.S. government lied to the American people about the cold-blooded murder of Americans on the high-seas, a cover-up perpetrated not just by them but by the government of Israel as well.”

They are also making a full length feature film. As soon as Gumshoe gets hold of a copy, it will be sent to Mr Jon Faine at the ABC.

Malcolm Fraser

When Mr Faine interviewed the late Malcolm Fraser, Faine refused to consider the former prime minister’s version, even after all the research he had done.

It seems that those working for the mainstream media are just unable to review the facts.

Mad, Demented Conspiracy Theory

When Malcolm Fraser was promoting his book, a few years ago, this is what the Australian MSM had to say:

“MAD claims from former PM”

That was the headline to an Australian Jewish News article. They wrote:

“Claims from Malcom Fraser that Israel deliberately bombed the USS Liberty in June 1967 is a “mad, demented conspiracy theory”, Australia/Israel & Jewish Affairs Council (AIJAC) national chairman Mark Leibler said this week.

“The former prime minister made the assertion while promoting his new book Dangerous Allies during an interview with ABC Radio Melbourne broadcaster Jon Faine.”

 The Herals Sun followed with an article titled:

“Sad Fraser has new anti-Israel conspiracy theory.”

What is sad is that the mainstream media are to fearful to ever “go there” — maybe too fearful to read Phillip F. Tourney’s new book, Erasing the Liberty.

Casualty station after the attack

This is what Tourney had to say (on VT):

“It’s hard to believe that nearly 50 years has passed since Israel attacked my good ship USS Liberty in international waters.

“I have personally spent the last 30 years getting the truth out; writing thousands of letters to politicians, attending events across the country, having the great honor of being the only three-time president of the USS Liberty Veterans Association.

“The book [Erasing the Liberty] ties in thousands of facts and first-hand accounts to present one undeniable conclusion: the attack on the Liberty was anything but a mistake, and our own government betrayed, and continues to betray, all Americans with its disgraceful cover-up.”



  1. Erasing the Liberty is a book I have yet to read, but from the author’s own words of how he garnered his info, it appears to be just another write up of an event that has been shrouded in some mystery ever since it began to be covered up by both Israeli and American governments.

    The author is correct in his assessment of the event as it occurred, however, I would wager that how and why the incident came about has not been made privy to him.

    The USS Liberty was in reality a ‘spy ship’ stationed off the Sinai Coast in June 1967 and was listening in on the preparation for sneak attack by Egyptian led Arabs against Israel. It should also be taken into account, that the American government knowing full well that there would be a concentrated attack against Israel by ALL Israel’s Arab ‘neighbors’ refused to assist Israel in any way whatsoever which should then indicate to the reader that the American government at that time was no friend to Israel.

    Here is an extract from lead in to that incident from the book, The Secret War against the Jews, co-written by a former U.S. Attorney-General, John Loftus and an Australian lawyer, Mark Aarons:

    The History books, particularly the Israeli ones, say that the 1967 war was the high point of Israeli military prowess. Abandoned by the UN, attacked by the Egyptian led Arabs, the Jews fought alone and in six days defeated the entire forces of the united Arab armies. The prime minister’s office later issued a moving video showing battle hardened Israeli veterans weeping as they liberated the old city of Jerusalem and touched the Western wall of the Temple. 1

    For the first time in two thousand years, Jews around the world swelled their chests with pride. When an American ship, the USS Liberty, was accidentally damaged in the conflict, President Johnson graciously accepted the immediate apology of the government of Israel. Despite some American casualties, the United States and Israel remained firm friends.

    Our sources say there is much more to the story than that, much more. The U.S. and British governments, while pretending to be on Israel’s side, were giving all of all of Israel’s secrets to the Arabs. In may ways it was the Western spies who indirectly started the war. In this chapter we examine the following allegations:

    * Western intelligence informed the Arabs that Israel would not have a nuclear defence shield finished in 1967, thus leaving a window of opportunity for attack.

    *Realizing the danger of a mass Arab attack, the Israel’s informed the United States of their intention to launch a pre-emptive strike, which the CIA promptly betrayed to the Arabs.

    *U.S. Intelligence tried to curry favor with the Arab oil producers by giving the precise details of Israel’s order of battle to the Arabs during the war.

    *Israeli intelligence discovered the American betrayal and attacked the U.S. Ship, the Liberty, which was gathering electronic information on Israeli troop movements and sending it to the British intelligence, which in turn relayed it to the Arabs.

    *Both the American and Israeli governments agreed to suppress the truth about the Liberty incident from the public.

    The Secret War against the Jews, John Loftus and Mark Aarons, St. Martins Griffin, New York, 1994

    The authors of that book gained their info from those they term the ‘old spies’ those former active members of American,British and Israeli intelligence who in the main, regret their actions of the past.

    The author of the book this article introduces, appears, and from his own words, to have missed out on the most important aspects to this incident that no methods and procedure that he appears to have undertaken will expose.

      • My only argument is:
        * Israel’s military prowess is no more secret than that of Germany circa 1913 & Nth Korea circa 2017
        * Israel is no more Jewish than the Canberra “Lord’s prayer” mumblers are Christian.

        “For no one is a Jew who is merely one outwardly, nor is circumcision outward and physical.”
        ROMANS 2: 28

        • Somebody is yet to ask the most pertinent question of all in this ‘international incident’ – what was the Liberty doing there in the first place with both the CIA and the Johnson admin knowing full well it was being placed within a war zone that was of no concern to the United States that had turned their back on Israel?

          • With all due respect and with apologies in advance to those who subscribe to the myth that there were “ten official US investigations (including five congressional investigations)” of the attack on our ship, I submit that the most pertinent question is why has the US government refused to conduct an investigation of the attack.

        • Berry, how about Psalms 1-6:

          1 Blessed is the one who does not walk in step with the wicked or stand in the way that sinners take or sit in the company of mockers, 2 but whose delight is in the law of the LORD, and who meditates on his law day and night.
          3 That person is like a tree planted by streams of water, which yields its fruit in season and whose leaf does not wither— whatever they do prospers. 4 Not so the wicked! They are like chaff that the wind blows away.
          5 Therefore the wicked will not stand in the judgment, nor sinners in the assembly of the righteous. 6 For the LORD watches over the way of the righteous, but the way of the wicked leads to destruction.

        • My understanding is that the Brit empire was already well & truly shot and that, in order to maintain its burgeoning power, the U. S had to get rid of Germany.

          • If one goes back into history it becomes apparent that Germany has been the powerhouse of Europe since at least the 1880s.

            Germany has been involved in two world wars and is now back to being the powerhouse of Europe through the EU – I think the obvious take out from history since the formation of Germany as a nation state, is why has Germany featured so largely in world affairs to the point that wars have been fought against it, while in our own time, Muslim immigration is set to change the German nation into a country of tribes and for what purpose?

    • ‘Accidently damaged’!!
      BS, BS, BS……..yea, being earlier identified and attacked for two hours
      And you are citing that BS. Why?

      • As one of the most trusted of the US Govt of that era, I can tell you that they circled us all morning long, and we saw them with our own eyes. The Star of David clearly marked on the planes. They waved at us, and we felt quite safe knowing our ally was there. They are not our friends, they have their own agenda, and we are a prop to get it done.

  2. Nemesis, how is anyone to credit this claim without knowing more:

    “The authors of that book gained their info from those they term the ‘old spies’ those former active members of American,British and Israeli intelligence who in the main, regret their actions of the past.” I’m like Huh? If they regret, are they saying so?

    As for the Loftus statement that Jews could swell with pride for the first time in 2000 years, I do recall that notion being bandied about by the media. (Yes, the media — As Adam said to Eve, “Who else”?) circa 1967.

    But it is errant nonsense. The Jews had plenty to proud of, and were proud of, since the year Dot. Consider their parenting of the Christian religion, consider their achivements in law, consider their utterly magnificent contribution to music.

    Ever read Isaiah, Nemesis? Ever read the Psalms?

  3. I have not read any book on the US Liberty murders.
    But I have had correspondence with Joe Meadors who was on the Liberty.
    In summary,
    The Israeli planes located and scouted the Liberty in the morning and the poor victims waved at the Israeli pilots under their fluttering national flag.
    Later mirage fighter without their nation’s livery attacked the Liberty with rockets Etc.
    Israeli torpedo boats circled the Liberty strafding the decks.
    Israeli helicopters with soldiers attempted to approach and have their assassins land on the deck.
    Life rafts and other life saving equipment was launched only to be staffed by the torpedo boats in the water.
    One or more torpedoes struck the Liberty
    The radios were jammed by the Israelis.
    There was an attempt to have messages sent so as to make believe that Egypt was attacking the ahip.
    A makeshift radio message sent a sos to US aircraft carrier/s. A flight was launcged from a carrier to defend the USS Liberty and recalled on Johnson’s order.
    The attack by Israel forces lasted about two hours and over 30 US crewmen were murdered by cowardly act of war.
    Since that time the Israelis and their lying apologists have lied to the world claiming it was just a mistake. The lies and coverup has been traitorous to the memory of those killed and wounded on the USS Liberty who are deliberately forgotten.
    It is apparent from the circumstance, that the Israelis just withdrew and did not offer assistance to those they wounded, being contrary to basic humane principles.
    It is apparent that the plan was to sink the USS Liberty and murder those who survived, whilst being defenceless in the ocean.
    Clearly the intention was to not enable any one to survive to tell the truth.
    Dee, do you have any copies of Joe’s messages containing his statement of account.
    It is time to clear the criminal bullshit official lies and remember the victims of mass murdererers.
    If there is no truth, it is merely a sign of continuing cowardice to account for the crime.

    • Dee, do you have the book at hand? See if it specifies that LBJ ordered a recall of the helper aircraft (as Ned says). If so, under the 50-year rule, that order is now declassified
      In 2009 Obama’s Executive Order 13256 confirmed the 50-year rule.

      So you can get the LBJ order, for free, by making a Freedom of Information Act request. That should put paid to the issue?

      And here is a thought: Mr Meadors and other Navy men are still alive, age 70 and up. So it’s likely some of the men who were on the [recalled] helper aircraft are also still kicking. Do any of them remember it? How did they feel about leaving compadres to die?

      • I can tell you exactly how they feel. The pilots came back threw their crash helmets on the deck, saying that this is unheard of. They were called back when they were so close to helping us, yes they were very upset. The men off the America, the Saratoga, and other ships were not able to do their job, and I can tell you it hangs with them even today.

    • By the way, after the a fraser-Faine interterview, Faine was provided with Correspondence from
      Joe Meadors seeking to correct Faine’s contradiction of Mr Fraser and true to cowardly form the ABC did not provide the opportunity for Mr Meadors.
      It is clear that some interests are still cowards and deceivers willing to protect
      war criminals.

      • Ned, so now the Israelis according to you are ‘war criminals’?

        At least that is the message I get from your comment.

        And if that is the case, could you provide some evidence for your accusation or will I have to wait for a ‘visit’ from ‘M”?

        • Yes there are many war criminals in many governments — including Israel. I was also copied in to Joe Meador’s email(s).
          It was absolutely clear this was deliberate. Former PM spoke to some prominent people too. But let us wait for the Erazing the Liberty movie to come out — so we can here is DIRECTLY from those on the boat.

        • Indeed, those who attacked the USS Liberty in international waters are war criminals. Do you claim otherwise?
          As for those protecting war criminals. What are they?
          I believe the Joe Meadors, his surviving shipmates and ex Australian Defence Minister and Prime Minister, Malcolm Fraser are correct.

          • Of course there are precedents for Israel’s murderous deceptions as exemplified by Israeli minister Lavon heading the sayanin attacks on US and UK civilian assets in Egypt with bombs. It was codenamed operation Susannah.
            Years ago I noted that the sayanin ‘operatives’ were presented with a medal …… ‘killings well done’, i suppose is inscribed on their bubles.
            Oh and we have not forgotten of our allied friends in the King David hotel!
            I deal in facts, not bias.

    • Ned, I see your bias is getting in the way and blocking the old adage, that there is always two sides or more to every story.

      Lying apologists eh? What if they are right and you are wrong?

        • As for your claim of alleged bias I reject the accusation and cite an opinion based on reported facts.
          Now what about you, are you biased against recorded eyewitnesses? If so why?
          Do you refute the summary of Mr Meador’s ( and his shipmates) account of about two hours of vicious killing or do you agree with Mr Faine who stated that it was a missile by mistake so far as his memory served him? Which ‘memory’ he has not publicly on ABC re-evalued to inform his listeners even though he was requested to in messages to him by Mr Meadors with Mr. Meadors’ account, copies of which were provided to me. BTW also sent to the Jewish News. From memory a Mr Munanci or something did reply but also ignored any update to the duped readers of his paper despite Meadors request.
          Whilst dealing with msm deception, the SMH cited the Sydney Institute ceo rubbishing Mr Fraser in a January edition summarising talking points from the year before.
          Do you take issue with Mr. Fraser’s report that ‘it was deliberate?
          Do you claim that the investigation was not a cover up?
          Do you deny that statetments from crew members were reported by crew members being excised from the official investigation to falsify the official finding?

  4. This thread is getting complicated so I am moving this quote from Nemesis up here to the top:

    “Muslim immigration is set to change the German nation into a country of tribes and for what purpose?”

    GOOD QUESTION!!!! and it’s a pity the Germans ae falling for this tactic.

    • Ask George Soros and those globalists who wish to amalgamate all people under one world government, rid all nations of their individual Sovereignty, and have all subject to a small number of global corporate fascists and bankers.
      They clearly have an agenda of social upheaval and violence.
      Problem, reaction and solution all foretold by Dr. Day in his exposure of the NWO in March 1969.

      Now that we know that, can we get back to the topic which is bringing to account those who murdered sailors on the USS Liberty and find justice for the victims.

      • There can be no Justice for the victims Ned until the United States government releases its files on the Liberty incident. Do you think that may happen?

        • Well Nemisis to bring the US to a head, let’s see the Israeli files to cause US disclosure.
          Do you think that may happen?

    • Seems that my reply is under some moderation or something.
      In short, may we place the distraction in Germany raised by Nemisis somewhere else, it has nothing to do with bringing mass murderers of Liberty crewmen to account.
      Your purpose Nemisis?

      • This comment was a test. On one hand a prior comment still has not been posted yet this one, after the subject one, has been posted.
        May we get back to the TOPIC the USS liberty, justice needs concentraion?
        By the way. the weather here is fine so don’t ask.

    • Anyone who has any doubt about the manipulation of mass consciousness should take a look at this:


      and then this:


      How is it that the former elicits instant revulsion and the latter? You could make kitchen curtains out of it & no one would bat an eyelid

      I haven’t read “Erasing the Liberty” but it appears to me that there’s a bit of an oversight, i.e the fact that the U.S. government betrayed all Americans(erased all liberty) the day that TEAM AMERICA set sail on the 7 seas.

  5. This article has been linked at Mike Rivero’s site in Hawaii.
    http://www.whatreallyhappened.com/ on May 21 at 9.39 timeline, because of the topic and the book.
    May we drop, off topic irrelevant complications (Muslims in Germany) and demonstrate to foreign readers that we can concentrate on one subject for at least ten minutes at a time?

  6. This comment is mainly for Ned who seems to zero in on certain aspects to a comment without comprehending the message within the whole comment.

    Ned please read the second paragraph to my original comment at 9:20 am.

    And speaking of paragraphs Ned, your comments would be much easier to read if you used them. Hint, hint.

    No where have i denied the incident involving the U.S.S. Liberty and the attack on that ship by the Israelis. The attack occurred, sailors lost their lives and an apology for ‘accidentally’ attacking the ship was issued by Israel to the American government.

    That is the standard narrative and anyone reading my original comment would understand that is exactly what I am referring to. However, ‘standard narratives’ between governments concerning ‘international incidents’ are not always the truth of what occurred and why such incidents came about.

    What happened to the Liberty was no ‘accident’ and both governments knew this. My criticism of the book this article is promoting is that the author, while appearing cognizant of the incident within its entirety, does not explore the reason for such an attack past the fact that a then American ally, Israel, attacked one of its ships that off was the Sinai coast in June 1967 and during preparations for Israel to pre-emptively attack the Egyptian led coalition of Arab countries who were about to attack Israel en masse.

    I believe the most pertinent questions about this whole incident is what was the Liberty (a spy ship) doing off the coast of Sinai with the CIA and the American government knowing full well that a war was about to erupt in the immediate area of where the Liberty was stationed and did Israel know of the Liberty’s presence in that area?

    Israel did know the Liberty was stationed off the coast of Sinai but were told by the American government that the Liberty, a spy ship, was simply monitoring the situation – so why would Israel have any reason to suspect an allied spy ship pose a threat to Israeli strategic plans?

    I am not going to re-write the allegations as posed in the book, The Secret War against the Jews, as they are already on this thread. And those allegations have been proven. Suffice it to say though, that an allied ship is not deliberately attacked by another ally without reason or cause for the attack, especially when the position and the ‘stated purpose’ of its position is known by the attacker.

    One should ask themselves, and without bias that is apparent in some, why would Israel, a tiny country of then 3 million souls and spurned by the world at large, especially 150 million Arabs trying to kill them, risk its alliance with a superpower that it heavily relied upon to ruthlessly attack one of its spy ships?

    Israeli electronic eavesdropping technology was very advanced at that time, even more advanced than the equipment that the Americans had. So, the attack on the Liberty was no accident because the Israelis knew precisely where the ship was located. The attack on the Liberty was deliberate and we should be investigating why a deliberate attack against an American spy ship, resulting in the loss of lives with many injured, was downgraded by two governments into an ‘accident’ and an apology rather than tell the world what really happened and why it happened.

    And that is where the REAL story of the Liberty incident is.

    • Well, now we know you regard it not an accident and that it was a real murderous attack against a country not at war with Israel and in international waters as Mr Fraser claimed. We say a War Crime!
      I trust that; Jonathon Faine of the Australian Broadcasting Commision, the Editor of the Jewish News in Bondi Junction and the CEO of the Sydney Institute, Gerard Henderson will apologise to Mr Farser’s memory by withdrawing their disgusting commentary upon Mr Fraser and that the ABC and the Jewish News will provide Mr. Meadors with the opportunity to correct the diabolical claims of the aforesaid.
      I trust that you will provide a dollar or two for the film to be released by the victims.
      As for motives, yes let there should be a proper inquiry and the statements of the crew be admitted as evidence. That aspect is unknown to me but you appear to have ideas. I only go so far as the facts present themselves………….It was a cowardly murderous act against a ship. Once we grasp that and have the cowards and liars who have spruiked the lies to cover up the murderers exposed we can get to the ‘why fors’.
      Sorry If my style is not to your liking, but I write as I speak withour drafting and you can lump it or leave it. I have a living to make in afdition to trying to encourage some basic truths being exposed…………..You are hereby assigned as the proof reader for your own entertainment.

      • Ned, if you had bothered to completely read my initial comment from Sunday morning you would have already realized the meaning of my comment.

        And just like those who are ‘guided’ by their own biases, you have run with one side of the story only, and in your eagerness to condemn those you loathe and to satisfy your sense of swift justice, you have already hanged, drawn and quartered them without even bothering to get their side of the story for why they felt they needed to attack the Liberty!

        Guilty as charged your honor, let’s kill them all! Or, don’t bother me with the facts as my mind is already made up!

        • why would a government attack their own, or an ally? without being there, id suggest the motive for the attack would be to sink the ship, with no survivors, to blame someone else.. that is false flag 101. I just think it didnt go exactly to plan.

          the attack on liberty has been going on ever since.

    • Nemesis, under your scenario, once the Liberty had been ‘neutralized’, that is, shot up to where it could no longer send any communications, then the Israelis could have withdrawn from any further attack.

      As it was, they continued to attack, including shooting up the lifeboats, in an attempt to sink the ship and kill any survivors.

      That is more consistent with a ‘false flag’ attack to be blamed on someone else, something that the Israelis have a long history of doing.

      • Terry, that is basically the standard narrative from both the Israelis and the Americans – most of the ‘official’ narrative for which Israel ‘apologized is based on what actually occurred. however, there are differences in the narrative from the survivors.

        One of the ship’s officers, Lieutenant James M. Ennis Jr. has a book out titled, Assault on the Liberty, that presents his version of events – and all aircraft and attacking boats were all identified as Israeli.

        It was no intended false flag.

        One must take in, that the action against the Liberty only stopped when all electronic signalling from the ship ceased. The Israeli action was meant to silence the ship for good.

        All the evidence for a deliberate attack is out there for anyone to find, but it is the why was it done, not the what happened, that needs to be explored to fully understand the genises of this incident.

        • “One must take in, that the action against the Liberty only stopped when all electronic signalling from the ship ceased.”

          It has been a long time since I read up on the Liberty attack, but as I recall the antennas/communications were targeted initially. The ability to send communications was dispensed with very early and it was only the later actions of a crewman who braved the continued attack who jury-rigged an antenna to enable them to radio that they were under attack.

          The fact that the Liberty was intentionally attacked is now becoming well known. It sounds like the document you are referring to is a ‘limited hang-out’, that is, “the Americans MADE us do it”.

          Sorry, I can’t buy it. The evidence suggests a false flag – the Liberty was supposed to be sunk with all hands. Why else would LBJ have the American jets turn around unless he wanted the Israelis to complete the job.

          • Terry, what would be the driving factor for the United States and its intelligence services to curry favor with the Arabs by betraying Israel in relaying Israeli military movements to Mi6 – and this passing of info to Mi6 by the CIA is still being done today, Trump being the latest victim – who also plays favors with the Arabs, and who then forwarded on that info to the Egyptians knowing full well that Israel was planning a pre-emptive strike ?

            Would it be oil by any chance?

            I put it to you again differently – why would a tiny country like Israel jeopardize its alliance with the U.S. its only ally of any consequence in the entire world, by deliberately attacking one of its spy ships?

            When one looks at all the available material that I have, it simply makes no sense for Israel to do what it did unless Israel was being pushed into a corner and their very survival depended on the actions that they were forced to take.

            It was Western intelligence that put the House of Saud in place, And just on that evidence alone, I have no doubt whatsoever that Israel was betrayed by the same intelligence system with the OK from LBJ. BTW, look up LBJs shady dealings with Big Oil and the criminal class. Maybe Occam’s razor could be your best yardstick with this international incident.

          • Nemesis, you wrote a lot of waffle that avoided the points of evidence I mentioned. I especially liked this paragraph –

            “I put it to you again differently – why would a tiny country like Israel jeopardize its alliance with the U.S. its only ally of any consequence in the entire world, by deliberately attacking one of its spy ships?”

            Fork me, where have you been? Geez, why would a tiny country like Israel jeopardize its alliance with the U.S. by deliberately attacking the World Trade Centre on 9-11? Gee, I don’t know, maybe it’s called a ‘False Flag’.

          • Terry, a raised question as a point of evidence is not waffle, hearsay or is it misleading according those who seek the truth of the matter.

            So it was the Israelis or was it Mossad? who did over 9/11. It wasn’t also the CIA and the Saudi’s?

          • Nevermiss,
            ‘No intended false flag’.
            No intended sinking of the Liberty and all ‘survivors’ to be murdered?
            Very fine semantic line suggested by you Nemisis.
            Radio signals suggesting the Egyptians were responsible. Points to a false flag to my mind approved by Gold Meyer who claimed that Palestine was vacant when they thieved the country.
            BTW Aussies died in ww1 well before the Israeli invasion.
            So I Suppose Golda thought Aussies died for a vacant lot that needed taking?

          • Resorting to childish name distorting now are you Ned? Didn’t take you long to become discourteous did it.

            Please show me why the Liberty incident was an intended false flag event – you have provided nothing to confirm that.

            Where have I stated your second paragraph? You now put words in my mouth.

            Radio signals suggesting the Egyptians were responsible? You are not reading my full comments are you Ned. Either that, or your comprehension skill is lacking.

            History shows that Palestine has always been occupied, first by peoples the Hebrews replaced around 1500 BC and later by the Romans who put what remained of the Jewish population after the revolt of 70 AD into slavery, and sent to them off to the four corners of the known world. But those Jews who stayed out of Roman capture remained until the Islamic invasion around 840 AD and their descendants were still there in World War I.

            The Jews from Europe returned to their homeland which has always been Jewish for 3500 years. Who do you think built the Temple of Solomon in Jerusalem?

            You need to research some more Ned if you seek facts.

          • Wow, you need to do a whole lot of research. There never was a ‘Kingdom of Israel’, nor was there a ‘Temple of Solomon’ – it is all fairy tales, like Johnna in the Whale and Samson’s Hair. All of which has been confirmed by Israeli archeologists. Please, read their research, especially the excavations under the ‘Wailing Wall’. Or, try to find any reference to a ‘Kingdom of Israel’ in the written histories of great civilizations in the area, such as the Egyptians.

            And the ‘Jews from Europe’, Crikey, do some more research. Again, the Israelis have done a bunch of work, such as DNA analysis. Read the ’13th Tribe’. The ‘Jews from Europe’ are primarily of Khazar decent. It was King Bolan in around 850 AD that converted his pagan kingdom to Judaism. They didn’t have a written language so they used the Hebrew alphabet. (sort of like the Vietnamese converting to the Roman alphabet in 1900). That’s what ‘Yiddish’ is, the remains of the Khazar language as it moved Westward and adopted German grammar and various words.

            By the way, I recently did an article of a local that ended up in the Bellicourt British Cemetery and I knew there wasn’t any statute there. So I did some research and found your statute of the ‘Digger’. It is the memorial for the 2nd Division at Mont St. Quentin.

          • Love it Terry.
            Sorry Nemisis, you have been given sufficient rope.
            Recently in another article at GS you were identified as a troll.
            Motherhood propaganda about corruption etc was your disguise to present as a responsible objective observer.
            You fell for it with your present comments, go away with your waffle and go back to be re-briefed as to how to disguise your master’s propaganda trolling agenda.
            Tell your controllers that they will find no truck here.

          • Terry, were you not a lawyer, a Barrister perhaps?

            And you have fallen for the lies of the Left? Where is you judgement?

            The Temple Mount in Jerusalem is THE original place of Solomon’s Temple – as recorded in the Bible and that Israeli archeologists have used to prove. That is historical fact. The Temple Mount is now occupied by an Islamic Mosque (Dome of the Rock) built over the destroyed (by the Romans 70 AD) Solomon’s Temple – that should be self-evident to anyone wishing to learn real history and not parrot what they ‘feel’ is true.

            Who you believe the Israelites were then? A figment of someone’s imagination?

            Who was King Solomon, David and the line of descendants from them if not Kings in their Kingdom?

            If you choose to accept historical fact as fairy tales please do not expect me to do the same.

            The Jews from Europe are descendants of the original Jewish slaves of the Romans taken to Rome as slaves after the sacking of Jerusalem in 70 AD – your knowledge of actual history, and as recorded by the Romans themselves – is scant. If anyone should do some research it is you Terry.

            Ever read the works of Josephus, a Jew, that Titus put to work as a scribe to record the fall of Jerusalem, BTW, the fall of Jerusalem was foretold in the old book of the Bible.

            I guess you wish to tell me all about the Protocols of the Elders of Zion now?

          • Ned, so I guess I am not going to get that response from my picking over your version of the Liberty Incident?

            I think you are a bit of a coward Ned, a person who has latched onto Terry’s comment as an escape clause to distance himself from what he knew he was losing out to.

            Like ‘M’ and Paul, you assume way too much about me. So, prove me wrong!

  7. You all dimwits. LB Johnson and his zionistgang ordered the assault on the USS Liberty.Caper was to blame Egytian
    and bomb the to crisp. But failed,the stupid Israelis used F15sinstead of migs.

    • There were no F15s in 1967 George, and the American admin turned its back on Israel while the Liberty’s spying was feeding intelligence on Israeli war plans to the British who then forwarded that intel onto the Egyptians.

      And all Israeli aircraft used to hammer the Liberty were all identified as Israeli air force.

      • Ok I am being sucked in but I want to clear some BS for the record.
        In reply seriatum.
        * Only a minority of persons who have commented here are dimwits…………….some perenial and some new.
        * LBJ ordered the assault for a reason to justify bombing Egypt.
        That is a version I have been reliably informed was the siuation.
        That means, if correct, there are some questions.
        1. Why? Who For?
        2. Israel did the attack so in short it was therefore a joint US- Israel false flag killing.
        3. Israel stuffed up their end, nevertheless were the on-site murderers.
        4. Nemisis puts another ‘theory’, the US, UK and the ‘rest of the world’ were betraying Israel. Well if 1, 2 and 3 have legs here we go again, Israel is running it’s role as the poor perrenial victim of nasty anti-Israel enemies and deserves to be pitied. So when the deliberate attack is exposed Israel will be able to say; ‘Pity us everyone: hates us, was against us and we can be excused”.
        5. But if 1, 2 or 3 are correct and exposed the US has no defence, who is going to pity the treasonous killers who betrayed their armed forces…..i.e. the Navy.
        6. Well if 1, 2 and 3 are correct and as 2 with 3 are clearly correct, and if Israel can blow the lid on the matter who is going to get the wooden spoon?
        7. Well who is holding the wooden spoon stuck clearly up and can blackmail the US?
        8. So ever since Israel controls the US. Poor US, civil war is a possibility.
        9. Then we have 9/11 and the situation for the US is more dire. They just are too brainless to stop digging their grave.
        10. Thus the US has to go destroy 7 countries in 5 years in the Middle East and balkinise the whole are……….particulary Syria and Iran……………there are some ‘benfits’ like an oil pipeline!
        [ref: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9RC1Mepk_Sw ]
        11. The plan to destroy the Middle East was the plan by the neocons before 9/11. Now who were the majority of NEOCONS? (who are still skulking around in Washington) They have financed and armed their proxy ISIS mob, Russia stuck it up them, now US has troops in Syria, uninvited and trump is arming Saudi Arabia to contine bombing Yemen and for a set up against Iran and Syria.
        In other words serious danger of a bad war…….for whom, so what has changed since 1967?
        Fantasy? Nah. We trust our governments and politicians, they would not do that and the MSM, politicians, ABC, SBS and the usual shock jokes tell us so.
        Right, time to vomit up your blue pill if you are so stupid to believe that.
        Well who lied about the Gulf of Tonkin, had 56,000 US troops killed, killed heaps of Vientnamese and our duped Canberra killed 550 of my piers?…………………..Criminals, thats who………….try President Johnston……..a man of complete integrity……How do we know? Well he was the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, would he have been otherwise!
        * used f- somethings, nemisis says otherwise. Who cares? I was informed that they were mirages. You know, the French contribution.
        My gut feeling was that the Israelis flew Sopwith Camels from their dog house roofs. Fact is they murdered US servicemen and knew who they were killing, full stop.
        There needs to be closure for the victims and the truth exposed, firstly to acknowledge the reality of the 2 hours of murder by Israel. You there ABC’s Mr Faine? How about Gerard Henderson of the Sydney Institute………by the way Sydney institute, when are you going to release details of the Institute’s donors.
        Then we can get on to the reasons and the players and hang them even if it means digging them up and suspending their carcusses. If the have been cremated, at least strike their names from every monumnet where they are recorded.
        Nemisis: please proof read, fix up the spelling, punctuation and paragraphs to your pleasure.
        New paragraph:
        I have other more important matters to attend.


        • Well Ned, let me pick over your comment in point form and spaced which is so much easier to read: hint, hint. Grin.

          Forget your dimwits comment.

          1. LBJ ordered the assault on the Liberty. Why would a sitting U.S. President risk exposing himself by ‘ordering’ an ally – and you mention somewhere in your comment that it is Israel that controls the United States – to attack his own navy? Do you honestly believe that Golda Meir would have complied with that outlandish ‘order’ let alone her air force? And maybe you could check out how that incident emotionally affected the Israelis involved?

          2. If the incident was supposed to be a false flag event, why were Israeli aircraft and torpedo boats easily identified by some of the crew of the Liberty as being Israeli?

          3. The Americans were involved in this incident, it was by their underhandedness toward an ally that caused this incident to come about – I would say that Israel was simply defending itself from an ally that willingly betrayed the alliance knowing that Israel may have been annihilated in the process. Put yourself in that position with a decision like that to make on whether you should attack an ally – many Israelis at that time were in fact Americans.

          4. It is a matter of history, not a theory, that the United Nations even then in 1967 were against Israel’s existence. While on the surface Western governments displayed sympathy toward Israel the reality was entirely different, especially among the intelligence services.

          5. Hence the cover up of the incident and the ‘apology’ from Israel. The United States government betrayed its ally for oil from the Arabs, it is that simple.

          6. I think you’ll find that Israel has been blackmailing the U.S. over this incident ever since whenever it suits them.

          7. You do not believe that all governments blackmail each other?

          8. If that was the case then why is Trump being attacked from all sides except Israel?

          9. Even Iran knows of the involvement of the Saudies and American intelligence in 9/11.

          10, I guess here, you are blaming American imperialism on Israel? Ho hum!

          11, I will leave the rest of your comment for others to digest. Seriously Ned, you need to tidy up your presentations and your research.

          • Another lecture, boring.
            I leave it for others, as you suggest.
            As for 911. Saudis and American intelligence is known by Iran!?
            Go look up Dee’s onion chart on 911 and do not forget those dancing Israelis celebrating the mass murders on 911.

          • Oh dear there was a finger error, Ned came up as LeNed.
            So I am being moderated .. Again!
            Not going to redo it. I might get another lecture so you can wait.

          • Dancing Israeli’s? Really? You don’t mean the Arabs who are permitted to live in Israel AKA ‘Palestinians’ , You do realize that Jews are not permitted to live in Arab countries, or to travel on some Arab airlines?

            Maybe you could put up another comment on why it is that 4 million Jews are able to control the United States as well as incur the hatred of all their neighbors and the vitriol from folks who think like you do?

          • No I didn’t mean the ‘dancing Arabs’ I meant the dancing Israelis, two (at least) of whom were Mossad and two were brothers who turned up on Tel Aviv TV and said they were there to ‘document the event’.
            Anyone can just search ‘dancing Israelis on 911 to document the event’.
            So you say they were ‘ARABS’ do you?
            Your claim that jews cannot love in Arab countries. Yep those Muslims are a pest, at the moment in many such countries they are killing christians………..no one cares about that.
            By the way Iran has heaps of Jews and nice synagogues.

      • “And all Israeli aircraft used to hammer the Liberty were all identified as Israeli air force.”

        Not so. USS Liberty survivors — some of whom were trapped topside during the air attack — report that the attacking aircraft were unmarked.

        Ideally I could refer you to a specific reference contained in a US government investigation of the attack but alas the US government has never conducted any such investigation.

        • Joe, I would suggest if you have a real interest in this subject and wish to arrive at an opinion based on gathered witness accounts who were involved in the incident, to either read, a ship’s officer’s book, The Assault on the Liberty, or another book gleaned from the ‘old spies’ of the CIA,Mi6,KGB and Mossad titled, The Secret War against the Jews, to gain more insight into that incident.

          There has been much misinformation and disinformation concerning this incident which is normal operating procedure by government and intelligence agencies who wish to cover up what they don’t want exposed.

          • ‘…………….if you have a real interest……..”
            Well that proves it Nemisis.
            Sorrry Joe for that insult, some are like that, every family has one lurking about.
            We have to humour them now and then.

        • Thank you Mr Meadors for your contribution
          At Least You were there and had the dreadful experience of vicious betrayal added to the killing of your shipmates.
          Maybe the ABC, the Jewish Times and the Sydney Institute will have the backbone to interview one of your comrades and withdraw their scandalous assertions against ex Australian Prime Minister who expressed the truth about the deliberate attack and mass murders.
          If anyone has a contact at any of the aforesaid spine deficients, kindly bring this article and Mr Meadors contribution to their notice.
          I will not have anything to do with Faine, Henderson or the editor of the Jewish times at the time who also betrayed his readers and lost any credibility.

  8. The Internet Defence Force (IDF) has arrived I see. Congrats Dee, you are being monitored and targeted for comment thread management. Certain topics always seem to bring out new, verbose posters don’t they. The “I” word always works.

  9. Well stone the crows!
    My comment way below on 22nd May has been approved.
    Not that it has anything to do with the topic at hand, just a reply to big N about Muslims invading Germany sponsored by Soros for the NWO.
    About time Israel took in some unfortunates? It is the greatest humane and only democracy in the Middle East, is it not?

  10. Genuine readers who care will have noted my early references to Joe Meadors.
    Joe has kindly clarified one aspect in a comment logged on 23.5.17 down below regarding his knowlege that the aircraft were not marked.
    It did not take long for our Nemisis to insult him with a comment about being interested in the subject.
    ‘Stone the blood crows’ everyone.
    Joe was on the friggin ship whilst there was a vicious 2 hour attack killing over 30 of his shipmates and wounding many more.
    He probably was just a ‘kid’ at the time and betrayed ever since.
    The Liberty organisation has been around for almost 50 years suffering from the event and being treated as having some disease………the disease of ‘finding the truth and being acknowledged’.

    [USS LIberty Survicor’s Creed, included in Joe’s message to me]

    Shove that: Faine, Henderson, Sydney Institute, ABC and JT editor……you too N.

  11. Terry Shulze, 22 May 8:03 pm: “There never was a ‘Kingdom of Israel’”

    Or an Egyptian Dynasty, or a Persian Empire, or a Roman colony. The whole lot was just one gigantic hoax.

    • Why is your second paragraph not in quotation marks?
      May we go back to the topic; the mass murders and betrayal in June 1967?

    • Berry,
      Leaving out the quotation marks is seriously going to be your nemesis . He demands better.
      Fix it up before he notices.

      • First you take to apologizing on my behalf for something that you thought I had done wrong, and now you want to take up writing my comments.

        I have a few acres of grass that need mowing Ned – do you feel inclined to put the ride on over it as well?

        • Re read the apology comment, I did not apologise for you.
          Writing your comments! At least be grateful.
          Happy to mow the lawn, may I keep the cuttings. I can sprinkle it under your feet for your intellectual advancement.

    • Berry, there’s heaps of archeology evidence to support the Persians, Egyptians or Romans. Not so with the ‘Kingdom of Israel’.

      I gave a hint about the ‘Wailing Wall’ – here’s a link to an article


      You can also check the written records of civilizations such as the Egyptians, Hittites or Assyrians and they all mention each other, but somehow missed any reference to the great ‘Solomon/Israel Empire’ that they would have boarded on. In fact, they would have had to travel through to engage in trade with each other.

      • Terry, you are correct in that there is no reference to the Kingdom of Israel – and it was you who brought that term into this correspondence. In fact, lands ruled by Monarchs in those days were simply referred to as the Land of whoever the King was or the dynasty that occupied the throne happened to be.

        Such as the term, Land of the Pharaohs or Land of the Israelites, which was also referred to as Judea and Samaria.

        The concept of ‘Kingdom’ was like the concept of the Nation State, it was yet to be termed.

        You seize on coins found in and around the ‘Wailing Wall’ as proof that Herod did not build that wall – again that is correct, but in your eagerness to prove a ‘fairy tale’ you fail to appreciate that the ‘Wailing Wall’ was added after Herod’s death to shore up the wall immediately behind it which is part of the original Temple Mount complex as built by Solomon during the 10th Century B.C.

        The Bible has become a ready reckoner, if you will, to the serious and honest archelogist of today who has proven by uncovering and verifying much of what the Old Testament has recorded.

        To ignore what they can now verify fools only those who willingly deny such evidence for whatever personal reasons that they may have.

  12. Sorry when I suggested that some ‘shove it’ in a comment below, I forgot to re-read Dee’s article, so I missed :
    The Herald Sun,
    Australian Jewis News (mistakenly referred to by me as the Jewish Times)
    Liebler for the Australia/IsraelJewish Affairs Council.
    Sorry chaps, your bs lies are continuing to be exposed.
    The historical deception narrative has to be amended and apologies expressed…….. Publicly!
    What were you all trying to do? Now your credibility is garbage.

    • ‘Maybe this can shut the doubters up’. That is the same tactic that is used by those who have no wish to look at both sides of this incident Cyndy and is generally favored by those who cannot argue their stance. I find your comment quite offensive for the simple reason that it implies that it is only you who have all the relevant information with which to make an informed decision.

      That is being arrogant.

      One needs to understand that at that time in history the U.S. Johnson administration was very anti-Israeli and all requests for military hardware and munitions from Israel who were about to be in a fight for their own survival, were knocked back. Israel stood alone against a coalition of Arab states who were intent on destroying the Israeli state and everyone in it.

      Israel did not attack America, there was no deliberate attack on American soil, but on an American spy ship operated by the Deep State/CIA and being used to spy on Israeli troop movements and relaying those movements to the Egyptians. The ship was challenged by radio from Israeli commanders on several occasions over a number of hours but refused to acknowledge the radio requests to identify itself and what is was doing off the coast relaying signals to the Egyptian military hierarchy.

      Those on board the Liberty were going about their normal duties generally unaware of why the ship was off the Israeli coast.

      The Israelis then sent several flights of fighter aircraft over the Liberty in order to identify the ship and have it respond to Israeli requests – receiving no response and the ship still passing on Israeli intelligence signals to the Egyptians, the Israelis did the only thing they could do to stop the spying – they attacked the ship!

      The United States military has a history of invoking false flags and other events in order to assert its authority, and in that regard, 9/11 would immediately come to mind. How the Liberty was used is no different, but because the attack was carried out by Jews, somehow it is only the Jews that get the blame and those who are truly responsible a free pass? Such is the bias of many on this site who need to question their own thinking.

      The above comment is the bare bones of why Israel attacked the Liberty. Those who suffered at the hands of that deliberate attack should be blaming the Deep State and the CIA for what happened to them, not the Israelis who were deliberately forced to defend themselves.

  13. It is odd that no one cites the comment(s) of President Johnson while the Liberty was being attacked: “I don’t care if it sinks to the bottom of the sea, I’m not going to embarrass our allies.”

    It points out the stupidity of LBJ. Israel is not an ally. The USA has no pact with Israel making it an ‘ally’. LBJ never knew the difference. His comments are fact.

    • And not to forget:
      JFK wanted to strip Johnson from his ticket in 1964 after the Bobby Baker Scandal. It is reported that at a dinner party the night before the assassination, Johnson’s mistress (Madeleine Duncan Brown) quoted Johnson saying, “After tomorrow, those goddamn Kennedys will never embarrass me again. That’s no threat. That’s a promise.”

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