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Can Any Good Come Out of Quantico?


Boston FBI at the Marathon bombing

by Mary W Maxwell, current candidate for US Senate

There is now no limit to what the media will do to present a false story. Having only returned to the USA (my original home) four weeks ago, I have seen constant coverage by the media of “the event that is going to bring Trump down.” It is a total non-event. The Russian thing. It is a killer-bee story.

I am not taking this position because I’m a Republican. I would say the same if, by chance, Trump’s forces were creating some false story. Oops, whoops, they did do that – they said Assad of Syria had attacked his own people with chemical weapons, despite that being a ludicrous claim with no good evidence to back it up. Shame on Trump.

Let’s get back to the Russian killer bee story. It pleasantly piques my sense of the common law, which contains plenty of laws to protect the sanctity of law itself –laws that criminalize tampering with evidence, for example, or that provide harsh punishment for perjury. These are now being repeatedly mentioned on television – with the happy result that a few folks might at least learn of their existence!

Of course the person that the TV hosts imagine to be in the dock is the president. Judging from the way the media attack him daily on any issue (“Melania held out her hand but was rebuffed by Hubby in public” – that sort of thing), it may be that CNN and Fox are hoping to drive him from office. I don’t think they can do it, but time will tell.

James Comey was appointed head of the FBI by President Obama. (I used to say “Resident Obama” as I do not think he qualified for the presidency per Article II of the Constitution, however let’s leave that aside for now.) Appointments like that of Comey’s do not produce a “right”. A Washington bureaucrat, including at Cabinet level – but Comey is not cabinet — can be dis-appointed at any time.

The Sin?

The new president, shortly after Inauguration, told Comey to take a flying leap. It is now being said that Trump did this to hide one of his own sins, namely that he had colluded with Russia in some way to influence the 2016 presidential election. And that the FBI, “the premier investigative body in the land” – oh, please – was hot on his trail.  (Excuse me, FBI, why weren’t you hot on Trump’s trail over Syria?)

Anyway, the “naughty president” was not president at the time of the naughtiness. He was a candidate, an ordinary citizen. It is OK for a candidate (myself, for instance) to talk to Russia or any other country so long as I do not violate the 1799 law known as the Logan Act. Logan forbids an American to do deals with foreign leaders on issues that are in dispute.

As for a candidate taking money from foreigners, that is forbidden by Federal Elections legislation. Probably Trump did not need money. I don’t think Comey is accusing Trump of receiving a brown paper bag from Putin. There seems to be an accusation that Trump, after inauguration, gave secret information to Putin.

As far as I know that is constitutionally OK.  The status of any piece of data as “secret” is within a president’s power to declare. He could even change that status several times a day. Do you recall when Richard Cheney was accused of leaking the identity of CIA agent Valerie Plame, he said he had declassified it on the way to the telephone. That was not OK. The vice president does not have the same authority as the president.

Foreign Interference?

I must say I found it insulting when the media said Putin was interfering in the election. Don’t American citizens vote as they please? Would they care if Foreign Leader So-and-So preferred Candidate A over B?  And don’t we have an Electoral College which can avoid the Sturm und Drang of whole political campaigns? Yes, we do.

Hilariously the media is now mentioning the Electoral College, even though it is normally as much a hush-hush topic as, say, the collapse of Building 7 or the fate of the USS Liberty.

As I mentioned, the TV shows are also going at full tilt about such Blackstone-type sins as “obstruction of justice.”  That is, Trump’s firing of Comey is being portrayed as Trump illegally avoiding indictment. (For what? For treason I suppose, but even the most hyped up media person is not about to bring THAT crime into public awareness.)


Another concept they are bandying about is impeachment.  I love impeachment. Wrote a fine article about impeaching Cheney way back in 2005. The media has in the last few days done much to revive the image of Richard Nixon’s resignation from the White House in 1973. (The House of Representatives did not actually impeach Nixon. They did impeach Clinton in 1998 but the Senate did not convict – the vote was “close but no banana”.)

At the moment, the House of Reps, which is the only body that can impeach, has a Republican majority and is very unlikely to act against Trump. But you’d never know that when listening to talk fest on MSNBC. I’ll bet many citizens think an impeachment is likely.

The FBI Has Form

All of that is nothing compared to the current media presentation of James Comey as a hero of honesty. Is that a scream or is that a scream? And they have actually rolled out former CIA Director James Clapper to say how honest Comey is.  I suppose some of the anchor-persons who discuss these things do not even have a clue that they are talking crazy.

The FBI is, in the first place, unconstitutional – at least a law enforcement body. It started life as the Bureau of Investigation within the Treasury – you know, sort of finding out where the money went. The FBI, federal bureau of investigation,  eventually came under the Department of Justice.

The DoJ is headed by the Attorney General (currently Jeff Sessions, an Alabamian who abandoned his Senate seat when appointed to Cabinet, thus allowing meine Wenigkeit to be here in Tuscaloosa. Thank you, Jeff).

The reason the FBI is unconstitutional — even if behaved itself but it does not – is that the state delegates to the Constitutional Convention of 1787 handed over only part of their states’ sovereignty to the federation. Article I, section 8 enumerates the 18 grants of power that the states yielded to a “national” government, and police power is certainly not one of them. The states retain the power to catch criminals. Policing is a state job.


The FBI is a secretive organization that serves the interests of certain groups including, obviously, organized crime. One thing the FBI does – in cahoots with the US Attorneys in the DoJ – think Tsarnaev case, Carmen Ortiz, prosecutor – is prevent the indictment, much less the prosecution of any protected person.

Thus, John Podesta has not been indicted.  But put me in the Senate and I’ll see what I can do. Granted, enforcing the law is NOT one of the constitutional prerogatives of Congress to, but the legislators can investigate anything they wish to investigate. The goings on at Comet Pizza in Washington, DC, for example. (Actually, Congress does have a more general authority in the territory of the nation’s capital.)

I was inspired to write this article by words from Kiki Green, a wonderfully outspoken Youtuber who said there was no “Russian” issue until Podesta got exposed as a pedophile in the Pizzagate affair.  I have recently written a book on that subject. It is called Deliverance! and is a free download at GumshoeNews.com.

Today I was surprised to learn, from a statement by Montgomery’s representative in Congress, Martha Roby, that the road between Birmingham, Alabama and Atlanta, Georgia is a “sex-trafficking superhighway.” Rep Roby said, in the AlabamaGazette.com, that “Adults and children are being bought and sold in plain sight.”

Of course this is a federal crime under legislation that flowed from the 13th amendment against slavery. We read specifically at 18 USC 1591:

(a) Whoever knowingly—

(1) in or affecting interstate or foreign commerce, or within the special maritime and territorial jurisdiction of the United States, recruits, entices, harbors, transports, provides, obtains, advertises, maintains, patronizes, or solicits by any means a person [etc].”

And how do you like this, the same law contains this Blacksone-worthy provision:

(d) Whoever obstructs, attempts to obstruct, or in any way interferes with or prevents the enforcement of this section, shall be fined under this title, imprisoned for a term not to exceed 20 years, or both.

I ask: Did Comey obstruct a search for the Pizzagate miscreants?

MLK “I May Not Get There with You”

The most extreme nonsense being said about Comey is that he sends his new agents to the Martin Luther King memorial in Washington DC, as a sort of reminder that the FBI, like the KKK, has done bad things in the past.  Recall King said he feared imminent death. Recall that when the feds finally did kill him, in Memphis in 1958, the DoJ blames an innocent man, James Earl Ray.  Did Comey give his new agents a lecture about the sorrow of that.

Or that the FBI killed Malcolm X in a public place with his pregnant wife and four daughters watching – and that the FBI continues to persecute Malcolm X’s family right up to the present day?

Somebody, please arrest the FBI.

Malcolm X, 1925 – 1965

— Mary Maxwell, PhD, LLB, hopes you will visit her at her website MaxwellForSenate.com.


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  1. Just as “Langley” means the CIA (it is headquartered in Langley, Virginia), so “Quantico” means the FBI, headquartered in Quantico, VA.

    I am sorry for misquoting the Bible, John 1:46 – “Can any good come from Nazareth?” The answer in that case was Yes, but in the FBI case I argue No. It is a hopeless organization. You can’t really have a bad organization doing some good here and there, can you?

    You shoulda seen the TV here yesterday, lighting up Comey’s face as tho’ he were a choir boy.

    By the way, Alex Haley wrote an authorized biography of Malcolm X and if I remember correctly Malcolm said (in that book) “If I die now, it is the FBI”. Three men have been in prison all these years for shooting him but surely it should be Comey. And Clapper. And Robert Gates (who became head of the Boy Scouts of America in 2013!!!) and the gang.

    Yes, it should be J Edgar Hoover, too. That bastard. The big FBI building in Washington DC is called the J Edgar Hoover Bldg. This is very wrong, Folks.

    Oh, and that FBI guy who admits killing Ibragim Todashev at home in Florida so he could not help Tsarnaev.

    Oh, and that one and that one and that one.

    How long are you going to put up with it?

    One more thing. Malcolm X said that the FBI was nice to him, chauffeuring him around and so forth, when he had value as A STIRRER UPPER OF RACIAL/RELIGIOUS DISCORD WITH THE LEADER OF THE AMERICAN MUSLIMS (Nation of islam).


  2. Well, well. Get a load of this nice item from al.com:

    June 12, 2017 at 8:42 AM
    By Perry O. Hooper Jr., the Alabama State Co-Chair for the Trump campaign and a former state representative.

    James Comey’s big day before the U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee was treated in Washington, New York and other sanctuary cities as something of a national holiday. Bars and restaurants opened early. Work in offices and shops ceased. Giddy Democrats, bureaucrats and left wing media types gathered around television sets to watch the bombs fall. Bombs fell alright; on their collective heads.
    Testifying under oath Comey confirmed President Trump’s assertions that as FBI Director he had in fact told him three times that he was not the target of any investigation. The New York Times article that was the basis for the Russia-Trump Collusion narrative was debunked and became the poster child for “fake news”. Asked by Senator Tom Cotton, Arkansas Republican, whether the story was “almost entirely wrong,” he answered, “Yes.”Chris Matthews of MSNBC, no fan of the president and a fierce and resistant Democrat until the last yellow dog dies stated, “The assumption of the critics of the president, of his pursuers, you might say, is that somewhere along the line in the last year the president had something to do with colluding with the Russians … to affect the election in some way. And yet what came apart this morning was that theory. There is no there there.”
    A bomb did however fall on former Attorney General Lyretta Lynch. Loretta Lynch didn’t just obstruct justice, she directed and James Comey complied, with scuttling the Hillary Clinton investigation and renaming it a “matter” instead of an investigation.
    James Comey did reveal a lot about himself. As Patricia McCarthy of the American Thinker wrote. “He is a six foot eight ‘Pajama Boy’ His feelings are easily hurt, he gets scared in Trump’s presence, he gets nauseated, is weak, gets confused and stunned.” No wonder Trump fired him.
    Finally, who needs Russian interference when a malicious media is on the hunt and Democrats refuse to accept the results of an inconvenient election? Vladimir Putin is achieving his aims without lifting a finger. The Washington establishment owes President Trump an apology and needs to get to work implementing the Trump Agenda.

  3. Hey, anybody want to discuss how and why the FBI killed Kenneth Trentadue in prison, related to the OKC bombing?

    I see our friend Jim Corbett has a whole series on “suicided” people:

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