Another Terror Siege — or an Escort Booking That Went Wrong?

The Herald Sun headline, and The Age (6/6/17)

by Dee McLachlan

The mainstream news had another “terror” incident to chew on last night and this morning.

Police arrived at an apartment block in Bay Street, Brighton in Melbourne (near a gym I used to go to)  at about 4 pm (5 June 2017) — after receiving reports of an explosion. “It’s believed he has a woman inside with him who he won’t allow to leave,” a police spokeswoman said at the time. The police attempted to negotiate (unsuccessfully) with the man.

By 6 pm, the police had shot Yacqub Khayre, 29, dead after he emerged from one of the apartments and opened fire on them.

This is what has been reported (from various sources 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.):

  • The gunman, Yacqub Khayre, shot a man and held a woman hostage in an apartment in the beau monde suburb of Brighton, Melbourne. He later confronted the police and was shot dead. (In the shoot out three police were injured).
  • Khayre was reportedly involved in the foiled terror attack on Sydney’s Holsworthy army barracks in 2009.
  • He also had a long history of crime. At 17, he was charged with more than 40 offences (multiple burglaries, assault, methamphetamine possession, failing to answer bail, resisting arrest, etc.) but was granted bail by a Magistrate. He also stabbed a young train passenger while trying to rob him of his phone.
  • Khayre was convicted for 3 years for carrying out a violent home invasion (failed robbery).
  • He was an ice addict.
  • He was on parole at the time of the Brighton attack, but police saw him as a low-risk person of (terror) interest.
  • Khayre, yesterday, had arranged to meet the woman (hostage) at the Buckingham Serviced Apartments after booking her services through an escort agency.
  • He turned up to meet the escort with a firearm. [Where do you get a sawn-off shotgun when on parole?]
  • Police shot him dead after he emerged from the complex shooting at officers. They THEN discovered the body of another (Chinese-born) man in the foyer of the apartment block.
  • Before being shot himself, Khayre claimed the attack was for IS and Al Qaeda.
  • “The first sign of a possible terror link came when a male caller claiming to be linked to the siege [what siege?] called the Channel 7 newsroom…” in Melbourne saying: “This is for IS” and “This is for Al-Qaeda.” [Did he have Channel 7’s number handy?]
  • Islamic State has since claimed responsibility for the attack. [How?]
  • The group’s Amaq news agency said, “The attack in Melbourne, Australia was carried out by a soldier of the Islamic State in response to the call for targeting the subjects of the coalition states.” [This is reported by SITE Intelligence Group – led by the Israeli analyst Rita Katz.]
  • Victoria police confirmed on Tuesday morning they were treating the siege as an act of terrorism. The state’s chief police commissioner, Graham Ashton, said it was still unclear whether it was a planned or spontaneous attack.

The woman survived the ordeal.

I called Channel 7 (02-8777 7777). Before the call is picked up, a voice informs the caller that the organisation will ask for their name etc. I spoke to the receptionist and explained why I was calling — to find out more about the “siege caller” they had yesterday. I was immediately put through to public relations — which did not answer (twice). I called again — and await for them to call me back.



  1. SiTE were the comany that somehow were sent all the beheading clips years ago..dodgy as ..propaganda at its best

  2. A JIHADIST who was on parole for DRUG ABUSE & COMMON THEFT ? How about an alcoholic/fornicating fundamentalist Christian ? I can just hear some Pastor hollering “he was working for us”.

    • I am responding to Dee’s long list (over the months) of similar incidents. Could it be that “They” are just trying to tell the citizenry:

      “Yes, it is nonsense, but see how we dare to do it to you over and over, and we know you can’t respond because you never have your act together as a society, ha ha on you. Drop dead.”

      • Honest Aussie says:

        They do appear to be ramping it up somewhat – Orwellian continuous wars? They will also be marginalising those who question it – although given they finally pushed out the meme ‘Fake News’ to the mainstream, I have no problem telling people in the real world that today’s terrorism is just more fake news. We can only counter it with unconditional love which they try to hide. Giving fresh oranges, blankets and healthy sandwiches to genuinely homeless people is a good start. So is running a BBQ in your street and inviting one neighbour at a time to just become good friends. Challenging, but a good start.

      • But “they” are no less genuinely terrified than a child who, having left a mess on the bedroom floor, wakes up, and in a state of semi-consciousness, turns it into a huge scary monster.

        • Sorry, I meant “stirs” not “wakes up”. Each and every scenario is played out in a sort of twilight zone.

  3. If Katz is involved then its by definition Mossad in there somewhere. Its always her, never anyone else, just her. Why is that Rita? Do you know something we don’t?

  4. Quote, ” [This is reported by SITE Intelligence Group – led by the Israeli analyst Rita Katz.]” Unquote.
    IMHO, anything quote by, or involving the Israelis in such events, is to me, a massive red flag.
    Further, the list of offenses claimed the Perp has committed over the years, and he was still allowed to walk the streets with normal people, is totally amazing. Clearly, our legal system is totally corrupt and complicit in allowing such people to walk amongst us freely.
    But then, the Western World turns a blind eye to murderers and criminals, as long as they conduct actions that can be benefited from, we even pay them and provide weapons for them as well, then we claim to be bombing them to boot, how strange is that.
    So who’s to say, this individual was ALLOWED to roam the streets freely, to conduct his destructive behavior deliberately, especially with a list of offenses as long as his ????
    I’d love to hear why exactly he was allowed to walk the streets free as a bird from the Judicary.

    • Maybe he shared a coffee with Man Monis? They both seemed to have a lot of free time on their hands and more privacy than most of us.

      • No call back from Channel 7.
        I was doubting in the first instance that he called Channel 7. Why Channel 7?

        • Lindt worked for them, so why not? The ABC glossed over the call, making no comment on who made it. They hid the omission inside the drama.

          • Dee says:

            “I called Channel 7 (02-8777 7777). Before the call is picked up, a voice informs the caller that the organisation will ask for their name etc. I spoke to the receptionist and explained why I was calling — to find out more about the “siege caller” they had yesterday. I was immediately put through to public relations — which did not answer (twice). I called again — and await for them to call me back.”

            Dee, I have read that persons who called American Airlines within the hour of the crashed planes of 9-11 were put through to Public Relations. (But public relations did not fail to talk to them, indeed were happy to explain the whole hijack thing.)

            Just sayin’.


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