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Forgiveness for Hillary, Immunity for Podesta: An Open Letter to the AG  


In younger years, Rolf Harris ran a children’s TV show on the BBC

by Mary Maxwell, PhD, LLB

Dear US Attorney General Jeff Sessions,

The fact that you were kind enough to vacate your Senate seat so Ol’ Mare could have a chance to grab it is always on my mind. I know you are busy with all the chores of the DoJ and apparently having to deal with immense political infighting. Today I am offering you information that could bring a bit of relief.

Because it has to do with Pizzagate, you may think this is the last subject in the world that could bring relief – but I have a habit of seeing things in a different light from most people.

I am going to suggest that you summon John Podesta and offer him a deal – immunity in exchange for sufficient information. I also suggest you promise a pardon to Mrs Clinton.

A funny thing happened today. I discovered that Jeffrey Beaman had written about me in the Washington Examiner. I mean he described how this dear senior citizen had catapulted herself from Australia to Alabama. Well, son of a gun, that gave me the chance to publish the forbidden word “Pizzagate” in the mainstream press – as a Comment to Beaman’s article. I wrote as follows:

Thank you for the nice beat-up of my candidacy, Mr Beaman, but I’m not all cupcakes and Constitution. I have my weaponized words at GumshoeNews.com. Example: yesterday I tore into Robert Mueller for being part of 9-11 and Boston Marathon.

And although I was Down Under in 2013, no Bostonian gave the FBI’s work at Marathon more attention than I, especially the killing in custody of Tsarnaev. See my latest book, “Marathon Bombing,” at Amazon. My Pizzagate book (entitled “Deliverance!”) can be downloaded from GumshoeNews.com. We Americans have a long way to go.

I then contacted my friend Phil Hingston to boast of my little coup, and he flashed back a video about the death of Seth Rich. I had been totally ignorant of the fact that a man, Seth Rich, had been killed as a whistle blower in the Pizzagate affair.

By the way, I shall now start calling it pedo-gate. That is what Fiona Barnett calls it. I don’t expect you to twig on Fiona’s name, General, but she is a victim of pedo-gate. At this point we suspect she has been killed in punishment for revealing to the Australian Royal Commission the names of politicians and judges in Oz who abused her. Her picture appears on the front cover of my book, Deliverance!


I guess it’s possible that all the hoopla about “Russian hacking” and “Trump’s tapes” came about as the Powers That Be sought to take our gaze off of the possible arrest of Big Names.

Not that any big names ever get arrested.  In Oz, the singer Rolf Harris (“Tie me kangaroo down, Sport”) does apparently reside in a British jail today. His buddy, Jimmy Saville, died of old age without ever being punished.  Both Saville and Rolf were frequent visitors to Buckingham Palace. And now it is out-and-out revealed that Edward Heath, a former UK prime minister, used to throw little boys into the ocean after they were “used up.”

So let me repeat: Big Names do not get arrested. Maybe Rolf agreed to take the fall for the whole gang? Any police trying to push forward the Edward Heath case are rebuffed.

Our Royal Commission

Mr Sessions, Down Under there has been a Royal Commission – a big apparatus of inquiry – going on since 2013 and is scheduled to end this year. I’ve never met a Royal Commission that was anything other than a whitewash, but this one has at least revealed a huge amount of information. Children – who are now in their 60s — were able to name names.

A popular singer, Tim Minchin, wrote a song “Come Home, Cardinal Pell, about a Sydney archbishop. The pedophile-priest scandal isn’t new, of course – the Boston Globe broke that story in 2002, and amazing tales came out of Ireland even before that. But a bishop is not a government person. He’s not a prime minister, not a royal, not a presidential candidate.

And So To Hillary

General Sessions, I suggest you resolve the current Washington, DC crisis by saying that you will pardon Hillary Clinton. She and her husband Bill are definitely involved in pedophilia. (“Who isn’t?” you may ask!). We-all don’t wish to see another round of murders of whistle blowers.

Fiona Barnett’s handler (her torturer), Anthony Kidman, died in Singapore a month after she revealed his name.  Interestingly, Fiona claims that Kidman was killed by his overlords for having done such a botch-up of her mind control that she was able to recover memories of some brutal events.  These typically involved Satanic rituals.

The Pardon Routine

Maybe it would be strategic to pardon many people, not just Hillary, but I think that particular gesture would go a long way. Clearly Mrs Clinton has a cult following, and you could disburse all the pressure they would gather to defend her, just by saying “I forgive.”

Technically, can you do that? Of course it has to be the president that mouths the words, or signs the documents, but the Department of Justice is already involved in all pardons.

Now I ask; Can you pardon someone who has not yet been convicted?  President Ford famously pardoned Nixon “wholesale,” and it is well-known that the senior President George Bush gave a last-minute pardon to defendant Caspar Weinberger in 1992 in order to preventcourt testimony that would hurt Bush.

I think it is also the case that when President Andrew Johnson in 1866 granted a general amnesty to thousands of the rebels of the Civil War – in other words, the Confederates – they had not come under any indictment. So there is precedent.

Or she, like Podesta, could be given immunity.

They Had a Sad Upbringing

Mr Sessions, I have considerable experience with the Mk-Ultra girls. They tend to think that even the persons who were most cruel to them were themselves victims. I believe that is so. It shouldn’t be hard to remove threat of punishment for someone like Podesta, or both Podesta brothers, in aid of getting crucial information.

The other day, at GumshoeNews.com, I wrote up the McMartin Preschool case of Satanic Ritual abuse. The evidence was solid, yet the suspects went free. I suppose you know of many similar cases. By the way, regarding McMartin, it was up to the US Attorneys of your office to do the right thing but they chickened out.

Last week I was in Huntsville, Alabama, gazing at the NASA Space Center. I declined to go inside as I am too familiar with Brice Taylor’s 1995 report of the torture conducted there on her 4-year-old son. Hmm — 1995 is 22 years ago. Could we start to draw these nightmares to a close now, Sir?

I’ll end this letter here. I have tons – tons – of further information about all this. It is not of American origin — British, Dutch, Jews, and Germans have heavy involvement in organized pedophilia.

I can be reached via my website www.MaxwellForSenate.com.

Totally at your service,

Mary Maxwell, resident of Tuscaloosa



    • What is the date of this program?
      I recall what they did to Deidri and Franca.
      (Deidri Grusovin and Franca Arena. NSW former MP)
      Where is Fiona?
      I wish I could comment further, being on the sideline.

        • Ned, in 2015 Australian attorney general Brandis said the list of perps (proffered to the RC by Fiona, I think, and to Heffernan) should be given to police. Is that correct procedure?

          From SMH.com.au — in an article “Commissioner James Wood Hits Back”:

          “Senator Brandis [in 2015] told Senator Heffernan: ‘Just because someone’s name appears on a list doesn’t make them guilty, and if there are serious allegations … they should be put in the hands of the police. Nobody is above the law. I don’t comment on your general allegations, but no one is above the law.’ [except, technically, the monarch].”

          Ex-cop Denis Ryan (of VIC, not NSW) says, in his book “Unholy Trinity,” that police won’t do nuttin’ — he tried for 20 years and was defeated.

          Maybe cops are vetted in police academy for their willingness to go with the flow? Actually we all go with the flow. I think that is the issue.

          The two retired politicians whom you mention — Arena and Grusovin — are in their 80’s. Gumshoe should interview them to pick up some pointers on how not to go with the flow.

          In the US, a state senator, Nancy Schaefer, spoke out against “trafficking” by Child Protective Services. She and her husband then “committed a double suicide.”

    • Phill,
      I read today somewhere outside msm (where else?) That 2-300 alleged paedophiles have bee arrested in California, including a Aussie ‘monk’.
      As for indmnity etc recommended by Mary, my answer is only so, as they fall through the trapdoor……. oops!, Too late.

      • Nedski, I’m askin’ you, a former prosecutor, how could giving immunity to Podesta, in exchange for opening up the handkerchief story (for example), be any worse than the status quo in which Rupert Murdoch and Co tell the public every day that there was never anything to the Pizzagate thing?

        And wouldn’t just the giving of immunity to anybody put the Bozos in a panic?

        • I am posting this interview of Podesta, not for the value of the narrator (who claims to be an expert on body language, of which I am ignorant) but for the way he disposes of “fake news” — which no doubt MOST people BELIEVE.

          • He just seems like an ordinary politician here lying his rear end off, but I’m quite sure there’s a whole lot more to his story. Too much smoke for there to be no fire.

        • Depends on the circumstances and value of the information. A similar result may be obtained by a reduction in sentence for co-operation. ….. as given to Glatterari (sp) in the recent Medich trial.

      • Sorry Mary, but I’m with Mal. Rescue the kids first, then indict, convict, publicise widely, tattoo prominently on forehead as PEDO, electro-tag most, execute the worst of the worst, gaol the rest. And publicise widely that this scourge is ever-present and must be guarded against. They won’t stop unless they know that the public knows and will not tolerate it.

        Comprehensive video summary.

  1. Mary, I cannot go along with you on this issue. The beings that perpetrate these vile crimes, in my opinion are half a step away from being murders. In fact murder is often a twin sister in crime to paedophilia. This crime is worse than rape, as the victims usually have no idea what is going on and have had their life ruined before it has started.

    I don’t think giving immunity to certain perpetrators would in fact reap the benefits you are hoping for. I cannot see the Clintons and Podesta coming out and admitting their sins. These people don’t sin! They are above that mortal failing.

    If immunity was given for certain knowledge of this evil movement, that is not already known, how do we know that these individuals will not suffer a “suicide” or a disappearance before any useful information is gathered?

    Also if beings involved in this horrendous crime are given immunity from their crimes, what is to be done with others involved in much lesser crimes? Do we offer immunity to them also?

    I don’t think society should go down this road. It sends the wrong message to would-be criminals, that if they get caught and are willing to dob someone else in, if their crime is serious enough, they shall probably be offered immunity. That would not be a dis-incentive to become a criminal.

    • Mal, I appreciate your point of view. But what if using a strategy like this meant the stories could come out? As things stand now all is completely at an impasse.

      Look at the Al Smith dinner where Trump really shouts his mouth off. But now, when he has real power that he did not have at that dinner (it was Oct 2016), he has gone all shy about arresting Hillary.

      I was hoping to get peeps to comment, say, on the problem of giving only Podesta and not his Bro some immunity. Would he rat on his own flesh and blood?

      We don’t know what’s going on. I like the interview in which the narrator talks about body language. I don’t mean I like her, I like seeing Podesta make such seemingly self-confident statements when everybody knows how guilty he is.

      Personally I am in for of giving him immunity. As for Hillary I would only give forgiveness re pedo and then concentrate on what the Clinton Foundation did to the Haitians. It is wild.

    • I agree. The Podesta brothers and Hillary may very well be responsible for and/or participants in numerous murders and crimes that are not yet known involving children and adults. I don’t think we want to give immunity to possibly some of the worst offenders. Besides that, I don’t believe any of these individuals would provide truthful or accurate information that could be used to take down the highest levels of the conspiracy, if they even agreed to the deal. If they did provide useful information, their lives would be ended fairly quickly and the vendetta would likely be remembered for generations.

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