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The London Towering Inferno — A Reminder of Another Building (WTC 7)


Which building suffered a catastrophic (part free-fall) collapse?  (L) Grenfell apartments in London, (R) Building 7 on 9/11/17

by Dee McLachlan

Another terrible tragedy has once again reminded us of a past atrocity. This one most likely accidental, the other in 2001 — deliberate.

Hell On Earth in London Tower

Horrified onlookers said the inferno resembled “hell on earth.”

The fire started around 1.16 am in the 27 storey Grenfell Tower on the Lancaster West Estate in west London.

It was soon surrounded by 200 firefighters that desperately tried to fight the blaze. They bravely rescued people, but there are an unknown number of causalities — in a building that featured high density living. This is a worry, and a sad day.

 27 storeys ablaze

Unfortunate Prediction

News.com.au claims a blog by the tower’s occupants warned late last year, that only a catastrophic fire would “bring an end to the dangerous living conditions.” To quote:

“Unfortunately, the Grenfell Action Group have reached the conclusion that only an incident that results in serious loss of life of KCTMO residents will allow the external scrutiny to occur that will shine a light on the practices that characterize the malign governance of this non-functioning organisation.”

A very sad prediction.

Dawn breaks over the Grenfell inferno

Many hours later, with the building burned to a crisp, some MSM reporters claimed there were concerns for the structure of the building.

By morning the tower was a smoking gutted ruin

But the ABC reported:

“The London Fire Brigade said a structural engineer and rescue crews had assessed the stability of the building and believed it was not in danger of collapsing.” [How is that possible?]

It was later declared structurally sound — and safe enough for emergency personnel to search for victims

I wonder what the London structural engineer would say about the part free-fall collapse of the seemingly sophisticated steel skyscraper, Building 7?

Experts from NIST, however. concluded that fires expanded floor beams…

“…which pushed a girder off its seat, precipitating multiple floor failures, which left column 79 unsupported and it buckled, which then dragged floors 14 to the roof downward.”

Building 7

The Grenfell is once again a reminder of the fraudulent explanation for the collapse of building 7.

Building 7 — AT THE MOMENT OF COLLAPSE (not a flame in sight)

I cannot tolerate anymore of the BS over the collapse of Building 7.

Yes — there were a few fires on several floors, but the government and the media want us to believe that the building was “brought down” by FIRE.

No — it was demolished.

Professor Jonathan Barnett

The professor was a consultant for FEMA and agreed to meet me in a coffee shop in Melbourne in 2014. I looked forward to a feisty debate over Building 7, but the hour and a half discussion left me with a sinking feeling. Why was this fire expert, who studied the collapse (with the FEMA team), unable to demonstrate any logic? (My article here)

He insisted the collapse was a result of the most uniquely unusual (poor) design; that the sulfur from the drywall was the cause of the ‘furnace-like corrosion’ of the beams, and that the computer modelling proves the fire theory correct. It does not — see video here.

When I questioned him whether they looked for explosives, he said “NO.” He said, “There was no need to [look for explosives].”

The FEMA and NIST teams abandoned due diligence and never investigated for “explosives”. Barnett told me they had possible causes written on a white board — and they just rubbed off the obvious that did not cause the collapse (including explosives).

It is truly shocking. It looked like a demolition — why not investigate that option?

Just imagine the LAPD looking down at a murder victim and saying: “Those look like bullet holes – but there is only a knife at the scene. That blade must have made those round wounds”.

Another Unfortunate Prediction

Let us look at another prediction — that only a “new Pearl Harbour” would enable the military and defense policy transformations to rapidly take place. This was in the  2000 paper “Rebuilding America’s Defenses” produced by the Project for the New American Century.

As MintPress reported, Larry Silverstein, the lease holder of the WTC, is on camera — admitting to a design meeting for the New WTC 7 building — BEFORE the old WTC 7 came down on 9/11/17. Why would they meet to discuss new designs? He said:

“…We got the designs (chew).  And the first design meeting (chew) was in April of 2000 (chew). And construction began (chew) shortly thereafter, in 2002.”

He also admitted to “pulling” the building on the 11th September, 2001.

It is truly astonishing that the media and even our politicians in Canberra are unable to question the obvious.

When are lies going to end? 

There are now plenty of examples of skyscrapers ablaze — and not spontaneously collapsing.

Enough — ENOUGH of the lies and fraudulent deception of the media.


A Footnote – Another Comparison

Several residents (of the Grenfell Apartments) said they had been previously advised to stay in their apartments if there was a fire. Michael recounted what he had been told to the BBC, “if ever there was an outbreak of fire you must stay in the premises, they’re fireproofed for up to an hour and by then you would have been rescued”. Michael said, “If we had stayed in the flat we would have perished.”

This reminds us of the announcements in the South Tower. Workers had looked through the windows at the North Tower burning. Many had decided to make a run for it — but announcements were made instructing workers to remain or return to their desks.

In a crisis, listen to your gut instincts — and not the announcements.

A video of the London Grenfell inferno:




  1. Ian – I wonder who paid for and put up those very professional ‘burning union (jack) flags’ in the immediate vicinity? Someone/thing obviously went to some considerable lengths to do so and why just in that area? The Mirror described it as “daubed” but this was a quite inappropriate verb as they were professional poster INSIDE an advertising frame attached to a bus shelter. Immediately behind it is a concrete building that I take to be a multi-storey car-park, but visually it could equally be a burnt out shell. Then did you spot it was eleven (11!) years since that limited edition of the ‘Towering Inferno’ was released on the 9th of May, 2006, providing (yet again) a 9/11 numerical (not to mention the 36 days between the two dates) Finally I happened to notice that the stated time the fire started was 00.54 BST or otherwise 12.54, which happens to make 66. All of these little features are probably coincidental of course but we should be alert to them I think, given the recent run of very suspicious events leading up to the election and now this on the well publicised death of Jo Cox and its impact on the Brexit negotiations. What is beyond doubt is that the event is emotionally and visually reminiscent of the 9/11 disaster in a number of respects as reported by the firemen themselves; they both follow extensive interior and exterior renovation work; safety failures have been reported on numerous occasions; and fire experts are baffled that the fire could have spread as it did and described it as “unprecidented”. It also just happened to house what appear to be a large proportion of foreign born individuals, many of whom seem to be of muslim faith. Now if all this combined doesn’t make us question how such a thing could happen, including the possibility – until proven otherwise – of evil intent, I am doubtful what would!

  2. Grenfell apartments were set up to be destroyed by fire with insulation that was highly inflammable and gas facilities in the stairwell considered dangerous, also boilers and rubbish all creating a fire hazard.
    If you work out the size of the building and low occupancy rate, and a building that is in a expensive part of London, the tenants appears as if they are of lower economic status, the destruction of a building would make big money for those who owned this real estate if destroyed.
    This is not the same as the destruction of the Twin Towers which would not only money but more important political, Grenfell Apartments would be only the first ingredient, the chances of finding the cause of fire is doubtful, for those who feel that money would not be as important as death of the innocent, need to wake up, we live in times that death and destruction are all part of every day business as usual, Syria, is not that far away from London or any where else by those who in the business.
    The pretense of your insurance premiums and the value of life in the realm of the first world can be seen by the media concern of our family and yet those who are foreign are just meat for the grinder, similar to pigs taken to the abattoir they squeal and know, how do they know, on a journey they have never taken? the same way as we all know what is really going on.

    • Don
      “similar to pigs taken to the abattoir they squeal and know, how do they know, on a journey they have never taken? the same way as we all know what is really going on.”

      I had been looking for a way to express that and there it is.

  3. Hey; pollies, msm, shock jokes, ABC and SBS.
    Do not take your eyes off the Grenfell building, or you will miss about 3.5 seconds of gravitational freefall collapse on its own footprint like buidling No 7 on 911 which was about twice as high as the Grenfell and took 6.5 seconds.
    You are all a lot of lying fakes.
    We hear reports that the Grenfell is now structurally sound and ok for firemen to enter.
    So how do you miserable lot of fairytale 911 official conspiracy theorists explain that?
    Btw, the Grenfell is just one example over recent years demonstrating the point…….. meaning the pollies, msm et. Al. are complicit in covering for mass murderers on 911.
    Still wonder why the informed public consider the msm to be fake fraudsters lying to those who finance your miserable existence and your advertisers.

  4. Mentioned and showed this article today to a couple of associates and showed the building 7 ‘collapsing’ as depicted in the article. ( have to love a I-pad at hand……. very handy at dinner parties too)
    They had never heard of building No 7 and I had to explain that science trumps tin foil hat official government 911 conspiracy theories always. (I was relieved to discover that one of the two understood, HE DID PHYSICS at school)
    Same question asked: ” Why have we not heard of building 7″?
    Ok: Turnbull and mates, shock jokes, fake Faine, fake ABC, fake SBS, fake smh, fake Murdocracy, how about telling us so I can answer their question? {Even though you did not do physics or were to stupid to understand the law of gravity)
    So gumshoe flatfoots, keep you I-pad always at hand, that stuffs the pollies and mass media lies every time………hard to beat a picture, let alone a 6.5 second video of 7 collapsing.
    Msm……..you are going to lose, we are 99%.

    • Just a thought, does any one know where Faine was educated and whether he studied physics?
      If he did study physices, his educators may have been responsible for his present scientific deficiencies and consequential personal embarrassments on the No 7 matter.
      He may have a case and could instruct Slater and Gordon to examine his prospects.
      Perhaps someone should let him know that there are time limitations for a court action in some claims.

      • Wel I know where our Prime Minister Turnbull went.
        Sydney Grammer, but he probably has an excuse for any deficiency in understanding the forces of gravity.
        I hear he concentrated on debating the point on something.
        Does anyone know if he did any science classes and if so, did he pass any?
        Past Sydney Grammer science masters my well be puzzled.

  5. On 9/11 Free Fall — host Andy Steele interviews civil engineer and AE911Truth board member Roland Angle and civil engineer Oswald Rendon-Herrero to discuss Roland’s presentation of the World Trade Center evidence at a recent meeting of the Alabama-Mississippi Engineering Society.

    They discuss… that as the 3 towers collapsed under “design loads” this is a serious problem for engineers all around the world. The buildings were designed to sustain this kind of damage. But these three buildings failed. Oh boy… there are so many ostriches with their heads in the sand…

    Listen here:

    • At 4:05 on this clip he nails the core issue, quote, “ A public inquiry LED BY PEOPLE LIKE US”(my emphasis) :

      Whilst people continue to accept some authority figure or other as some sort of saviour atrocities are bound to continue

  6. The Grenfell Apartments and inflammable cladding would be known to be a fire hazard, the tenants are a underclass that are always more expendable than the rich not having the resources to fight overt authoritarian regimes, Tavistock exercises to test resolve of the public, used in situations as such, to see how far the masses can be suppressed before the public becomes too difficult to manage.
    The fire hazard for private citizens is extreme for home owners, corporate and government structures can import hazardous materials from abroad with no checks and balances such as the material wrap of Grenfell, planed to destroy buildings and kill people without due care and for profit being of prime importance.
    .The election in Britain being a failure of control by establishment needed a diversion such as a major incident, the public mind now taken off of state repression and the Tory government can now offer millions of dollars to rescue those who survived, also the great thing terrorists have going for violence is it brings people together for a short time and serves the public of a show of goodness and politicians get into the game by stating the resolve of the society is not destroyed but is more resilient and we can all forget that the general good of society is not what is so, on the contrary is a divided society of the corrupt and privileged few.

  7. Well, the tragedy is now settled and what has to follow are:
    The location of victms, the grieving and burials.
    The public inquiry and/or coronial inquest into all the circumstance of the importation, (?) manufacturers origin and content of the cladding, the persons responsible for same, the builders who installed it etc.
    So who is going to take the fall…… a corporation, individuals and/or public authorities?
    Who is going to pay compensation; any of the above or some insurance company that will cover any payout with increased premiums?
    What is my point?
    Well, it could happen here at any time in a high rise building guilded with the same stuff.
    In an interview this week, I noted, in summary;
    Similar cladding has been imported and installed in Australia outside tall structures.
    Of course the customs lot have let it in.
    Companies importing it sell it, then go to the bottom of the harbour.
    Thus there is no recourse against the defunct company in “liquidation’ ( no pun intended)
    The importers just form another company and repeat the exercise.
    Now what are the politicians doing?
    The Grenfell will rust and fall down on its own footstep like building No 7 before anything is done, I suspect.
    Now that is a investigation for the ABC.
    Perhaps Jonathon Faine of ‘our’ ABC could present the report?
    Australia’leading scientific intellectual; Dr Kay ( whoever?) could be Faine’s distinguished guest to opine as to when the Grenfell building is expected to collape on its own footstep, thus saving the cost of a slow and expensive demolition.
    Could get high ratings for the ABC?

  8. Just a thought.
    Does anyone know if the Grenfell contained asbestos material that should be removed?
    The twin towers had heaps and the estimated cost of removal was going to cost hundreds of millions.
    Not that it mattered, they caught fire and fell down. Lucky Larry, again.

  9. I am becoming impatient, when is that remaing structure of the Grenfell building going to collapse at gravitational free fall on to its own foot print due to ‘thermal expansion’ as reported to be the cause of building 7 collapse on 911, by the experts at NIST?
    Jonathon Faine of our ABC, please let us know so we can watch and you can explain to Kevin Bracken your theory. (Ref: phone interview, ABC Faine-Bracken interview, 9-10 October 2010 reported by Anthony Lawson) (also: Turnbull’s minister, Josh Fryndenburg question to PM Gillard, 10th October 2010 in The Australian Parliament.) (Also steve Leibman’s diatribe on radio 2UE vilifying Kevin Bracken. Removed from the Fairfax 2UE site!)
    Hey; minister Frydenberg, Faine, ABC, Fairfax, Liebman, Gillard and co, some of us do not forget!
    You too, Malcolm Turnbull, Prime Minister of Australia.
    Nor will the relatives of our soldiers sent to their deaths because our Howard Cabinet wanted to go invade and kill with msm lies.
    Better get Lucky Larry on to the job at Grenfell.

      • I told you about building 7 in 2007 and again in 2010. Do you not care about you constituent’s questions and concerns?
        You read from the ABC Jonathon Faine playbook?
        If not, why are you there?
        Note: dates have passed, but the first occasion was when you were crawling to be firstly elected as our representative for the Wentworth electorate. The second was when you were again crawling for votes.
        And you were once a colleague in law!
        What happened to your intellect and integrity?

  10. On june 17th, down below I wondered about asbestos being in the Grenfell building, as with the twin towers.
    Well well, on June 23rd at the 8.48 timeline at;
    Http//:www.whatreallyhappened.com/ there is the answer under the heading; Grenfell riddled with asbestos that blew over neighbouring homes.
    Now we await the cancers, as in New York.

    • Within the global free trade system meaning the capitalist first world, took advantage of cheap labor abroad supplying material and labor, saving money in the main benefiting corporations and companies importing work and goods from overseas, the problem with this strategy, are few checks and balances of imports or information, from overseas.
      As can be seen the wrapping material of buildings such as Grenfell, is typical of governments and corporations, companies whom profit from this strategy, what to my mind is a corrupt practice known by these individuals whom are managerial and CEOs, and unfortunately the cost is past of to the taxpayer as can now be seen by the calamity of Grenfell.
      Individuals who do own property are facing huge costs in building Inspectors, Fire Engineers building surveyors and qualified commercial builders the stringent rules and regulations for fire control the local councils police and huge penalties that can often entail the sale of buildings as the authorities can reduce the home owner and proprietor to a outcome of losing there property.
      It is curious that large companies are as yet not scrutinized to the same degree as small property holders, those who fall into this category will be faced with big costs and potential eviction from the premises within 48 hours, there is one rule for the big time operators.
      Do you think the police are going to prosecute the Grenfell consortium? if this is a possibility some one takes the wrap with a insider payment to appease the public demand for justice.
      It is not the practical compliance that is the issue, it is the authoritarian and bureaucratic process that is the problem of the small man, the rules and regulations being so complex and made so that it is all part of a social control ideology made for hardship and enslavement of the individual.

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