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Coincidences, Hatred and Mainstream Media War Machine


The 19 alleged hijackers involved in 9-11 — a narrative propagated by the six mainstream media companies 

by Dee McLachlan

The mainstream media (MSM) reported last week that Victoria’s Islamic Council wants young Muslims to have access to taxpayer-funded “safe spaces” in which they can make “inflammatory” comments. These would be “rage rooms” where young Muslims could express themselves openly.

Victoria’s Premier, Daniel Andrews, says he’s “very troubled” by the suggestion for safe spaces where Muslim youth “could be radical”, and said “There is no safe way to rail against the West.”

That’s right. Now with many radical youth under constant surveillance, even a glib remark could later lead to life imprisonment.

Now I put this question: is there an “Islamic rage”? (Just because someone says there is does not mean there is.) How should we categorize the plethora of “terrorist attacks” against Western targets – did those events occur as reported?  Are the guilty parties Muslim?

Now I put this question:  are the increasing number of “terrorist attacks” a form of blow-back? Are Muslims running around bombing Western cities in reaction to what we have done in the Middle East?

CNN Fast Facts:

“Nineteen men hijacked four fuel-loaded US commercial airplanes bound for west coast destinations. A total of 2,977 people were killed in New York City, Washington, DC and outside of Shanksville, Pennsylvania. The attack was orchestrated by al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden.”

But there is a problem with this story. None of it is true. The official narrative is all a LIE.

After reviewing all the evidence — the physics of the collapsing buildings, the drills, the Intel from various whistle-blowers — one can only come to the conclusion that 9-11 was a false flag.

What a dilemma for Western politicians!

How could they possibly admit now that these wars on Afghanistan and Iraq were a terrible mistake. Osama bin Laden (he is a Saudi, not an Afghan!) was reportedly hiding in Tora Bora — which justified the invasion there.

A year and a half later, the West invaded Iraq “to prevent Saddam Hussein from using WMDs, and also to free the people from tyranny.” Oh boy! Dr David Kelly, a British scientist, who worked as a weapons inspector for the United Nations Special Commission (UNSCOM), was an expert in Iraq’s weapons programs. He questioned the validity of WMD narrative — and was then murdered.

Robin Cook, the Speaker of the House of Commons and a former UK foreign secretary, resigned from government in protest over the prime minister’s stance on Iraq. But even though some politicians spoke out, the overwhelming coverage from the media allowed the wars to unfold.

Supporting a War Agenda

As a result of the invasion there were over a million deaths in Iraq alone.

Even those who still believe that Osama bin Laden was responsible for the 9-11 attacks, know that the invasion of Iraq was a lie.

How did this happen? The MSM propagated the official narrative. They became part of the war machine.

The Beginnings of Al Qaeda and ISIS

Today we continue to attack countries in the Middle East.  But now we no longer say it is retaliation for 9-11. We say it is to suppress those rebels or insurgents or whatever you call it. ISIS or any new group like “al Qaeda.”

But let’s try to be honest. Al Qaeda came off the drawing boards of western military. I note that the former director of the CIA, Robert Gates, stated in his memoirs that the American intelligence services began to aid the Mujahiddin in Afghanistan six months before the Soviet intervention in 1979.

And as we have many times quoted at GumshoeNews, Zbigniew Brzezinski (President Jimmy Carter’s National Security Advisor) admitted that the US’s secret training of radicals (the Mujahadin from Pakistan) was an excellent idea, as it had the effect of drawing the Russians into the Afghan trap.

Are We Also Creating “ISIS”?

When Sheikh Nabil Naiem was interviewed on Syrian television (2014) he described how Abu Bakr Baghdadi was a US agent and was set up to liberate Syria (and Iraq).

After Baghdadi was released from prison (in 2006), he established the first ISIS camps in Jordan.

The Sheikh claims these camps were supervised by the Marines, and the arming of ISIS was all American. The Sheikh said he was in charge of a camp of 120 men, and was spending thousands of thousands of dollars on food, weapons, munition, and training.

But let us not take the Sheikh’s word on that. Let us rely on what the the once Supreme Allied Commander Europe of NATO (1997 to 2000), Ret. General Wesley Clark told us.

In 2007 Clark revealed, in an interview with Democracy Now’s Amy Goodwin, that he was shown a secret memo when he visited the Pentagon in 2001. (I’m sorry I sound like a stuck record, but this is for new visitors to the site, and for the MSM who will not report this.)

The “Destruction” Memo

This secret memo revealed the ‘the neocon plan’ to destroy 7 countries in 5 years. An extract:

GEN. WESLEY CLARK: So I came back to see him a few weeks later (2001), and by that time we were bombing in Afghanistan. I said, “Are we still going to war with Iraq?” And he said, “Oh, it’s worse than that.” He reached over on his desk. He picked up a piece of paper. And he said, “I just got this down from upstairs” — meaning the Secretary of Defense’s office — “today.” And he said, “This is a memo that describes how we’re going to take out seven countries in five years, starting with Iraq, and then Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and, finishing off, Iran.”

Why destroy these countries? This is the explanation provided to Clark.

“I guess it’s like we don’t know what to do about terrorists, but we’ve got a good military and we can take down governments… I guess if the only tool you have is a hammer, every problem has to look like a nail.

That is the explanation provided to the staff at the Pentagon, but the plan was a well orchestrated geopolitical take over of banking and resources for total global power.

The London 2005 False Flag

False flags (organised by shadow governments) are generally exceptionally well planned and orchestrated.

The official narrative for the 7/7/2005  attack on London’s Underground (and a bus) network claims that four youths — British suicide bombers — were inspired by al-Qaeda, and orchestrated a four prong attack that killed 52 people.

But the narrative does not stand up to scrutiny.

The realization that there was a drill planned at the same tube stations at exactly the same time is a red flag — that the attack was a false flag.

Later that day (7th July 2005), information emerged that a private company was running a terror rehearsal drill in London when the real explosions were reported,

These revelations came directly from the Managing Director (Peter Power) of Visor Consultants — the private firm running the terror rehearsal operation. Mr Power happened to get on BBC Radio 5 Live’s Drivetime program. An extract of the transcript below:

POWER: …at half-past nine this morning we were actually running an exercise for… a company of over a thousand people in London based on simultaneous bombs going off precisely at the railway stations where it happened this morning, so I still have the hairs on the back of my neck standing upright!

PETER ALLEN: To get this quite straight, you were running an exercise to see how you would cope with this and it happened while you were running the exercise?

POWER: Precisely… Peter Power’s Radio 5 Live Drivetime Interview

Peter Power then had a television interview on ITV news (at 20:20 on 7/7) which revealed a little more about the nature of the operation.

POWER: Today we were running an exercise for a company… And the most peculiar thing was, we based our scenario on the simultaneous attacks on an underground and mainline station. So we had to suddenly switch an exercise from ‘fictional’ to ‘real’…

INTERVIEWER: Just to get this right, you were actually working today on an exercise that envisioned virtually this scenario?

POWER: Er, almost precisely… And we chose a scenario – with their assistance – which is based on a terrorist attack because they’re very close to, er, a property occupied by Jewish businessmen…

CBC News: Sunday: 

Solomon: But it is a coincidence.

Power: It’s a coincidence, and it’s a spooky coincidence. Our scenario was very similar – it wasn’t totally identical, but it was based on bombs going off, to the time, the locations, all this sort of stuff… there was a few seconds when the audience didn’t realise whether it was real or not.

What audience?

Locations of the London bombings

I am not quite sure why Peter Power was “allowed” to disclose this information. Maybe to prove to us that the powers that be are so powerful — that even when these type of details are exposed, the MSM will rally behind the official narrative. A show of defiance?

Breeding Hatred

What did our governments think would happen when they invaded these countries with the awful “shock and awe” campaign in the Middle East?

Webster’s Dictionary defines hate as “an intense hostility and aversion — usually deriving from fear, anger or a sense of injury.” One on-line definitions hate as “a feeling of dislike so strong that it demands action.

And now the hatred is being exported.

The recent attacks seem more random and scattered than the big false flags.

The Political Rhetoric

On the recent Manchester attack, Australia’s Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said this in Question Time (in Parliament):

 …that the Manchester concert attack was a “vile”, “criminal” and “an attack on innocence.”

 “This is an attack on innocence. Surely, there is no crime more reprehensible than the murder of children.”

Yes — there is no crime more reprehensible than the murder of children. Turnbull then said:

We stand with our allies as we always have and always will — “steadfast allies for freedom’s cause.”

The number of children that died in Iraq as a result of sanctions (before the conflict) was estimated at 500,000.

“But we think the price is worth it” Madeleine Albright.

Is it any wonder hatred is stirred and shaken when forces of such magnitude decide to destroy cultures and countries!

But again I must ask, are the latest group of attacks really an expression of emotion by Muslims? Or something else?


Newton’s third law is “Every reaction has an equal and opposite reaction.”

With apparent logic, the violence in Europe that seems to be coming from Muslims is called “blow-back.”. That is, we stirred up a genuine religious or nationalist anger.  Deliberately? Hmm.

Here is  a timeline of recent attacks in France.

If it is correct to call this blow-back, one might say that the recipe for these disasters was cooked up years ago, and the lid of the pressure cooker has popped off.

The question is how do you put a lid on hatred… now?

Forget “safe rooms” — I recommend that the way to sort it out would be to identify the real war criminals — and the MSM protecting them.

Do you agree?



  1. Another amazing co-incidence
    In May 2004 on the BBC News 24 — they broadcast a mock attack.
    “Panorama: London under attack” utilises a fictional terrorist attack on the UK’s capital city to examine how prepared we are for a disaster.”
    Peter Power and Panorama’s ‘mock broadcasts’ detailed the unfolding of the fictional terror attack, along with graphics showing the fictional blast locations and simulating how news of the attack might be presented, had such an attack actually occurred. The news reader was KIRSTY LANG.


    BUT in another amazing coincidence, Lang was selected from the range of BBC World presenters (about 25 of them) to replace regular newscasters on the biggest UK news day of 2005, namely the day of 7th July 2005.


  2. From Amazon, regarding Robert Gates’ book “A Passion for Leadership” (which has 120 reviews):

    “About the Author
    ROBERT M. GATES served as secretary of defense under both President George W. Bush and President Barack Obama. He was also an officer in the United States Air Force and worked for the CIA before being appointed director of the agency. He served eight presidents of both political parties and was a member of the National Security Council staff in four administrations.

    “He was president of Texas A&M University from 2002 to 2006, is currently chancellor of the College of William & Mary, was named president of the Boy Scouts of America in 2013, and has served on several corporate boards of directors.”

  3. It is hard not to see a geographical element to this ‘post-Gladio’ operation. First France is targeted, then Belgium (the head-quarters of both the EU and NATO, then Germany, then most recently Britain. Non of these terrorist attacks attributed to ‘ISIS’ have been free of very great doubt as to their authenticity, despite not one (as far as I am aware) of the MSM outlets questioning the official account. How other than complicity and/or conspiracy can this be explained other than total incompetence? Why is it, despite the huge investment in surveillance cameras, do they invariably not capture the action when they are needed? And why is it in virtually EVERY case there is clear and unique evidence of predictive awareness by Israeli state organs/individuals. Yet again this significant red flag is never reported by MSM as a highly suspicious element! The repetitive nature of the highly choreographed incidents, both before and after, and the way they are used for the same political message and agenda, all outside aegis of a Muslim organisation whether violent or not, clearly point to supra-national, transatlantic, governmental planning and implementation. The ‘coincidences’ of place and timing are repeated so frequently, only blind, deaf or dumb could ignore them. The unavoidable conclusion: this description fits the general state of western public awareness as portrayed by the main media outlets. I note from yesterday’s London Times, that one of the first policy steps by the Macron led French Government is to propose a law to make the State of Emergency powers permanent. Significantly following her humiliating miscalculation, one of the few objectives Prime Minister May referred to when she re-entered No. 10 was an intention “to keep Britain safe and secure” (which she had blatantly failed to do!) and “cracking-down on the ideology of Muslim extremism and ALL THOSE THAT SUPPORT IT.” Of course much depends on how this interpreted, but clearly not extending to supplying advanced armaments to them!(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cW21vdsvjOY)

    • Thanks Timothy. In that (horrible) video, May talks about “cracking down on the ideology of Islamic extremism.” And says We must “give the police and the authorities the power they need to keep our nation safe.:

      Is she the best that the people of England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland can come up with?

      Where are Tom Paine and David Hume when we need them?

      Where are Edward Coke and William Blackstone?

      Where are John Wyclyf and Bobby Burns? Where is George Orwell? Where is Robin Cook?

      Hey, where is everybody?

      • Why not put large pot plants instead. And please — how many of these stupid bollards will be required for this “safety show”?
        There are over 342 kilometres of roads within the municipality of Melbourne with a mixture of public and private lane-ways.

      • I had to take a second look at Melbourne’s bollards.
        At first instance I thought they were actually upturned politician’s heads.
        Now I realise that they represent Dr. Day’s world in the future, they represent the msm and the NWO globalist corporate citizens…….. just lumps of concrete placed and static for the NWO new unthinking order.

  4. I find it interesting that Camus, Bertram Russel, Nietzsche, and many of philosophers seem having little to say about subversive corruption, conspiracy and propaganda, I am not saying nothing has been said but little, existentialism also seems to me to lack insight into this area? when we see MI6 investigating the plutonium killing in London of the Russian journalist, and killing such as Dr David Kelly, which we must most likely conclude that this being a state killing such as a likely source MI5, also Kelly becoming Baha, I suggest a association also with socialism is in contrast to the vast profits of the program of rich, the low wage of the masses is a reflection the society we live in, governed by a ruthless elite for the rich. the 4 Corners and the investigation of communist leaders making big money contributions to Australian politicians and both parties in return for subverting Australian society, what difference is there between communist leaders who are controlling the masses? and Western democratic leaders being a controlling elite? is there fundamentally any difference between communism and capitalism?
    The tentacles of conspiracy is effecting all either in a unconscious way or subversive, Banksy, becomes furtive in my view, his or her obvious alluding to third world injustice is salient work sells for hundreds of thousands through Christie and Sothebys, being anonymous, it is uncertain if the paintings are even produced by a capitalist syndicate, odd he or she is covert, why?
    What can be said about this age we live within the confines of the dark ages, we are at present lead by leaders who are very disconnected from the public, most if not all are either drawn from big money, or connected with the old boys tie, or covert security police, all of these individuals are highly undesirable as leaders, system is so set up the enlightened are in such a minority having little impact upon the rulers and the slaves.
    The establishment is silent about the history of imperialist nations and its history, is dismissed as irrelevant in the curriculum why? because terrorism today is all part of terrorism of the imperialist nations of our past and present.

    • Don, I think there could be a reason — nudge nudge cough cough — why Camus and Nietzche were mum, and we needn’t even use nudges and coughs when saying that about Lord Russell.

      • At the time of the writers I mentioned such as Camus, the Tavistock had not infiltrated the system to what is now the case, Tavistock started its course I would say around 1947, I understand when Rockefeller put money in this institute for mind control of the masses.
        The internet was I read some 15 years ago devised by the CIA and other subversive agencies as a means to survey the general public, the only thing changed is with Snowden and the other transvestite,was those were two of the CIA own, also I think they were set up to obtain more victims to be caught in the net to increase surveillance and same with Wiki leaks, to create a atmosphere of fear by establishment ie, guns carried by police to protect the civilian population, whereas it is to oppress the mass public for and by the elite to maintain power,
        Orwell must have got the idea before 1945 with Animal Farm, but with Stalin and many other factors knew we were heading to where we are today, as I have said many similarities of capitalism is as communism. both run by elites although capitalism claims rule of law the rule of law or law is only for the few with money, the police are a organization for the rich and not justice, as can be seen by the establishment of London’s Bow Street Runners.
        Freedom becomes a word that is now almost redundant other than a idea of possibility.

    • I formed the opinion at that time when it was reported that some big wig copper came out from the UK, had a sniff around and left.
      She smelt bs.
      In due course we were left fighting the dung beetles who won.
      Now how much did that cost us?

  5. Im amazed by how much air time the MSM give to julian assange & wikileaks. ( no im not ) it is almost exactly like they are working together! of all the patently obvious false flags, assange says he is annoyed by anyone who questions the official account of 9/11.


    in order for the corruption to exist, it must go all the way to the top, otherwise, they would stop it.

    If my name was Ted Bullpit, I might be inclined to say, “Somebody should blow those kids up.”

    • I meant to add that @ my second link, there are links to the film “Ripple Effect 2” that details more about the london bombings 7/7 and the media lies and complicity and the mock terror drill on BBC Panorama that Dee speaks of below.

      • Assange, has contributed to democracy with Wikileaks, has also become a victim of the pop star agenda, he wants love and devotion as such he is distrustful of others having a input into his game, his vanity has taken over the greater good of political exposure for informing the public of insider information, as such many having the insight to this weakness and having a doting Mother of her perfect son has not helped him to mature.

        • Ever noticed that so-called “Jews” have a disproportionate penchant toward stardom ? And that attributing the phenomena to talent kinda sums up eugenics ?

      • Always noticed that Wilileaks can wave around leaked information about every Nation and Government….except one that is always conspicuously off limits. Can you guess which one?

    • That “annoyed” remark is a 2010 quote that could have been directed toward a failure to differentiate between documentary evidence & speculation, as opposed to denying the physical machinations of the event,however the guy does strike me as having significant blind spots.

      I’ve also heard claims that Bradley/Chelsea Manning is a dead counter-intelligence ringer. His/her story certainly leaves a lot of questions begging.

  6. Dee,
    You hammer and nail depiction as a summary of US foreign policy is brilliant.
    Pity that John Winston Howard and Co is/are a mere tack hammer/s
    Now may I refer to a comment somewhere here ( cannot find it)
    I refer to the influence of the silent, till courage is victorious.
    Look up one MAN; Saint Telemachus and how he influenced the emmperor Honourius.
    He gave his life for a civilised society that is now endangered.
    (Ps Telemachus is not a relation of telstra😃)

  7. While researching personal mafia connections made a link with the Krays, Bert Rossi and the Gambinos. Bert Rossi has a tell all book coming out at the end of this month.
    If you can find this link- Tony Gambino, born in Palermo 1943, age 5 groomed by Grandfather as NY Mafia boss, has now chosen to tells his story-it is long winded, disjointed and at times difficult to follow –he has “complex ptsd”—– it is however worth persevering with–straight from the horses mouth— a tell all- his bit about 9/11 is told with “authority”

    Tony Gambino interview “Vatican runs the Mafia”
    by Mafia Nation
    Tony Gambino Interview.

  8. I agree.

    The wars were never a mistake to the people who set them up. They feel each time more legal rights are taken from the people (in response to another false flag attack), they get closer to their goal. And that’s why they continue creating small and larger events. It’s not blow back — just a continual bombardment with propaganda using so-called attacks.

    “We stand with our allies as we always have and always will — “ steadfast allies for freedom’s cause.””
    The question is, do they mean freedom for certain groups? Or maybe this is reverse speak (or whatever Orwell called it), meaning the opposite of freedom for the rest of us?

    One correction with respect: “Amy Goodwin” is actually Amy Goodman of Democracy Now.

    Great article! I had never heard of the Peter Power thing before. Excellent to know!

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