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The “Armstrong Effect”


by Dee McLachlan

In this article I argue that the mainstream media and our politicians seem to be caught up in conspiracy of silence and denial.

My recent article, about the USS Liberty, proves this point. All evidence supports a deliberate false flag event  — yet 50 years on, Australian politicos and the media refuse to touch the story. They refuse to investigate the possibility of treason.

Why are these two groups unable to cross the line towards a more truthful and transparent discussion?

I guess these people sign up to “the program,” becoming ensnared, through circumstance, by (what I now call) the… “Armstrong Effect.”

Lance Armstrong

The seven times Tour de France winner, Lance Armstrong, was adored. Worshipped. World leaders everywhere praised him. Commentators listed his talents. He was showered in glory and wealth. He invigorated the sport of cycling, and electrified a nation.

Early on in his career, he was told that other athletes could metabolize oxygen faster than he could. He wanted to be great — and so he decided to cheat.

He used human growth hormone, testosterone, cortisone, and the hormone Erythropoietin (EPO) to boost red cell production and oxygen intake. When testing for EPO became more accurate, he (and his team mates) switched to blood transfusions.

It seems that many knew about the doping — the riders, the managers, and possibly even many in the doping agencies and the media. But they were all keeping a lid on it — “for the sake of the sport.”

It was easier to exist in the illusion, than accept the reality.

I was thus inspired to write this article, while watching the movie about Armstrong over the weekend. It is called THE PROGRAM. The movie is about how Lance Armstrong was finally exposed as a drug cheat — even though he strenuously denied it throughout his cycling career.

The Program

Armstrong was instrumental in setting up a doping program for his team. It was a skillful undercover operation of storing blood, of hiding needles, and evasion. Anyone that joined United States Postal Service cycling team also had to get onto the program!!!

Imagine — reporters must have been waiting eagerly outside the team bus, while the cyclists inside were occupied with blood transfusions.

A sports reporter (David Walsh) joined the dots, and became convinced that Armstrong was cheating. He was ostracized by fellow journalists, then later sued by Armstrong.

Armstrong also had a rehearsed mantra for the media, that he “never tested positive for performance enhancing drugs.” He had, but no one ever bothered to report it.

He was so convincing — it seems he had even convinced himself.

Armstrong’s downfall came when fellow team rider, Floyd Landis, was caught. Landis won the tour in 2006, but was stripped of the title for a tainted urine sample. Floyd later became the whistle-blower, exposing Armstrong as the leader of  the (doping) program  Armstrong finally admitted (to Oprah Winfrey) that he won every title with drugs in his system.

The “Armstrong Effect”

I see a strong parallel to how Armstrong managed his “program” — to the program of those working in politics and in the mainstream media.

Let me outline the “Armstrong Effect”:

  1. To join the team you have to become a team player and follow “the program” rules.  The program does not allow you to question the central banking fiat system, nor does it allow you to discuss or question possible false flags, or treasonous events (like JFK, Port Arthur, 9-11, or the 7/7 bombings).
  2. Those on the program must follow the mantra rule. If the status quo (elite) suggest a view — that view has to be defended at all costs. For example: Within hours, and without any evidence, Osama bin Laden became the perpetrator of 9-11. All followed without question.
  3. Those on the program must also follow the besmirch rule. Anyone questioning the official narrative must be named, shamed or maimed.
  4. As a team member, you will get financial and other benefits of following the program.  Although there is a personal advantage of being part of the system, the “Armstrong Effect” propagates a belief that the whole group benefits — even though it might provide an unfair advantage over the rest of society.
  5. Like most of the riders on the tour during those Armstrong years, they somehow felt that the status quo (of keeping a lid on the doping culture) was better than the alternative  — truth and transparency. So they kept quiet. The same applies for the MSM and the politicos. Truth and transparency can be a terrifying prospect.

Gumshoe has published articles on the assassination of John F Kennedy, on 9-11, on the USS Liberty, on Port Arthur, and on paedophilia for example. And it is clear that if any team member on the (MSM and political) program tries to challenge the official narrative — everything will be done to stop them.

An Example of Silence and Cover-up

The second biggest scandal of the 1980’s was completely obliterated by the “Armstrong Effect.”

wtpage1small (1)

“People Magazine” spent a million dollars (a lot of money back then)  investigating all of America’s orphanages and found that the stories identifying Bush (Snr), Cheney and Sununu as paedophiles — were true.

It is alleged children from orphanages in Nebraska were flown to Washington DC to engage in child sex orgies with America’s ruling elite (Vox News). The journalist, Stew Webb, was never allowed to publish.

Former Nebraska state Senator John Decamp was involved in a documentary called “Conspiracy of Silence” that also exposed this network of Washington politicians. It was to air May 3, 1994 on the Discovery Channel. It never did.

Exposing the Crime

The “Armstrong Effect” eventually failed Lance, and the tide turned against him. But Lance only represented cycling.

Imagine the pressure on all the media moguls and politicos to keep the lid on the Federal banking scam, the endless wars, the false terror, and the false flags. Trillions and trillions of dollars are at stake. Institutions could collapse overnight.

The present system is held together by silence, by false mantras and besmirching honest people.

It is time that these organisations and individuals are “lanced”. We have had enough of their Program.



  1. Dee, congratulations. That is stunning and will help us in many ways.
    Please clarify yet again what the “effect” and the “program” are.

    The program, say for the Boston Marathon, would be the full crazy story about Tamerlan throwing an IED or an IOU or whatever it was, at the police on the street in Watertown?

    So, the effect is in the brain of Carmen Ortiz — she falls into obedience to the whole schtick. Did I get that right?

    • Yes — Interestingly, watching the film demonstrates how simple it is to get someone on the program. Everyone wants to be on the “winning team” – in sport, in work, in life.
      I think this process is mostly subconscious, but I guess our brain’s quickly work out that sacrifices have to be made to be on the right side. So when this comes to — say government —
      the culture quickly dictates that one must toe the line. Follow the subtle rules. One’s brain says this is okay out of a survival mechanism — so those in politics and in the MSM automatically censor their thinking (without even thinking about it).

  2. Dee, here is “corroboration” of your theory, from Orwell’s 1984. It can be found in the section of that book in which Emanuel Goldstein, a dissident, explains the purpose of war:

    “[What really is of concern is] the morale of the Party itself. All that is needed is that a state of war should exist. The higher up the ranks one goes, the more marked it becomes.

    “It is precisely in the Inner Party that war hysteria and hatred of the enemy are strongest…. it is often necessary for a member of the Inner Party to know that this or that item of war news is untruthful, and he may often be aware that the entire war is spurious but such knowledge is easily neutralized by the technique of doublethink.

    “Meanwhile no Inner Party [man] wavers for an instant in his mystical belief that the war is real… .”

    Dee, would this equate to:
    “No cycling team member — on the bus getting his blood transfusion — WAVERS FOR AN INSTANT IN HIS BELIEF THAT THIS WHOLE KIT AND CABOODLE IS ACCEPTABLE” ???

  3. It takes a lot of character to refuse to go along or to stop going along with the program. Most people, I think, if they search their “hearts,” know when something is wrong. It’s the society or peer groups that worship silly things like wealth, prestige, etc., that make it easier to ignore the heart’s knowing.

    For some who ignore their inner knowing or don’t recognize it, they get themselves into things like criminal activities and immorality by being either too attached to some outcome they’d like to see happen or they get dragged along without much of a choice. Both types are found in government, corporations/ business, school, and other activities — wherever competition and ambition are involved.

    • And, when activities are done as part of a program, people are less likely to feel personal responsibility for their actions, especially when they feel there’s a higher authority ordering or condoning the actions. Sometimes it’s easier for certain individuals to rationalize what they do when they’re being paid because, after all, they “have to make a living” or they “have bills to pay” or they “have a family to support,” etc., etc.

      • Dear Spec, I think “The Armstrong Effect” is Dee McLachlan’s most important discovery yet, and your analysis above is your most important comment to date.

        Sure adds up to bad news tho’, doesn’t it?

        Do you know anyone who makes animated cartoons who could portray the problem in a simple way for kids?

        • I’ve seen a lot of great little animated videos that that covered similar things, but I can’t think of one that covered this issue. If I can find some of those, I might find out who created them. It’s possible someone would be interested in making a little feature. I’d think someone would have done something with this. I’ll see what I can find.

  4. Moral: It doesn’t matter what you apply yourself to, if you’re not motivated by anything more than personal aggrandisment you’ll wind up tearing your own house down

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