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Police Response Time on MH128


By Dee McLachlan

Does this latest episode on MH128 prove that you cannot rely on the police any longer? Do we need to understand that in a terror-type situation, we need to rely on ourselves?

In the siege at the Lindt cafe, it is now confirmed that the police were waiting outside for 16 hours. They did not even act when the shot was fired by Monis (apparently a warning shot, aimed at the ceiling). It is only after more waiting that Tori was shot.

Imagine if the negotiators had said to the hostages that day, “We can only come in when he shoots someone”? The hostages might have made a plan to disable Monis — but they were relying on police to save them.

In the case of the Bourke Street massacre, undercover police cars had been following Gargarsoulas for some time without trying to block him off.

MH 128

On Wednesday night, until early Thursday morning, passengers had to wait almost 90 minutes for Victoria Police to board the aircraft. This is the timeline that has been reported (times are approximate):

11.25 pm:  MH 128, with 200 aboard,  takes off.

11.28 pm: A man gets out of his seat, removes an item from overhead luggage — then brandished a device, which he claims is a bomb, approaches the cockpit — threatening to blow up the flight.

Former AFL player Andrew Leoncelli and others tackle the man.

11.29 pm: The plane turns back to Melbourne.

11.37 pm: Police receive the call, and the AFP Operations Coordination Centre is advised. Then Melbourne AFP Aviation is advised one minute later. The AFP notifies Victoria Police.

11.43 pm: Flight MH128 lands safely. The AFP establishes a Police Forward Command post at Melbourne Airport, gate 27.

11.53 pm: Victoria Police’s Special Operations Group (SOG) is notified by the police communications centre.

11.55 pm: Victoria Police general duty officers arrive at the airport.

12.23 am: The Critical Incident Response Team and SOG unit arrive at the airport.

12.25 am: The plane has been on the tarmac for about 45 minutes. The SOG unit does not board.

12.34 am: The AFP officially handover the operational command to Victoria Police.

1.21 am: Heavily armed special forces police storm the Airbus A330 and arrest the man. They establish the device is harmless.

Leigh Sales (7.30 Report) questioned Victoria Police Commissioner, Graham Ashton:

LEIGH SALES: Why were passengers left on the plane for 90 minutes?

GRAHAM ASHTON: Well, passengers were on the plane for about 90 minutes after the plane landed, that’s because the forward commander at the scene went to properly assess the operation in relation to how those people on the plane could be safely taken off. …it might appear 90 minutes might be a long period of time, in fact when you’re weighing up risk factors about what people are on the plane, are there other offenders on the plane, are there possibilities of other explosive devices allegedly on the plane. These are the factors that got to be considered as part of an evacuation process, it’s not just as simple as popping the doors open and getting everyone off straight away. [Why not?]

LEIGH SALES: The Victorian Opposition Leader though said that if there’s a bomb on board of the plane and the plane is full of fuel and there’s 200 people on it, then the evacuation should be done very very quickly?

GRAHAM ASHTON: Well the evacuation was done and it was done safely. We didn’t know, when we were making those assessments, that we weren’t dealing with in fact with a bomb. [Surely all the more reason to evacuate QUICKLY?]

Photograph of Mark Knight’s cartoon

In this video below, the police drag the man off… BEFORE evacuating the passengers.

Do we need to create our own “Action Plan” in these scenarios?

An example of police storming onto a plane is when there was a bomb threat on Sunwing Flight 772 from Toronto to Panama. The troops storm on shouting, repeatedly “Heads down… hands up”. But it sounds like “Hands down, hands up.”



  1. If the terrorist had been apprehended by passengers, I would have thought that the remaining passengers should have been removed far from the plane as quickly as possible in case there had been a bomb on board.

    It seems to me that these supposed saviours are terrorising the passengers more than the terrorist.

    I ask why are Malaysia Airlines apparently being singled out for these so called terrorist acts? Is it that the past Malaysian Governments have resisted the bullying of the New World Order?

    Most of the security companies involving airline security around the word is in the hands of Israeli companies. Why are they only slack in Malaysia?

    • In the absence of a better explanation I cannot do other than agree. Some may claim its mere cooincidence but as Emma Bull said “Coincidence is the word we use when we can’t see the levers and pulleys”

  2. This came up over our club lunch today.
    The unanimous view was that, if as reported the mischief maker was contained that; when grounded the emergency door should have been opened and the excess baggage chucked out or slid out down the Shute.
    Who makes life difficult and why)

  3. If ever there was a FALSE FLAG event, this one takes the cake.
    It also demonstrates very clearly, the objective of a false flag event, which is to strike terror in the public’s minds.
    There is no other reasonable explanation to explain why it took so long for the so called Police response unit, to firstly turn up, and then terrorise all the passengers BEFORE removing the culprit who has all the time been held under restraint by those passengers.
    Many questions need to be answered on this event, yet I seriously doubt even one will be honestly answered.
    The first of which is WHY was the perp in a mental institution in the first place ?
    The second is who decided now was a good time to release him ?
    The third, from where does one obtain the necessary funds to purchase an international airline ticket whilst in such an institution ?
    Fourth, how does one purchase said ticket whilst in such an institution ?
    Fifth, who is holding the Perp’s passport whilst he is being held in said institution ?
    From where I sit, I find it rather odd, that all these events that have occurred in Australia, have all had mentally challenged people as the scape goats.
    We saw it with the Bryant episode, same goes for the Manis affair, and now we see it again with this affair.
    Is it just me, that’s connecting the dots here, or am I totally paranoid ?????

    • As anyone could have a mental breakdown no -one can be trusted with a gun – except government agents of course.

    • The common thread with most if not all of these events seems to revolve around ensuring enough TV time. Lindt particularly.

    • There has been so much emphasis about the time it took for a police/special forces response to board the plane [also Lindt cafe] and then get passengers off– and then the constant telling that it was all under control in London in eight minutes?? then all day today we hear that our police and military forces in Australia are not nearly as well equipped or trained to act so quickly and decisively -therefore we need increased training for our police and elite forces and make sure we give full support of the shoot to kill rules—and yes Eddy the mental health industry along with the big pharmas and the drug alcohol and food industry are all creating destabilised unwell people by design creating people who struggle to get the help they need–and are then scapegoated and stigmatised –Big Business
      Ya Basta as Teresa says Enough is Enough

      • The question to kill is to my mind questionable, I am aware we do not want to have costs in incarceration, if we kill what we identify as terrorists, surely we need these people for questioning to understand what we need to know such as whom are you associating with and so on, as can be seen police using guns have killed and wounded a number of people, I think in Lindt Cafe, a policeman opened fire and 17 rounds were discharged in three seconds, where one hostage was killed by police.
        With increased police powers it is uncertain whether it is understood as why terrorism exists, most commentators are not convincing as why terrorism exists, my preference is what is considered a outside analysis such as John Pilger, who is considered not favorable as to a interpretation of the Colonist bloc.
        It is understandable with destruction of the Middle East, that terrorism would exist, the song I can’t remember where it comes from, “When you have nothing you have nothing to lose”

        • Don, in response to your last post, IMHO, it is a very revealing FACT, that there is not ONE Australian paper, or MSM of any type, that would make a connection to these terrorist attacks and our own terrorism that we are inflicting upon the people in the M.E. Not a one, no one has the intestinal fortitude, to publicly state, that just possibly these attacks are occurring because we, ourselves are doing far, far worse in Syria, Libya, Yemen, Iraq and Afghanistan and lets not forget the fomenting division against Russia and China as well. Creating hatred and division everywhere to suit our own agenda.
          Consider the Afghanistan, Australia has recently agreed to send more troops to Afghanistan to obstentialy “TRAIN” the Afghan police. No discussion ensued with the Australian people with this.
          Firstly, Australia’s MILITARY has no training whatever in POLICING society,(their only function is MILITARY and to respond to threats) so the question arises, how can they train anyone in POLICING ?
          Secondly, it may have escaped the average Australian, that we have had Australian forces in Afghanistan now FOR SIXTEEN BLOODY YEARS. What exactly have they been doing during all that time, playing patty cake ????
          How effective has that ALLEGED “TRAINING” been, if after 16 years the situation today is WORSE then at any time after Sept 11 ?
          Thirdly, it is stated we are assisting NATO ! W.T.F. ???
          Excuse me, but Australia is not, and I sincerely hope and pray, NEVER, a part of that murderous self centered group, yet we have our politicians carrying on as if somehow twisted manner, we are a part of NATO, and worse, no one ever questions these statements, but simply accepts them as FACT ???
          Yet, here we are, today, accepting anything from the mouths of our complicit sycophant politicians without question, or demand of FACTUAL evidence of the end objective. Apparently our ILLEGAL, CRIMINAL INVOLVEMENT in attempts to bring to heel, the Afghan population (and the people in the M.E. ) is never going to end, and we’ll continue to bomb and murder their people for eternity, because one things for sure, the Afghan people will never surrender to the INVADERS.
          Where is the sympathy for these people who have never, ever lifted a finger against even ONE Australian ????
          The same can be said for the other countries I have mentioned, no concern is ever given to the suffering, mayhem and MURDER that WE have helped the U.S. unleash against these people, yet the hypocritical whinging and whinning when the same behavior finally comes home to roost, is all we hear from the complicit MSM, and our spineless politicians.
          We are inundated with cries of “radicalism” L.O.L. really ????
          I wonder what the average Australian citizen would do if we were exposed to the treatment we have dished out to these people over the last 50 years. Would we also then be considered RADICALISED ??????????

          • Your letter is more succinct than mine Eddy, but do the mass public understand what you mean? whilst I cry tears for my beloved killed by a terrorist? how could a innocent being a victim of the murderous foreigners do this to our nice people whom are bombing and killing tens of thousands of those Middle Eastern horrible people whom unlike us who are civilized and we enjoy simple pleasures such as eating out mashed avocado on toast, rock concerts, sex, drugs, gambling, surfboarding, Grand Design TV, and look at their architecture? it looks like ruins, how could us who are sophisticated live as if they like living in caves and run down suburbs as if a bomb has hit it? are people that deserve what they get? don’t they? no health service, no hospitals, no infrastructure no rock stars, no universities, why because they are a dirty lot of mongrels who do not shower, and are not as superior as I am.
            I say return them to the stone age where they belong.

          • I have only one thing to add to your latest post Don.
            Try walking in another’s shoes, before making your comments.
            It would probably be a waste of time for me to point out that the M.E. countries you are referring to, were very civilized and had everything that you claim we have. It was the Western powers who destroyed that all. It amazes me that your unable to recognize that at all. FREE health care, FREE education right up to University, I could go on, but the facts are clear.
            Who are the real barbarians in all this ???? To find the answer to that, we only need to look in the mirror.

  4. Leoncelli who had the courage to restrain the man, acted in what seems to be a response that is commendable, a act and its immediacy of comprehension of what seems as a act of Zen in action, in contrast to police protocol that is labored, over analytical and cumbersome increasing the possibility of misadventure of those who are in danger.
    A call to the plane could outline the reality of the situation in police being informed and responding in action that is more intelligent than their present malaise.
    As seen on ABC Press Club a ASIO officer this week, praising this institute and giving us a history lesson on the formation of the police unfortunately a slight political twist, omitting the Bow Street Runners as protection for the rich and not administrators of justice, still a prejudice of police protocol and the legal system today, as shown by those who can afford money for lawyers as opposed to those who are less financial, its all to do with power and not justice.

  5. This is the preface of “Dial 911 and Die” by
    Richard W. Stevens:

    “Do the police owe a duty to protect citizens from criminal attack? This book explains why, in most of the United States, the answer is “no.” In most cases the law does not even require the police to respond to emergency 911 calls. This compact paperback devotes one short chapter to each of the 50 states, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, the District of Columbia and Canada, to show how statutes and court decisions consistently hold that the police generally have “no duty” to protect individual citizens. Most chapters reveal the true stories, taken from published court opinions, that describe the plight of citizens who relied solely upon their telephone and police response for emergency help against a violent criminal. Not only did those crime victims not get help, the local government and police escaped legal responsibility for failing to help those victims. Highlighting the importance of personal and family defense, the book also retells 45 stories about people who successfully defended themselves long before any police could help. Footnotes provide full citations to primary and secondary legal sources for all laws and case decisions.”

    Looks like it could be worth a read

  6. Sydney , like London and New York with the debt finance system , has always been prosperity for the connected and poverty for the majority that work to keep the fat cats fat .
    Only today , with global communism , it’s becoming much worse and more obvious to see .
    Do you ever wonder where the homeless that sleep on our city streets at night end up after being collected .
    Everything presented on msm is a fabricated lie .
    It has always been this way here only now the stench has been firmly set in place . Look at our pm a goldman banker . It’s all so obvious and they don’t care cause we’re in their mouse trap .

    • It is curious our Prime Minister having money in tax havens that now is a almost redundant issue? recent commentary on tax havens exposure as far as I know, Turnbull was unscathed? the question why? whether investigations into tax havens best left to obscurity for fear as to how many politicians as with negative gearing left to the bottom of the harbor oblivion of nothingness.
      The scams of Goldman Sachs and Turnbull’s acquisition of? is it two hundred million or a billion dollars? would be a intriguing question that 4 Corners could investigate, unless the fear of ABC funding be compromised or closed down.
      Can we blame individuals who arise from quasi poverty to be corrupted? insofar as a collective collaboration of those who are from semi poverty to collude with the corrupt? having voted for the corrupt, re, Turnbull, Trump, and many others, or forgiven for gullibility or stupidity for believing the lobbyists propaganda? as we go into the mire it all becomes so difficult to identify who is who?
      I may add to this letter which may seem a departure, seemingly the making of moral decisions becomes difficult? Samuel Galton a Quaker and a early gun manufacturer suggests the manufacturer of guns are not responsible for killing but the shooter is, I think it can be claimed all of society, it would be difficult as to whom is guilty as it is possible a philosophical question, the individual struggle with these problems and attempting a claim of least guilt, nevertheless having no consolation for some, that alleviates the struggle and torment within having a disease of existential anxiety.

  7. Not particularly on this specific topic but never the less a very good interview and conference. Red Pill Conference.
    Griffin can be relied upon to explain the full picture with relevance and perspective of all the threads.

    • Yes Christopher,
      I heard Griffin address a 911 conference in March 2008.
      He is one of the few who understands what the agenda is and how it is being implemented.
      Bet not one of our politicians has heard of him, let alone ever read any of his works (The Creature From Jekyl Island, for example)
      Think of a wheel.
      The hub contains the psycho controllers/deep state.
      Circulating the centre in varying orbits of influence are the the running dog think tanks, media traitors etc., all controlled seriatum from the centre.
      Most of the fools in the think tanks have no idea that instructions are channeled from the centre across varying orbiting controlled groups or individuals of varying influence.
      The ‘unthinking’ tanks are manipulated to promote the agenda.
      As an example, the Sydney Institute’s attempted cover up of the truth in regard to the murder of crewman on the US Liberty is a classic.
      That also explains fake Faine and fake ABC on the subject as well.
      Not to mention the fake 911 brigade spruiking the silly tin foil hatters official government 911 conspiracy theory.
      The public will not read any of Griffin’s work in our fake msm for obvious reasons.
      Stiff msm, the public are now waking up to your treasonous existence and agenda ……… a greedy fascist totalitarian anti-democratic globalist hell hole. When they are finished with you dumb lot, how do you lot think you and your family will fare?

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