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Anatomy of a False Flag Attack in the Digital Age


 (L) Manchester drill, May 2016, and (R) Manchester May 2017

by Phil Hingston

False Flag attacks are SO confusing!

Are they real, are they FAKE? Were there any victims? And why are television and media reports SO coordinated, ubiquitous and unanimous as to the culprits.

Is what I saw on TV real or was it computer graphics? Were those real victims being run over by the madman in the car, or were they stunt men performing their craft?  Why are the outcomes so predictable?

More draconian laws, more police and surveillance, bigger budgets for law enforcement and intelligence operations — all to keep us safer, even though all the existing precautions didn’t seem to help. How come our Intelligence guys seem to have nearly always have the perpetrator in their clutches — but “let him go”?  Hmm.

And why is there so much evidence of FILM CREWS recording CRISIS ACTORS being attended to by emergency personnel at “terrorist events” in the weeks and months leading up to what we are told are bona fide terrorist attacks?

Are these events PRE-RECORDED for public consumption, to push political and/or military objectives? Like going to war in the Middle East.

Many online citizen journalists are already calling the recent Manchester Arena Bombing  a False Flag hoax. Who’s right? The trusted government or the skeptical citizens? It’s really hard to tell, but we can have our suspicions.

Staged  in May of 2016, a year earlier, shows a mock terrorist attack in Manchester, England. And the purpose of this digital  recording is…. ??

No, I couldn’t think of any logical reason either!

Anyway, the British Prime Minister, Therese May has already put 5,000 combat troops on the streets of the UK, to keep the public safe!!  That didn’t take long, did it.

These are difficult issues to grasp for We the People. Surely this must be just another Conspiracy Theory, right?

Wrong! Here’s a list of recent False Flag attacks ADMITTED TO by various governments around the world. Fascinating and ILLUMINATING.

But what exactly is a False Flag Attack?

From Wikipedia:

“The contemporary term false flag describes covert operations that are designed to deceive in such a way that activities appear as though they are being carried out by entities, groups, or nations other than those who actually planned and executed them.”

Well I guess if there is an actual definition for False Flags, one should at least consider the proposition that they exist.

Who would have the motive, means and ability to conduct such nefarious activities? Probably someone with unlimited resources and nothing better to do with their time. That would leave only a State Actor, also known as “Your Friendly Government”.

Malcolm Fraser (remember him) seemed to have strong opinions on exactly what governments will do when push comes to shove and their “political interests” are threatened. An interview with Mr.Fraser, recorded in October, 2014, courtesy our illustrious editor, Dee McLachlan, tells us everything we need to know on the topic of False Flags.

“it demonstrates that a major power,(like Australia), when it believes its’ vital interests are involved, will sacrifice any number of its’ own people”

An ex-Prime Minister telling us that our government can’t be trusted NOT to sacrifice us if they need to???


Unfortunately, Mr. Fraser passed away suddenly in March, 2016.

This brings me back to last August, 2016 and the “Disaster Drill” conducted in Sydney, near Darling Harbour.

What happened to all the film footage recorded  by the  Channel 7 Chopper, which hovered over the Disaster Drill for ages.  There were plenty of iconic shots of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and  the Opera House — for product location and recognition.  No doubt camera crews were on the ground filming the total chaos unfolding, while hundreds of volunteers were being attended to by emergency personnel. Blood-soaked victims were ferried away by fleets of ambulances, crying relatives gave heartfelt interviews to waiting journos and camera crews, and there were machine-gun toting SWAT teams with black masks looking fierce and menacing…  you get the drill.

To refresh our memory, here is my article.

They MAY already have all the footage needed to stage a False Flag attack in Sydney.

But surely they wouldn’t dare, would they??

If they try to pull off another False Flag in Sydney, PLEASE DON’T BUY INTO IT!!

Tell them to “FALSE FLAG OFF!!”




  1. Thanks Phil. I had not seen this video. Interesting that he was shouting “allahu akbar”… and “they need to be ready”.

    And let us not forget the Martin Place drill about a year before.

    And the 7/7 bombing was alongside a drill (at those exact tube stations) as confirmed by Peter Power (the person running the drill). And all the drills on 9-11.

    • I blame the British people, or at least that percentage of them that heard Peter Power say on radio that very morning that he was officially conducting a drill at the exact same 3 Tube stations where the explosions occurred.

      What is the matter with them that they could not get together at least in groups of four and protest this outrage. Can’t anyone go to the police and report Peter Power’s apparent complicity?

      Where is Peter Power now? Why did he not advance the matter any further? The Brits have a history of centuries of protecting the citizen. Have they become masochists? (Since July 7, 2005). Why?

  2. Dee, this is excellent as always. But I have a secret I can only whisper “when everybody stops watching Legacy Media, amazingly all of the bad stuff might just magically disappear”. Why fund stuff like this if nobody is watching it anymore?? Sadly, the only reason the Deception Industry (DI) will keep making profit is because government agencies get so many tax dollars to waste on paying them to keep making stuff up. OK we proved the ABC either makes stuff up themselves, pays the DI to make stuff up or regurgitates stuff made up in the U.S. (Sandy Hook). Yet 90% of the ABC funding is paid for by hard working Australians out of their tax – so we get screwed twice – first our pockets (tax), then our minds (tax-funded garbage). If you want to read between the lines of some ancient 60’s ABC propaganda – look no further than this link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xkcXeUPQZrM. The teen girls being interviewed are reading from a script.

    • That 60’s propaganda has what Dr. Day exposed, it has been set up and there is nothing you can do about it, he said. (paraphrased)
      Read the report by Dr. Dunegan of his exposure of Dr Day.
      There are many aspects that now are historicly apparent. This video relates to the planned destruction of the family unit and immoral excesses.
      The family unit is the great challenge to their plans of social dictatorship.
      They are developing the basis for advancing the Nazi/communist (same coin, different sides) policy: your children belong to the state!!
      Take the red pill!

      • By the way Honest Aussie, please note Dr Day’s exposure in the role of music to drive a wedge between parents and children.
        Your link to the video makes it clear that on this aspect the fascists were well under way before 1969 when Day said: all planned f u. ( My paraphrasing.)

        • Thanks very much for this info. i never knew about Dr Day and it very much joins more dots after listening to his former student speak. Molly Meldrum and Denise Drysdale (seen young in the ‘Go Go Where’ fully-scripted fake documentary) were linked to EMI out of the UK which was an Illuminati company. Their ongoing career in mass social change was no coincidence.

      • I was a child brought up in early day care and the 70’s state school system in Australia. In hindsight, I can see the social engineering that took place like we were a culture growing in a petri dish. My own daughter who is 16 now was being exposed to group therapy sessions (The Reach Foundation – look them up!) in secondary college to brainwash her and her class mates. Primary school library books were also a powerful tool that they use. Our tax dollars are so useful to them!

      • From what I’ve seen family groups were a good proportion of the audience. I can’t imagine what sort of parents would take their kids to watch such a plastic tart. You’d have to be radically brain-dead.

  3. Dr. Day foreshadowed that terrorism will be introduced if governments do no conform. (To the NWO corporate, bankers fascist agenda)
    For the blue pill popers just search: ‘NWO exposed by insider March 1969’ ans seek out the red pill.
    Also here at Gumshoe,
    The purpose is to have the populace cowered by fear, uncertainty and subervient to the NWO globalist fascists in our msm and amongst our politicians.
    Poor dumb blue pill poppers and those who supply the mirage pills.
    In due course their children will hate them for their betrayal of freedom.
    As for the murderous events; some are bs, some use, supply and manipulate the disafected, and some are real …….. or a combination of each aspect.
    We are controlled, one way or another by psychotic criminals and fascist greedy control freaks using their msm and political running dogs.

  4. The Manchester Bombing event is another chapter in the never ending “war on terror” psychological operation that has many layers of deception, and real deadly violence, conducted by real and manipulated characters and actors.
    One aspect of this operation is to generate confusion surrounding events by applying layers of totally absurd “hoax” and “fake” narratives, that reel in and drown the genuine critical investigating efforts, that should be very cautious to qualify speculations and hypothesis, apart from information and evidence that is legal standard or constituted in it’s quality and methods of validation.
    Frustration makes us vulnerable to falling for traps that have been cleverly laid to snare and neutralize opposition to the evil of monopoly over mankind.
    The detail of the Manchester event is impossible to judge at this early stage and we know all the information arriving through most sources is corrupt in various murky aspects.
    That includes the useless brand of YouTube channels that immediately declare all manner of events “Fake” and Hoax” in mindless tones and without a shred of intelligent evidence.
    These materials are a total waste of time because even if they contain some valid points, essential for effective scams and propaganda activities, the sum value is zero because of all the associating contamination of silly speculations and casual almost stupid tones and attitudes.
    We can say with confidence that the Manchester bombing is a product of the Western monopoly powers collaborating dirty war fare, where Islamist mentalities have been deliberately fueled psychologically, financially, militarily and logistically as a deliberate political policy strategy to achieve hidden aims that the general public are ignorant of and would never openly accept if they understood.
    This presentation presents some important and disturbing background on the UK Police State dimensions of the Islamist factor in our world.
    The Tommy Robinson experience is deeply shocking and unravels the nature of the war on freedom that is boiling away out of view of most of our population.
    Tommy is a target because he is articulate, intelligent and very courageous. I believe Tommy is missing some of the deeper dimensions of the tyranny we face but the story is valuable none the less.
    This item will be on my Murray MP’s desk today with appropriate questions and a request to meet and discuss.
    I will also follow up with a personal telephone call.

    • Communism is the Masonic banksters monopoly over everything . The Internet age of control and surveillance has enabled them to enslave us mentally and physically while murdering anyone indiscriminantly for no reason .
      Essentially , everything created is from our Heavenly Father and anything destructive is usually the military industrial complex which is the direct opposite of goodness in this world .

    • Christopher,
      Thanks for the introduction to the Tommy Robinson issue with the UK Police state, of which I was unaware.
      The Hidden Agenda that is being pushed is something I have trouble wrapping my head around.

  5. This is what a suicide bombing looks like:

    There’s lots of other instances captured on u tube.

    How come there’s no footage of the alleged Manchester event?

  6. Phil, I don’t quite get what you mean in this paragraph:

    “And why is there so much evidence of FILM CREWS recording CRISIS ACTORS being attended to by emergency personnel at “terrorist events” in the weeks and months leading up to what we are told are bona fide terrorist attacks?”

      • OK, what I meant was: Are you trying to say that when they show us “CAMERAS on camera” there is some special significance. I now think you did not mean that.

        Maybe Her Bossness has some special awareness as to whether we are supposed to become aware of cameras. (Recall the photographer taking the picture of the egg in Sydney?)

        PS I have only watched the first 4 mins of your 7.11pm video. It sure is to the point about official use of fake victims. Wow.
        I wonder how RT got ahold of so many shots.

  7. From the land of Yada yada yada comes this May 28, 2017 bulletin from Jill Lawless of Associated Press:

    A government minister said members of attacker Salman Abedi’s network may still be at large. Greater Manchester Police said two men — one 25 years old and the other 19 — were arrested in the city on suspicion of terrorist offenses. Eleven other men between the ages of 18 and 44 also were in custody.

    Most of the searches and arrests since Monday night’s bombing have been in multi-ethnic south Manchester, where Abedi — the son of Libyan parents [we gasp!] — was born and raised.

    Police say that 1,000 people are working on the investigation, trying to track down Abedi’s accomplices and piece together his movements in the days before he detonated a bomb at an Ariana Grande concert. The explosion killed 22 people — including seven children under 18 — and injured more than 100.

    Abedi died in the blast. Investigators say they have dismantled a large part of his network, but expect to make more arrests.

    [WWRCS? What would Robin Cook say?]

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