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Give Us Liberty, or Give Us Death


Remember the Liberty! Almost Sunk by Treason on the High Seasby Phillip Nelson ©Trineday 2017

(Editor’s Note: The USS Liberty was attacked 50 years ago today — 8th June 1967. This topic is not going away, but I doubt we will hear from the MSM) 

Article/Book Review by Greg Maybury

With the anniversary of the enormously consequential 1967 Six-Day War (SDW) between Israel and the Arab states (Egypt, Syria, Jordan) upon us, Phil Nelson’s book is a timely and welcome addition to the literature of that event and the key people involved, and indeed, the era. Although on its face about the deliberate attack by the Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) during that conflict on the US naval ‘sig-int’ ship the USS Liberty, with the loss of 34 lives and over 170 casualties, it’s much more than that.

Along with showcasing one of the most disgraceful episodes in U.S. military history — to say little of the self-serving, hypocritical and callous manner in which the political and military establishment treats its service personnel — “Remember the Liberty!” presents us an opportunity to place into broader, more urgent relief, the history of America’s increasingly dangerous — some might say existentially so — relationship with Israel, in addition to probing the role of both nations in past events and those unfolding as we speak in and across the Greater Middle East.

His just released tome moreover, crucially invites us to reexamine the virtually unexplored, indeed, wilfully neglected role played in these events by arguably America’s most psychologically unhinged and criminally ‘sectionable’ of Oval Officeholders, one whose political ascendancy and White House tenure may have been the most consequential of all.

We’re talking here the then president of the US, Lyndon B. Johnson (LBJ), he of the Gulf of Tonkin fame.

As the author reveals, had things gone the way as LBJ had planned, it almost certainly would’ve triggered the most cataclysmic consequences of all for humanity. Suffice to say that to the extent there might have been anyone around to write about it after, by way of comparison, the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis would’ve ended up a mere footnote in history.

On all counts then, Nelson’s book provides us ample context and perspective within which to contemplate all of this and more.

The truly astonishing story in this new book then is about one of the most explosive and hidden secrets in US history — one that has never been previously told in such a transformative way. It is made all the more explosive because it involves Israel.

Based on all available evidence, this is the most authentic, complete, up to date — and it has to be said, disturbing — account of the Liberty tragedy and its subsequent cover-up; the war in which it took place and that war’s own hidden backstory; and the real perpetrators behind both of these, along with revelations about their motivations and intrigues. No matter what you read elsewhere, I can pretty much guarantee you’re not getting the ‘full monty’. And for those looking to write about the Liberty going forward, don’t put pen to paper without it. Whether you’re in the mainstream or alternative media camps, you’ll just look like you’ve not done your homework!

“Remember the Liberty!” explores how a sitting US president collaborated with Israeli leaders in the fomentation of what became known as the Six-Day War between them and their Arab neighbors. The so-called “spontaneous war” had been planned for months — possibly even as early as two years before — to be a war that would ensure a victory for Israel; the weakening of her enemies in neighboring Arab nations; and the acquisition of additional territories for Israel. These were all incentives to create ‘buy-in’ from Israeli leaders to this diabolical quid pro quo between them and LBJ, which might not otherwise have been forthcoming.

But the man known as “Landslide Lyndon” had his own ulterior motives in facilitating the Six-Day War: For the estimable LBJ, his highest priority was always about the ruthless accumulation of power, and in this case, it was about holding onto said power by ensuring his re-election the following year. Upset by his loss of popularity generally and with Jewish voters in particular, he wanted to give Israel as much covert – and ultimately, had the plan succeeded, overt – support as possible in the plan to engage their neighbors in that war, including the creation of a pretext to join them in attacking Egypt.

After the botched plan was implemented, the ship refused to sink even after being hit by a torpedo (more on this shortly), leading the attack to be abandoned and a massive cover-up set in motion, which included serious threats to the crewmembers to “keep their lips sealed.”

As ex-CIA analyst Ray McGovern put it in the book’s Foreword (see Consortium News “Not Remembering the Liberty”), those orders “put steroids to the post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) suffered by many of the survivors.” That cover-up is still in place (barely), but now completely exposed. Indeed, we can now say with certainty it is the worst best-kept secret in the history of the US-Israeli relationship.

Written in conjunction with three of the remaining survivors, Ernie Gallo, Ron Kukal and Phil Tourney, the book includes harrowing first-hand accounts from them. It’s perhaps apposite to cite just one account of the numerous disturbing, poignant of those written for the book, this one by Tourney. With his shipmate Rick Aimetti helping him, they,

“….found some fire hoses and began hosing off the deck with a “suicide nozzle” on it that sprayed water in a very concentrated, high-pressure stream.

It took both of us to handle this hose, because it was like a giant python and one man could not do it alone. It was the most gruesome, heartbreaking task we’ve ever done because every piece of flesh was the remains of one of our fellow sailors, many of whom were friends. As [we] went about this ungodly task, tears streamed down our faces and I prayed to God for forgiveness in how we were forced to treat the remains of these men so sacrilegiously.

In the gun-tubs we found a shoe with a foot still in it, which we put aside for collection. Many of the bloodstains would not come off, even with that special hose, because of the previous day’s heat – not just baking under the sun’s heat, but from the rockets and napalm that had be dropped on the ship by the attacking [planes].

We found out the hard way how hot our government’s most brutal weapon can burn: It can get as hot as 2,200°F, which explains why that blood could not be completely cleansed from the steel decks.”

Remember the Liberty! places much more focus on the brutality and ruthlessness with which the Johnson administration and the U.S. Navy hierarchy treated the sailors themselves, not only then, but, significantly, continuing even now. It began even before, during and immediately after the attack but – because of the threats of prison “or worse” if they ever uttered a word about it, even to their wives or parents – it festered for decades, while they had to live with the horrors they experienced. It meant keeping their appalling memories to themselves for 15-20 years before they felt safe enough to even discuss it with anyone else. Their stories relate how they have continued to be marginalized and dismissed by the MSM and accused of anti-Semitism by Israeli defenders in knee-jerk fashion. In fact, the book contains an entire chapter dedicated to this point.

A Few Dead Sailors

Another very significant point – never previously noted in any other book on this “incident” – is how, after the motor torpedo boats had fired four torpedoes and all had missed the target, the fifth torpedo which hit the Liberty was fired, according to one sailor’s account, as the result of a presidential order to one of his own ships. The severely wounded sailor who discovered this part of the story – a well-respected man of impeccable reputation – was nearly killed during the attack, only saved by another sailor who came to his rescue and helped him to the medics, holding his intestines inside his abdomen until he got his fellow sailor to the ship’s only doctor. When he was finally released from the hospital and returned to the U.S., he then discovered that his Navy records had been fudged to hide the fact that he was even on the ship, so he had to hire an investigator to prove it in order to get his disability acknowledged. His investigator had high-level Pentagon contacts who revealed many of the hidden secrets to him, and that’s how the survivor found out about that “fifth torpedo.” No one else has ever come forward to verify his story, and allow their names to be released, so, accordingly, Nelson has been rightly cautious in his rendering of this part of the narrative. But it is what it is. For those folks who have read Nelson’s earlier books on LBJ, they will know such a monumental act of treachery and treason was not beyond him. By Nelson’s reckoning, he wanted the ship sunk! LBJ – interestingly, a former, albeit less than distinguished, Navy man himself — was not prepped to allow a “few dead sailors” to cause any “embarrassment” to an important ally like Israel, and one assumes, to himself.

Many other books have been written on the Israeli attack on the USS Liberty. Some of those present the case put forth by the U.S. and Israeli governments’ “official story” (e.g. AJ Cristol, or Michael Oren), developed to perpetuate the contrived cover-up narrative, hiding the incriminating facts and essentially writing it off as a freak “accident.” You know, the “Fog of War” thing! But that was never the reaction of the State Department officials of the time, or the Navy brass who were not under orders to conduct a phony investigation designed to cover it up. One of them, former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Admiral Thomas Moorer, observed that the president’s handling of the Liberty attack was “…the most disgraceful act I witnessed in my entire military career.” Tellingly, the man who wrote the original fabricated Navy “Court of Inquiry” report on the incident – the report used by those same authors as the basis for their books – eventually retracted all of it: Former Navy Captain Ward Boston Jr., JAGC, in 2004 wrote a scathing denunciation of the book by Cristol, admitting that the original Navy report was designed to cover up the truths and replace them with bald-faced lies, as is detailed in Remember the Liberty!

The many books which have attempted to lay out the real facts behind the attack all come to the conclusion that the brutal 2+ hour attack was not only intentional. It was designed not to just put the ship out of commission, but to ensure that it sank to the bottom of the Mediterranean. These books (e.g. by James Ennes, Peter Hounam, James Scott and others) do not mention the primary factor that actually caused the attack in the first place, and which then necessitated the massive cover-up. Some of the best books (e.g. Hounam’s Operation Cyanide) did suggest that something strange was going on at the White House, and posited that Johnson’s political travails — of which there were plenty — might have something to do with the chain of events.

Remember the Liberty! though is the first book to factor LBJ’s psychopathological issues – again of which like his “travails”, there were many — into the calculus. Again, anyone who’s read Nelson’s earlier books on the man will know what we’re talking about here. Only by understanding his obsession in winning back the political support of Jewish people who’d abandoned him because of his shambolic Vietnam policies — along with the monomaniacal nature of Number 36 — can one understand what really happened. Like his previous “false flag” ‘op’ – the phantom ‘attack’ at the Gulf of Tonkin by North Vietnamese gunboats on two U.S. Navy destroyers, conveniently occurring just three months before the 1964 elections, which helped him win his landslide election – he thought this attack would secure his re-election the following year. Yet the opposite happened: when the Liberty did not sink — and his devious “false flag” plan to use it as a pretext for blaming the attack on Egypt and join Israel in their victorious “Six-Day War” collapsed – it was his re-election chances that were deep-sixed. Nine months later he reluctantly announced that he would remove himself from the 1968 elections to the very office he had lusted for his entire life. And as they say, the rest is history. Except that with these things, it never is of course!

Of the two principals involved, the conflicted — in both cases ulterior — goals of the Six-Day War are the root cause of the turbulence in the Middle East which the world has witnessed for the last five decades. Numerous ironies abound, such as the fact that over half of the U.S. foreign aid budget goes to Israel, a well-developed, prosperous economic power set amidst some of the most poverty-ridden nations in the world. And it was through the paradox of Johnson’s most sordid, devious manipulations that the U.S.-Israel relationship became so entwined in the aftermath of the Liberty attack: Suddenly, U.S. policy was transformed from being “neutral” towards all countries in the area – as earlier administrations had tried to remain, to avoid being seen as partial to either side – to that of openly, aggressively, backing Israel in all possible ways, including its acquisition of nuclear weapons and delivery systems, an ambition which LBJ’s predecessor JFK had adamantly opposed. (Regarding the latter, Google “Mordechai Vanunu”.)

This book will undoubtedly cop plenty of flak for its controversial assertions, even from some purportedly liberal/left-wing quarters, with many folks therein still resist embracing the real truth about Johnson the man, the consequential nature and character of both his presidential tenure and his political career overall, and his overarching position in the historical firmament. Bizarrely, LBJ is still regarded in many quarters as some kind of “liberal” icon largely due to the so-called “Great Society”, a busted flush by any measure when one considers the individual state today of most the key areas where the program was supposed to improve the lives of Americans. These included ambitious reforms in everything from immigration, consumer protection, civil rights, housing and urban development, health, education, along with addressing major issues of economic inequality, to name the key areas. And although Johnson can’t be blamed for all of the failures of these reform measures, still well might we ask, what does American have to show for the Great Society today? Or well might we ask, how much more successful might they have been had he not blown the budget in — and allowed himself to so distracted by — the Vietnam debacle, one for which he was totally responsible, and for which he can and should rightly be blamed?

For their part, the formidable Israel Lobby and the uber-partisan “Friends of Israel” will attack this book and its author with a vengeance likely to metaphorically match the attack on the Liberty itself, with the same ‘terminate with extreme prejudice’ mindset. But any criticisms of it being biased against Israel will be misplaced. If anything, it finally puts the principal blame for the attack right where it has always belonged: upon the man also known as “Lyin’ Lyndon”. By Nelson’s reckoning, Israeli leaders at the time were only taking such actions because Johnson had insisted on them doing so as a pre-condition for his assistance in their plans for extending Israeli borders into Palestine. This of course, does not absolve Israel of culpability in this war crime — not by a long shot from the Texas Schoolbook Depository Building — nor does it let the country off the hook for taking full and unconditional responsibility for it now.

But for those folks with a more (ahem), nuanced view of the 36th POTUS — exposed in sordid, excruciating detail in Nelson’s earlier books on the man (see here and here) — there may or may not be any surprises herein. He was as some folks were wont to say, a man to see with the bark off! The fact that LBJ’s diabolical plan failed, and the Liberty did not sink thanks to the heroic efforts of the survivors, undoubtedly saved the world from the nuclear conflagration which might have otherwise occurred, with Jerusalem – the “city of peace” – at ground zero. They say Americans don’t do irony. This writer once again begs to differ.

“Remember the Liberty!” is then both a tale of betrayal, abandonment, and justice denied, and truth ruthlessly suppressed. It is also one of great courage and determination, and what we might term here Down Under, ‘mateship forged under fire’. Moreover, it is one of authentic patriotism, not the dodgy variety that passes for such in and around the rarefied environs of the Beltway. For their efforts in saving the ship, they helped avert the unthinkable, an achievement for which we all must be forever truly grateful. I hope readers are all able to see their way clear of keeping this story alive by buying the book and alerting interested friends, family and acquaintances to this very important — if shameful — piece of American history. This will be the ‘last shot in the locker’ as it were these veterans and their families have to obtain some critical mass public recognition, accompanied by some measure of justice and redress for what they’ve been put through, and continue to go through. To say nothing of the all important, much sought after closure. After all, we’d want all that for ourselves wouldn’t we?

Greg Maybury

Editor/Founder, Pox Amerikana


(Disclaimer: In case folks might be wondering, I’ve not benefitted in any way shape or form from my involvement in this project, nor do I expect or wish to. Moreover, from my understanding, Nelson himself has a generous royalty sharing arrangement with his co-authors — as noted, all Liberty survivors. For my part, this has been a labor of love from the get-go. I just happen to be blessed (or cursed) with an overdeveloped sense of justice and an abiding, sleep-depriving commitment to seeking and communicating historical truth, the latter an increasingly rare ambition in this the era of fake news and alternative facts, and the former a concept that Washington’s political elites and their assorted hacks, flacks, and lackeys would struggle to recognise if their careers depended on it. Which sadly in most cases it does.)


Greg Maybury is a Perth, Australia-based writer and blogger. Separate to this review, he has published an in-depth, lengthy analysis and commentary of the people and events covered by Nelson’s book. This analysis/commentary is in two parts, and can be found on his blog.





  1. I look forward to seeing a few old faces returning for the comments with this one. I’m sure the desktop icons are lighting up in Tel Aviv right now.

  2. Greg, did I miss something? What is the cataclysm to which you refer?

    “Had things gone the way as LBJ had planned, it almost certainly would’ve triggered the most cataclysmic consequences of all for humanity.”

    • He may mean direct American involvement on the side of Israel being green-lighted (because the Egyptians sunk the Liberty with all hands) resulting in a Russian counter-response. Israel of course will always fight to the last Goy.

    • G’Day Mary, Thanks for your interest. For the record, for reasons I’m unsure of, the full review/article as submitted was not published herein as I had expected it would be, and so what appears here is out of its original context. That said, I avoided providing details of these “cataclysmic consequences” even in that “full review” (see link below where it has been published in its entirety) so as to leave some aspects of the story for readers to explore for themselves after they bought the book. I felt my review (in its original unedited form of course) was comprehensive enough.

      As for the “cataclysmic consequences” to which you refer, I quote here from Dave Martin, a Washington-based blogger, who also just published his own excellent review. His full review is contained in the link below. But here is an excerpt, which should serve to answer your question.

      “As Nelson has pieced together the evidence, the assault on the Liberty was as carefully planned over a long period of time as was the Six-Day War itself. The 294 men on board were meant to be the sacrificial lambs for the audacious, grandiose scheme that was to draw in the United States with both feet—likely even with the use of nuclear weapons—against the Egyptians, who had been virtually pushed into the orbit of the Soviet Union by America’s strongly pro-Israel policy under Johnson. Two A-4 bomber aircraft launched from the USS America aircraft carrier at the same time that fighter jets took off from the carrier to come to the aid of the Liberty were, according to one of the pilots, carrying nuclear weapons targeted for Cairo. Those fighter jets, had they not have been recalled by Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara himself, would have arrived in time to prevent the worst of the attack, the torpedo attack that killed 26 men in the communications room. For their part, the bombers did not return until four or five days later. As the pilot explained, the nuclear bombs made the planes “too heavy and dangerous to land back on the aircraft carrier,” and they had to be diverted to a land-based airstrip.”

      Beyond my (truncated) review/article herein, I’ve penned an extensive commentary analysis on the events covered by Nelson as a ‘for the record’ complement to his book, a copy of which I’ve had in galley proof form for several weeks now. I will repost information about this in a separate post so all readers can avail themselves of it should they be so inclined.



      Greg Maybury

  3. Since the main parts of this story have been known to the public for some time, I don’t know how politicians around the World have been allowed to have any contact with Israel, let alone bow and scrape to what one American journalists describes as “that shitty little country”.

    • Mal, when I was growing up in Boston, local Jews were famous for defending the right and the good. Many of those persons are still alive. Beats me why they can’t do what they always did, which was to think a problem through and make moral commentary.

      Why can’t they say We don’t want that stupid wall.

      Of course maybe they do say it, and it is suppressed. Many years ago I heard that the proportion of protestors in Israel was 50%. I also recall soldiers in the IDF forming a substantial group of Refuseniks. Granted that was all prior to the all-singing all-dancing Nine Eleven Event.

      Come on, Jews, let’s hear from you. Enough is enough. Don’t worry about that idiot Bibi. Dust off your Torah. Make noise.

  4. Well, one can read book after book on this unfortunate incident and still not arrive at a complete understanding of why this incident occurred, and all one will achieve from all that reading is the result of having his or her perceived hatred and biases further reinforced.

    A little like attending Church every Sunday to have one’s beliefs restored after a week of enjoying a little immorality.

    A good researcher will not attempt to understand what he or she wishes to explore by starting with the incident or the event itself. Serious research on any subject must begin by understanding ALL of the events and occurrences that preceded what he or she is investigating. No one starts to read a book by beginning in the middle of the story, and so it is with doing serious research.

    The only book that clearly leads the reader into understanding the attack on the Liberty is, The Secret War against the Jews. This is the only book available that contains ALL the information that the serious reader or researcher NEEDS to be informed of to come to an understanding of why the Liberty incident came about. It also permits the joining of many dots together on how this world operates for those who wish to explore what is elusive to most.

    I have mentioned that book at least twice on this site before, but it is patently obvious that there are few who congregate on this site who have the courage to take it up.

    Sometimes TRUTH can be a very bitter pill to swallow for some, especially those who tend to not let FACTS get in the way of their biases.

    • Oh you are back!
      Hey sunshine; the truth is that Israel identified the USS Liberty on the morning of the murders, arranged unmarked mirages and commeced the murder of the crew and spent two hours or so trying to sink it with torpedo boats and troops attempting to board the Liberty……….. with no survivors.
      Then the Israelis scarpered without offering assistance.
      What is it that you do not understand……..?
      I am not going to repeat the debate in the gumshoe article linked in my comment above.
      For new readers just flick through and look up the summary of a report from Joe Meadors who was on the ship.

      • No point in arguing with it Ned. You’re a Goy. He’s allowed to lie if it benefits the cause. That’s how these bastards work.

    • if there was indeed a secret war against the jews, seems to be going ok for them, but sssssh http://www.ifamericaknew.org/

      funny way to fight a war though, by giving your enemy $$$ and weapons. mind you, they do that with isis.

      bitter or not, truth is, if thats a war against jews, thats like walking up to someone and shooting them in the head, and then claiming to be the victim.

      • The war against the serial victimised Jews is concocted and run by the Marxist Bolsheviks new world order corporate fascists banker pseudo Jews.
        Come in suckered Jews!
        Look up the Schofeld (sp?) bible to sucker in the Christian village idiots. ( that included me in past times)

    • A review from Barnes & Noble on ‘The only book’ as outlined by friend queen islamophobeziotroll

      Complete and Utter Nonsense

      Loftus and Aarons Book is a collection of crude and bizarre conspiracy theories. The underlying theme is that Western governments and their maverick intelligence services just pretend to be allied with Israel and support Israel’s right to existence. In reality, they work actively for the destruction of the Jewish State. Some of the chapters of the book like the ones on the Liberty Incident and the 1973 Arab-Israeli War are actually quite entertaining because of the the authors’ absurd efforts to design conspiracies against the Israelis and Jewish people in general. While it is obvious that most of the stories are actually made up this monograph is still a nuisance. What especially angers me as an historian is the authors’ attempt to present this nonsense as a scholarly piece of work. Over one hundred pages of footnotes can be found at the end of the book. Every time the authors claim something unbelievable or spectacular (and this happens every two pages) you can find in the related footnote some reference to anonymous sources inside the intelligence world. Only from time to time they offer some documentary evidence and if so, they avoid giving the exact location of their source. Several times they quote a document and then give a reference to ‘National Archives, College park, Maryland, document in the authors’ possession’ without any further information. No Record Group or anything else is given which could help the reader to check the sources. This book is just another example of people who try to make some money out of the suffering of other people. It is also an offense to any kind of serious scholarship. It’s frustrating that nonsense like this is all to common in the area of the history of the Middle East.

      Nemesis, you are a devious half-wit who sets off my olfactory senses every time you ‘dump’ your particular brand of shite onto the comment pages of this site. Worse, you are an evil c–t who supports and promotes a false narrative to a problem that has been ongoing for almost 70 years.

      Me, I must be a bit simple as I just look at a comparison of maps from circa 1948-2017 and study body count numbers and behaviour patterns of the proponents involved in this sorry state of affairs in world politics.

      • M, here’s a quote concerning that book back at you.

        “Europe, abetted by the United States and other nations, continues the ancient war against Jews in ways which are vividly narrated in this extraordinary book. This is the sort of story which must be brought into open view if ever we are to be wise enough to end the reflex hostility between Gentile, Arab and Jew,” – Thomas Keneally, author of Schindler’s List.

        As for using a synopsis as ‘evidence’ in order to bolster your criticism of my promoting a very well documented and detailed book, I should warn you that someone’s personal viewpoint, as in that synopsis, is not considered evidence – and what a hostile viewpoint it is!

        Maybe that person was paid to write it up? Did you even consider that?

        And as far as checking sources the book contains 144 pages of notes, sources and bibliography – so do you still believe your reliance on someone’s hostile synopsis is water proof evidence?

        As for the personal attack, well, I guess when one has a closed mind and does not wish to be bothered by other opinions or facts, then it is easier to attack the messenger rather than the message – as you appear ever so eager to do.

        And you reference to body counts means exactly what – maybe your own biased view of historical events that you have not yet gathered all the information on?

        If you wish to counter anything I put up do so with logic and substantive information that proves what you criticise to be at least reliable enough to garner a response to.

    • I’ve no doubt there’d be some interesting info in that book but due to the title( There’s been no self-ruling Jewish State since 586 B. C.) I’d be taking it with a grain of salt.

      I’d be interested to know if anyone’s got a problem with this doco:

      • The continued existence of the modern atheistic Nation known as Israel was wholly dependent on the preemptive strike plan being kept from Nasser, hence the destruction of the “Liberty”: There’s no such thing as a gentleman’s war.

      • Berry, As I have limited access to the satellite internet due to my location I am limited in using, watching long doco’s like that soon use up what I have access to, so are you able to tell me if the doco you posted contains any ‘new’ info on the Liberty Incident that I and others have already raised on this thread?

  5. I think we sufficiently dealt with Nemisis on this recent occasion in the comments (over 80!) at:
    The Israeli planes were unmarked per reports via Joe Meadors. If that does not demonstrate complete cowardice and decades of serial lies and traitorous coverup, what would?
    Yes and more of the propaganda crap comes out ot the Daily Telegraph in Sydney today, June 8. 2017 p. 22 under opinion by Sharyn Mittleman, a senior policy analyst at the Australian & Jewish affiars Council.
    Not a mention of the mass murder by Israel of over 30 crewmen on the USS liberty this day in 1967 with the intention of sinking the ship and straffing to death any survivors in the life rafts.
    ‘A policy Analyst’! Yea right!
    Pathetic historian? Did she not know that Israel jammed the radio frequency of the Liberty and tried to blame Egypt for the murderous attack to bring the US into a possible world war. NOT A MENTION!!!
    BTW the Daily Telgraph is not purchased by me….. it comes with breakfast at the local cafe…………as does the rest of the msm fake fish wrapping.

    • The only thing you have dealt with Ned is exercising your arrogance. If you had bothered to fully read my latest comment and comprehend my message, in fact all of my comments on this subject as previously put up, not once have I denied what you suggest I deny.

      That tells me you have no time for what I write, so why respond to my comments at all?

      And in your vengeful arrogance and one eyed view of an event that no one on this site who has not read The Secret War against the Jews, has ALL the information on, you and most on this site choose to ignore the first rule of every story – and that is, there is always two sides or more, to every story. Only one side of this story has been put up here on this site – the American side. In a court of law all sides get to have their say, that is called finding the truth of the matter at hand, but that is not apparent on this site of closed minds and biased views and anyone who takes to challenge such wilful ignorance meets with the general disapproval of most.

      Shame really, because the subjects covered on this site are generally of topical or historical interest that in some posts should be explored to their full potential of what the topics may reveal to the inquisitive that can be a good learning tool to those willing to open their minds to all possibilities.

  6. M, here is another short synopsis on that book back at you.

    “Europe, abetted by the United States and other nations, continues the ancient war against Jews in ways which are vividly narrated in this extraordinary book. This is the sort of story which must be brought out into open view if ever we are to be wise enough to end the reflex hostility between Gentile, Arab and Jew.” – Thomas Keneally, author of Shindler’s List.

    Your reliance as ‘evidence’ on a hostile synopsis to discredit a book you have not read, not only points to your own unwillingness to even consider the other side of the story, but your eagerness to be done away with anything that may change your own point of view.

    You must be pretty comfortable in that closed box you have made for yourself?

    That book also contains 144 pages of sources, notes and bibliography so that anyone may do a reasonable check on the information contained therein that your ‘evidence’ states does not exist.

    Maybe someone was paid to write that synopsis up – did you even consider that after realizing how hostile it was or did you just wish to use it because your own laziness in seeking gotcha ‘evidence’ actually based on reliable information holds you back?

    As for your personal attack on me – thank you! Says much about your own intolerance for other points of view.

    • nemesis

      you are a troll. an evil bastard that follows the same mo as your zionist friends.

      It was just an accident….deception
      but the book says….. deception, the book is a fraud
      but we are the victims…..deception
      we didn’t really mean to fake those passports….deception
      it wasn’t us who assassinated the iranian nuclear guys…deception

      Nemesis – you and your zionist friends are the problem not the solution so stop stinking up the place with your shite.

      • M, your own take on what I have put up does not reflect in any way what I have written. Maybe you should re-read what I have written and comprehend my meaning before you allow your own bias to blind you in making ill judgements?

        I have been called worse things over my life than by you who cannot counter with any reasoned argument what I put up so you take to attacking the person – that is so shallow and indicative of a loser.

        Believe me, your are an amateur when it comes to labelling folk what you believe they may be.

        And what I find interesting about your latest attack on me is your choice in not defending that synopsis you put up as a counter to that book.

        Is that because the anonymous source for that hostile synopsis you took to using in order to condemn what I recommend was used by you simply because it suited your own persona bias and agenda? You haven’t read that book, but your own hostility to anything that I put up causes you to grasp at anything, even a hostile synopsis, in attempting to discredit what I represent – whatever that is to you?

        My, but you have such a closed mind!

  7. So that this is clear Nemesis.
    I am only interested at this time in the 50 years of lying and deceit perpetuated by and on behalf of Israel who murdered 34 USS Liberty crewnen in a cowardly attack in international waters and are still too cowardly to admit it.
    As Fraser says in the linked interview below from the previous Liberty article referred to by me below; it was deliberate, yet we still have the likes of the lying Australian Broadcasting Commission’s (ABC, paid for by the Aussie taxpayer) Jonathon Faine, the Jewish News, the Sydney Institute et. al., still lying to the public attempting to falsify history.

    There is clearly a history to the attack. President Johnson pulled back US planes for the purpose of Israel completing its task of murdering the whole crew and sinking the Liberty.
    Right; you worry about that aspect and obfuscate all you want.
    I am interested in truth and recognition for Joe Meadors and his chaps being remembered as victims of a mass murder and betrayal by THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA…….his own country!
    Bullshit propagannda claiming it was all and accident;……..
    “Oh Gee, Israelis are too perfect to actually go and murder people with an act of war….dah dah dah…. we are always victims, boo hoo.”
    Complete hyporcracy.
    Israel and its lying apologists are no fit to appear in civilised society unless it admits ………..IT WAS NO F’N ACCIDENT””””!!!!
    STOP alleging that the Honlourable Malcolm Fraser, ex Prime Minister of Australia is ‘way out there’, as did that dimwit, the CEO of the Sydney Institute did in the smh the January after the interview with Fraser.
    Got the picture?
    Just truth is required………..NO ACCIDENT, DELIBERATE MURDER!!!!

    • Ned, if you were truly interested in getting to the TRUTH, then you would be looking at all aspects to this unfortunate incident and not relying on the reporting from one side only.

      After reading Greg Maybury’s comment above,I think he may have a little surprise for you Ned, M and Paul, the three stooges who allow their biases to form their opinions.

  8. G’Day Gumshoe Folks,

    An Important Announcement:
    Of Treachery, Treason, Terror, Truth, and Liberty Forsaken (An American Tale)

    The second part of my epic, in-depth commentary and analysis on the USS Liberty and the Six-Day War has now just been completed and published (see links below to both with additional information). Please distribute widely as you see fit. The following can be cut and pasted for convenient posting on your favourite social media watering hole, or simply resend this in email to all interested folks within your respective networks. Probably best to post each part separately if you’re posting on Facebook and Google+, the two sites with which I’m most familiar. I’ve re-drafted the header and synopsis for easy cutting, pasting and posting purposes.

    Please note the following. Phil Nelson’s just released book Remember the Liberty!: Almost Sunk by Treason on the High Seas. RTL, whilst ostensibly about the attempted sinking of the USS Liberty on June 8 and the real backstory surrounding this attack and the war in which it took place, is much, much more than that. My goal has been to provide a context and perspective that’s been all but entirely missing from the mainstream media — and I’d argue, based on what I’ve seen thus far, from much of the alternative media as well — in this the 50th anniversary year of those momentous events.

    In particular, it is president Lyndon Baines Johnson’s (LBJ) and his then Defense Secretary Robert (Mr Fog of War) McNamara’s role in the events of the Liberty and the subsequent coverup, along with those of the Six-Day War in which it took place — virtually all of which has been whitewashed from the official record, excluded from the history curriculum, and avoided like the Ebola virus by all and sundry in contemporary public, political and media discourse — that I have attempted to bring to the fore. As someone who’s lived, breathed and bunked down with this story for almost three months now — all the while taking my cue from Phil’s book and with whom I worked closely throughout that time — I can only hope I have achieved these objectives in some measure, and that it will be perceived as such. You know, it’s a “what did the president know, and when did he know it?” kinda thing. This is of course how it should be.

    May the forces of peace, truth, justice, happiness and love be with you all. GM
    Of Treachery, Treason, Terror, Truth, and Liberty Forsaken (An American Tale) — Part One


    Brief: With the anniversary of the 1967 Six Day War (SDW) between Israel and the Arab states of Egypt, Syria, Jordan now upon us, it’s timely to take another look at the origins and causes of that pivotal war, and with that examine in some detail the deliberate attack by the Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) during that conflict on the US naval reconnaissance ship the USS Liberty, with the loss of 34 lives and scores of casualties. To this day, despite irrefutable evidence it was a deliberate attack, the official explanation is that it was a case of “mistaken identity”. Along with showcasing one of the most shameful episodes in U.S. military history — and from there seek a measure of recognition, justice, redress and closure for the survivors and their families — it presents us an opportunity to place into broader, now ever more urgent relief, the history of America’s increasingly contentious and counterproductive relationship with Israel in addition to probing the role of both nations in events unfolding in and across the Greater Middle East. It moreover, invites us to reexamine the largely unexplored role played in these events by one of America’s most psychopathic and criminally inclined of Oval Officeholders. On all counts, author Phillip Nelson’s just released book Remember the Liberty: Almost Sunk by Treason on the High Seas, provides us ample context and perspective within which to contemplate all of this and more.

    This is Part One of a Two Parter. The next instalment will examine further the principal events mentioned herein and the key players involved, and from there consider some of the geopolitical consequences of these events. Having been privy to the galley proofs of the book, I’ve been working closely with the author and the publisher in the preparation of this article and the one to follow, and on other pre-publication aspects of the project. I’ll be interviewing Phil soon, and will make this interview available through the usual mediums and forums. This ‘water-boarding’ session with Phil promises to be wide-ranging, insightful, and informative, [and] not just about the matters of primary concern in his book. My good mate former CIA intelligence analyst, now activist, geopolitical commentator, and co-founder & member of the Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity (VIPS) Ray McGovern has penned the foreword to the book, now available.
    Of Treachery, Treason, Terror, Truth, and Liberty Forsaken (An American Tale) — Part Two


    TOTAL READING TIME 45-50 mins.

    Caveat: Those folks with are time-poor or afflicted with truncated attention spans, please be advised I don’t do short! For my part I unapologetically take a different approach, preferring the long-form, ‘slow-journalism’-style analysis. It may not work for all, but it works for some. And it works for me too. If in doubt as to whether I might/might not be worth the effort, the link below will give you a hint of what to expect. Some random feedback to recent articles from my (ahem) ‘small cult following’.

    — ‘[This is] an excellent editorial. Thanks again brother it’s [impressive]. Keep up the great work Greg.’
    — ‘I read your fine article and will let others know about your important geopolitical work. Thanks for keeping me in the loop!’
    — ‘Good day Greg! Thanks a lot for sharing. Will post on my page. Much kudos to you for all your concern in a world where most people have been intoxicated with a large variety of amusements.’
    — ‘I really enjoyed reading this excellent piece on journalism, public discourse and power.’
    — ‘Thanks Greg Maybury! Love your writing.’
    — [Greg] I appreciate your work, promoting awareness [of these issues] is important for the greater good. There is no alternative to moving forward. Hat tip for your great piece, I shared generously, lol.
    — ‘Thanks so much for sending this article along [Greg]. It is excellent.’
    — ‘Greg, Thanks so much for this essay, it’s beautifully done…..I’ve bookmarked this piece and will study it further and respond in more depth. I met you through Consortiumnews; have they considered publishing this? May I recommend it to them?‘

    Still hungry? Go here….Have a nice day! 


    Greg Maybury
    June 9, 2017
    Perth, Australia*

    *(You know, on the right side of the Rabbit Proof Fence)

  9. Over at www,activist.com is another article on the Liberty murders.
    Strange that on such an anniversary the msm is silent.
    Oh well, msm go broke we have independants all over the internet exposing lies from the fakes.
    By the way Nenimis, in the comments section someone is spruiking your reference book about Israel being double crossed by the Liberty chaps, the cia, the whole world, Et. Al.
    Your cousin?

    • Clarification.
      I came across the reference to the activist POST article from a link at rumormillnews reading room posted on Thursday 8th June at 8.61 timeline under the title:
      ‘The USS Liberty; A Test for Americans’.
      Note in the activistpost report that a commission of inquiry found that the attack was deliberate.
      Shove that: ABC, Jonathon Faine, Jewish News, Sydney Institute and mass media. You lot are losers.

  10. Dear Greg, Please consider writing a short article for Gumshoe to deal only with this interesting matter, as in your quote (on June 9 below) from Nelson:

    “Those fighter jets, had they not have been recalled by Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara himself, would have arrived in time to prevent the worst of the attack, the torpedo attack that killed 26 men in the communications room. For their part, the bombers did not return until four or five days later. As the pilot explained, the nuclear bombs made the planes ‘too heavy and dangerous to land back on the aircraft carrier,” and they had to be diverted to a land-based airstrip’.”

    I may be reading it wrong. Looks like the US was going to nuke Egypt. But it did not. Why not?

    And if the Big Bad Stuff was planned for years, why did anyone try to send help to the Liberty? (As survivors tell it, the “US” did at first go to the aid of the Liberty.)

    My understanding of the Cold War is that USSR and US both worked for the same Bozo’s, so a defection of Nasser to the Ruski’s was not worth starting a nuclear war, was it?

    In short, this sounds like a most important story but I don’t get it.

    • Greg, I would add to Mary’s comment, that the co-author of the book, The Secret War against the Jews, a book that explores every aspect of this incident and who is an ex-U.S. Attorney General, John Ashcroft, is still practising law. In fact his firm has just been hired by Qatar to dispel to the world that Qatar has been promoting Muslim terrorist groups – maybe you could glean some further info on this incident from him?

  11. G’Day Folks, A general response to some comments above. For those suggesting I write more on this episode I’ve already committed a considerable amount of commentary and analysis, and have to now move onto other projects. I will though be conducting an interview with Phil Nelson soon, and will let you all know when that is available. I can and will put to Phil some of these other questions and queries.

    As for the suggestion that “main parts of this story have been known to the public for some time”, I’d strongly beg to differ. If only that were the case. Only a small part of this story is familiar to the public (even the blow by blow of the attack itself which as I have noted in my extended set piece has been dissected every which way from Sunday), and I would suggest that the proportion of said “public” that we might think know is miniscule. If you were to take a street survey, I’d wager that only one in a hundred people were even aware that a USS ship was attacked by Israel, let alone anything about the backstory behind it. Phil Nelson IMO provides the most complete, up-to-date account from what I have read and from what I know. And even that story will struggle to get the attention if deserves. This reality has been the attendant characteristic of this narrative for fifty years.

    To Nemesis: You mentioned the book The Secret War against the Jews. Two things. Insofar as I can gather John Ashcroft, former US AG had nothing to do with this book (the co-author was John Loftus). Secondly, whilst I have not read this book, the suggestion it provides anything approaching a detailed much less definitive account of the Liberty attack is not something that Nelson himself would subscribe to, and he should know. Given the scope of the book you mention, to say nothing of the broad theme as indicated by the very title, one would not expect such from it in any event. Phil Nelson drew on most of all the relevant, available resources, documents, testimony and evidence. This was not one of them.

    One more thing. In my 2 part set piece much more is revealed not just about the Liberty attack, but the Six-Day War and the role of LBJ. That was the purpose of the exercise. My 2 parter was written as a complement to Phil’s book, and that’s how he views it. If folks haven’t read this piece — yes, it’s long, but the topics/themes demanded an in-depth analysis/commentary — then please do if you wish to explore further. I don’t think you will be disappointed, even if I do say so myself. The bottom line is that now, the topic of the Liberty attack cannot be discussed outside the context of the war in which it took place, and neither can be discussed without considerable reference to the central role played by LBJ in particular in both of these events.

    As noted, very few articles written about the LIberty — even in the alternative or independent media where one might have expected this to be the case — in this the 50th anniversary of that attack have taken this approach. And despite my best efforts to publicise Phil’s book, I can’t think of any one of them which gave the book any attention, let alone highlighted any new revelations therein. As to why this has been the case I can’t say. Those that did comment on the Liberty tragedy at all preferred for reasons best known to themselves to rehash the tired old narratives. One well-known, highly reputable alt/indie masthead whose handle shall remain unmentioned republished an essay from 15 years ago, adding precisely nothing new to the narrative. In so doing, it added nothing to its reputation.

    One more thing. It should be noted that Phil Tourney (one of the survivors, and a co-author of the book) had the following to say about my extended set-piece (not the review). Bear in mind that Phil has read more articles in 50 years that you can poke a heat seeking missile at in a month of Afghan Sundays.

    “Greg, I can’t tell you when I have read a better article about our great ship Liberty and her crew [and] can’t thank you enough for this excellent [piece]…. [All] Americans should read this, read Phil’s book, and [then] demand justice once and for all……’ — Phillip Tourney, USS Liberty Survivor, Three-time Liberty Veterans’ Assn. Make of that what you will.

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