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The Tragic Congressional Baseball Game


(L) Baseball field, (R) the shooter — James T. Hodgkinson 

by Mary Maxwell, currently a candidate for US Senate

Do you recall when newspapers were sold in glass-fronted vending machines, and you put your nickel in? They still have them in US.

Being very disturbed about yesterday’s ‘baseball’ event, I was pleased to look through the glass and see the headline on the Tuscaloosa News today. It said (along with a photo of the flag): “A Monumental Impact?”.

So I put my nickel in (four quarters, actually). That heading was actually about the new law in Alabama against removing Confederate monuments. In Column 2, however, was an AP story by Erica Werner and Chad Day:

 “A rifle-wielding attacker opened fire on Republican lawmakers as they practiced for a charity baseball game Wednesday, critically wounding House GOP whip Steve Scalise. The assailant, who had nursed grievances against President Trump and the GOP – FOUGHT A RUNNING GUN BATTLE WITH POLICE before he, too, was shot and LATER DIED.” [Emphasis added]

Getting the Story Right

How much later? When I heard yesterday that the assailant was still alive, I thought wow, we will be able to quiz him as to his motives (someday? maybe 49 years from now as with Sirhan Sirhan?). But now they say the baseball gunman did not survive his wounds.

Originally the media said a female Capitol police merely ‘disabled’ the shooter. That suggests a wound in the leg or arm? What did he actually die from?

Who Needs Protecting Today?

Anyway, I was on the hustings yesterday, at a barbecue for the President Trump’s birthday (age 71). In my speech I said “America is the only country where this shooting attack would not immediately be recognized as an an enemy attack on government.” I then said (pointing to a life-size cardboard cut-out of birthday-boy Donald) “He needs our protection, even if he would never say so.”  This brought some nods – to my relief.

The government needs protecting. Dee McLachlan published a series on Michael Riveros’ banking article, that demonstrated congressmen and even presidents get struck down with gay abandon if they offend the owners of the Federal Reserve Bankaroonie. Yes, it is true.

So I hereby express my anger at the media, the government, and also the media’s audience – of which I was a typical member in pre-Gumshoe days – for not facing up to reality. Reality should have been obvious to anyone who read the freshman-year college book “The Prince” by Machiavelli. That is, persons who are high in power will do whatever it takes to get rid of any rivals.

Senator Rand Paul

I do not rule out that Rand Paul was the intended target. He was one of the baseball players yesterday. And, if so, maybe he knows that he was the target. When talking to a radio broadcaster shortly after the event, Rand sounded a bit hysterical – I mean in dog years – I mean on a Rand Paul personal-best scale of hysteria which is pretty low. I’ll bet his wife was hysterical too, along with the other wives.

Wouldn’t it be nice if they could turn this emotion into a demand that “targeting by our enemies” be considered? But no. Rand Paul did let one important point slip, on the radio.

Senator Paul said the Capitol police were there that day BECAUSE MR SCALISE IS ONE OF THE HOUSE WHIPS, and therefore gets a bodyguard (a.k.a. “a security detail”). So, if not for Scalise, Rand said, the police would not have been present and “there would have been a massacre” as all the victims were gunless.

The Length of the Shootout

Americans who are reading this article should be told that my skepticism about yesterday’s police shootings did not spring full-blown from the brow of Zeus. I’ve had special training. That consisted of attending many sessions of a state inquest, in the state of New South Wales, over the police shooting of a gunman (“Sheikh” Monis) and police’s accidental killing – by bullet fragments – of a hostage. This has to do with the Lindt Café siege in Sydney on December 15, 2014.

Long story short, the hold-back of the police was noteworthy – it went on for 16 hours. Also noteworthy was the final storming in to the café by police – it contained far more shots than could be logically explained.  (“Officer A” claims to have shot Monis first in the chest, then in the forehead — maybe 4 bullets all up, but 17 bullets were discharged from his rifle.)

Here’s the AP report of the exchange of bullets on the baseball field, between one gunman, who did not die at that time, and several police:

“Texas Rep. Joe Barton, still in his baseball uniform, told reporters that Scalise’s security detail, the Capitol police and Alexandria police [how quickly did the Alexandrians arrive?] returned fire on a battle that lasted as long as 10 minutes and included dozens of shots.

[shades of the mythical Watertown shootout?]

“Texas Rep Mike Conaway described what sound like an explosion then lawmakers scattering off the field as police roamed in search of gunman and engaged him. [Searched for him?  Wasn’t it obvious that the guy with the rifle was the proper target?]

“’The guy’s down to a handgun, he dropped his rifle, they shoot him. I go over there they put him in handcuffs’ Conaway said…   The wounded Capitol Police officers were identified as David Bailey who was treated for minor injury [does this mean falling and scraping his knee or, like Officer B at Sydney, getting maybe a fragment of bullet in the face?] and Crystal Griner who was shot in the ankle.”

It’s good to be told their names — Aussies are not allowed to know which police officers were at the Sydney siege, other than by identity such as Officer A and B.

I would appreciate hearing from soldiers or cops, in the comments section below, as to how one man can hold several police in a shootout for up to ten minutes, and live to tell about it.  What kind of shootout is that?

And I’ve asked the GumshoeNews editor to ring the Capitol Police media liaison person (she loves doing that) to inquire what the general policy is on “engagements.”

Death Traps R Us

I pause here in the story to note the ease with which the MSM tells us that a particular religious extremist or a particular “lone nutter” undertook a big mission of killing with no apparent concern for the likely consequences – the full force of the law. And no apparent worry about dying on the spot.

In the case of a Muslim, this is usually buttressed by a mention of the killer’s wish to become a martyr.  In the case of a nutter, I guess the MSM assumes that the public will believe anything about persons with mental problems. They do massacres for small reasons. Recall that John Hinckley shot at President Reagan, allegedly, to impress the actress Jodie Foster.

Nobody says “If he’s a nutter, did he really have the focus for coordinating his whole mission? (Consider the vast undertaking, at six locations, of “the Port Arthur gunman.”)

As for the media’s assurance that the public will not squawk about a man’s willingness to die, consider the double story put out by the Boston Globe regarding the Tsarnaev brothers.  They are shown on a video at their gym, two days before the Marathon, with the narrator pointing to their relaxed manner – proof that their callousness caused them to have no nervousness about the planned activity for the Marathon. But as soon as their names are announced, we see them – supposedly – running away from Boston.

Whoops, complete contradiction there, but who cares?  And who cares if the story includes the brother’s need to kill an MIT officer quite casually simply to take possession of his gun?

“Us Versus Them” Is a Universal Explainer

Humans really do have strong instincts related to in-group and out-group – which is something the media can always capitalize on. It was claimed yesterday that the Congressional-baseball killer – James Hodgkinson, age 66 –belonged to a group called The Republican Party Must Be Terminated.

That’s got to be a Tavistockian name. Plain folks don’t think of “terminating a party.” They might have come up with “Nuke the Donald” or “Only the Dems Will Enter Heaven,” but not – I say  — “terminate” the GOP.

The AP added this amazing item about Vermont senator Sanders:

“Shortly after the shooting, Bernie Sanders said on the Senate floor that the shooter apparently was a volunteer for his (presidential) campaign last year.”

Hello? How quickly was the name of the shooter made known?  Where did Bernie learn of the participation of Hodgkinson in his campaign?  Whys is he using the word “apparently”?

Material Witnesses

If I were in charge — and watch out because I might be — I would arrest Bernie under the Material Witness Act. That statute of 1793 is still in force and allows us to hold in detention (with good food, and maybe a little curtain around the toilet in his cell) a person who has valuable knowledge that we might need in a court case. OK, I made up the bit about the cuisine and the privacy, but I do think innocent persons should get better treatment than convicts.

And here is another guy whom we’ll need to question — now that poor Hodgkinson is gone and cannot tell us about his motivation to go to the park that day:  Per AP: “Hodgkinson has been in the area since March living out of his van, said Washington FBI Special Agent in charge Tim Slater. Democratic former Alexandria mayor Bill Euille said he had spoken often with the man on recent mornings at the YMCA.”


Now that I am in the race, I know I will be accused of being a conspiracy theorist.  Correct. I certainly am that, with bells on. But I don’t settle any conspiracy theory until I feel sure I “have enough” on the case.

I have enough on the Port Arthur massacre, more than enough on the Boston Marathon (please – white backpack goes black? – please) and tentatively enough on the Sydney siege, (tentatively until someone can explain why seven hostages did not avail themselves of easy escape while Monis was upstairs chasing the loo laggards).

I DO NOT HAVE enough to criticize the baseball story. All I have is disgust that no one raised the appropriate eyebrow when several members of a national legislature were physically attacked.

Recall the death-by-plane-crash of almost the full leadership of Poland at Smolensk in 2010. They were headed for the 40th anniversary of the Katyn massacre (at which the flower of Poland’s manhood had been wiped out by Stalin to the tune of 10,000 military officers).

It was obvious to everyone outside Poland that there was a connection.  But in that country it was hush-hush. People chose not to pursue the question of who had organized the crash.

I say it is unpatriotic of Americans to swallow whatever the media chooses to dish out in regard to an obvious attack on our Congress.

I say “If in doubt, yell it out.”

Mary Maxwell asks you to visit www.MaxwellForSenate.com



  1. I knew it Mary, you are all; .’Greeeh!’ and a wolf’ on the trail.
    Go get em!
    You will make all the shivering msms, running around looking for a spine to climb.

  2. Regarding Dee’s comment below on Pizzagate:

    When on the hustings I met the team of “David Carrington for governor.” Thank God Carrington is interested in the way the Child Protective Services is stealing kids from their Moms. His desk was sporting a copy of the book “Medical Kidnap.” Here is one review of that book ($19.95) from Amazon:

    “This is a compilation of a good many stories that Medical Kidnap has published along with some very insightful thoughts and facts as to what is transpiring in our country today. The Nuremberg Code is non existent as far as the medical research community goes because there are far too many children being removed from good families by them to guinea pig out our children. America needs to open their eyes to the horrific practices being committed under their very noses”. — Jennifer

    Yay! Now I add this:
    I was stuck in the rain yesterday and a shopkeeper (in Athens, Alabama) let me sit inside for a while — while he harangued me on a subject I had never heard of. He said there are many women who are druggies who have child after child and who VOLUNTARILY give them to the state.

    • Absolutely! I don’t know if you remember, but I’ve always said the jury was rigged. Actually, I don’t even believe it was meant to be a real trial. It was more like one of those TV dramatizations, like the old Divorce Court or the “bombing” itself — just actors playing their roles.

      But the idea is now crossing my mind that “baseball team shooting” story or staged incident or whatever it is may have been put out because they want the taxpayers to pay for more security for Congress people. Are they getting scared that a revolt is on its way? Does their low approval rating make them nervous? Are the people who actually set the agendas behind the scenes getting ready to do something horrible that they’re expecting Congress to receive very strong backlash for? Do they want to change the laws to make it even easier for law enforcement to murder innocent people and then make up stories about them afterwards? Or are they still working the same old gun control agenda?

      P.S., I hope you won’t take that Alabama shopkeeper’s perspective as fact. I expect there are some mothers who do this. I also expect certain people who work for the “pedophile” network set up situations so that many infants and children are available to the psychopaths. They allow these mothers to go ahead with their druggie lives or, more likely, trade the babies/children for drugs. I strongly doubt that this is as widespread as the shopkeeper makes it sound.

      • Of course, I could be wrong. If you get the chance, I hope you’ll look into the “voluntary” giving up of babies by drug addicted mothers.

          • I say it would be so easy get people hooked on drugs — then manipulate them into almost anything. The addicted will easily steal from their own family to feed the addiction. A heavy addiction would remove most motherly instincts.

          • Yes, the “breeder” idea is what I was thinking of. It’s still sometimes hard to fully grasp the depths to which the psychopaths will go to accomplish their goals.

          • Side note: Spoke tonight with someone whose cousin was incarcerated in a UK psychiatric facility and experimented on for almost his whole life. Around 1960 – 90s. It seemed he might have had autism. (e.g. experiments such as electrodes on testicles in the pretext of finding a cure) Oh boy.

          • To Dee’s side note: It seems the psychiatric profession has been populated to a large degree by psychopaths. But I guess it fits with the everything-in-reverse aspect of their agenda. I just watched this video, which is one of the most interesting and informative I’ve ever seen.

  3. I don’t know about anyone else, but I’ve never, ever heard about Congress having a baseball team…ever. From the trillions of dollars confiscated from taxpayers for “national security,” they don’t provide security for baseball practice? Or the super wealthy members of Congress are too cheap to pay for their own security? Nah!

    • Dear Spec, “Mother does not approve”. I mean this candidate does not think Congressmen should be bonding with each other. They should be bonding with their constituents. Bonding with the Constitution. Bonding with the Universe, whatever.

      Recall when “Judge” George O’Toole was castigated (by Cheryl Dean and moi) for asking the jury members to be on his “team” in the Tsarnaev trial? If it weren’t for Cheryl making a stink I bet the public would assume it was a nice gesture.

      Not a nice gesture. Every jury member should think for herself, not be married to the other jurors, much less TO THE JUDGE! — especially as that judge and the Prosecution were “united.”

      By the way, now that the dust has settled in Bostoniensis, I must say I think that jury was rigged. They were given a huge number of charges to convict Jahar on. They said ‘Guilty’ for every one.

      If I had seen even a touch of realism there — such as the jury saying there was NOT NEARLY ENOUGH EVIDENCE to convict Jahar for the killing of Sean Collier (tiny figures on grainy film anyone? from the MASSACHUSETTS INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY SECURITY CAMERAS anyone?) I may have thought they were just normal folks struggling with a well-publicised case.

      But oh no, they couldn’t even manage a Not Guilty Beyond Reasonable doubt on that item.

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