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The Enemies of Peace and Freedom


By G5

The disputes of the world are not over ideologies or even foreign threats — but territories, commodities, and peoples. Anything proffered to the herds as a reality for interventionist actions, through the MSM, and subsequently justified in sanitized educational texts, are deceptions.

The purpose for the continual manipulation of the herds is to maintain them under control — and to have them believe that they should die as instructed, or further surrender alleged freedoms to remain under economic enslavement.

In 1973 The Trilateral Commission was formed as an offshoot of The Council on Foreign Relations, with the following founding members: David Rockefeller, James Earl (Jimmy) Carter (fronting Rockefeller organisation, supported Vietnam War), Zbigniew Brzezinski, Henry Kissinger,Walter Mondale, John Anderson, George H.W. Bush, John Foster Dulles, Allen Dulles (OSS-CIA), and James Baker. George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, and Al Gore were later members.

The CFR was formed on 21/7/1921 with the usual suspects of the time, including John Foster Dulles, Allen Dulles (manipulated Truman into the CIA), Edward Mandell House (manipulated Wilson into the Fed), and John W. Davis (J.P. Morgan operative).

A crossover of members with the CFR  remained. These included: Lawrence Eagleburger, George Shultz, Cyrus Vance, Alexander Haig, Warren Christopher, Harold Brown, Casper Weinberger, Richard (Dick) Cheney, Les Aspin, Paul Volcker, Alan Greenspan, Lloyd Bentsen, Anthony Lake, Andrea Tyson, Madeleine Albright, Edward Stettinius, John J.McCloy, Nelson Rockefeller, Adlai Stevenson, and Alger Hiss.

There are some 2,500 CFR members. And about 100 TC members who are drawn from The CFR.

On 19/3/1791, The First Bank of The United States was formed as a publicly owned Central Bank. George Washington was manipulated by Alexander Hamilton to support it. In 1811, its charter was revoked by James Madison.

On 10/4/1816, The Second Bank of The United States was formed as a privately owned Central Bank. Its charter was revoked by Andrew Jackson (The Bank Wars) in February 1836. He described it as ‘A corrupt institution dangerous to American liberties’.

Much as the 1929 Financial Collapse in America was manipulated — leading into the Great Depression, and the Bank Wars of 1837 saw the manipulation known as the panic of 1837.

In 1907 a major American banking crisis was caused by J.P. Morgan, beginning with rumours concerning the liquidity of New York banks and fictionalised hidden insolvencies. It began with runs on banks and attempts by the Morgan Consortium of New York and London, to break the money supply. Rothschilds, Warburgs, the Schiffs et al, were involved.

The mechanics of which were developed in London in two previous exercises by the same consortia.

In 1913 The Federal Reserve Act was passed. Control of the US Dollar was given to the consortium of private owners. They print and supply the currency to The US Treasury; and charge a ‘rental’ raised by taxation to pay for it.

The currency is debt driven through taxation and can never be paid or balanced.

On 23/12/1913, the Fed began issuing The Federal Reserve Note — initially as a Demand Note. It was not a lawful tender as it had printed on it a dishonour clause concerning foreign payments. It was not fully redeemable.

The 2/4/1792, Coinage Act (founding The American Dollar) was the first of the seven main Coinage Acts that regulated the currency — the last being 1965. Coins had careful intrinsic value with the use of specific weights of gold and silver. Subsequent paper notes were redeemable for gold.

From 1833 to 1890, the price of gold remained within a cent of $20.67. From 1891 to 1930, its fluctuation was no more than seventy-four cents.

From 1861 to 1865, Lincoln’s American Civil War concerned The Greenback American Dollar and the threat of Secession of Southern States. The Union industrialized and banking–based wanted full control of the raw material of the South. Slavery was a political afterthought.

After his election on 6/11/1860, the syphilitic Lincoln advised the Governor of South Carolina, Francis Pickens, that he was going to send supply ships to strengthen Fort Sumter. On 12/4/1861, Confederate Naval Vessels were sent to barrage Fort Sumter. Major Anderson agreed to evacuate after thirty-four hours. There were no casualties on either side — excepting for two Union soldiers killed on 14/4/1861, after a gun explosion.

In 1866, 1878, and through the 1880s, major adjustments as to the backing and convertibility of The American Dollar occurred. Much later, in 1932, the currency was demonitised under the guise of stimulating the economy.

Goodbye Gold Standard

FDR was inaugurated as president for the first of four terms on March 4, 1933. By June 6 that year he had issued Executive Order 6102 to take America off The Gold Standard. All gold was to be returned to the US Treasury in exchange for $20-67 an ounce in worthless paper.

As GHWB bailed out the massive looting of The Savings and Loans Banks in the 1980s, as one of his priorities, FDR paid off his banker handlers and owners by the massive looting he facilitated.

Heavy penalties were postured for those who disobeyed. Subsequently, gold was revalued at $35 an ounce. The government held all the gold reserves of America — claiming it to be some half of the world’s reserves.

All of which was to be looted and squandered. Its existence to be lied about for decades into the future.

Bretton Woods

In 1944, 730 delegates from 44 nations met at The Mount Washington Hotel at Bretton Woods. At that time America postured that it held half of the world’s gold reserves. As such, it was proposed that the American Dollar – allegedly to be backed by gold, should become The World Reserve Currency and replace international contracts that were denominated in Pounds Sterling.

One of the reasons JFK was murdered by The CIA, was because he began substituting The Federal Reserve Note with The US Treasury, American Note. $4.5 billion was issued — but later withdrawn by LBJ (a co-conspirator with GHWB and others, in the murder).

The 16th Amendment established Federal Taxation — The IRS. The blackmail and destruction of the American Economy was underway.

The 1914 Harrison Federal Narcotics Act and the subsequent Drug Enforcement Agency of 1/7/1973 were not meant to attack drug suppliers but to bring its control and revenue into The US Black Economy.

On 7/4/1917, Wilson marched America into WWI. Initially through his 1916 election and prior — he waffled American Neutrality. Subsequently claiming The German U-Boat activity and the prior sinking of The Lusitania on 7/5/1915 (with 128 Americans lost) were sufficient cause.


On 10/1/1920, The Treaty of Versailles was agreed. On 16/1/1920, The League of Nations was formed, and dissolved on 20/4/1946. The UN Charter having been agreed on 26/7/1945.

Under The League Trusteeship, Britain and France were to maintain their colonial empires. Germany and the ‘losers’ had their colonies taken by the ‘victors’.

The American Senate would not agree to membership of The League.

In 1927 The Rockefellers began openly funding The CFR. In 1929 they bought Harold Pratt’s house on East 68th. Street, New York, to be CFR headquarters.

In 1939, ‘research’ funded by The Rockefeller Foundation was initiated to convince the American people that they should be involved in WWII.

In October 1941, 88% of Americans did not want to enter WWII. On 7/12/1941, the Pearl Harbor Incident was concocted and allowed to occur. Subsequently, FDR marched America into WWII.

The history of manipulations, lies, and False Flags, initiating conflicts, is long: Fort Sumter (The American Civil War), The USS Maine (The Spanish American War), The RMS Lusitania (WWI), Pearl Harbour (WWII), The USS Maddox (The Vietnam War), Humidicribs (1990 Gulf War), WMDs (2003 Gulf War) and 9/11 (Afghanistan).

In 1945, a CFR meeting of some 40 members including, Stettinius, J.F.Dulles, McCloy, Nelson Rockefeller, Stevenson, and Hiss, took place in San Francisco. It was decided to form the UN, and dissolve The League. The UN and its agencies were funded by America, Europe, and Japan.

The Yalta Agreement recognized Soviet dominance in: Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, and The Baltic States. Soviet activities in Czechoslovakia and Poland, began to undermine American relations. Potsdam was the surrender of Anglo-America to Soviet dominance in Europe, by the formation of The Oder-Neisse Line.

The Cold War, as with the more recent sanctions, being the only credible action for consumption by the Western herds.

The North Atlantic Treaty forming NATO, was initiated on 4/4/1949. The posture of a regional defence force was the only theatre available to America. It also diverted attention from American imperialist actions outside Europe, and its plundering in the Third World of weak nation states.

General George Patton — who had changed his view on a number of issues after he had occupied Germany — was murdered on 21/12/1945. His files, including his autopsy, disappeared (as did JFK’s after the body was taken and mutilated, as it was not on Air Force One on the day).

Following his survival of a vehicle accident resulting in a fractured neck, a matter of days later, Patton held a press conference on 19/12/1945 — with his preparing to return to America. Two days later he was shot in the back of the neck.

By 1981 The TC Countries produced 90% of the world’s aircraft and 70% of its motor vehicles. And they all needed the addiction of fuel. By 1982, 85% of the world’s 10,000 major industrial patents, were held by: the US, UK, France, West Germany, and Japan.

All the Western industrialized nations needed to import raw materials — oil being the prime commodity.


In 1973, the Mid-East Oil Crisis was caused by OPEC raising oil prices and lowering production. These moves were aimed at the expanding Western Economies led by America. In 1973, America was importing 15% of its oil. In 1975, it was importing 50%.

Tens of billions of dollars flowed to Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iran, Iraq, Algeria, and other producers. The credits had no major exchangeable value and had to be returned to the banking systems of Europe and America.

As the oil contracts began to be denominated in the uniform, book entry, banking convenience of American Dollars, the World had to borrow from these same banks to buy oil. At the time Asia and Latin America lacked accessible or known oil deposits.

The same was true for the massive resource fields of Russia — it being preoccupied with economically destructive, ideological instabilities and externally induced power plays, and regional militarism.

All of that changed on 7/5/2000, when Putin became President of Russia. Sponsored by the Russian Orthodox Church, the Russian Military, and the 16 main divisions of the Russian Intelligence Community (America has 17 main divisions; Britain has 9).

Private international banks (such as the Rockefellers’ Chase Manhattan), held a loan book of over $52 billion. Legitimate concerns of major defaults began to emerge, even though there was an absorption by book entries and even fractional banking.

The American Federal Reserve, the British Bank of England, and the European Central Bank print currency, or book entry credits, as they want. The current efforts are to destroy both the US Dollar, and the Euro — replacing them with one international currency — owned and controlled by the usual suspects.

The Third World had been manipulated into forced borrowings to maintain their domestic socio-economic stabilities. Unwanted exposures began to be passed to The IMF and the World Bank. Effectively, shared sovereign guarantees were invented to cover the exposures of the international banks.

An external Afro-Asian Bloc began to emerge amongst countries refused membership. Further groupings of those countries breaking from the subjugation imperialism of British and French colonial domination were emerging.

The American War Machine and ideologically induced interventionism, of various definitions and justifications, began to evolve more openly. Pillage, plunder, and looting always being a prime agenda, to this day.

The self-appointed world policeman began destabilising weak, emerging, nation states to protect its own corrupt politico-banking system and develop its Military Industrial Complex. The invention of successions of Foreign Enemies or Threats were fed through the manipulated, willing ally of Western MSM.

Between 1975 and 1991, America outspent all other nations with their military machine.

The desfunctionality of the American Economy, its military solution for all its self-caused ills, and its worthless USD have caused America serious ongoing problems in its dealings with China, Russia, Iran and Syria.




  1. How curious?
    I am not aware, considering all the money and resources we spend on education of our children right through to University graduation, that they informed of this, let alone taught anything about the geo-political reality.
    Indeed, most of their parents also would not have a clue……….They rely on the fake mainstream media and fake political representatives……………..So what chance have their children?
    Besides: the have the footie to read about and watch, game shows, cooking shows, renovation shows,……..endless! I do not understand how they have the time to take it all in with inciteful news reports to contemplate…..not to mention all the social engineering homework assignements from their kid’s schools. Thank goodness, we do not have to do to much maths, science, spelling and reading.
    Oh well, let us have a test: MSM, what do you say about putting this up (linked below; all wars are banker’s wars) on the visual valium television screen.
    Another test; for our Mr Malcolm turnbull our Prime Minister. Before you sucker the uninformed and naive into more war and sacrifice, try ensuring that all our Federal politicians view the video.
    Hopefully thay will be able to make time to watch for about 43 minutes and put it on our accounts as part of their salary and exercising a duty of being duly diligent when deciding to kill a million or so. (More than that so far in the Middle East….for 16-17 years.)

    Now MSM and pollies, please may we sit out the next war, it is none of our damm business. If you want war go yourself and enjoy it.
    The modus operandi of our banker’s politicians may be summed up by a comment allegedly by Hermann Goering…..remember him?
    But as valid today as in his time: Paraphrased with colour:

    “Of course the poor suckers do not want to go to war, the best the silly dumb bastard gets is to come back in one peice, if at all so he can get back to his farm and family. The ordinary bogans do not want war, why do they want to kill other forreign bogans and their families and blow the crap out of their country. The they all want to go to the attacking country and be cared for. Would anyone want that to be done to them, making them refugees starving in camps with millions of others? No dum f-wit wants a war, no matter where they come from….Germany, the US, the UK. Perhaps an exception is the dumb Aussies, they always want to join a biff up somewhere for some anus-holes. The leaders of the country decide on a war and make sure that the people are conditioned to accept it as some duty pushed by the likes of the scum in canberra. It does not matter what style of government the suckers have, all the same; a democratic totalitarian state, fascist or any other form; the same technique is used against the populace to fool them.
    Voice or no voice, the suckered populace can always be brought to the bidding of the traitorous lying leaders and lying fake mass media popaganda running dogs.
    Apologies, if I did not quite cite the accurate text, but Mr. Turnbull, Ms. Bishop and the other parliamentary boffins might find this link a little more accurate as to Goering’s thoughts and waht you lot are thinking.

    • Bloody good post Ned, share your thoughts 100%.
      Talking about these issues the other day with a woman friend, who advised me her 22 year old daughter was considering singing up to the Australian Reserves. She’s a Uni student, didn’t tell me what she was studying, though her mum is Theater Sister, possibly the daughter follows her footsteps.
      I advised the lady, that if her daughter goes ahead with her desires, she may well find herself in Afghanistan/Iraq/Iran or even maybe Syria.
      She gave me a funny look, and told me the reserves are not allowed to serve outside Australia. I laughed, and told her that may have been how things were 20 years ago, but our good friends in Canberra, of both the Libs and Labor crowd, decided to change that, because of the dwindling numbers volunteering to throw their lives away fighting America’s CRIMINAL ILLEGAL wars of choice, the Government had to do something to plug the gap, so they rewrote the Reserves deal, and altered it to now ALLOW Reserves to serve ANYWHERE overseas. Thus, immediately having the numbers to plug gaps.
      She reckoned I was full of it, and didn’t believe a word I said.
      Couple of days later, I found this on the ABC web site,
      Emailed the address to her, she responds that she will not pass it on to her daughter at this point, because the way the article is written, it may well even encourage her to sign on.
      IMHO, she’s right too, that’s the way it is written and with the pics as well.
      What chance do our young one have, when our own Government works so diligently to suck them in ???

      • I note in the propaganda ABC report that there is a law student; Lt. Banovinich.
        Right , I nknow of a graduate in law. A son of a colleague.
        Then he joined the military, did a round or two in Afghanistan, came home and before turning thirty is now unemployable……! No physical injury!
        Inform your friend.
        Very rarely is there a decently raised child who can cope with killing people for someone else’s agenda that is contrary to a simple desire to live as a human being, follow peaceful pursuits, control their own destiny, even raise a family and enjoy;
        their development, normal trials and tribulations and die peacefully.
        Strange that many in foreign places just wish for the same.
        Pity our politicians, shock jokes and msm journos cannot understand the simple things.
        The enemy is a concoction; trained, financed and used to divide humanity to cause distrust and fear to control us and steal resources.
        Just look up who; created, arms and is financing Isis, the proxy army to take out Syria as planned by the NECONS prior to 911 as exposed in the interview by Amy Goodman with General Wesley Clarke in March 2007. ‘ Sir we are going to war to take down 7 countries in Five years ….. Including Syria and Iran’.
        Search the 2.12 minute u tube video and send it to your friend.
        The politicians and mass media will not report it.
        Because they do not care if your friend’s daughter is sent to the ME and comes back as a mental vegetable!
        They will just turn up on ANZAC days and massage their egos with platitudes for their own political grandstanding whilst we are sent further in to debt to the bankers paying taxes for the interest payment to the bankers.

    • Have overviewed my contribution.
      Sorry about the typos etc.
      I write as I feel, no drafts and no proof reading and stuff the paragraphs.
      I leave the message to common sense and our dear Nemisis to correct.

  2. Ned,
    On the topic of PTSD or “mental anguish” caused by the trauma of war, my old man spent a few years in the jungles of New Guinea during WW2.
    He suffered from nightmares every night for the rest of his life. Never spoke about it, never whinged and never sought counseling.
    Who knows what he experienced but it must have been terrible.
    Eddy should tell his friend about that.

    Warn your kids that All Wars are Banker Wars..

    Compulsory viewing for anyone in or thinking about joining the military.

  3. I wonder what sort of song John Lennon might write about the state of the world today, I can only imagine.

  4. Good comments Ed and Ned, getting back to the article by G5 or Mae? what poses a problem to me is a bottom of the line commentary, is why can the general public not understand at least part or the gist of this salient commentary? if was understood would become a radical change in comprehending the dangers of the world we live in?
    Is it the circulation of Gumshoe so limited that so few will never see it? or is it incomprehensible? being so divergent to the brain of so many now suffering from brain damage as a result of propaganda? what ever the reason is to me a mystery, the article is attempting to warn through a narrative the evil of what a individual may face as a realistic possibility of consequence that may end your life or destroy your dream of a better world than the present misery inflicted upon so many, such as mass destruction of the Middle East and a planet destroyed by the present regime that has a doctrine border upon insanity or worst is insane.
    Has trivia and frivolity as much of the mass media presentation obscured our sense of purpose and responsibility that we are no longer able to navigate a meaning of health and well being, not only for our own being and others, but a concern for the health of our planet?
    The question is are we now disconnected from one and another and empathy of life?

    • Don said:
      “Has trivia and frivolity as much of the mass media presentation obscured our sense of purpose and responsibility that we are no longer able to navigate a meaning of health and well being, not only for our own being and others, but a concern for the health of our planet?
      The question is are we now disconnected from one and another and empathy of life?”

      Crikey, Don you got it.

      PS The authorship of the aticle is a man named G5 who wishes to remain in the shadows.

      The name at the top of most postings is “Dalia Mae.” Does not mean she wrote it but uploaded it. When Dee invented this website she was using the name Dalia Mae Lachlan, and cannot now remove it. I think it is confusing. We are lucky to have G5.

      The Dalia Mae Lachlan series of children’s books is magnificent. Best for age 8 or so.

      Oh, to be 8 again — NOT.
      Don, seriously, thanks for hitting the nail on the head.

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