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Nailing James Comey


Former FBI Director James Comey

by G5

Sessions raided Comey’s office while Comey was in California — reading his letter of dismissal. Removed in accordance with his contract, at the President’s pleasure.

Comey, as I have written, had set himself into FBI as the blackmail king — following on from Hoover’s 48 year stint (BOI-FBI). The difference being that Hoover was able to blackmail the 8 presidents under whom he served — or vice versa. And the Mafia had the file on Hoover. His Mafia code name was ‘Mary’. Then Valachi appeared and exposed Hoover and the Mafia.

Interestingly, when [President William] McKinley was murdered (6/9/1901), the hunt was for ‘Anarchists’. Prior to the Marxist, Lone Gunman, Communist, Dictators, and Terrorist Eras. The Eras of Invasions, Incursions, Destabilising, Civil Wars,  Regime Changes, Weapons Testing, Looting, Pillage, Plunder, Democratising, Self-Determination, Protection, and Humanitarian Aid — were to follow.

The broken states: economically destroyed, demonized, victimized, marginalized, lateralised, and economically enslaved. Apart from the devastations and genocides.

The Clinton Consortium not only thieved the money heading for the Haitian Earthquake Relief, but during Ma Clinton’s tenure as Secretary of State, over $2 billion was stolen from The State Department accounts. Apart from all the side deals — as with Lockheed Martin. One of Comey’s employers.

The State Department was supplying arms to its radical elements in Iraq, Syria, and Libya. Clinton was the wholesaler.

Dov Zakheim was Financial Comptroller of the Pentagon (2001-2004). On 10/9/2001, Rumsfeld advised that $2.3 trillion was missing from the accounts. Then a further $1 trillion disappeared.

The accounting systems of the Pentagon have been purposely disjuncted. No section is able to communicate or share data with any other section. The Office of Naval Intelligence was tasked with finding the missing Pentagon trillions. Unfortunately that was the section of the above ground complex that was bombed on the day. Many people were killed.

No problem — Comey launched an investigation and hired his brother at $700,000 to try to find where the money went.

Comey has been caught out lying again — about the Russian Collusion Affair. Now he will answer questions: now he won’t. Some time ago I wrote the source of the Russian Collusion Affair was a false file written by former SIS Christopher Steele. It was slipped to CIA and FBI — and they ran with it. Embellishing it as they traveled, and leaked to the MSM. FBI even paid Steele for it. And never tested it.

Obama had CIA, NSA, and FBI monitor the Trump Campaign for DNC. The Dems were the ones responsible for hacking, collusion, and voter fraud. Known before the Seth Rich Affair of 10/7/2017, the Debbie Schultz Resignation, the Donna Brazile Affair, the John Podesta ‘Stolen Election’ Narrative, the Sidney Blumenthal Affair, and the absurd Voter Recount Affair.

The WMD Iraq file was also a concoction. CIA leaked the lie to NYT. Then GWB quoted NYT as a credible source. Powell (Chairman of The Joint Chiefs of Staff) et al. knew full well that the WMD Narrative was a lie. As did the herd of liars who read the script into their respective parliaments. They were all briefed.

Snowden delivered files given to him by CIA — at war with NSA over the Cisco-DARPA-Saic backdooring of CIA by NSA. Snowden did not have access to the files he romantically delivered.

Assange is a permitted conduit. [Chelsea] Manning was expendable. The NSA is part of the Economic Wars, while America is clutching to survive.

Beyond the manipulated Peanut Gallery, Social Media Addicted, Belief Systems — no one is hacking Social Media as believed. It was triggered by MSM as a political problem by CIA for NSA.

Communicating with Kislyak, the Russian Ambassador, is hardly ‘collusion’. As Tefft and shortly Huntsman (American ambassadors) communicating and associating with Putin, is not collusion. Flynn visiting Russia representing American interests, is not collusion. Even though he was fed and given lunch money.

Tillerson as CEO of ExxonMobil dealing with Russia, and even presented with a Russian award, concerning joint interests in Arctic oil, is not collusion. Tillerson protesting to Obama that his idiotic Russian Sanctions Serenade, was in fact hurting American interests and not Russian, was not collusion.

Flynn, from former DIA days, was cultivating or recruited Russian Change Overs. Which he then tried to run. He should have done neither. Only a mess can evolve if a character as Flynn is involved. Such matters are handled differently as covers by specialist humint ops. If the sources are known, all is compromised and the Russian Change Overs will eventually be terminated by SVR-GRU.

If Le Pen had correctly won the French Presidential Election, that idiot narrative of a Russian Hack would have been rerun by French MSM. But Macron, the Rothschild puppet, having fraudulently ‘won’, was fine.

The Globalists now have Macron and Merkel in the front line. Macron is chummy with Merkel and performs like a retard to Putin. Trump ignores them both.

The Globalists holding control in The EU with France and Germany — having their economies destroyed by the usual suspects, is fine. The poorer players (not Third World) as Greece, were manipulated into fraudulent ‘Loans’ by their bought government and representative actors.

Iceland, Hungary, and Russia, have now taken back control of their domestic economies, and their currencies. Their Central Banks have been closed. Their banking cohorts and the IMF have been settled. The usual suspects have been evicted. The Rothschild consortium is persona non grata in Iceland, Hungary, and Russia.

Their banks were nationalised in France in the 1980s. When Macron was manipulated into the office of Financial Controller of France, The Rothschilds re-established their French interests.

The USD is worthless beyond its denomination in crude oil contracts, blackmailed purchases of US Treasury Paper (30 year bond), and arms sales. To meet the ‘enemies’ invented by America and its playmates.

After the insanity of Hoover spending 48 years as Director of The OBI-FBI (1924-1935-1972) — having been appointed Director for life by LBJ (over the blackmail of LBJ concerning his sexual offences), the Director of the FBI became a 10 year contract at the President’s Pleasure.

Comey was appointed to a 10 year contract by Obama in 2013. Under the terms of his contract, he could be dismissed by The President at any time, for any reason, or no reason at all. To read anything more into that — signals those delivering the false message. Not the event itself.

Comey was involved in every deal allied to the Clintons; from the Iran-Contra CIA drug running, to the Hillary Email Affair. He was manipulating both the DOJ and The FBI, and attempting blackmails and manipulations to suit his agendas.

He needs no pity. He can write non-books. Or have them written for him. And he can do the idiot breakfast circuit and go on the liars talk circuit. All very lucrative. Apart from the odd billion he can access for supermarket shopping. And of course he is entitled to all kinds of benefits that would leave the Peanut Gallery Enthusiasts with nowhere to turn. But the truth must be a conspiracy theory. Remember the Grassy Knoll Affair from the terminally insane Conspiracy Theory Deniers.

And this is the character the hypocritical Dems. They are crying Trump sacked Comey, as he was closing in on the Russian Collusion. Comey has clearly demonstrated a professional lifelong disorder of insurmountable difficulties closing in on Truth and Reality.

The problem was, that Comey should have been terminated in January 2017, along with the other two of the leading Obama stooge triumvirate — DNI Clapper, and CIA Brennan, on 20/1/2017. DOJ Lynch was removed on the same day.

Following Brennan’s recent answers in Congressional inquiry. Amid the interminable hot air, the only relevant comment he made was — ‘There is no evidence’.

NSA Rogers floats on. He was left in place as NSA is a Pentagon responsibility. Last October a number of heads of the 17 American intell agencies wanted Rogers removed. He was annoying them. Obama was preoccupied, not interested, and thought Rogers could be left to be the problem for his replacement (Trump).

As the others wanted Rogers out — Trump is considering him for National Security Advisor (APNSA). Current DNI is incumbent Coates.

Leaving a chronic, habitual, and accomplished liar and manipulator in his position, was an overly trusting scenario. Particularly with a highly partisan and terminally dysfunctional MSM — led by CNN, MSNBC, NYT and WP.

As was said of Kissinger — ‘He lies because it is in his nature’. To that list you can add the Clintons and Obama. Albeit the latter was more leaning to the clueless and stooge syndrome.

When ‘journalists’ interview each other, particularly on MSM, they have nothing to say.

Maddow was raving about Trump’s tax returns. To shut her up, Kushner leaked to one of her offsiders, five pages of one of Trump’s old returns. She raves on and flashes the useless find on one of her pukefests.

Before she finishes her grand scoop, Social is already running denouncements and comparisons — making her performance as billious as it could be.

Trump taped Comey. Then someone leaked to the mentally challenged, that Comey kept memos concerning Trump asking Comey not to investigate Flynn. (Who incidentally resigned — he was not fired.)

The Intell Communities operate through channels unknown to the Peanut Galleries. And will never be known or understood.

There is a site called Gliph. It’s a nonsense. As are the Dark Web Message Boards.

A NYT supremo named Michael Schmidt was fed a nonsense that some moron had planted on Gliph — concerning the alleged Russian Collusion Affair and the fictional Comey memos.

Scmidt writes up the stupidity for the NYT Rag. WP then picks up the NYT idiocy, embellishes it and runs it. MSNBC Brian Williams interviews Schmidt — who skirts around the issue.

By now, the Peanut Galleries are positive about the Russian Collusion Affair and that Comey was sacked because he had the ‘evidence’ concerning Trump and Flynn.

From the onset the Executive was receiving false intelligence. Wherever the Executive was pushed to act, it acted detrimentally. As I have previously indicated. Basic facts were withheld by the American Intelligence Community.

America has a very great problem concerning its government — which has partnered with MSM and is in open warfare with the American Executive, the American Legislature, and the American People.


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    You would never guess whom the American press rolled out last week to support the HONESTY of James Comey – yes, his fellow Jamesian, CIA Director James Clapper.

    Here is a quote from a November 2016 article at Politico, by Martin Matishak and Bryan Bender:

    “The most controversial aspect of Clapper’s tenure may have been his statement to a Senate panel in 2013 that U.S. spy agencies were not collecting data on American citizens — a claim later contradicted by information leaked by National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden.

    “No, sir. Not wittingly,” Clapper told the Senate Intelligence Committee in response to a question by Sen. Ron Wyden. “There are cases where they could inadvertently, perhaps, collect, but not wittingly.”
    Several months later, the Snowden leaks appeared to suggest that Clapper had not been truthful. But Clapper later said it was a very difficult question to answer in a public session and did not easily lend itself to a yes or no answer.
    “What I said was the NSA does not voyeuristically pore through U.S. citizens’ emails. I stand by that,” Clapper later told National Journal.

  2. Isn’t it wonderful that one American person gets it. At 1.40 on this video, Kiki Green says:

    I pity the fool who fell for the hacking story when there weren’t nobody talking about Russia doing no hacking until [someone] talked about John Podesta’s pedophile ass.”

    • Ms. Green gets some of it, but she’s missing a lot of significant pieces. At certain points during the video, it seemed that she was doing her own thinking (which I always appreciate), but then later it seemed more like she was just very well indoctrinated (probably from her good school).

      • I have a lot of sympathy for people who think Trump has any good intentions. Does anyone really think someone could be a successful real estate developer and casino owner without being deeply involved with the mob? He’s a tool of the mob and “government” is a tool of the mob. The owners of the big corporations and financial concerns run the mob. It’s all a criminal enterprise full of syndicates, etc. He’s not much different than Hillary because the agenda rules them all from the outside.

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